Chicago | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

En Suckkert & Katie Wyld

November 7, 2014 Chicago 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: En SUCKkert and Katie Wyld are the most disgusting couple that has ever walked the earth. He has his nose up in the air and walks around like his shit don’t stink. He claims he is in love with this trainwreck yet his fb says he is single. Who does that? This looser face also cheats on her left and right, falling asleep on her. He says its work when truth is he spends all this time screwing other chicks. Cant blame him. Katie Wyld is nothing but a fat ass, disgusting water buffalo who also screws everyone for anything, recently even for burritos. Both of them have no respect for other people. Just take a look how they mouth people on fb. Nik, these two on blast so they can change their ways and be normal people in this society.

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Daniella Hedger & Neringa

November 7, 2014 Chicago 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Last Friday police were called to **** where this beast resides with her bald boyfriend. The neighbors had called the cops because of this thing having sex in the halway of the apartment while an old Mexican video taped on his iPhone. From my understanding no one was arrested since they went back to their m*th lab but the landlord is fairly upset. I wonder if that belly made sounds that drew the attention of the neighbors or maybe it was the sound of her bestie neringa stumbling around drunk that did it. Either way great pics next time wear clothes that fit or at least cover that beer gut!

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Hottest Girl Over 40 In Chicago

November 6, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 98

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think of the babes in Chicago over 40. Here is Janae Cottrell and this chick chews up and spits out the little boys out here. She’s beginning to be a little bit over the hill but there’s nothing wrong with a mature woman. She’s also losing her figure a little bit but girls that are too muscular are gross. What do you think Nik?

Didn’t George Clooney marry this chick?- nik

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O’hare Stalker

November 6, 2014 Chicago 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. I really hate to be doing this, but this guy has been stalking me for a year now. I was traveling from O’hare to another city last November and met this man. I was early for my flight so I was sitting off to the side working on my laptop and this airline worker came over to see if I was alright (I had been sitting there awhile.) I said yes and he sat next to me and we began small talk. I’m an attractive woman but I’m not a bitch, so we talked about our families and how much he hates working for the airlines bla bla bla. I thought this was odd because after all, he was on the clock. He then asked me if it was ok for him to use my cell phone to call and check on his son who was in the hospital because he was unable to call him for several more hours because he would not be getting a break that shift. So of course I said yes, which I now regret. Apparently he called his own phone because for the last twelve months I’ve been receiving sexually explicit texts and calls from him and it has gone too far. I cannot change my number because I use it for business and he seems to be using an app to contact me because every time he reaches out ith’s from some bullshit number. STOP calling me! I hope American Airlines will do a better job of screening their future employees. So much for trying to do a good thing for a stranger in need.

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Queen of the Clowns

November 5, 2014 Chicago 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik the girl who’s known as being a clown of Chicago was a CLOWN for Halloween. GOOD JOB Audrey Bolek you win the laughing stock of the night! HAHAHAHA Btw nice hair, a little conditioner wouldn’t hurt Lol

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Ashleigh Walek

November 5, 2014 Chicago 31


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ashleigh Walek is the biggest (literally the BIGGEST) fat ugly gap-toothed cow in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and the surrounding areas. This girl is the true definition of white trash. First of all, she is romantically and sexually in love with her brother Aaron, I know this because ever since I have known her (I met her in high school) she would tell me how her brother Aaron was the one she lost her virginity to and how she will only date guys who look like him because she’s thinks he’s so hot (aside from this being gross enough as it is, he’s ugly and a heroin addict). She tells everyone new that she meets that she models on the side of her barely above minimum wage customer service job, but look at her, she could never be a model. She is not only morbidly obese but she is one of the ugliest things I (and everyone else) have ever seen. Whenever she wears a skirt or thin leggings, you can smell the sewer between her legs for miles. This poor excuse for a human being should not be allowed in society. She also likes to tell everyone that she’s “curvy” and not fat, she says that she wears a size 10 and sometimes a 12…. ummm in what universe? She is at least a size 20 if not bigger. Lastly, she likes to claim that she is wealthy because she lives in Glen Ellyn, but her apartment is an eyesore (so is everything else about her) and her apartment smells like dog shit and fat-people-sweat – disgusting!

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Angelisa Benitez Is Not A Smokin’ Midwest Girl

November 5, 2014 Chicago, Milwaukee 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is the “Smokin’ Midwest Girl” HAAHHAAHHA… I see a discounted hooker here. Take off that white eyeshadow and god awful dress and you’ll look less like a trashy cheap chola. Bless your soul Angelisa…


Smokin’ Midwest Girl

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Dalia Emoursi Roof Top Pro

November 5, 2014 Chicago, Hollywood 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Roof top hoe turnt up, Lookin’ for your bitch, Wonder where she is? She’s a ho, she’s a slut, she’s a freak! The biggest whore I ever dated acted very sweet and innocent. Then I found out she was a complete whore. I mean the girl would meet my friends at motels to fck. I always called her “outraged virgin”. she acted like she was pure as silk, but would suck any dick that got near. She was also a confirmed with drd. She snorts cocain of my boy’s dick. I know a few whores but none of them can out whore Dalia. Check out her pictures looks like Michael Jackson lmao

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