Monster of the Windy City

July 24, 2014 Chicago 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Say hello to this selfish Russian Elizabeth Uzikova. She jumps in closed pools, pees in open sinks and discriminates. She will on,y date you if you are Korean. She’s been in crutches from a drunk accident, as well.she causes Trouble in chicago and everywhere else she goes. She uses her friend Olivia lees’ for her rich Chinese husbands’ money. She also smokes cigarettes while drinking beer. Even without alcohol she is out for this creature because once she finds you, you’ll never see another penny again. (Btw the second pic is her current Asian boyfriend)

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Very Foul Move

July 24, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Bryan announced to everyone how Audrey Bolek been banging him and George in the same damn DAY. Talk about a disgusting!!! Who sleeps with her friend’s ex boyfriend… and 2 guys in the same day?

Why does the tip of her nose touch her chin?- nik

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Sloots Anonymous

July 23, 2014 Chicago 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: I think the breakouts on this transvestites lips say all that needs to be said. But of course were not gonna leave it at that. This flat chested bottle rat is amy eck, shes 20 years old, and shes busted down for any guy willing to give her a shot of captain morgan. Not to mention, she gave 3 people the c**p. She is a racist, and would say she would kill herself if she was black. She thinks shes better than any other race because shes a spoiled white girl from the burbs. If that doesn’t disgust you enough, the fact that she encouraged her pregnant sister to drink till she had a miscarriage should. She even asked her dad to buy her veneers because her teeth were so jacked up when she was younger, now she looks like a gremlin with horse teeth. Amys phone number

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Christine Schrepel

July 23, 2014 Chicago 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is a slut coke whore you will suck guys dicks for money or drugs. She drives a piss yellow mustang like she is 16 . Christine schrepel of wheeling you are a sad human being . Get a life grow up ( maybe move out of your grandmas house your 32 already ) and lay off the drugs you might go somewhere in life. She is a total slut and takes pride in it . Even though she is horrible in the sack and her pusy smells like a moldy gym bag and you are god awfully ugly no amount of makeup can ever cover up that face or your psychotic personallity . The absolute definition of a scumbag

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Typical Hooters Gal

July 23, 2014 Chicago 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik his girl, is your typical hooters slore.. Has a boyfriend yet takes dick from any male with money. she’s a whack ass bitch.. who should probably take her trailer park lookin’ ass back to where she belongs. Bitch you will be nothing more than someones cum guzzler. It\’s sad.. you would have so much potential.. so idk, maybe MAKE SOME OF YOUR OWN MONEY? Jk. wishful thinking. Go serve some more chicken wings, bitch.

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Hannah Doesn’t Shower

July 22, 2014 Chicago 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet hannah Yager let’s just say she lives in lake county becuz she is homeless and lives with a new friend every other month literally she is disgusting her ex boyfriend and several of her friends and even her family members will tell u that she doesn’t shower ever or wear deodorant she always smells so bad she is obsessed with this kid Chris who actually has drd and cheats on her all the time she thinks Shes better then everyone cuz she works 20 hours a week she dogs people for going to jail but Shes been there plenty of times herself she lived with a friend of mine and she didn’t even own a toothbrush or deodorant she wears twenty pounds of orange makeup that doesn’t match her skin and leaves a thick line she is hideous without makeup and still thinks Shes better then everyone she starts so much drama and thinks she is so tough when in reality she is disgusting hey hannah when 20+ people tell you to shower you should probly shower

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The Real Ekaterina

July 22, 2014 Atlanta, Chicago 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: We finally know her real name…. Ekaterina Guerguinova…. I just wonder what is she trying to hide with her fake names: Katie Nicole, Nicole Kam, Katie Wyld…. Is she some type of psychopath with multiple personalities? Or does she use the names for her new guys and tells them different sob stories about her pathetic life?? Who is she really???

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Is this Your 2014 Brunette

July 21, 2014 Chicago 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is my friend. Could she be your 2014 brunette? (I think she kind of looks like a young Angie…)

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