Douchebag Rob

September 26, 2014 Chicago 213

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Rob, he trolls around Chicago cracked out, broke, and always with one of his hoes, Kerry Kay,sad box dancer, or Ashley Caldron, who is 2 surgeries away from looking like Latoya Jackson. These two dumb bitches went on a FB war over Rob; grown ass adults posting the most moronic shit I’ve read. In one post Latoya went off about what a great guy Rob is, and how he’s too good for Kerry and Kerry’s a slut. Correction you ignoramus 1) Rob is not too good for anyone, especially not for Kerry, and 2) you are BOTH sad beat industry sluts, don’t for one second think you’re better than her. Rob is a 31 year old crack head living in a house with 10 dudes. He probably has more drd’s than Dan Blizerian, and yet you dumb hoes are fighting over him like he’s worth something. He is not good looking, he has no real job, no money, and his only goal is to find that “one good hoe.” The only type of women who would want him are the lowest of quality like Kerry and Ashley. If Rob ever came up to me, I’d assume he’s a homeless crack head who never graduated the 6th grade and throw him a dollar. These three are everything that’s wrong with the human race, and people like my friends and I, who are educated and have real jobs, literally sit there LAUGHING at your rants because your stupidity is pure entertainment for us. Oh, and Rob, change your profile pic – nothing attractive about you sitting on a bike you’ll never be able to afford, all bloated, with that dumb look on your face.

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Alexis Brooks

September 26, 2014 Chicago 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty as tgurl hoe is ALL over the internet and on backpage website in Chicago. I’ve seen her at the Clubs and everyone knows she has drd’s She also goes by Bianca Brooks and suddenly is 23. Nasty ass. Look her up under Bianca Brooks as well and She posts and steals fake pictures

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Mary Hannah aka Miss Hoffman

September 25, 2014 Chicago 50


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this rugrat is the lowest paid call girl in Chicago where gay club Cuvée was desparate to hire her and bring in her sugar daddy’s. Me and my whole group of friends banged her and couldn’t even bust. I think a paper bag over her head to cover this sluts ugly face would’ve been better. For all the money you make spreading your legs why don’t you get your teeth fixed and a boob job? She’s ran through the entire city of Chicago and loves to screw chicks boyfriends but best part is not one guy has left their girlfriends for her and just ruins her image even more. No guys want her anymore where she’s screwing 40 year old dark married men. Nik did Cuvée Chicago at least do a good make up job? Smile for daddy ms Hoffman and don’t scar Nik will those gremlin creature teeth of yours!!! Beware of mut!!!!

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Always Thirsty

September 25, 2014 Chicago, Winnipeg 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this whore is Shawna Campbell. She is super easy and always has several sorry men on the go. She is a great actress – she acts like she’s got class and she fronts like she’s innocent but really she’s a slut. I fcked her the first night I met her (she had a bf) she gave awesome head like I could tell giving head is her hobby. I fucked her many times thinking nothing of it (got the cl*p) stopped fucking her after that. Found out from my buddy h’s fuking her on a near weekly basis (despite my warning about the cl*p, and yes she has a bf Dustin I think he is probably just as slutty and clapped out as her!) Watch out for this fat home wrecking skank! She also loves going for men that are taking so fcked up if you want an easy lay just hit her up on fb Ps – she isn’t hot just easy and free of morals

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Andrea Rivera

September 24, 2014 Chicago 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nix, this little flower here is Andrea G Rivera. This girl here is so fake and such a fuking bitch. We were friends for a few years at the college IIT, however, this past summer something happened. I ended up asking her out and she rejected me, I was fine with this, I even went on a date that same weekend with another lad. So we kept talking. Later on in the summer however she started acting strange to me I ended up asking what was up and she never told me so I decided to let it go. If she wasn’t going to tell me what was wrong then I wasn’t going to try and find out. Later however, I ended up “Liking” one of her FB pictures then she goes bat crazy. She says she heard some rumors about me so she was trying to annoy me and make me mad so i could end our friendship. Andrea Rivera is a fucking bitch for this. Andrea G Rivera is a fcking fake, she is a horrible damn friend. Stay clear of this fucking chick Andrea Rivera Sierra.

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Double Whammy Gwen & Melissa

September 23, 2014 Chicago 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: So these two are both mean and ugly. They enjoy calling other girls ugly and hate on other girls, including a friend of mine and quite frankly I am sick and tired of it. The two you see in the photograph are Gwen (the one who looks like a donkey) and Melissa (not as ugly but fatter.) They met on the website that they bully my friend on and they took it to real life, trying to piss everyone off cause some how we’re jealous that they went on vacation? Like no, we don’t care! Anyway, now that they’re hanging out Melissa (also she thinks she’s snooki lol) is a mean fat bitch now as well. Its funny, I always thought she was nice but this is where her true colors show. She’s also way bigger than I imagined! Like six feet tall and probably 300 pounds! Yikes!

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The Great Wall of Gina

September 23, 2014 Chicago 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: The Pyrimids of Giza, The Leaning Tower of Piza. Ashley Walls Privates, aka The Great Wall of Gina. Ashley Wall has handled more loads than a Speed Queen at Bubbleland. She has done her friends boyfriends, her boyfriends friends, and everyone inbetween. I mean this girl has been ran through like a track meet. Her steady diet of GHB and crystal methamphetamine turn her once ample body into the mess you see today.

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Lenzi’s Finest – Michea S

September 23, 2014 Chicago 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy I went to high school with. We called the Toy. A puppet. A Toy wanna be member of the Lenzi Latin Kings that was truthfully as harmful as a rag doll. Also his family would go door to door trying to sell bibles in the community. Now he’s in his 30′s. Still a creeper. I see him driving around our old neighborhood where we lived as kids in his SUV. Still playing the same rap music he listed to in 1995 and with cult stickers on his car. This guy was 19 when he had sex with my 15 year old cousin at my aunts house during a day time party. Now he’s in a motorcycle gang called the Brothers of Struggling. Told people in high school he was mexican now he tells everyone his family is from Italy. Let’s try inbred Kentucky. What struggle has he ever been through? Once a creeper. Always a Creeper.

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