Hannah Doesn’t Shower

July 22, 2014 Chicago 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet hannah Yager let’s just say she lives in lake county becuz she is homeless and lives with a new friend every other month literally she is disgusting her ex boyfriend and several of her friends and even her family members will tell u that she doesn’t shower ever or wear deodorant she always smells so bad she is obsessed with this kid Chris who actually has drd and cheats on her all the time she thinks Shes better then everyone cuz she works 20 hours a week she dogs people for going to jail but Shes been there plenty of times herself she lived with a friend of mine and she didn’t even own a toothbrush or deodorant she wears twenty pounds of orange makeup that doesn’t match her skin and leaves a thick line she is hideous without makeup and still thinks Shes better then everyone she starts so much drama and thinks she is so tough when in reality she is disgusting hey hannah when 20+ people tell you to shower you should probly shower

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The Real Ekaterina

July 22, 2014 Atlanta, Chicago 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: We finally know her real name…. Ekaterina Guerguinova…. I just wonder what is she trying to hide with her fake names: Katie Nicole, Nicole Kam, Katie Wyld…. Is she some type of psychopath with multiple personalities? Or does she use the names for her new guys and tells them different sob stories about her pathetic life?? Who is she really???

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Is this Your 2014 Brunette

July 21, 2014 Chicago 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is my friend. Could she be your 2014 brunette? (I think she kind of looks like a young Angie…)

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Gonzo Sloot

July 21, 2014 Austin, Chicago 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Jessica Marin I’m sure everybody seen her before on here from her last post when we talk about her and ray ray. I heard she finally left her fiancee, husband, boyfriend, babydaddy or what ever he is to her and she move to Chicago. I guess she finally realize nobody like her big nose ugly face here in San Antonio because she ain’t nothing but a fake. So she ran away from her problems and left her baby daddy which she was cheating on him anyway because sh’s a straight up hoe and always will be no matter what city she lives in. If she thinks the guy is cute she will meet him up if she can and have sex with him she’s not about that faithful love relationship life. Jessica stop trying to think you can fit in with anybody when all you do is talk sh*t behind their back remember that’s why no one likes you cuz you’re fake friend, glad I’m not that hoe\’s friend anymore. All I have to say is once a hoe and a fake always a hoe and a fake no matter what city you live in. Ta ta for now…

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James Freke

July 21, 2014 Chicago 4



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is the most sadistic, sneaky, lying jagbag ever born…….. he is a Nymphomaniac , pathological liar, and a cheater, and if that isnt bad enough, he has herpes and chlamydia, knows he has it, and still continues to cheat on his girlfriend He eve checks out 10 yr old girls and boys…… if there is a whole anywhere near him, his dick will be inserted into that whole. He is turned on by anything…. from oral sex to bestiality, shit, and BDSM. he really doesn’t deserve to breath air on our earth, people like him are the reason we have drd’S like a**s today. stay away from this fcker, avoid him at all costs.

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Nurse Dan

July 21, 2014 Chicago 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sorry exuse for a man is named Dan O’Reilly. He is a nasty human being who has no regard for another human being. He is a lying, cheating scum bag who left his wife to be with a nasty b**** who he has been with for 3 years now (also pictured). They both sleep around on eachother then go back to eachother. He is a nurse and he never takes showers except for 1-2 times a month and smells foul. No wonder all the patients he works with gets infections. Ladies steer clear of this piece of shit. He will lie, manipulate, and tell you only what you want to hear for ONLY his personal gain.

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Joe Cip

July 18, 2014 Chicago, Miami 108

THE DIRTY ARMY: I Am A Drug Addict. I began this journey in my early teens. I experimentation with marijuana, alcohol, LSD and mushrooms. I was a train wreck waiting to happen.Then Jail, I stayed clean. After the jail I began the journey once more except I picked up cocaine, alcohol and crack. This was my addiction until my mid-twenties. I met my wife now and had to choose her over the crack and cocaine. I drank until I blacked out. Last may when I blacked out I injured myself in the process. I chipped a bone that hurt like hell. I had to stop drinking in order to take the pain meds. I have been taking pain meds ever since I over due things. One thing that I have learned about drug addicts from walking in and out of doors is \”We are not bad people- we are sick people trying to get well.” This is my story- just know that you are beautiful and worthy of a great life- if your detoxing or just hurting until your next just know that you are not alone…there are many of us who battle this everyday . Also I am a cheater. It’s like as soon as I start a relationship with a woman, I immediately try to cheat on her. It’s so fun and exciting. Every time I’m having sex with one woman I fantasize about the other. I’m a sociopath so I really don’t care about their feelings.I was with this one girl who was a 24yo virgin. I took her virginity and in the same day had sex with another girl. It’s like the more evil I can be the more pleasure I get out of it. I cheated on my ex wife so much that I lost count.

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Is She Blind

July 18, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 138

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, when I see eyebrows like these, I always wonder if a girl is blind… like c’mon sweetheart how you gonna walk out the door with eyebrows like that?

All I see is the elongated nose and weak upper lip.- nik

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