Chicago | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Karolina Vaivada Exposed

November 17, 2014 Chicago 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: That, in the first picture is probably this hoe’s sugar daddy and her escort friends. She’s a fat cow who thinks she’s hot sh*t and a ‘model’ when she’s actually just a w*ore along with her sister, Greta Vaivada and mother.

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Emil Kozeluh Is A Scumbag

November 17, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 132


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Emil Kozeluh a convicted criminal and disgusting human being. This is a warning to all the GOOD GIRLS on the south side, he may have a nice smile but once he gets what he wants from you he will dispose of you like trash. He found his two matches in life the Nun Geea G and Lizz Star. They pass DRDs like trading cards. All I can say is gross.

I stole a pack of Upper Deck basketball trading cards when I was a kid. I still feel guilty about it, but I did land a ‘defensive player of the year’ Dennis Rodman card when he was on the Pistons.- nik

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Mchenry Counties Milf

November 14, 2014 Chicago 45


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ones been here before she back whorin it up ms trina doby if u wanna fb add her ms dobrolinsky when shes not suckin and. pointers shes running her household like a brothel ,guys all day all night when her kids away ita time to play she ll do anything for a genrous donation u got money she ll make u cum ,the more the marry, shes even gotten railed in the near by parking lot slut master general ,if u stand the rotten vag qmd the lop sided tits youll enjoy her major refund gap

Also See: Marengo Dumpster

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What Do You Think Of This Self Proclaimed “Star”

November 13, 2014 Chicago, Hollywood, The Dirty 31


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Estrella Will and she believes she is some sort of famous person… ummm, I don’t think anyone has heard of you bunny, the only fame you will get is this post on TheDirty.

I bet you she records ‘Love and Hip Hop’ on her DVR.- nik

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Justin Valle

November 13, 2014 Chicago 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik thiss here is Justin Valle! The most dirty of the dirt! This kid is the most fcked up when it comes to girls he is the biggest scum bag ever he treats everyone like they are a possession! He fcks girls behind garbage cans and everywhere else! He is down for whatever pussy is there clean or not he doesn’t care! He is the biggest cheater ever and the biggest pervert! He likes to fuck with 16 17 year old girls when he is 22! Yuck! He fcks the whole crew and then some! He is the douchebag of the year thinking he is the shit and the best thing ever! Ladiesss stay far away and gentlemen keep your ladies away cuz he is the biggest snake around! Do not trust him for anything!

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Chicago Plumber

November 12, 2014 Chicago 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is aleks maksimovic, this pathetic excuse for a man may have a pretty face but dont be fooled. He lives at home with his parents and is a premature ejaculator. Does so much coke and booze and gets so sloppy you can’t even stay turned on. Thinks he is hot shit but spend a little time and yo’ll see he is nothing but an ignorant bro. Can hardly hold a conversation without talking about how ‘good he looks’ or begging for sex. But to each their own, if you’re looking for a LITTLE, QUICK, lay….he’s your guy.

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Tom Pontinen Is Satan

November 12, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 66


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tom Pontinen needs to be avoided like the plague… if the plague is a horrible case of type 2 DRD. What makes him so dangerous is that you’d never suspect that he’s the scum that he is. He acts like a carefree hippie, who also happens to be an MD(anesthesiologist). So little did I suspect he would take advantage of me to such a disgusting extent.

We met at a bar a couple months ago. Went out on a couple dates, then the third date I strangely become black out drunk after only having a couple cocktails… I wake up the next morning naked in his bed. Not like I wouldn’t have slept with him anyway, but no way would I have had unprotected sex with him, so needless to say I was pretty upset by the situation when it becomes clear no condoms were used. But I didn’t make a big deal out of it, mostly because I blamed myself for getting too drunk. Well what do you know, a couple weeks later I find out I am infected with type 2 DRD. He was the ONLY one I was with during that time, so there’s no question where it came from. It was completely devastating, and I started to feel like maybe he was actually the reason I blacked out that night. Could someone be that much of a sociopath to purposefully spread DRD!?!? YES! LADIES STAY THE F*CK AWAY! Not only that, I find out through mutual friends he knocked up a girl, and then mentally abuses her until she gets an abortion. She’s so messed up from the situation she has to take a “disability” leave from work for 2 whole weeks. He is Satan.

Bushy eyebrows on a guy is never a good sign. Equals creepiness.- nik

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Fattie Cakes Needs Help

November 11, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here comes the 30th blog, if not more, honoring Fattie Cakes AKA Pattie Maddox. I do understand that losing your mother years ago is difficult, but time has not helped her heal. Instead, this enormous creature has wandered her way to the Molly infested Spy Bar with the fat DJ Gus Karas. It is bad enough that we already have to deal with the stolen theme, Industry Tuesday. Chicago is so lame, everyday is an Industry venue and the only people that go, are these losers of the night who have no careers, goals, but lots of drugs. Pattie has been tapped by 100s of men and has the worst smell down below. It has also been reported that bugs crawl out of her underwear. At least for her so special birthday, she stayed off of Backpage and acted like she was so special as the pictures will show. Pattie, no one really wants to sit with you. Happy birthday and here is a toast to another year of your life wasted. The least you can do for yourself is try to lose weight.

I don’t want to sit with you.- nik

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