Jordynn Marco

July 30, 2014 Chicago 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Another nasty nasty ho here! She lives in the western suburbs and has just about dated every man out there! She even did some gold digging with an owner of a pizza place! more people need to know that this girl is sleeping around! who knows what drd’s she is carrying!

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Samantha Schmidt

July 30, 2014 Chicago 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is a drug addict and a compulsive liar. She manipulates people into anything she wants. She is currently engaged for the 4th time to some poor guy who doesn’t know that she cheats on him. Reveal her for who she really is.

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Anna Lombardo, Bloomingdale

July 30, 2014 Chicago 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: well boys if you are looking for a slut this is it!! The biggest slut in chicago! Many sightings of this girl giving blowjobs in clubs all over the city! she mainly goes after older men with cash. She dated a 50 year old that she kept a secret for over 2 years. It gets better. rumor has it she loves it anal. This is a very nasty whore here. spread the word!

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Trash of Hickory Hills

July 29, 2014 Chicago 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Public service announcement this whore fcks ppls bf in back of bars , she has no loyalty or consideration! She fcked my bf mike @trio and he ended up giving me ch***ia! U nasty bitch go play in traffic I hope everyone finds out about ur nasty ass especially ur boyfriend! U even went as low as sleeping with ur best friend Neringa Bling Bling dude. U cm bucket! Ella la bella aka daniella biggest trash of hickory hills . Now u may remember her lovely best friend neringa from her 2010 prostitution bust neringa bling bling. Also her friend Ashley “Barbie” furtick and Lisa Williams lovely crowd. Now this girl has seen more crayons than crayola yet she manages to keep a bf. now I was notified on FB by 1of 4 women that came forward about this trick doing the same to her, that in fact her ex gave daniella drd and so she unknowingly gave it to her loving bf and they are stuck because of that forever disease. She needs to be called out for being in the shadows of this group of trash and somehow being the sloriest of them all. Cheers to u ella for keeping of the radar and being a silent disease… But like a fart the stench of being a whore always leaves a trail

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Kayla Hight the Fat Loser

July 29, 2014 Chicago 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Kayla Hight. She is from the Gurnee / Waukegan area. First of all, she is super possessive of her boyfriend and doesn’t let him have any attractive or in-shape female friends, she gets jealous all the time because she has gained 80lbs since high school and her boyfriend gets girls flirting with him all the time but he feels sorry for her so he stays with her. She calls pretty girls fat and ugly, and still tries to get attention from other guys behind her boyfriend’s back but she gets rejected every time because look at her. She’s nasty and needs a reality check now!

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Shannon Mae Needs Help

July 29, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 205


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, several blogs on Dirty. Nothing changes. Stacey AKA Shannon Mae is still stuck in a bubble. Claiming to be a huge success with several professions. Claims she is a model? WTF. She is as nasty as they come. Instead of being a parent, she escorts. Shannon, just stop yourself for once. You have no real career outside of Backpage.

What is with all the basketball gear? Which Bull is she banging?- nik

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Mokena Homewrecker

July 29, 2014 Chicago 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik Richie I would like to introduce you to Kaitlyn Shea of Mokena Il. This woman goes around trying to sleep with other people\’s boyfriends and stalk them. She is so desperate for a man that she’ll tattoo their name on her body when she barely even knows them and tries to harass them to be with her because she has low self esteem. She is a bar whore that gets blacked out drunk with strange men and then tells everyone that she got raped. She has admitted herself that she has an incurable drd and doesn’t even know who the father of her daughter is. She tells her daughter to call men she barely knows daddy and leaves her kid with her mother while she goes out all night. She tries to seek her victims in areas other than where she is from and where she hangs out at because she has a reputation in her town as a hoe. She is also as fake as they come she wears weave in her hair because she is bald headed and her signature look is raccoon eyes to cover up her ugly ass face. This is a WARNING to all men who come in contact with this loser stay as far away from this woman as possible she is known for using drugs and will try to break up your family.

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Sponge Bob Square Chest

July 28, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 98



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, looks like fattiecakes got her boobs done, AGAIN. She was posting all about her surgery on FB, as if this is something to brag about. She posted these pics recently – she must think NOW the second time around she has round breasts. WRONG. Unfortunately, they look just as square as they did before. What’s wrong with this girl? They look awful!!! Instead of showing those blocks off you should sue that doctor and take them out. LADIES PLEASE — If you’re going to get fake boobs you have to do your research and DO NOT try cut costs, or youll end up like this slor, living at home, working at a bar, showing off her two boxes begging for $5 tips. From what I see she cant even make money working at the bars with those two things attached to her. This is the worst boob job in Chicago, and that says a lot. Please cover up and get a refund, AGAIN.

Looks like someone went to the same doctor for a revision and didn’t get revised.- nik

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