Gossip Girl Erin Leden

April 16, 2014 Chicago 6 5,721 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik and everyone, meet Erin Leden. She’s the biggest gossiper in Chicago. She loves to talk sh*t about all her friends. She cheated on her boyfriend, but the bitch still stays with him because she’s afraid to be single. She’s miserable, he controls her life, who to hang out, where to go, he has also threaten to leave her. If you’re so strong Erin why the f*ck do you talk sh*t about people behind their backs? You let you bf control you, so that makes you weak. Erin Leden is a bad person, be aware She has a problem with every single person. She even talks shit about her boyfriend at work all the time. So, ladies in California. Beware! She’s a negative person, always talks bad about her coworkers and her best friends. How can someone talk so much shit about everyone. She’s the type of person that will be super nice to your face but talk shit about you behind your back. She’s a slut, a GOSSIPER, and a back stabber. Floyd’s Barbershop 99 in California, observe the type of person she is before you label her as a friend. If she talks shit about her best friend Thera Coopet, how old she is and still out getting drunk and is not appealing to any guy because of her lifestyle, then she will talk shit about you too. She has talk shit about her manager Molly from Floyd’s barbershop 99, the whole staff, but she kisses their ass. She’s psycho, miserable and pathetic. STOP TALKING SHIT because you’re not better than anyone else.


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Facebook Creeper Steve Anthony Battista

April 16, 2014 Chicago 38 9,468 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the rumors are true if it’s not every hour he’s texting me asking me to come over to his “condo” which I just recently found out is a ghetto apartment on top of papa johns in lake view with rats and dog sh*t everywhere. Steve also likes to consider himself  ”Steve Chii” besides being broke and having no money and no job and no education (besides his weekly court ordered drug and alcohol classes) you can catch this dirty Peruvian wannabe Italian trash in the corners of Lakeview trying to catch a bus with his cta bus pass that his mommy pays for. Steve what’s next??

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No Wonder Payton Gill Disabled Her FB…

April 16, 2014 Chicago 38 7,874 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, for newcomers: if you look up the tag “Payton Gill,” you’re sure to find way more than enough information that you’ll want to know about her.  She recently disabled her Facebook for probably the longest period of time for her yet (she usually will disable it, and then bring it back the next day to post more selfies). It’s still inactive, but I accidentally stumbled upon this picture on Instagram that from the first look I couldn’t tell was Payton. But sure enough, it was posted by her roommate/best friend Anna Lombardo.  Is this why she’s disabled her Facebook for such a long time? Because she looks like an unrecognizable, chubby, face caked whore!!!!

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Demi big bird

April 16, 2014 Chicago 14 8,647 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is big bird aka demi. This girl needs a reality check. She spreads her legs to all of Chicago to pay her bills and she brags about what a life she has. Is this girl hallucinating or autistic? Anyone that has to fuck geezers for money is not happy and is not living the good life. Quit talking shit about everyone else, get a new weave, and grow up.

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Dandruff Brooks

April 16, 2014 Chicago 13 10,207 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Holy sh*t!!! Nik look at Mitchelle Brooks dandruff! Please tell me why people think this ratchet and her sister are so attractive? It\’s called head and shoulders whore take 5 minutes from photoshopping pictures of yourself and go to the store and buy some. Jesus Christ!

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Pregnant III

April 16, 2014 Chicago 23 5,854 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Kayla Cinquegrani she has been pregnant at least 3 times (at that she has made public) she is 21, divorced and working at lovers lane living with her new boyfriend who maybe not even be the father to her unborn child, which she got pregnant with while she was still married and begging for her ex back, she is a nasty human being who should have her tubes tied and legs glued shut, she has been whoring herself around her old town and now her new one, she lives off the government cause she was too dumb to graduate high school and everyone should just know now gross this dumb bitch really is! What are your thoughts on 2 kids and x amount of abortions by the age of 21 nik? Should we send this slut back to whore island?

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DJ Overstreet or DJ Over the Hill

April 16, 2014 Chicago 18 6,064 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: What happens when you don’t go to school, get picked on throughout your childhood life, and do drugs? You still DJ at the age of 45 for $100 a night at sports bars in the suburbs. Meet the Bar Louie Naperville DJ who molests children and creeps on teenage girls on the internet. This dork is a huge drug addict and alcoholic who goes out every single night of the week and tries to cheats on his wife. The guy sucks huge balls as a “DJ” and really needs to consider another profession, but if you think of it, what’s the point anyway? After all, he is almost old enough to collect Social Security. I think it’s time for you to retire DJ Jeff Overstreet.

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Victoria Monet

April 15, 2014 Chicago 8 5,439 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik cari shababy aka Victoria monet the drug addic whore who think she a real pornstar cuz she only done some nasty low budget flick that make her a pornstar she thinks she has fans when in reality nibody like her she is a wannabe who work in strip clubs her pussy smell so bad her breath gross cari please get your head out of your ass. Nik would you do a por no with this drug addict whore?

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