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Cheating Wife

November 18, 2014 Charlotte 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: My wife Bethany Teresa Hux left me and put a restraining order on me as soon as I bought her a brand new Toyota Camry and stated working at crazy horse strip club having affairs with the managers and bouncers and partying every night when she’s got a child to take care of and won’t even let me see my son. Yet she can post pictures partying every night and post pictures of my son wearing these guys hats and shit. Man she’s a nasty fcking whore and deserves to be put on blast for what she’s doing!

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Ale Palafox is a Thief

November 13, 2014 Charlotte 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ale used to be my best friend. When I gained weight I’s let her borrow my clothes. She was my BEST FRIEND. Si I brought the clothes to her house under the condition that if and when they fit me again I wanted them back. She would hide my clothes from me when I came to her house of claimed they were dirty. I helped her move 4xis the past few years, picked her up after her accident, brought her to a free Ref Hot Chili Pepper’s concert. Attached are pics of just a few of the things she stole (21+ items).

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Therese Charlotte Margrethe Has The Eyes

November 13, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 43


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t think we ever decided which are the eyes you thought are the best.   So, I had to bring these to your attention… not only does she have the eyes, but she has those huge +2′s, which is a huge bonus.

I smell filters.- nik

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Shawn Morris Barber Kings

November 12, 2014 Charlotte, Fayetteville 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met Shawn at his barber shop where he cut my son’s hair. His swag got me the first time I saw him. He was very flirtatious and persistent. I allowed him to flirt his way into my heart. I would go by his shop to see him every day and of course we did our thing after hours. We were sexually involved and he and I were supposed to be monogamous. He told me about another female that he said was a stalker, but it wasn’t anything I was worried about. Then I showed up to his job and caught him talking to her after business hours outside. I found out that not only was he seeing her, and myself, he is also married. He never told me that he was married. I ended up losing my job over this man and his other female. I had to move out of the area from all that hurt and drama he brought my way. This man is a lying, cheating, unloyal, and unfaithful person that has no care or concern for anyone but himself.

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Little Dancing Kobi

November 4, 2014 Atlanta, Charlotte 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kobi is one of the lowest lives of them all. He comes off as a cool dancer hitting up royal hookah and casa Blanca every weekend. But those events cost money, which he uses girls for. Believe me, also he doesn’t work, have a car but claims to be a father to his little girl. This guy will sleep with you, date you and be kissing on another female infront of your face. This guy is dirty, I know the ratchets won’t resist.

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Biggest Snitch on the Island

October 30, 2014 Charlotte, Wilmington 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy for by Ty.. well he’s a known snitch on Carolina beach north Carolina. Outside of Wilmington.. he is also a known drug dealer. He snitches in people that are “better” at his job than he is. He lives with a fat old perv in a wheelchair as is basically his bitch. He goes by the name of Ty but his real name is Phil Blevins. He is also a whore and has drd access chl**ia which he keeps passing around to all the girls he’s sleeping with. If it has a vagina he\’s trying to hit it.. this guy is disgusting.. please show everyone around how much of a snitch and dirty butt this fool is.. thanks nik

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Carolina D-bag, Scottie Allen

October 28, 2014 Charlotte 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nuff said

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Meet Kristina Stout

October 26, 2014 Charlotte 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Kristina stout, the black sheep of the stout clan, she was recently engaged in may this girl chose to cheat on her rebound fiance of 3 years with a married women, she is very talented in the art of home wrecking and motorcycle crashing, she can be one hell of a side chick, you can find her hunting prey on Plenty of fish and other dating websites, you may even get a chance to take her to a foreign country where she will, willing sleep with you if the price is right and then claim rape.

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