Chicago | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Ivanna Dudka and Chris Rondeau

December 14, 2014 Chicago 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Whats up…OK so here is the scenario… he is 39yo fat dude she is 26yo fat female.. they r good smoking buddies mostly she is bi (she has no clue and plan on keeping it that way) he is straight so he says but who knows these This man has been diagnosed with Narccissm, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dependency, extreme emotional immaturity and extreme anxiety. He is very feminine in his actions and the way he talks. Those two can host at their hotel room downtown Chicago nasty parties. They are constantly looking for a guy to dominate, humiliate, and even torture Ivanka, while Chris watches and maybe helps a little.

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Chicago Biggest Greg Sucker

December 12, 2014 Chicago 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Andrei Luchak aka Andrei Forzamilan biggest 28 year old Loser in Chicago sucking Greg’s for money. He is Gay For Pay! He’s Therapy later on is paying for women escorts to convince himself is not a GAY! Put This MOFO on full blast and please open the closet so he expand his wings. I also heard he got DRD

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Natalia Kusek

December 12, 2014 Chicago 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: This disgusting walking drd cow Natalia Kusek is back in action, getting fingered by a guy who has a girlfriend at Spybar at Johnny’s back bar while rolling her tits off. You’re disgusting sweetie! LOL nice hair…..

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Ulyana Malgivska Is Not A Model But A Stripper

December 11, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 284

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this is Ulyana Malgivski. She just recently turned 38 and just got out of jail. She now thinks that she is “singer”. She strips every week in VIPs and Scores with her twin sister Natalia. She tells everybody she is a model and goes to photoshoots, when really she driving to strip and put her skinny ass used up krusty lips in old man faces for a dollar. She claims to be such a hard ass, but everytime someone says something mean she calls her friends and cries. She went to jail for DUI. She also distroyed her boyfriends house and cars, and would claim she would kill herself for attention. The Girl keeps getting nastier and nastier, uglier and uglier. Who does she think she is? I know she thinks she is hot sh*t, well she’s Fugly. This girl is so crazy! She has become so skinny and she says she works out and eats healthy that’s funny if she did than she would not have lost so much weight! Why does she send naked pictures of her nasty body to my friends boyfriend and his friends?

Anybody have real pictures of Ulyana Malgivski? This filter is hiding their noses.- nik

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Wealthy Chi-town Trout

December 11, 2014 Chicago 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Time for Chi-town to expose some nazty wish they were red bottom wannabe hooker/escorts. ALLEGEDLY dat is. Julia Zamudio and Gina Scorzo are rumored to be the above trouts escorts as he employs dem and Julia has her condo in downtown Chi paid for by him as was confirmed by his assistant Renee who makes the payments for him & b/c her dumb fat hideous daughter Heather Whitehouse blabbed round the office going room to room giddy with the information her mommy gave her. Dees beyotches do nthing in dat office & r nazty to others. Not to mention the evil troll Patti Caudle, but she just nazty and mean especially to her sis-in-law and own brother screaming at dem which shows you her real self, not really a whore with her trollish looks though but def a troll in every sense. Great loyalty huh, Mr. Trout from the white trash Whitehouse family dat supposed to be so grateful to you since you give them all jobs. He takes many trips to Vegas and takes Ms. Scorzo with who undoubtedly is nonstop fellating on dat shriveled Greg. Wonder what his poor wife thinks about the immoral things he does with dat guap. Tell the gutter whores to work like everyone else & peeps wouldn’t be haters. Wonder what Gina and Julia think of each other? Maybe there are threeways & they 69 while he’s in doggy. Who knows. Dis trout was actually shoving bills down girls tops at holiday gatherings after he had one to many dranks. White collar PROFESSIONALLS?? No discretion. Everyone saw it. Sexual Harassment?

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Meet King Douche Of Chicago

December 10, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 248

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Dmitriy Bondarenko, Aka Dmitriy Boss, Dima, Dima Boss. Let’s start by warning these ladies about a real Sociopath. This 5’5 midget has gone to prison for 3 years for beating the crap out of some one for no reason. This POS needs to be out on blast, He is a car sales man with a small little amazon account that he calls his business while he sells beat up old cars in the side for extra cash. I’ve seen ladies in and out of relationship with this douchebag. Anyhow please Nik can we please ship this POS back to Russia?

I’m guessing he has never been to Brasilia.- nik

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Stefany Sotelo Turns To Prostituting

December 10, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 204



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like Stefany found her new calling just like every other girl in Chicago and has turned to escorting for an income. Usually you can find this gremlin dancing every weekend at heavenly bodies or sloppy at some club downtown hanging on whatever dude is buying her and the rest of her sloppy crew bottles. These pictures done lie, especially since she decided to include her picture in it, but $500 for a quick f*ck, do you think she is low balling her clients Nik?

She doesn’t take $500 — her league minimum is $600.- nik


Stefany Sotelo Can’t Decide If She Loves Her Man Or Not

Steve Battista And Stefany J. Sotelo Are Chicago’s Power Couple

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Someone take out this trash

December 9, 2014 Chicago, Milwaukee 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I had to put this “female” on blast. Tranny lookin dude if you ask me. She looks very manly in the face and walks around like a guy. Me and a lot of people I know are tired of seeing her around. Always in other peoples business and following her so called friends around all day. I see her more of a pest then anything. She goes by Mina Pena although her real name is Marina Pena. For anyone that knows her knows that she tricks old men for their money and does what ever they tell her to do. My cousin paid her $100 for “an hour of her time” He said her pssy smelled like spoiled milk and when she sucked his dick all he seen was glue an thred from her weave. She puts on this act around guys to make herself seem innocent because she wants them to wife her. Misery sure loves company lol. She’s always seen with makeup caked on her face covering all her craters and fake ass weaves sticken out all over. She likes to say her friends like Shantell or Salina like to copy her and are fake to her but see her out kissin there ass. A lot of girls don’t like her because she fucked their man or talk shit about girls she don’t even know. I also know someone who’s seen her with her friend Desirees man at the mall holding his arm. She is the definition of trash! She’s been on backpage numerous times showing her ass and her rock hard tits. numerous people have witnessed it. She needs to just shoot herself or go missing because no one wants her around and definitely no man is ever going to wife the hoe if they know what she’s really capable of. Sh’s already been pregnant 3 times and each time she had what ever guy she fckin pay for the abortion. All I seen this tranny do is fck. Fck for money or fck because she wasted every weekend looking like a cheap hooker. She even fck for meals. I think we need to expose this rodent! This isn’t just shit talkin either I think dtown should know what’s up!

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