How Michael Vick’s Fighting Dogs Are Doing Now

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve grown up my whole life around Pitbulls, so when the Michael Vick dog fighting ring was exposed, it broke my heart.  Pitbulls are the best bread ever, they are so loyal and one of the smartest dogs out there.  So to see them used for all the wrong reasons is so messed up.  I know you reach a very large audience and wanted to see if you could share this post with your Dirty Army.  Years later, many of the Pits that were saved from Michael Vick’s fighting ring, have great lives and are not aggressive at all.  The pic I sent is Handsome Dan, when he first came out of Michael Vick’s home, he was very skittish and fearful. As he’s grown older, Dan learned how to be more trusting. In 2010 his family welcomed a baby (human) sister to the family and Handsome Dan, like many pitties, is an amazing nanny dog.  I hope this helps people see what a special breed of dog they are.  Click here to read full article on TheBarkPost!!!

Pit Bulls are beautiful creatures.- nik

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Katie Nicole/Nicole Kam

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Looks like Enigma has a new employee, Katie Nicole (Nicole Kam how she calls herself now). They better keep an eye out for her before she steals like she did for other places she worked for. Apparently,her mother had to pick her up from Atlanta after she got caught up with cheating on her boyfriend with her manager from staples. Now she is whoring around Chicago again with her best friend, Richelle Lynn Kamick, who is a mother and should act like one. Both of them think their gogo dancing is a career. I’m sorry girls but both of you need a reality check and gym membership because no one wants to see your asses eating your shorts, it’s nasty. Nik, please put this ratchet skank on blast as a warning to all the females. Katie Nicole/Nicole Kam is a one sneaky b!tch. She will pretend to be your friend and then screw your man.And her new boyfriend, En Sukkert, be careful man. She will brainwash you, use you and then fck a different guy behind your back. She is one b!tch you cannot trust!!! If you ended up sleeping with her, best advice is to go get tested. You never know if you caught something from this drd carrier.

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Wannabe DJ

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware ladies of this wanna be dj, he is a loser! Also known as Dj Scarecro. He will play it off like he’s big ass dj but hasn’t played anywhere big. Nothing but lies come out of his mouth. He dated one of my friends and did nothing but tell lies about his entire life. he doesn’t even take care of his son. Nothing is ever his fault, he turns everything around. Another girl came forward and made her have sex with another girl in front of him or he would leave her. He’s fat and disgusting!!

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Morgan Wenzelman And Friends

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Spybar has the best clowns in the club scene. Audrey Bolek and Morgan Wenzelman are the funniest sloots. Audrey dated Bryan Nolen and Morgan is so in love with Tim. Going to give this post a new twist adding the old and ugly Johnny Cocktail to the mix. Cops, there is your drug connection. Audrey and Morgan claim to be in nursing school. Morgan is in college. The sad part is the damage she has done to herself. Find her at TGI Fridays in Joliet as well. Audrey is so delusional, mental doctors have given up. Johnny Cocktail, figure this out as to who calls you out? You are a busted old loser in a basement that calls its self a club. Rather than trying to talk common sense into you, assisting the authorities into your activities is the route. Spybar, biggest or doughiest club in the city of Chicago? Going with the D. All three of these idiots are losers. Bottle service, I think I will pass.

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Finally Turned Around

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I;ve seen Saraa on here a lot and I can attest to the fact that she finally turned her crap around. Yes most of the stuff posted was true, she is a recovering addict, used to be a porn star but she admitted to all of that. She has finally don something with her life, working two respectable jobs and graduating school in December. I wish others would give her a chance and get to know her the way I have, It has truly been a blessing. I’ve watched her grow as a person and am proud to call her my friend.

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Cross Dresser Matt Lihosit

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THE DIRTY ARMY: My ex Matt Lihosit is one of the best liars I have ever known. Ladies beware. He seems like a harmless kid who will never do you wrong, but in the end he just uses you and when he’s done he’ll duck out before you even know whats going on. We lived together and he broke up with me over FB Message, than blocked me so I couldn’t talk back, left a note in my room and the keys in the mailbox and I haven’t seen him since. Worst part is I had no idea this was coming. He works at Brookfield Zoo at one of the restaurants. I just want to warn the ladies, watch out, he’s shady as f*ck, and will also message your family and tell them all your dirty little secrets, that you told him because you trusted him. Seriously Karma better f*ck this kid up. If not at least I let Chi-town know there’s one more a**hole to watch out for.

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Dream Angel Deb is back

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Wow Nik, since the last submission she is back at it again. Now she’s posting pics of her fake boobs on Instagram. Her poor husband!

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Steve Anthony Battista claims he’s single

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me tell you one thing about this kid it’s no secret he beats his ex gf and tells all his club friends that he beat her in court however has no evidence of that because he’s a liar. Also, his ex told me a little secret something about a ringworm on his balls. And that his Greg looks like a baby hippo with a bunch of moles on it omg I was laughing my ass off the way she described this kid anyways Nik you can catch this kid out on the weekends hanging out at lame ass clubs like castle he’ll brag to you that he works at parliament but no one there will vouch for him it’s just a little technique he tries to use to pull girls, ask him for last weeks paycheck stub he’ll come up with some excuse of why he doesn’t have one or how he got “sick” Nik what do you think should we deport this fuker back to Peru??

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