Fighter Ex turned into a Pill Head

September 12, 2014 Chicago, Indiana, Indianapolis 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ryan Schooler ex has been screwing life up for herself and her daughter becoming a drugged out trash bag! She thinks she is cute but she isn’t and not pretty enough to get through life she needs to stop doing drugs and take care of her daughter instead of spreading rumors about Ryan … She is the trashiest thing to walk the street your not fooling anyone and everyone talks some much shit about her behind her back that she is naive and blind to the fact… Ruin your life not others

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Checkbook Bandit

September 11, 2014 Chicago, Rockford 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Running around stealing peoples money. Numbers don’t lie and neither do court records. With all those checks you write maybe you should fix your chicklet teeth instead you look like the monkey from planet of the apes. Nick help me expose this crook for the person she really is!

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Daniella Hedger

September 9, 2014 Chicago 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this cow is now a competitive eater and drinker. This chick has been on here and I was reading how commited she is to her bf Marcin yet I share a mutual friend with her by the name of Kyle , whom Ive walked in on one morning and who do I see peeking out from the covers but ella la bella herself! Hahaha I almost died when she jumped up and her gut waddled as she hurried to get dressed. Tell me why is it that a girl has big tits and thinks her gut is overlooked? Dude she post like 5 gym check ins a day on FB yet looks like she should have a few blue ribbons from a county fair. My dude you had such fine chicks and this is what you tap? Man I hope her bf is ok with this cuz he will not be too pleased. Someone needs to go on the Kanye workout plan and be more discreet with cheating lol! Chicago loves a good ho just be free and let all of us left have a turn on that big jump and fun belly.

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Michael Caccioppo

September 9, 2014 Chicago 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, what do you think about this guy, He’s big fat ass couldn’t get any bitches he had to wast his money on this two timing whore to sleep with him. I used to fck with him till I found out he’s married with a kid. what a looser cant even have sex all he wants is women to strip for him, i think he’s a fg. I found out he’s married to this polish whore Edyta caccioppo! Nick put this jag-off on blast!

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Brittney Gattuso Is Not A Great Girlfriend

September 9, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, her name is Brittney Gatusso and she believes the world revolves around her. I knew her since high school she used to be a nobody tomboy until jr year when she learned sucking multiple gregs gets you attention she’s cheated on almost every boyfriend she’s ever had more than once. Yet she likes to portray this innocent church girl image. “I do all things through god who strengthens me.” HAHAHA you stupid c-dumpster, god didn’t tell you to ruin MULTIPLE relationships or to send nudes to any guy that gives you attention! You look like a f*cking troll, you have absolutely NO talent doing makeup lmao check your eyebrows bitch! And since you love the attention so much I’ll just help you out and post what you’ve been sending to half of Chicago behind your INCREDIBLY stupid boyfriend Nicks back.. Who still has NO idea you’ve cheated on him over 15x!

Her ass looks way too muscular. Lay off the muscle milk Brittney.- nik

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God Please Help Her Out

September 8, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 125

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has been getting botox and lip injections since she was 16. She married this Polish dude Damian for 15 grand and made it seem as if she’s really married on FB. She is known for banging girls that have boyfriends on a daily basis. She tries really hard to fit in with the “cool crowd” and always says that she is drama free which is complete bullsh*t. She has fake money fake boobs fake lips and most importantly a FAKE personality. She is a snake liar and the most two faced person you will ever encounter. Someone needs to out this creature back into the zoo ASAP.

Is that Bra from Wal-Mart? Looks cheap.- nik

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Amanda Hawkins Will Do Anything For A New Purse

September 4, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 106


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so here she is guys. Nasty Amanda Hawkins. Has been banged by tons of guys. Using her body to get what she wants. She will swallow just to get a new purse. Watch out for this girl Chicago!!

Chicago is on fire lately… everyone hates each other out there.- nik

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Jill “Watermelon +2s” Kramer Is An Amazing Girlfriend

September 4, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 35


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this classic case of clown tits is Jill Kramer… again. A prime example of someone completely destroying their perfectly good body with +2′s thanks to their club owner boyfriend. Her boyfriend, Brad Parker, owns American Junkie and notoriously double teamed Sarah Hill in the back room. Rather than break up with him, Jill Kramer had her fired and moved in with Brad as punishment.  What a winner right?

She went way too big… nobody likes +4′s.- nik

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