New Madison Sloot

August 1, 2014 Chicago 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Michelle D,once known as a good girl who got good grades.Now she is out to Madison for college and gone completely crazy.Sleeping with different guys every day, thinks she is hot shit.So young and turning so slutty.Her little sister sure has a good role model.Stop banging all the guys in college,it’s disgusting hearing about you and how many cocks have been in your Vag.Chill out a bit..

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David Deavila

August 1, 2014 Chicago 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: DAVID DEAVILA . lol hes a 33year old man who sells drugs for a living & scams the world. hes a dirty mexican that should have never crossed the boarder. he lies about his age to get younger girls attention and tries make them feel bad for him because hes a sneaky thirsty mf. hes been w a women the past seven years and blames her for his sons problems because how slow and ugly she really is. this is the most fcked up hill billy family i have ever met the girlfriend beats him because of all his stds he brings home all in front of this child. the mother even sent the kid to school with a bottle of jack daniels in his back pack which school found && sent him to school in a tank top during the winter having two different dcfc cases on her. the violence and gang related drug deals that happens w this poor little boy is so sad if anybody feels like they want seek help this is the address:  s shields unit 40***  david is a good looking man but yes soon as he takes his clothes off his toe nails are longer then my fcking grandpas. he has a mole between his ass that is the size of my ass with pimple scars terrible all over his back. which makes sense why his girlfriend is the def of popped. now we all know in this generation if your girl looks bad then clearly something aint to special about you. this man is nasty and complete white dirty mexican. misery loves company bitchessss. all matter of time monne bear.

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Erica LeCompte Shorewood

July 31, 2014 Chicago 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this bitch was happily married toa guy named John. She used him for all his money. While married she was fcking her friend jason. She has now ruined a marriage. This dirty whore just wants dick in her ass! Be careful around this whore

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Kathleen the Homewrecker

July 31, 2014 Chicago 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman has caused nothing but issues in my relationship, she acts like she is interested in befriending me. But truly she is just simply trying to spread her legs for my significant other. She will sit there and tell you how much your man loves you, while once you leave the establishment she is sending him nudes behind your back. Here is a small sample of what I found. She lacks total respect for herself or her family. She is out on a regular basis getting drunk and throwing herself at men her childrens age. This sloppy hag needs a serious reality check.

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Dumb and Dumber

July 31, 2014 Chicago 120

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- I hate these two guys. The fat one with the retarded hair is Arthur, he saved up all his money to buy himself an old ass Porsche and feels the need to upload at least 20 pictures of it a week. He looks up to Paul, the old used up looking one in the pic, like hes some God sent, when in reality hes just another 45 year old used up Chicago scum bag who brags DAILY about his cars, money and how he doesn’t give a “fuck” about ALL his “haters”. Just another idiot who thinks the world is SO concerned with him and he has all these haters. These haters are all in your mind buddy, people just dont like you because youre a real tool. All these two do is take pictures of eachothers fuck*** cars EVERYDAY while driving on the highway. WE GET IT. You blow all your money on cars to impress gold diggers and you HAVE to make sure EVERYONE on FB knows how rich you are. You can find Arthur slumming around the bars almost everyday with his retarded hair-do, looking like a jacked up Christmas elf and his shirt unbuttoned showing off his fat chest. And Paul is just a sad case of an old man with no woman, no family, and no real life who still thinks hes 25. Youre too old to be acting like such a tool man.

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Jordynn Marco

July 30, 2014 Chicago 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Another nasty nasty ho here! She lives in the western suburbs and has just about dated every man out there! She even did some gold digging with an owner of a pizza place! more people need to know that this girl is sleeping around! who knows what drd’s she is carrying!

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Samantha Schmidt

July 30, 2014 Chicago 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is a drug addict and a compulsive liar. She manipulates people into anything she wants. She is currently engaged for the 4th time to some poor guy who doesn’t know that she cheats on him. Reveal her for who she really is.

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Anna Lombardo, Bloomingdale

July 30, 2014 Chicago 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: well boys if you are looking for a slut this is it!! The biggest slut in chicago! Many sightings of this girl giving blowjobs in clubs all over the city! she mainly goes after older men with cash. She dated a 50 year old that she kept a secret for over 2 years. It gets better. rumor has it she loves it anal. This is a very nasty whore here. spread the word!

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