Brit Brit is a Joke

April 14, 2014 Chicago 11 8,862 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Brit Brit Wortmann- she is a loser whom calls herself a model from Chicago. Brit Brit is a babysitter, but refers to it as a nanny . She is a pothead, drunk who actually got into a fight with her sister while driving drunk on the interstate in Febuary. Her sister punched her and they hit the wall and smashed her car. That’s how her family is. She told her xbf she owned a condo downtown, and had a huge lawsuit settlement ….. Reality she was broke and had nothing. He finally kicked her out, she is lazy and has terrible hygiene …. He would actually have to ask her to use deodorant & douche… She now lives in her mothers basement. this model (ha ha) needs to get a life …

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Get Yourself Together Jennna Matzke

April 14, 2014 Chicago 13 7,543 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, welcome to the life of Jenna Matzke aka Jaylynn which she changed on her new account. This girl causes herself so much controversy. She is one of the biggest wh*res, sleeps around, drugs herself all the time, see her out every weekend getting completely sh*t faced. She seems to admit she has a producer of the name David Johnson. Dude is a straight CRACKHEAD. Heard he is one of the biggest creeps of them all. Jenna why don’t you try getting yourself on track without beating the bush and making up stories about yourself…it’ll save you some humility..btw cover up your vagina.

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Dana Lambert Is No Genius

April 13, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 43 97,292 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want Dana Lambert to read this. Hey bitch, the next time you want to try and call girls out on twitter via your ugly ass man’s page… make sure your dirt isn’t easy to find out. Jae Crowder is a sh*t player on a sh*t team and you were the girl he was sleeping with on the side when he had another live in GF and she was actually white.  After Derrick Rose’s bitch ass dumped you, you got with Jae and decided to get pregnant to get a check.  So good job on that.  Real winner you are… you can tell how much he does not want to take pictures with you cause he knows you will plaster them all over IG… SMH!!!

I don’t see any love connection in that picture, just filters on top of filters.- nik

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Rachel DeMita Is Such A Beauty

April 11, 2014 Chicago, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 43 95,141 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Rachel DeMita. Total babe. She played College basketball at Old Dominion and now has a YouTube Channel.  Her popularity is gaining some momentum because she is such a hottie, so I wanted to ask your take on her.

You know my take… her wrist nodules need to be shaved down.- nik

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Meet Tim Leszczynski

April 11, 2014 Chicago 55 8,665 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tim Leszczynski has fallen madly in love with Morgan Wenzelman. Despite every promoter and attention giver banging your girl bro, we are glad to pass her along to you. Morgan must be the best liar to you. Call this your one time Dirty intervention because you are a nice guy and should not be associated with this mess. Morgan does cheat on you bro. Just because she lies and plays off the hater card to keep you does not mean you should be that blind. I went to TGI Friday and got a turn. Hope your not mad. Just saying wake up. Nik, come to Chicago, Morgan is an easy lay if needed.

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Megija Vevere

April 11, 2014 Chicago 8 6,457 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girls name is Megija vevere she thinks she is a model but really just pays people to take pictures of her and she also bar hops every weekend flirting dancing and making out with guys…. WHILE she has a boyfriend! She is just a usual chicago slut who thinks she’s a model.

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How Michael Vick’s Fighting Dogs Are Doing Now

April 11, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 292 109,665 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve grown up my whole life around Pitbulls, so when the Michael Vick dog fighting ring was exposed, it broke my heart.  Pitbulls are the best bread ever, they are so loyal and one of the smartest dogs out there.  So to see them used for all the wrong reasons is so messed up.  I know you reach a very large audience and wanted to see if you could share this post with your Dirty Army.  Years later, many of the Pits that were saved from Michael Vick’s fighting ring, have great lives and are not aggressive at all.  The pic I sent is Handsome Dan, when he first came out of Michael Vick’s home, he was very skittish and fearful. As he’s grown older, Dan learned how to be more trusting. In 2010 his family welcomed a baby (human) sister to the family and Handsome Dan, like many pitties, is an amazing nanny dog.  I hope this helps people see what a special breed of dog they are.  Click here to read full article on TheBarkPost!!!

Pit Bulls are beautiful creatures.- nik

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Katie Nicole/Nicole Kam

April 10, 2014 Chicago 43 6,294 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Looks like Enigma has a new employee, Katie Nicole (Nicole Kam how she calls herself now). They better keep an eye out for her before she steals like she did for other places she worked for. Apparently,her mother had to pick her up from Atlanta after she got caught up with cheating on her boyfriend with her manager from staples. Now she is whoring around Chicago again with her best friend, Richelle Lynn Kamick, who is a mother and should act like one. Both of them think their gogo dancing is a career. I’m sorry girls but both of you need a reality check and gym membership because no one wants to see your asses eating your shorts, it’s nasty. Nik, please put this ratchet skank on blast as a warning to all the females. Katie Nicole/Nicole Kam is a one sneaky b!tch. She will pretend to be your friend and then screw your man.And her new boyfriend, En Sukkert, be careful man. She will brainwash you, use you and then fck a different guy behind your back. She is one b!tch you cannot trust!!! If you ended up sleeping with her, best advice is to go get tested. You never know if you caught something from this drd carrier.

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