Psychosis on the Loose

May 30, 2014 Charlotte 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I’m sure you may have seen this “hot mess” tramping it up around town before…her name is Christy Causey and she is a fucking loopy psycho. Her fb status’ are always something depressing and are a meager attempt to get people to post comments feeling sorry for her. This raging alcoholic slut has her description on Instagram as ” likes budweiser, jäger and falling down” This cm bucket once dated someone I know and told them that she was in her 20s only for my buddy to find out from other people that she was in fact 35…when the poor guy found out he was fcking a 35 year old whore she faked an asthma attack. This loose goose also told the guy that she couldn’t get pregnant but called immediately after they broke up and told him she was in fact pregnant and made up a story about how she already “took care of it”. If you see this bitch, run…her pussy stinks and has been cum in more than a toilet at an all boys school.

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Catherine Anderson likes to screw married men

May 30, 2014 Augusta, Charlotte 26

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Catherine Marie Anderson is a homewrecker! She may look sweet and innocent but don’t be fooled. This slut has held my two daughters and was supposed to be family. Instead she fcked my husband and sent disgusting pictures of herself to him. She also likes to show off the opal ring he bought her which happens to be my daughters birthstone. Hide your kids and husbands ladies!

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Miss Bubbles and her Massive Eyebrows

May 28, 2014 Charlotte 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’ll try this again, because the world really needs to know how bad these eyebrows are. They’re like taking over her face! Maybe it\’s a go-go dancer thing, but she needs a makeover ASAP. also, her dancing is terrible and she has literally no ass or +2\’s. Nik, help. Oh and I found out her real name is Hannah Forker, and she has the face of a pug and apparently the same personality as one too

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Are These Supposed To Be Real “Models”

May 26, 2014 Charlotte 627

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! so there is this clothing line called TOLO or “Tits Out, Legs Open” based out of Charlotte, NC. This clothing line has a couple of local “models” who prance around and “model” their clothing line. Are these girls supposed to be models? seriously? It looks like these chicks were picked up at the local trailer park or meth house. Oh and the owner/creator/whatever he calls himself is the biggest arrogant douchebag and thinks that he is a pimp. He calls himself a millionaire, but he lives in an apartment with a roommate. What kind of millionaire lives like that? and for all those who are going to say “you are just jealous you can’t model…blahhh.” No, I’m not model material and I sure as hell wouldn’t “model” with a bunch of white trash/meth heads. Word of advice, if you are going to have girls model your clothes, please hire some hot chicks.

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My Girlfriend Natasha Lee Dawson Cheated On Me

May 21, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 157

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, my girlfriend Natasha Lee Dawson went on a trip to Boston and cheated on me at the science convention in March. Of course she didn’t tell me till she moved in with the guy a month later. She told me she was going to true beach for 3 days but would be turning off her phone. They texted me pics of two of the having sex after I stopped her from playing with my head. Matt said he split her open in Boston which was why she stopped having sex with me while still living with me. I told her don’t feel special. Thats what you do to whores and chicks you don’t care about cause you think you will probably never hit it again. This is not me in the pics. I am black. Matt is married with a baby on the way. Sad he hasn’t used a condom since 93.  Click here to see the picture she sent him.

What the hell… you lost to a white dude?- nik

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Yussra Wants Everyone To Know She Graduated

May 20, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 108


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, with as much as she posts about it, you would think that Yussra was graduating from a decent school. In fact, she’s getting a joke PR degree from UNC-Charlotte one of the biggest wastes of college tuition in the state. The admission standards at UNCC for in state kids are a JOKE!!! It’s nice that her parents have a lot of money, but it just goes to show what an idiot she is. If they have that much money, you would think that they could pony up and buy her way into a decent school. Oh well, best of luck with your new Mercedes and your 28K education. No one reputable is going to hire you with your whore-able reputation.

You don’t need a degree if you have +2′s.- nik

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Pastor’s Wife

May 20, 2014 Charlotte 8

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet this raunchy bitch Wanda Cummings. She is married to a pastor that deserves way better than this trash. She can’t seem to keep her legs closed. She has 6+kids. She is Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She was dating a guy but when she went to bible school, she left that guy for this pastor. She just married him to live in the states. Her older brother lives in Hamilton, Ontario with the mother. He displays developmental delay disorders (he is slow). One time when I was driving with him in my car he was looking at a 12 year old girl that was walking with her little sister. He looked back in the mirror. Anyways this Wanda, slut, whore, bitch lives in a huge house with her husband. They claim that they don\’t make that much money, but they are living in a million dollar home. They take frequent trips, and get people to feel sorry for them because they lost a child to cancer. Her mother Phyllis Kokoski is a dead KKK racist. If you have color in your skin she will hate you. She is a nurse in a nursing home. Can\’t say much about her slow son, but I know that Phyllis is a dead racist. I have nothing bad to say about Wanda\’s husband yet! They are scamming the church for their luxury life. They are scam artists. Her body is so disgusting, and her face looks like my dog\’s ass. Her tits defy gravity, I can only imagine what her pussy must be like. You could prolly fit a tree trunk up there. They live off of food stamps too. Nik, put this hoe on blast!

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Who Does Morgan Rea Tadlock Think She Is

May 20, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this is Miss Morgan Rea or Tadlock not sure what her last name is but she really must think that she is something. I used to like this girl and I guess that you could call her a Charlotte socialite at one time, if there is such a thing. Now she thinks shes a blogger (get over yourself) and an entrepreneur supposedly doing design work of some kind. She was involved with that fat ass snake, Chet who was posted up before and I don’t know if they ever slept together but I don’t even want to picture that. So now that she blogs (and is close with that potato nose blogger, Jenna who was just posted) she thinks that she knows everything and everyone in Charlotte. She stays bashing Charlotte on her blog and she thinks that shes really funny when I just think that she is full of herself. Maybe she’s just full of silicone. What do you think Nik?

There is no such thing as a Charlotte socialite. Either you are banging a NASCAR driver or you’re not.- nik

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