Nadia Hallak

July 16, 2014 Chicago 123

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have to quote Nadia Hallak “looking pretty at work.” Are you insane. You are an ugly troll. The hair alone is hideous. It is bad enough you lie about working at 7 colleges, but to actually post this thinking you are pretty, WTF? You majored in psychology, but cannot even fix your own delusional self. You need to major in photoshop because this is by far the worst selfie ever seen to a man. FYI, stop saying you go out once a month in comments, you are out every week which makes your fake profession that much harder to believe. I wonder how many on FB follow you just to laugh at you?

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Payton Gill Is Not A Real Estate Agent

July 16, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 147

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so apparently Payton Gill is now a real estate agent?! I guess webcam modeling wasnt paying enough…. Seems like IQ rentals is going down the drain with all of the professionals they’re hiring these days and i dont know about you but I would never trust a girl with fingernails that looked like that.

Burn marks around the finger nail areas are never a good sign.- nik


Go Away Payton Gill

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Shark City Family

July 15, 2014 Chicago 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Marin Murray was seen at Coach House. This bartender, idiot, slept with Beetz LOL. She is also banging that fag from D Lil’s Bobby, who has a FB to stalk his ex. Shark City is where she works. A dive bar with old men who bet their lives away on horses. Rumor has it the old owner does not pay them. Dom, suck Chicago’s dicks you fag. Italy is a dive and the mafia front is done. We all have heard you tip the cops off and get paid off of DUI arrests setting your client’s up. They all sit on the other side of Jewel. You told Beetz never to come back. We told him your bar is crap. You are fake and need to be dealt with. Bobby set him up because of him giving drinks away on house. You all can suck it. Tell the mafia you know to come to NY and get dealt with. Shark City is gay Dirty! Brittany Rodriguez is supposedly a n owner of L.A. Tan, but serves food FYI. You also have to pay $10 cover. What a joke. Nik, put these homo’s on blast.

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Broke-ass Pirate: Brian Vazquez

July 15, 2014 Chicago, Scottsdale 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy Brian is something else. He’s from the Chi originally and moved out to Phoenix / Scottsdale a year ago. He was a major asshole then and I hear he’s worse now. He constantly complains about places he got fired from and how he gets screwed by unemployment. Major nominee that just so happens to be a major DALE. This guy has been known to wander the gay scene and seems to hide it and bash it constantly. He’s a major dick that drinks all day and whines about being broke. Please put this jerk off in his place. You’d be doing 2 states a favor!

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Audrey Is A Scumbag

July 14, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 178

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, and anyone whom is new to, I would like to introduce Audrey Spongebob Squaretits Bolek and Krystyna Fatty Torsan. I follow them on Instagram because all they ever do on Facebook other than post pictures and statuses of how drunk they always get is post screenshots of their Instagram begging people to follow them. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you everything wrong about them it would take me all day. Just want to show everyone how much of a scumbag Audrey Bolek is. As I was standing by the back back at spybar this Saturday, July 5th. I over heard Audrey talking to her friend saying. “I’m glad Emily Hendricks passed away, she was always one of the whores that would never go away even after I post a million pictures with Bryan on my Facebook.” I honestly wanted to spill my drink in her face. Audrey Bolek, you’re a f*cking disgusting scumbag. No one deserves to die I don’t care how much you hate them. You have no heart, hope you face your Karma soon you ugly ass clown. They hash tagged “#eyebrownsonpoint” excuse me but it looks like Audrey made a 4 year old draw those on for her. I hope everyone sees her for what she really is, no matter how much she denies it.

I like the $11 aviators. Keepin’ classy fake.- nik

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Don’t Forget the Body

July 11, 2014 Chicago 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sylina is at it again. This time her infant son contracted a serious virus from the unhygienic conditions se leaves him in while she goes out partying. Someone else had to take him to the hospital because she was too busy “working”. By the way i like how she photoshopped her eyes and blurred out her wrinkle face, and giant nose but forgot the stretch marks and happy trail. Disgusting!

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Are Girls ever Faithful

July 11, 2014 Chicago 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: So there was this girl kinga I’ve been with for 2 years I’ve gave her everything anything she’s ever wanted so a year an like 11 months she went to Poland before Poland I spent like 300 for her to look beautiful so when I say bye to her i get a text sayin David Idk if I can do this an I was speechless barley talked to her the whole time she was there which was a month she got back an I hit her up we fcked for the the next three days her tellin me she loves me an were gonna work this out an ur mine an all this bs on my way home from a 107 I seen this bad ass car I was like dam that’s nice an of course it pulls down her block as I arrive I seem them Makin out in the drive way hours after we just got having sex so I said really kinga ur gonna do this to me an she said ur nothing to me never was leave me alone an never talk to me again. Is that not the definition of a thot?

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Transgender Erica Jones

July 11, 2014 Chicago 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erica Jones is a Transgender Hoe with Many MANY drdS, she seeks out straight women and tries but FAILS miserably to turn them into Lesbian hoes such as herself. She has the Worst breath in the universe and LIVES off her parents. SHE is very insecure and unsure of herself because she IS GAY and Trying to turn into a MAN. Be careful fellow gay girls cause I heard she had H**. SHE IS A NASTY TRANSGENDER HOE!

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