Chante Maraea Bayne

July 31, 2014 Charlotte 11


THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman, Chante Maraea Bayne, has followed a fellow, MARRIED, soldier all the way from an army base is Hawaii to North Carolina! She lives in hopes that one day he will marry her, so that her and 3yr old child can enjoy the wonders of Tricare, happily ever after. Theres only one problem with this fairytale that the immature homewrecker fails to realize. HES MARRIED!!! The wife wont sign the divorce papers and Chante here just continues to cling on even after all his cheating. Sad? Pathetic? I think this is the definition of the saying “If hell cheat for you, hell cheat on you.” All the while, his children and her (they have none together, shes just what the military likes to call a dependa) are subjected to all of this! Consider this an alert to military: not every one is out to “support the troops.” Some just want a bed to sleep in, a d*ick to ride on and some good ol\’ Tricare! These women, like Chante here, don’t respect the fact that youre married or anything about you at all! If they did, or at least had a little respect for themselves, they wouldn’t condone or put up with cheating. Expose and stay clear of this DEPENDA!

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Robin Is A Joke

July 25, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 165

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Robin actually thinks these people are her friends and it’s so sad. She doesn’t realize that she’s invited places because the pictures are hilarious and everyone thinks she’s a big joke. Nik if you had to take a stab at her age….what would you guess?

A pair of +2′s will get you on any boat no matter what age.- nik

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Jackie Is Looking Good

July 24, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 46


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jackie was posted on here a few months ago for her bottle rat habits and her sketchy trips to Vegas every few months. Well now all of a sudden I’ve got to say girl is looking good! We recommended she lose about 10-15, and looks like she’s on her way. Besides lasering away that tattoo, Nik what would you recommend for Jackie?

Jackie is all chest, without it she is nobody.- nik

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I Really Like Chestnuts

July 24, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 187

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was disapointed when you turned down chestnuts for a DC name. This name is perfect! Is that a good tit job or what!! Andi, you keep doing you and let us all watch in horror. This girls is as dumb as she is crazy and I love it.

**I love this girl.  Can I come to next Charlotte event so I can wife her up?- JV

No JV. And I’m ok with the name ‘Chestnuts’. It fits her perfectly.- nik

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Lisa Stagner

July 24, 2014 Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sonik,  this one right here Lisa Redmond Stagner is a pretty big whore. She has cheated on her husband around seven different times. The last time she broke up her marriage and a so called “friend” of hers by cheating with the friends husband. I am pretty sure she is probably pretty well known at the bar scene in charlotte since she was always going out “dancing” with friends so she could go and cheat on her husband. Oh and she also hooked up with several of the new mans friends before she hooked up with him. She is also an amazing mother. She up and left all five of her boys with her husband in charlotte to come play house with the new man in raleigh. She doesn’t work and basically lives off the friends husband. Apparently she loves to be fisted as well. Be careful if you see this one out guys she is a money hungry cow who also gave the new man an drd which he so nicely passed on to his soon to be ex wife. And she probably has whatever type of pill you might need to “feel good”. This used to be nurse loves to sling pills on the side but only if she hasnt taken them all already. her and the new man love to go on little cke benders as well. If you see this one out I would run the other way and if you had her already you may want to go get your shit checked.

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Haley Is So Pretty

July 23, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Haley has been slinging $2 BL bottles at whiskey river for the past few years. She definitely has her moments, but like most girls in Charlotte she’s an “cosmetologist” who doesn’t really work (and would you really take beauty advice from this troll?) I bet her parents, who sent her to a christian high school are really proud of their daughter now. Set your sights high, Haley they’re all you’ve got!

What is Haley’s last name?- nik

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Who Is Amanda Barngrover

July 23, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amanda does sure like to flaunt her wealth as much as possible on social media. All of her pictures are strategically cock-eyed to just “accidentally” catch one of her PARENTS neighbor’s houses in the background. We get it- your family has money. Too bad you haven’t held down a real relationship and it’s probably because of all the daddy issues you have. Go out and make life of your own, or you can do what we all expect and wife up to some old wealthy loser in 5 years.

Tell me more… I smell a DC.- nik

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What’s Up With Her Hair

July 23, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, out of all the bottle servers in Charlotte I think Heather Trent is one of the hottest. She may have a few small issues (outdated hair, outdated belly button ring), but her body was made perfectly for this season’s crop top trend. I wonder who bought her +2′s because they are perfect. Nik, I had a dream last night that Heather went all blonde and it was amazing. You think we can convince her to do it?

Nice $20 wig… Heather must have bought that last October.- nik

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