Poor Thing

June 10, 2014 Charlotte 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel bad for this poor girl. I met her when she first moved to Charlotte almost two years ago from Pittsburgh. She was very sweet, a little ghetto, but very sweet. We started going out and she was attracted to all the wrong guys! The main one she is dating now is a bar back at Suite. He’s been around the block a time or two and constantly goes to the doctor thinking that he’s got the DRD. He will sleep with anyone! I have tried to warn her but she just won’t listen. She could do a lot better. He won’t even claim that they are together. Telling every girl in the club that he\’s single. People please tell her she can do better. She looks so desperate commenting on all of his instagram pictures because he won\’t post anything of the two of them.

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Cherish, Jason And Andi

June 7, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 142

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so Andi cannot have a steady relationship and I blame that on her being the hottest girl Charlotte has to offer.  She keeps going between these two guys and I keep saying the only way it will work is if they follow the lead of the movie “Savages” with Blake Lively… she had 2 boyfriends together and it worked out, they were one happy family.

Not a bad idea.- nik

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Charlotte Club Rats Are Jealous Of Kaila Spargo

June 7, 2014 Charlotte 125

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I been following Kaila Spargo on facebook for awhile. She moved to Cali and heres the dirt I overhear stupid h*es in the club in Charlotte STILL talkin bout her they don’t even know her!!!! I went off on em on all the fat bitches for talkin sh*t. Haters gone hate tho!! Shes always been cool to me and nice to everyone real talk! I seen on facebook once She EVEN stood up for your ass Nik, said you aren’t as bad as people think. I got love for ya Kaila so Im posting here for all to see and just know Im someone whos got your back in the South. I promise We aint all bad out here boo! Keep doin you in Cali!!!!

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Jamie Wagner

June 4, 2014 Charlotte 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sup swag daddy? Does Jamie Wagner ever take a break? You can find this cum dumpster spreading her legs all over Charlotte. She has a supposed Fiancé but always seems to be blowing dudes every other night… all it takes is a table at Bubble . This Whore wouldn’t know class if it hit her in the face. She has even gone as far as calling herself Barbie??? Since when was RATCHET BARBIE RELEASED ? Seeing that’s she’s 27 and yet to graduate High school, I think its safe to say she will be a bottle serving whore until the day she dies . I think shes starting to realize her stank pussy stench is getting a little too strong for Charlotte ? I hear she’s moving to Miami? Nik do you think this ratchet, cake face, pill-popping, white trash, sorry excuse for a human will survive in Miami? Umm yea me ether. P.p.s Ur fiancé gave me drd.

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Time To Make Andi, Charlotte’s First Dirty Celeb

June 4, 2014 Charlotte, The Dirty 203


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you’ve ignored it long enough… it’s time to make Andi Charlotte’s first DC. She recently started a new job as a personal trainer uptown. Would you take fitness advice from her?  Maybe she shows all her clients her +2′s like she showed you!!!

What should we name her?- nik

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Ashlee Baker

May 30, 2014 Charleston, Charlotte 11

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Ashlee Baker. She has three or four kids and two or three baby daddies, I dont think she knows for sure herself. Well she went to Las Vegas I heard and shot a porn. Theres a facebook set up for her under her same name which provided the photos I will include. I HAVE to see this video. Does anyone have any idea who the male porn star is in the video or where I might find it? Ashlee has always been a huge slut. She is the mom you see in walmart with a buggy full of kids wearing a skirt so short you can see her roast beef. No man can stand her for more than a month.

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Psychosis on the Loose

May 30, 2014 Charlotte 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I’m sure you may have seen this “hot mess” tramping it up around town before…her name is Christy Causey and she is a fucking loopy psycho. Her fb status’ are always something depressing and are a meager attempt to get people to post comments feeling sorry for her. This raging alcoholic slut has her description on Instagram as ” likes budweiser, jäger and falling down” This cm bucket once dated someone I know and told them that she was in her 20s only for my buddy to find out from other people that she was in fact 35…when the poor guy found out he was fcking a 35 year old whore she faked an asthma attack. This loose goose also told the guy that she couldn’t get pregnant but called immediately after they broke up and told him she was in fact pregnant and made up a story about how she already “took care of it”. If you see this bitch, run…her pussy stinks and has been cum in more than a toilet at an all boys school.

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Catherine Anderson likes to screw married men

May 30, 2014 Augusta, Charlotte 26

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Catherine Marie Anderson is a homewrecker! She may look sweet and innocent but don’t be fooled. This slut has held my two daughters and was supposed to be family. Instead she fcked my husband and sent disgusting pictures of herself to him. She also likes to show off the opal ring he bought her which happens to be my daughters birthstone. Hide your kids and husbands ladies!

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