No more Sloan

March 11, 2014 Charlotte 43 8,471 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Looks like sloan is trying to give camimi and jaime a run for their money for the most trashy girl in Charlotte. It’s well known that many of the girls that work at this “fine” establishment will let you take them home for extra tips on the tables they sell. Sloan: you ARE who you hang out with…and givin the company you keep nobody is going to want to stick it anymore.

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Is Brittany A Keeper

March 11, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 57 107,180 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pathetic broad has been dating a local guy here – Ryan who owns a luxury car dealership for a while. She’ll post pictures of him and her taking rides in the “Rarri”.  I’ve heard things are going so well between them, they’ll go out together for drinks and she’ll get jealous and upset and drunk and storm out cause she thinks he is going to be cheating on her. Nik, do you think she’s a keeper or a depreciating asset? Working at Suite won’t work forever, Brittany.

If I had to guess an age… 38. The bags around the eyes look mid 40′s but the body looks 33.- nik

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Doin it for The Drugs

March 10, 2014 Charlotte 5 5,256 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this silly little sluts name is sidney. she dates the towns dirtiest drug addicted man whore and she’s only in it for the drugs. her and her bf (DERTY DAVE) stay f**ked up. they met at a party and of course ol’ derty got attached when he found out how easily this girls legs spread. but little does he know that she’s using him for the drugs that always seem to find a way into his grimy hands. not to mention the “fame” that comes along with derty Dave. everyone in town knows him and she wants to finish sleeping with the rest of the town so she slithered her way into dertys life. I feel sorry for him, as dirty as derty truly is, he still doesn’t deserve to have to look at this nasty cum guzzling whore all day.

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Getting A Little Taste Of Karma

March 8, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 91 93,948 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so this is Jamie Wagner.  I’m not gonna say she’s ugly or busted because she’s pretty hot but she is annoying as f*ck and her “love” Chad who have broken up a couple of times and there always cheating on each other. She’ll sleep with someone just because they bought one of her tables and she’s a girl that likes to hate on everyone else. I know she’s behind plenty of posts on this site and though she deserved a little karma everyone says she’s on the “rise” again. She’s just another dried up Charlotte girl.

Way too much black around the eyes. That was cool in the 90′s.- nik

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Lady Cat Social Media Sweetheart

March 7, 2014 Charlotte 69 7,673 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- Washed up, white trailer park trash Rachel Greenan got the “prestigious award” of being social media sweetheart for the Lady Cats this week ….. (I could have died from laughing so hard) Feel bad for me because if working CIAA wasn’t bad enough, I actually had to work with this dumbs wannabe blonde at Whiskey River. Besides her obnoxiously loud squealing voice and her comments that are on a third grade level, I literally had to hear her long lists of one night fucks. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against getting laid, but when your 20 yrs old and you’ve hooked up with over half of charlotte and haven’t been here for more than a few months you’re just a down right dirty whore. Daddy issues to say the least? I recommend therapy. I had no idea a coke whore and a 20 year old alcoholic was all it took to get recognized by the charlotte bobcats … I want to say I feel bad for her but when you let the whole world in on your dirty secrets you must be proud of your “accomplishments” . I guess charlotte and the bobcats got another washed up, coked out whore! Congratssssssss!

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Stef Bella Sloot on the Low

March 6, 2014 Charlotte 42 10,403 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Stefannie Bell. This 24yo blonde will tell you how perfect her life is when it’s falling apart as we speak. This bitch is a pathological liar who also has a coke addiction. She’ll swear up and down to you that she’s not an addict yet her body is breaking down from the years she’s used. Aside from all that her pussy wreaks. Its fcking disgusting, no amount of alcohol or drugs will shield you from that smell. You’d better bring a gas mask if you’re brave enough to get that close thing. But say you do… you might wanna get tested because she’s has been giving out ch***ia like it’s candy on Halloween. She has 2 DUI’s and doesn’t even own a car. She’ll also tell you that she’s a med student but in reality she takes online courses at Gaston College and is currently unemployed. She’s also had a boyfriend the past 4 months yet has slutted around the entire time while claiming to be faithful. She tells everyone she hooks up with that they were in an open relationship all while telling her man they were exclusive. If by some chance you think this bitch is a good friend to you, chances are she’s talked major shit about you because that’s what she does to everyone. She also brags about never being on here, so congrats.. Hows it feel to have all your laundry out in the open?

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Thou Shall Not Sloot

March 4, 2014 Charlotte, NC State 11 10,125 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is a thot!! (Slut, whore,trash) Beware! She will fck for Chipotle!! She goes around Charlotte sleeping with other women’s men! And then posts pics to IG in random places like, the bed, house, hotels. Bitch do you ever go on any dates with these men??? Get a life honey!! You are nothing but a nut to these dudes!!! I seriously wish you would stop sucking my mans dick though!! If you give him anything yal are both done!! You are trailer trash!!! Ughh leave a happy relationship alone bitch!! Hooters trash bag!! Go work at 935 bitch!! Ghetto ass rachet club!! You belong there!!

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Thinks She’s a MILF

March 4, 2014 Charlotte 22 9,226 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Samantha. She is one of the largest sluts in Hickory, NC. She is huge in the bar seen and is very easy to get into bed with. She has syp***s and doesn’t care. She also has a daughter at home that she neglects and leaves home alone so she can go out and get drunk with different men. She is a piece of crap and men should know to protect themselves from her disease infested ass. She also has sex with many older men to pay her bills. She’s a gold digger at heart and is the worse mother to walk this earth. And nik, would you?

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