HFD Is Broke And Trolling For Cash

August 28, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 138


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, HFD aka Wendy Fiore is at it again. This time she is seeking donations to help her fight piracy. Here is the spam email, poorly written and horribly spelled, sent to all members (current and former). Well, her fan base is pissed off. Freeones exploded. Everyone has turned on her and it looks like it won’t be long before she is bankrupt.

“There is someone who is intentionally harming my work by uploading and sharing my copyrighten content. Everything from my photo sets, candids, video and even my live cam. I am have hired an antorney to investigate and subpoena internet service provdies, CCBill and etc to get more information on who this person is. When we get a name of who this person is, I have every intention of prosecuting criminal and civil charges and will seek damages to the full extent of the law ($750-$150,000 per offense). If a judgement in won & collected upon, all monies will be paid back in full to each indiviual that helped this fight & allowed me to continue my work without the intentional harm of this person. Thank you so, so much for your support.”

So NIK, I have several questions: 1. What will happen to her now? Are you going to put her on blast and shame her as a scammer? 2. What should her “fans” and members do? 3. Will she ever give in, save her career, and finally go topless/do hardcore?

Human Flotation Device will never win this battle.- nik

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This Idiot Needs To Be Medicated

August 27, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashley aka Beautifulashxo on IG is the biggest idiot I’ve came across! She’s been posted here before mainly because of her looks, but this is just insane she posted last week she was 14 weeks pregnant! Which was odd since she’s been very vocal about her being Infertile. People were congratulating her and Good for her I thought! But today she announced lol she’s buying more bags because her and her husband can’t and won’t have kids! Who the hell does that!? She needs professional help!!! Nik please put this idiot here so the world can see what a looser and a lying bitch she is! Oh and she takes photos with designer bags in the stores lol just to make people think her china knockoffs are the ones she bought.

Are you sure she is not pregnant? That picture looks 22 weeks to me.- nik

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Olivia Lee Can’t Be For Real

August 27, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 149


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw her as a pilot, I always knew she has pilot license but air show? That’s so ridiculous! I also saw a Trump logo on a plane. She probably slept with Trump to get that plane to fly it on air show? I also saw her trying to land that plane on top of the Trump building. What the f*ck is going on with this train wreck? She almost ruining aqua building.

Red Bottoms are for Hookers.- nik

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Spreading the Love

August 26, 2014 Chicago 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey there nik! So here is Aj Snyder, he is the most disgusting man in downers grove ! He has given 3 girls chlamydia and probably more. I was informed by an ex of his that he given her and another ex the cl**.. I confronted him and he said he got it taken care of.. W’ll let’s just say he didn’t. He continues to still lie and deny he is infected because he doesn’t care about anything but himself. Then I also got informed he loves to message prostitute on Craigslist. He will lie about everything, about himself his car his house and we’ll ya pretty much his entire life. Please ladies stay away from him!

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Meet T Dash

August 26, 2014 Chicago 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, T Dash, Thaddeus McCollum, thinks he is a big time artist. Yet on every weekend, say T Dash at the door at Soundbar and Dolphin comes up. Four or five years have passed him by, still stuck in his delusion that he is going to make it big in the music industry. Also claims he won a Grammy. Funny how no one really sees proof of this and being a promoter shows he is nowhere in his career. To all the women he claims to have slept with, hope it was worth the free drink or entry into a club. Nothing more will come from him. He is just like JessC Jay, no career. T Dash, maybe you should actually go to college or go audition for American Idol to end the dream quicker. You also claim to be number one on charts, what charts?

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Marko Hoffman PipeFitter

August 26, 2014 Chicago 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this clown Downtown or should I say Suburban Marko Hoffman from the suburbs of Illinois has recently went on a facebook mission looking for Facebook Fame going after Unprovoked people who were nice enough to feel bad for him out of Pity. Nic the guys a complete Joke. Just look at his facebook page and It is pretty clear if you spend about 2 minutes going through his posts that are all public you will hopefully but this looser on blast and shut him up already. The union he works for 597 Pipefitters Local is so sick and tired of this fool giving us a bad name were at our boing point. Please expose this looser so he just disappears to his parents basement where he can take pics of him and his cats which is the highlight of the 40 year olds life. Thanks in advance Nik. From the hardworking union men of Local 597

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Nik Richie Is Jealous Of Me

August 26, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 406

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you should be ashamed of yourself F*G! Stop posting bad stuff about me loser! You can’t win and I’ll keep reporting them! You’re messing with the wrong person! Your daughter will kill herself or get killed because of U! All you will ever be is a parasite ruining hotties you can’t get! I’m animal activist philanthropist, I model, I act. Why don’t you post my modeling pics and acting? I model a lot. I’m a real actress!!! I played BRUCE WILLIS GF!  I’m not a fame whore. It’s not my fault I steal attention everywhere I go. I hang out with celebrities all the time and can be a Hollywood superstar if I want to. I’m invited to all red carpet events. You stock me! I know a few bitter guys who posted me. I have a billionaire who will marry me!! Not your business how old he is and what arrangement we have or whatever I do!! You want to be me but you can’t!!! You know I am drop dead fine!!! Why would a billionaire who can pick any perfect chick pick me!! You know I am your perfect dream beauty and you are frustrated!!! I have bikini model body!! You can’t find anything wrong in my face! Your comments are stupid! I’m fashionista! I’m animals’ angel!! I am better than U!! I’m ballerina! I’m a socialite!! I am my own brand!! I’m doing business!! I’m smart!! You don’t have a life and can’t live my royal life!! All of you are jealous I have everything going for me!! Kill yourselves haters!! Everyone else join my fan page to support my good work!

Who are you again? Do you pay your own bills?- nik


Larry Ellison’s Sugar Baby Nikita Kahn

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Andrea Mascorro

August 26, 2014 Chicago 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik here is another dirty post on andrea mascorro. The world needs to know about this gold digging Ho bag! She gives older rich men what they want so she could geta new purse! Pretty nasty! Everyone beware of andrea the gold digging slut!

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