Charlotte | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

DJ Assnuts

July 14, 2014 Charlotte 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do I start. Guy is a joke. Check out the hair. Guys in his 40s and still trolling the high school gathering spots putting on his “game” like he some big sh*t celebrity. He is unemployed, has a few baby mammas (prob more), is a regular at the health department to get his weekly penicillin injections to prevent the spread of his MULTIPLE diseases. He is known around town as Shane Bradshaw aka DJ Kaotika. The only reaon people have anything to do with him or gets gigs, is the big bag of Pepsi he totes around…. his sets are always a trainwreck, his gigs have more groupies in the dj booth than people in the club! He is a thief too!!! Don’t leave your sh*t out…cds, dj gear, coke…your GF!!!! He’s already run through all the women in the tri county area….but, I hear he likes man butt too. currently I think he ‘settled” on one chick, but shes as tweaked and strung out as he is….and if I’m thinking correctly, shes a friggin nurse. Oh and had a kid too…hope to god the mommas got custody. And not to mention he is the biggest teller of fairy tales in the state!!!! You can tell hes lying when his lips are moving. PUT THIS DUDE ON BLAST.

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Cast Your Vote

July 8, 2014 Charlotte 59



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, okay… After a long serious debate and even Eben Patten (Mommy of the year in Charlotte) denied it, did she get +2s? Nik, you’re the final judgement. I dont understand how looking at the dates on the instagram posts how she can go from NO chest to BAM double D’s. What do you think?

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Summer Fatties Don’t Lose Hope

July 2, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 79

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is a submission for all you fat ladies. If she can do it, so can you!! It’s summer and all I see is whales swimming around. Don’t be Kate Upton!! She is not a role model. Fight the power!!

I feel like the +2′s were a game changer for this chick.- nik

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ACN – What’s the Deal

July 2, 2014 Charlotte 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: I “worked” for ACN during summer 2013. Through my working, I didn’t make a dime, but wasted close to 1k. My money was wasted by signing up for $500 and the trips for their “training”. During my time with ACN, I was forced to harass friends and family to join my “team”. This is a multi-level marketing scam that generates it’s pay from the initial $500 spent to sign up. Money is also taken from the “trainings”. Charging $50 for admission and 20k + people attend? The conventions consisted of slide shows containing google image search pictures for the rags to riches stories. Each training was the same. ACN is a cult. They claim to save their employees money on bills and the employee gains residual interest off the customer for life. WRONG! The employee receives money that comes from the “training” admission price and initial entrance price of $500. The money recycles. All the companies they claim to affiliate with is a bunch of hoo ha. My family works and runs one of them (a big Silicon Valley co.) and told me that ACN does not affiliate with them. Matter of fact, they laughed when I mentioned ACN and asked what it was! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS PYRAMID SCHEME! By the way Nik, DA strong, do you think the ACN building appears manufactured through graphic design?

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120 Goes a Long Way

June 24, 2014 Charlotte 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ever get that lonely feeling late at night guys where you just want a hot girl! Let me introduce Harlee Gerringer to you.. You may know her as Leah from the Gold Club in Charlotte but you can also find her and her friends posting on back page under Brittnay, or Leah. $120.00 goes a long ways with this girl and if you have a lil extra “green” or her favorite pills you get extra. Please let me tell you she might come off as hesitant at first but once that money is in her hands the clothes come off. Look for her posts in Charlotte, and the RDU area. Tell her J sent you!

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Jason Robbins

June 23, 2014 Charlotte 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- this is Jason Robbins of Charlotte NC. This kid hides from social media and only posts to make himself look like a good guy. However, hes nothing more than a junkie, dead beat father living off his dads money. He cant keep a needle out of his arm for more than 5 minutes, never sees his kid, and cant keep his d*** in his pants. He\’ll do ANYTHING to get high. Hes had multiple DRD’s, He’s gotten multiple girls pregnant, and after finding out about the unplanned pregnancy he didnt even call her back. He acts like a hes so rich, but not one penny of it is actually his- hes always running to mommy and daddy asking for money. Girls- beware. Jason seems nice at first, but after he refuses to wear a condom, gives you a DRD, knocks you up, f**ks all your friends, steals your money, tries to make you shoot up with him and stabs you in the back, youll wish you never met him.

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Charlotte Cougar

June 17, 2014 Charlotte 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: I believe this bitch’s name is Annette. She’s 45 years old sending my 25 year old boyfriend nasty pictures of her mom tits. He repeatedly tells her to leave him alone and she keeps rambling on about strap ons and eating creampies. She’s disgusting. Does the dirty army have any more information on her? Apparently she’s a mom, a swinger, and bipolar.

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Britt Cook Thinks She’s The Next Victoria’s Secret Model

June 11, 2014 Charlotte, Las Vegas, The Dirty 91


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve seen this girl on the dirty twice before, all over the internet posting half naked pictures of herself on Instagram, Facebook, and her model mayhem. She claims to be a struggling college student in her late 20′s at UNLV but, yet constantly brags about the “modeling promos” she does all over Vegas. She dates this VIP host named Derek Braun (also another dirty celebrity). If you look at the time line of her “modeling career” her pictures become more and more provocative. I heard she used to be a stripper at the Men’s club in Charlotte, so it makes sense as to why she posts such things. Do you think she’s “model,” material? Also I’ve heard she’s escorting now. She post pictures of herself all the time wearing agent provocateur, which is VERY expensive, and now it looks as if somebody bought her a new set of +2′s! What do you think Nik, is she Victoria’s Secret material, are those new +2′s from her “modeling promo money? “

You can’t be a VS model with +2′s. Angels have wings not breasts.- nik

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