Get A Clue

October 14, 2014 Chicago 134

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, We already know how dumb Steve Gerard is. You can see him here, he’s the guy with the full beard standing in front of his fat friend. Hes also the one who posted this moronic photo and caption. Steve GET A CLUE you are not good looking and in fact you are quite repulsive. You look like a dirty ball of grease that hasn’t showered in weeks and you have the skin complexion of a crackhe*d. Soundbar finally also realized you’re lame and fired you. Try taking a shower and not having shifty taste in music and maybe things will turn around for you. Good luck weirdo, ya sure do need it!

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Please Read This

October 13, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 107


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you need to read this. All you do is bring people down!

Are you saying I’m not successful?- nik

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Jenna Matzke

October 13, 2014 Chicago 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do u believe this Jenna “Jaylynn” Matzke again showing off her sweaty beef curtains! atrocious! she hangs around low end “clubs” in the burbs but swears shes from chicago. sry honey but homer glen is a farm not urban at all, try and play in the concrete jungle plz. shes most recently fucking any guy who will bump her some pepsi aslong as she twerks his greg later that morning lmao pathetic. i wouldnt be bothered by this sloot soo much if she didnt fuck her friends guys. poor little shelby braden in her prince charming world when in reality its a fucking episode outta the flavor of love. that fuck boy eddie brooks thinks hes a real man cheating on her with jenna, its disgusting. rumor has it bryan nolans been helping him into chicagos adult film industry but he wouldnt even make it with his tiny greg and trust me ive seen it, it was soo cute lbs. Jenna please stay the fck outta chicago and remain in wisconsin where you belong trailer trash, even your bffs boyfriend thows shade on you.

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Jacob Johannesen and Aleia Collis

October 8, 2014 Chicago 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Finally, We have Jacob ‘Jake’ Johannesen, he chills on Indiana in Elmhurst like the loser that he is with minors. He is so proud of the fact that his girl sends her nasty beef curtains to the world for money, but swears he works and is “on to better things”. LMAO. He’s a complete drug addict and drunk. He beat up his own father because his father wouldn’t give him money for XANAX. Talk about a drug addict. He thinks hes such a hard ass but really we all know he is the biggest pussy in the world. He has to pay people to play security guard for him. He enjoys drama on facebook and hiding behind his cell phone screen. Everyone that know him knows he always has some elaborate story to try and make it seem like everyone is scared of him or that hes better than anyone. NOTE TO SELF YOU INCOMPETENT PIECE OF SHIT. you’re a scrawny little bitch that can be broken in half by the wind. He claims he is so successful at his $9/hr job and yet his parents pay for him to go on vacation with them. Dude cheated on his ex girlfriend multiple times and is trying to wife this new hoe (allie) he got. HA! He is so damn petty that he would play the “i forgot my wallet” card whenever he went out to dinner with his ex. BAHHAA but swears hes successful. Let’s not forget how Jake got Matt Alyward fired from his job to benefit himself which led to his over dose back in October 2013. Yet jake wants to claim they were “brothers” but talked shit behind his back and did nothing to help him. some “brother”.

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Botica Low Life

October 7, 2014 Chicago 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Eric Botica the biggest liar in chicago. Says he has all this cash and he still living in trailer park. He is a pathetic cheater and a liar.

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Wanna Be Gangsta

October 6, 2014 Chicago 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl hires guys to beat up other guys, hangs out and fcks with guys that have drd and she doesnt even know about it that she herself is infected

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Does She Photoshop

October 2, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl swears she doesn’t photoshop her muscles but that is a lie.  I wanted to get your professional opinion on this so I can shut her up.

What muscles? All I see is her gut.- nik

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Amanda Wills

October 1, 2014 Chicago 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Amanda here is a total bitch from Chicago. We went to school together and she was super cool and nice. However, once she moved out of the dorms she became a total bitch. She acted like no one else existed and pretended like she was too busy and didn’t see any text. When we’d see each other she just acted like we had never even spoken. I asked her what was going on but just recieved the silent treatment. She needs to be up here Nik because she is fake.

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