Will Liebhart

July 7, 2014 Chicago 2 9,338 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Has 2 kids by 2 different girls.. Sees neither child. Doesn’t pay child support. Can be found on plaza every day if the week thinking he’s rich.. He thinks he’s the shit cause he slags through women. News flash! Kids nor heroes is cute

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Bust Down Lisa

July 7, 2014 Chicago 7 6,100 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what tha hell is wrong with Lisa. First, she bangs all my boys. Also gets off hitting a 15 year old. Instead of all da weed she smokes, she should be hitting the gym cause she looks huge. A sloot is a sloot and never changes.

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Dr. Elbert Lee Is Olivia Lee’s Husband

July 7, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 50 97,193 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Elbert Lee, a Psychiatrist from Mattoon, IL who holds the mortgage on Olivia Lee’s condo at the Trump, Chicago. Olivia needs serious psychiatric help. Dr. Lee? Why won’t you help your poor Olga? You reduce her to being a escort? Poor old Dr. Lee. This is so sad.

Creeps will be creeps.- nik


Olivia Lee Is Disgusting

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Bucu Fail

July 6, 2014 Chicago 17 8,265 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: BARJAS aka BJ HADDAD call him *** living at home again 31 years old and claims he owns the nightlife scene. He has raped girls that I know very well and claims they were into him. Who wants his fat ass besides becca maria when she already had 10 cocks in her for the night he gets the sloooopppy leftovers. Me and my boy trained her and he called her like 20 times and actually ate her out after my cock was inside her. #listalife long time ago and he still very nasty. My boy tommy and sam his blood family wants nothing to do with him anymore besides his mom and dad who tell everyone he is on drugs and needs help. Can we get him out of the nightlife scene and into a real job or will he wash up like mike d and have to run run run away. What happened to chicago we used to have Pete Sapper Brian Pfiffer and Jaber all decent fit guys now we got andrew heart attact zeidan and fat mikey d who had to leave the city then this waste of hummus. why and how did arabs “UGLY” ones take over promotion scene.. tell you what only one who is good is rizzz promo7 runs laps around all these other slobs who cant get laid handing out free bottles. tell your stories why dont we all sign a petition to get him sent back to Saudi Arabia. I hate drug dealing promoters who take advantage of girls and BJ is the worst I’ve ever encountered.

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Michael Gabiga

July 6, 2014 Chicago 13 8,204 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet chicago big deadbeat father michael gabiga. He knocked up Marcela Gorczak biggest polish slat in the city. Half of my friends ran threw her and this poor guy had to forget to pull out and never wore a condom even after she DRD infested. And now there is baby leo and crazy mother. no one wants to deal with her baby mama drama and she makes him out to be a deadbeat when she is the one no letting him see his own child half the time. Sad that andre malek who introduced the two didnt let mike know he also lied about hooking up with her because he didnt want his new gf to get jelous. so much tension in the city of wind. what you you think nik? I hate deadbeats but with a girl like that you have to RUN RUN RUN AWAY! also who lets Bryan Buoni “BONER” be a godfather got a italian flag on his arm and doesnt even speak one word in italian. also he is chicagos dirtiest man slept with thousands of girls and is bald from steroids and now mike trying to juice to get big

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No Seriously, Jordan Earl Is An Escort

July 4, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 171 98,728 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, saw all the previous posts, decided to try it out and BLAM!!! A smooth $1500 and I can have sex with Shaquiesha.

Looks like a Michigan Ave. special.- nik

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Truth Behind Those Blogged

July 4, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 37 100,236 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, all the individuals put on here from Chicago act like victims when we all know they are in denial that their own decisions and actions put them here in the first place. I personally blame all of their parents for raising them this way. No self control, no morals, and insecurities. They are all in denial and refuse to look in the mirrors.

Hugs not Drugs.- nik

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Nadia Is Not A Doctor

July 4, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 219 111,423 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, look at these trainwreck. This is Nadia the “DR” who LOVES TO POINT OUT that she makes “six figures” which we ALL know is very far from the truth. What a joke this chick is. God where do I begin with this one? First of all Nadia, stop calling yourself a f*cking doctor. You are not a doctor. Only those who went to MEDICAL school, practice actual medicine and have endured residency have the right to call themselves doctors. You have a psychology degree, one any idiot can obtain, so please stop embarrassing yourself with these constant “DR” references.  Secondly, how are you not humiliated walking around Chicago dressed like a hooker with the biggest crackwhore known to man, Kathy Srokowksa? I don’t understand how ANY university would hire you. After reading your ridiculous comments on your previous post it is even more evident how ignorant and uneducated you really are. And what’s with the cheap extensions and terrible makeup? It’s as if you are trying to look like a Russian whore. If you want people to take you seriously stop acting and dressing like a hooker slob, take off about 3 layers of makeup, and get away from Kathy. What decent woman walks around with her NIPPLES hanging out. Shame on you. I’m embarassed for you.

Kathy looks like a fat Courtney Stodden.- nik

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