Michelle Brooks

August 21, 2014 Chicago 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi all! My name is Mitch Brooks and I love giant gregs in my Ass. My p*ssy stinks like rotten eggs. I crave attention from strangers on the internet because I am a f*cking loser. My bf looks like Bin Laden and he is really gay. But I don’t mind because I think I am a man deep down inside……….My ex husband left me because he said my p*ssy was too loose. So he stopped having sex with me! Can you believe that?! :O Anyway, back to my favorite subject. Me.  I will only use you for my own benefit, I’m a dirty, selfish person. Oh, and I love having many worshippers and fans on Instagram. It seems to be the only place I can achieve internet fame these days. So you won’t see me much on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc. Also, my photos are mostly all taken by my own hand, I like to paint my face in tons of make up to hide how ugly it really is! lol and don’t even ask to see full body shots of me, because my ass (and my stomach) are too fat and I will probably lose some fans if I start showing what I really look like. But not to worry! I will continue to waste my life away posting stupid photos that I will try to pass off as “artwork”, so that you can all keep making a spectacle of me.  Love always, Chicago’s very own Mitchy Whore Gore Gwin attention gulping sloot

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Hottest Man On Earth

August 20, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 316



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, you guys always post hot chicks and but never hot guys.  So I wanted to change it up, check out this dime ladies and that ink on his face makes him that much hotter.  He would protect me from anyone and most likely kick your ass if you post this Nik. C’mon do your girl DA a favor.

I will personally pay to LaserAway the Cash tattoo. And sorry ladies this dude is spoken for.- nik

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Gus Karas, 40yr Old Pepsi Head

August 20, 2014 Chicago 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Not much has changed for Gus Karas from the days he was drugging underage girls at his brothers club in Greektown. He would get some of them so messed up, he would have to throw them in the cooler till they sobered up the next morning. Being they are underage he didn’t want to risk getting in major trouble by the cops. Locking them up in the cooler was the best way to prevent that. It’s sad watching someone try so hard to stay relevant. When in reality at 40 yrs [horrible.dj] old those days are long gone; the only thing that helps him cope with this reality is a looooot of pepsi. Every party Gus Karahalios has started has failed miserably [boardroom.evil.olive. dolphin.bevy.castle.just to name a few]!!! He is an opening Dj at the Mid & if it wasn’t for Jeff [owner] feeling sorry for him he would have nothing to hold onto. I been in the music industry for a long time, you Mr Karas is the problem with our scene. You play for peanuts but you tell people you make a million a yr. Yeah ok everyone knows you are a fat cheap greek! You walk into every place expecting everything to be free. I’m lucky enough to have never had to take care of you. There’s nothing remotely attractive about an over the hill local dj that just plays other DJs hit songs. He’s 40 going on 50 from all the pepsi he does, just look at the guys face! Chicago is sick of Gus and we all just want him to disappear already! I can say everyone at Moe’s is really happy he doesn’t show his face there anymore!!

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Letty Fujarte

August 20, 2014 Chicago, Wichita 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik Richie, here’s dirty, drd carrying slut. She fuks married men or whoever gives her enough attention. She claims that she’s “independent” but lives at home with her mommy and has to get family to cosign to have the car she drives. She fcked my boyfriend while we were together and thinks she’s so hot. The troll has a different hair color every time I see her, guess she has to draw attention away from her big nose crackhead looking face!! Lol The hoe goes to soho martini bar and freeloads off the bartender there because he gives her and her family free drinks. This cunt has a big mouth but can never back it up, because sh’s a scary ass bitch! She was all in love with my boyfriend, but the dumb bitch was getting played. She would send him money and write to him thinking he was going to get out of jail and marry her. Haha yeah right slut…

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Deadbeat Dad/Alcoholic POS

August 20, 2014 Chicago, St. Louis 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brooks Lee Campbell is a Manwhore that abuses woman and makes false accusations about hardworking American citizens. He lets sluts bounce around in bras and underwear with his 4 yr old son and exposes him to porn and rape. He lives in Herrin Has no job. and Drink excessively. He tried to **ll his fiancee and then makes comments about how others are white trash. He is the Epitome of White Trash. He was kicked out of the military for drugs, but manages to still sponge off his parents and society. He needs to be stopped.

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Miss Piggy Needs A Mirror

August 19, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 65


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, miss Piggy aka Ashley needs a mirror big time, she’s been posted here few times before but look at those pictures, she looks like there’s a boob hanging out of her shirt, but it’s just the fat that she tries to cover with her too small clothes! Nasty! And look at the bikini photo.  Cottage cheese and flab! Eww Miss Piggy get your sh*t together!!!! And instead of eating Cheetos all day long hit the gym! We don’t buy the lies that u have a personal trainer and if you do GET A REFUND.

She really needs to workout those armpits.- nik

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Society Is Getting Dumber By The Hour

August 19, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 432

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what the f*ck is wrong with people…. now you got all these idiots doing this “put em in a coffin” thing… its so dumb and just stupid.  Wake the f*ck up AMERICA!!!

The white people suck at it.- nik

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Old Bat

August 18, 2014 Chicago 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Michelle Abbatemarco from Chicago is the oldest, dirtiest homewrecker hag of them all! She fucks married 50 year olds in forest preserves and expects hundreds to be handed to her. Ratcheettttttt. I’ve also heard her daughter Christina Quiroz fucks multiple men while abandoning her child. Michelle is making at LEAST 3 married men she’s fcked go through a divorce right now because her husband left her and she can’t get with a 25 year old. Sick family. Go work at a beef joint again sucking D in the backroom. Please Nik, put em on blast.

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