Charlotte | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Meet Kristina Stout

October 26, 2014 Charlotte 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Kristina stout, the black sheep of the stout clan, she was recently engaged in may this girl chose to cheat on her rebound fiance of 3 years with a married women, she is very talented in the art of home wrecking and motorcycle crashing, she can be one hell of a side chick, you can find her hunting prey on Plenty of fish and other dating websites, you may even get a chance to take her to a foreign country where she will, willing sleep with you if the price is right and then claim rape.

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Nick Cole

October 22, 2014 Charlotte 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Nick Cole tattoo artist at forever Ink…He is 100% known to have drd and has fcked over 300 girls ..he acts like hes a good dad but IN FACT hasn’t had his kid ever lets his poor sick mom take care of him has kids that he doesn’t claim but are really his kids. Every time his been in a relationship has cheated. Hes been caught and still denys it! But those drd say otherwise ey?  if ur in town and want a tattoo from a DIRTY NASTY artist contact nick he will give u a tattoo for a blow job

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Greg K Largent

October 15, 2014 Charlotte 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: He is mid 50′s, looks like a nice enough guy, right? WRONG. He is in Asheville now, and has been to Ivey, GA and parts of Florida. He is lurking all over the east, far from Reno, NV where he came from. He is perusing wiccan circuit now. I do vouch for all said and that isnt even the whole story. This demon abused me emotionally, physically, financially, and sexually, and is the epitome of “the Dark Triad”. He comes across as very kind, funny, concerned, caring, willing andable to help. He will hold your hand and tell you things will get better as he is looking around seeing what he can get from, or do to you. Mostly he craves to always be told how great he is. He told me personally that he would kill my family and save me ‘for last so I would have to watch’. Thats already too much info. If you have met him, you better watch your life, wallet, health, and anything else you care about. He is an evil bastard with no genuine feelings about anything. He has been booted/rejected from spiritual and meditation retreats and centers because they know he is just trying to hide. Now he is offering help and services to any in need, but dont get too involved. He will harm your psyche, he is a f^&cking MONSTER… sure couldnt guess by the photo, could you! Monsters never look like monsters, or we would not be deceived by them. Just be very careful and wary if you run into this creep!! He does not have real emotions or feelings.

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Amanda Cameron, Anderson SC

October 15, 2014 Atlanta, Augusta, Charlotte 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this “woman” wanted to attempt to drag my name through the mid all because her husband has been cheating on her since they got together. Something everyone who knew him tried to warn her about. Guess she wanted to learn the hard way. Two years after she found out how much of a scum bag he is, she made this post on a website calling me a homewrecker. Okay birch here’s a vocab lesson for you in order for me to be considered a Honeywell I would have had to wreck your home. You stayed with Chris who BTW for all you who can see the pictures, he’s in the military. You want to call me names and remark in my weight yet that didn’t stop your “husband” from blowing my phone up wanting to get with me. You sat there and got people to not only harass me but those closest to me. Wonder how you’ll feel if the shoe was in the other foot. And remember karma is a bigger bitch than you’ll ever dream of being. Oh and FYI I wasnt the only one so why don’t you go cry to your counselor about how you’re the moron to marry Anderson’s biggest man whore. That’s right! The award goes to your “loving” husband, Chris Cameron. Congrats! You’re the dumbest bitch ever. Sincerely, The woman who wouldn’t pay to be around your nasty ass, man whoring husband.

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Ghetto Trash

October 9, 2014 Charlotte 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty Army I give you Steven Drury. This guy is a complete joke. He thinks he’s some southern gentleman but is really the most ghetto piece of trash there is. I’m pretty sure he thinks hes actually black. He has no car, no house (lives in a shed), and no real goals in life. He’ll lie and manipulate to get what he wants. Ladies, avoid this thug at all costs. He’ll use you for money, a ride, and if he can, sex. He’ll also sell you some stories on how he’s planning on getting a car soon or everyone takes advantage of him being so nice. Yeah right. So if you see him just run far, far away. He also thinks ICP is one of the greatest things ever…no I’m not kidding.

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Welcome To Charlotte

October 7, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 112


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, welcome to Charlotte, NC…. Home of the trashiest stripper, single moms club who call themselves “inked models” Maybe they should focus on fixing their trailer park ink before calling themselves “models.” Or better yet, focus on finding out who the father is of their bastard children. Instead of partying 24/7, they could actually take care of their children or maybe should of kept their legs closed. Let’s face it ladies, one day you will be hitting your 30′s and will be washed up in the stripping world. You won’t be able to flash your stretched out ***** (damn you must have really high self esteem) to creepy old men anymore. Words of the wise: your children are more important than wh*ring and please invest in tattoo laser removal.

Nascar is the only exit strategy in Charlotte. I decided.- nik

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Black Out Queen Brandi

September 15, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 70


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Brandi Morris may look like the girl next door, but she isn’t the girl you want next door to you! She makes a habit of sleeping with as many men in Charlotte as she can and probably wherever she travels. She finds new BFF’s every few months, and quickly moves in on their men, and all of their friends. She loves to go back to guys who have girlfriends or wives, showing she is the fun drunk girl ready to screw. She has gone through most all of the guys in Ballantyne and is now moving to Myers Park, where she will start trying to wreck more homes. She picks up her kids from school bragging about looking forward to having a “Black Out” weekend. Reports say she has a terrible body, and the guys laugh at her, but she keeps on screwing men who are taken. I mean come on Brandi, at least get some fake boobs.

Brandi you really need to figure out your hair. The roots are killing me.- nik

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Back At It Again

September 11, 2014 Charlotte, Houston, The Dirty 49


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like Miss Fish has given in. Back to the race life. How sad is this Nik? Come on she looks like an idiot. All of us girls are sitting back laughing at her.

Who takes a dressy picture into the sun with a motor home as the backdrop? = White Trash.- nik

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