Chicago | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Who Is Kacie

November 20, 2014 Chicago 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met this beautiful girl and thought everything was good. We even connected on Facebook and saw her information and seemed like just typical girl next door beauty but someone told me this girl next door model does some extra modeling and has sugar daddy’s on the side? I am reaching out to the dirty army since I am not from here if the rumors I hear are true?

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Patho Jackie

November 20, 2014 Chicago 192

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- It is time to call this psycho cow out. This is Jackie Mandera from Chicago. I don’t know where to fcking start. Other than the usual- like lying about rolex watches she bought with her “bae, she does some really sick shit. She’s been lying on FB for over a year about having CANCER, uploading pictures in the hospital, asking for prayers. In reality, she has stomach problems caused by her gastric bypass surgery. What sick twisted person lies about cancer? You’re evil. NOW she has created TWO FB profiles, Marcello Angelotti (her new “bf”) and Isabel Krupta, who are writing all over her wall about some 3 car accident and how she is practically on her death bed. People ITS ALL FAKE. She’s home- I know for a fact through a family source nothing ever happened- both of her new Fb friends spreading the word and asking for prayers were CREATED BY JACKIE. Marcello was created on Monday and Isabel TODAY.… fake profiles, no friends, nothing but posts about Jackie. Marcello is her FB creation to make it seem like she has a tan and jacked bf…she stole some poor guys identity…as IF a guy like that would EVER be obsessing over her. BE FUCKING REAL. The idiot who posted her big face begging people to PLEASE FIND JACKIE…I hope you feel real stupid. Jackie is at home laughing and switching between Marcello’s and Isabel’s FB updating her wall all fucking day getting a sick inhumane high from all the people being concerned about her made up car accident.

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Geeked out Grace

November 20, 2014 Chicago 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mommy of the year!!! Geeked out grace! She even wrote it herself lol. Geeked out is perfect for her, between smoking all the weed, taking adderrall and anxiety pills, then going to work and taking Molly while she works… Smoking after work and popping sleeping pills to help. Lol this is the cycle. She should just take all her pills at once and take care of herself. Take care of urself or take care of ur daughter you cum dumpster ragged ass wrinkly beef curtain ho*

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Hotel Regular

November 20, 2014 Chicago 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikki Osborn Tinley park trash thinks she the sweets girl but beat my ass like a dude her mom and dad are cole addicts and she’s all sorts of fycked up she from Tinley park and sleeps around every weekend she needs to be exposed she’s a fake and lies about her past and I think it’s time people found out about her she needs stop sleeping with her dads friends for cash and coke and liquor there fifty year old men with no teeth she’s proud of it to her nick name is cake face

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Ella La Bella it’s time to come clean

November 20, 2014 Chicago 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is my payback. Seen you have become popular on the dirty the past month I’ve decided to go this route since you refuse to talk to me. I’ve been screwing this muppet on and off since last summer, she meets me up in moraine valley parking lots , usually B building, blows me and we part ways. She goes home to her boyfriend I go do my thing. Yesterday the slut said we will no longer be meeting up cuz she feels like Marcin or wtf his name is will find out. Well here u go ho. Yes. We have been bangin yea ur a ho yea get ur dirty crap stained underwear or I’ll drop them on ur boyfriends car.

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Sean the bean pole Davidson

November 19, 2014 Chicago 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sean has fuked over 30 girls ages from 16 to 50 he likes to have sex with anything easy. He is 22 years old in the middle of a divorce and continues to fck over good girls who really cared about him for Ratchet bitches with no potential. He takes drugs and is easily influenced in every situation. He comes off being a nice guy until he doesn’t want you any more he needs to be stopped ladies look out

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Alexis Carlson

November 19, 2014 Chicago, Miami 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this trick right here is beyond disgusting. Running around spreading her legs in chicago and miami while she has **v. So pathetic. shes looking more and more like a man everyday. Worry about taking care of your kitty kat instead of all that surgery. You look like a damn clown with them eyebrows. chicagos trash at its finest.

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Why Does Mac Exist

November 19, 2014 Chicago 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: can someone tell me why she thinks this makeup looks good? it looks like you put plaster all over your eyes. nikki you are a disgusting broke child that mooches off of everyone. bring more then 7$ out to a club and maybe you would have people that would ant to hang out with you. your a joke and everyone laughs at you. what have these chicago girls turned into?

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