Charlotte | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Class it up Ashley Misiuda

August 20, 2014 Charlotte 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, behold ashley misiuda. This little 20 year old has been slutting her way around Charlotte and the Matthews area since she became legal. You can find her using her fake id at multiple bars and clubs in the area. She loves sleeping with other girls men. This girl is a mess. If you’re going to be a whore, atleast be decent looking. Ashley, please gain like 10 pounds, get a nose job, and do something with that chin. What do you think nik?

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Former Cat Lady Rachel Greenan Is Doing Great

August 19, 2014 Charlotte, Miami, The Dirty 19


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Rachel Greenan former Lady Cat we all know how much you love them! She’s traded up from the NBA to the NFL and is now in Miami as as Dolphins Cheerleader to me she wasn’t anythjng speical before. This girl has done serious work on her body and over all image since she’s been in Maimi and I’m thinking she’s not so bad now she’s lost that trailer trash look and looks like she belongs with all the other maimi chicks. I’m sure she’s just as stupid as before though I wouldn’t want to hear her speak. As long as she keeps her mouth shut she seems to be at least average or a little above these days though. See girls getting out of sh*tty Charlotte can really do you some good!

I don’t like her nose. It still reminds me of Charlotte.- nik

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For Real Like That

August 14, 2014 Charlotte 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: On the real, Nik…there is a guy in Charlotte that is just the absolute worst. As far as being a middle aged man goes, he is not one. Middle aged, yes….man? No. His name is Sean Basham and it’s kind of hard to tell you but I couldn’t remember how to spell his name. Hearing through the grape vine about his relationship issues and who he chose to trust I can only tell you that he is most likely going to end up alone and broke. Working at Carmel Country Club is probably the best thing that he could have ever accomplished and now he doesn’t even work there. Abusive, alcoholic, ungrateful, these are just a few words sesame street would have taught you about him if he were the focus on an episode. I just want every woman, man, child to know…this guy is a sleezeball. That is all Nik, thanks for listenin! Don’t forget his lazy eye. That shit cray.

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What Is Going On With Chloe

August 6, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 51


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was excited for Chloe, because earlier this year it really looked like she was getting her ass into shape. But over the weekend, someone posted this picture (first picture, far left- white and blue bikini) of chloe and friends at a pool party. Girl packed on some LBS Fast. Nik, do you have any advice on how Chloe can lose the weight?

That picture is like a fat camp advertisment. Let Chloe be heavy, no point in losing weight when summer is almost over. Stay you Chloe.- nik

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Charlotte’s Resident Celebrity Girl

August 4, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 87


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jenna Carlson. Jenna moved to Charlotte in January from Wilmington. Jenna got caught cheating on her husband with the one and only Nick Munn, only to find out Nick just liked having his bills paid by her. Since then, she has been running around Charlotte, f*cking and “dating” a new guy every other week, including 4 of her coworkers in the first week. Jenna seems to have a lying problem. Jenna enjoys telling people she is an attorney, that she went to Juilliard, has a nursing degree, has all these great trips planned, and more endless bullsh*t. Actually, Jenna and her lying are bad enough that even the other Charlotte sloots HATE her. Now, onto the stuff you really want to hear. Jenna has f*cked all the local “celebrities” including Matsuflex of Tool Academy. Jenna’s true gem though was Ryan Lochte. While on his rotation of girls, Jenna ran around uptown telling everyone that they were exclusively dating. Yet was surprised when she would catch him out with other women, but quickly forgive him and go back in line for more. Well after a few months of f*cking around with local douchebags dumb enough to believe her life of lies, Jenna happened upon Jesse McCartney this past week. She has proudly told everyone about fucking Jesse the first night she met him, and the following night as well. Wait, Jesse don’t you have a GF back in LA? Better get that VD taken care of before you get home, Jesse. Nik will you please finally let the world know about this psycho-sloot?

She seems really tall. Like WNBA status.- nik

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Mike DeVito is a Creep

August 1, 2014 Charlotte 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sure, he has a family now and seemingly has the good life in North Carolina, but years ago, and for most of this life, this sociopath, liar, cheat, and thief lived like a scumbag deep in the heart of San Diego. Let’s just say that if he could hide away from his wife and be a pedophile, he would- after all, he isn’t checking out those 11-year-old girl’s legs for a reason. Probably hasn’t acted on it, but has more red flags- such as a photo album full of exes and exes in the same pages as each other, like a collection of flat-chested trophies (some obese) he likes to reflect back on when he’s alone and wants to get off on how he abused them. And abuse? Well, it’s overt, and if you can’t the bruises, then you can see his wife turn into a skeleton, because obviously he wants his women child-like. And be warned- his family will defend him to death although deep inside they know he is crazy, but feel that their wealth and normalcy between their parents will make up for everything he’s done and is thinking of.

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Robin Is A Joke

July 25, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 156

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Robin actually thinks these people are her friends and it’s so sad. She doesn’t realize that she’s invited places because the pictures are hilarious and everyone thinks she’s a big joke. Nik if you had to take a stab at her age….what would you guess?

A pair of +2′s will get you on any boat no matter what age.- nik

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Jackie Is Looking Good

July 24, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 43


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jackie was posted on here a few months ago for her bottle rat habits and her sketchy trips to Vegas every few months. Well now all of a sudden I’ve got to say girl is looking good! We recommended she lose about 10-15, and looks like she’s on her way. Besides lasering away that tattoo, Nik what would you recommend for Jackie?

Jackie is all chest, without it she is nobody.- nik

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