Chicago | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

This Uniboob Is Awful

October 31, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, take a look at this picture! Please give some commentary on this. I assume since Skylar has posted this, she is proud of it?! Well, all I see is an ugly, and extremely fake thing. I don’t want to call it a girl. The uniboob is awful, and it looks constipated.

They do look glued together…this doctor was so concerned about a REFUND Gap that he panicked. I decided.- nik

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Holly is a Deadbeat

October 31, 2014 Chicago 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Holly Welch! Stop pawning your poor kids off on your mom! I wonder what your kids think when they see you dressed up like a skank and dancing around the house like a huge WHORE!? Your poor kids… Someone really needs to call CPS cuz your kids aren’t safe with you! I don’t know how on earth your baby daddy allows you to have them!! You dead beat drunk m*th head trailer trash excuse for a “MOM” Ps. stop saying you’re sober when u still go out drinking every fcking night!

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XXL Beak

October 31, 2014 Chicago 130

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girls nose has its own zip code! GET IT FIXED. Btw she’s so dirty, sleeps with any Arab who will let her tag it. Stay away from the city, typical Orland Park trash!

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7-Eleven Corporate Discriminates

October 30, 2014 Chicago, Dirty Business 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, 7-Eleven discriminates against South Asian immigrant franchisees and unjustly forced a number of former store owners to terminate their franchise agreements as part of a profit scheme. 7-Eleven is engaging in “churning.” Churning is a ploy in which franchisors terminate franchise agreements in order to resell locations and get a fresh influx in franchise fees???? 7-EEVEN ACCOUNT 5+1=3 THIS HOW the accounting WORK THIS HOW WE LOSE MONEY EVERY day. I spent the last few years at 7-Eleven only trying to protect my investment of approximately $250,000 while making no money (as the proximate result of 7 Eleven’s accounting.“It is not uncommon for 7-Eleven franchisees to be charged thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars to restore MNW (minimum net worth) accounts in connection with a store audit that has, at a later date, proved to be wrong,” he said, adding, that they are “not formally challenged by a franchisee for fear of some type of ‘retaliatory’ treatment.” And it goes on…….THEREFORE DO NOT FRANCHISE WITH 711. THEY STEAL FROM THER OWN PEOPLE. (click here for article)

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Slooty Sarah

October 30, 2014 Chicago 99

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the sluttiest girl in the south side of Chicago. Sarah Gallo, (AKA Sarah Christine) is a former pedophile (she dated a 16 year old at the age of 20), and current Homie Hopper is the talk of the small town. Sarah enjoys spending every Saturday night at Bourbon Street (because it never gets old) and buying her Instagram likes. She is a college drop out who has been working at a gas station for 5 years. So, if you’re in high school, or enjoy the sweet taste of chlamydia, give Slutty Sarah a call. (Don’t worry about her boyfriend, he has no idea what her last name is)

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Eurotrash in Chicago

October 29, 2014 Chicago 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Patryk Kobiela, One of the new breed of Chicago scumbag. He claims to be a Canadian but is really just a Eurotrash loser who works with his father at a crappy construction business called Delta Masonry Inc. that’s probably run from Craigslist. He dated this girl for 4 years and tried to cheat on her numerous times but failed mostly because he is a drunk and can’t keep his limp little peen up. When he finally found a taker for his cheating ways, he hooked up with Madalyn R., who had no idea of his games (and his girlfriend didn’t either). He played them both and kept lying to the two of them, screwing one while pretending the other doesn’t exist. Supposedly both of them now know about each other and both told him to screw off but he’s probably back to trying to hump whichever one will accept his pathetic Eurocrap ways. LADIES DON’T FALL FOR THIS CHUMP. DIRTY ARMY, point him out!

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Spreads For Cash

October 29, 2014 Chicago 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Why do Mexicans try to change their hair color to blonde? We all know how dumb you look. Point proven with Olivia.. Olivia used to be hot, and then she started spreading her legs for cash and was’t so hot anymore but at least she looked good. Now she seems to hate her life and shows it by frying her hair to the point of yellow. Now the Crayola yellow is gone (which is sad because it matched her horse teeth) and white is in. But she fried all her hair off so it was short kinda like a boy so she got some really ratchet extensions. Come on Olivia, with all that escorting money you can at least afford some real hair and a hair stylist that knows what the hell they’re doing. Now she looks like all the other ghetto escorts. Watch out men, her plastic hair will melt near any heat or open flame.

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Racquel Alvarado

October 28, 2014 Chicago, Phoenix, Scottsdale 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, is it just me or would you love to bang this nasty slut! Her name is Racquel Alvarado. She used to stay in chicago. She now lives in Tempe, Arizona working at the Banner Health Care center at***St Phoenix, AZ. Hopefully they all know she is a latina slut!

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