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Eva Davis

December 19, 2014 Cincinnati 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: you will find this tick tricking all over back page, she claims to be a wonderful woman but who knew she would follow in her bff foot steps arnela niksic ummmm nik expose this rat.

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She Needs To Take Care Of Her Kids

December 18, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 61


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this chick is stupid enough or should I say desperate enough to be imitating and following another one of your famous Dirties Arnela Niksic. This chick is so worried about “turning up” that she leaves her 3 kids alone and neglected. She claims she is a stripper who makes $1000 a day but yet she can’t even pay her gas and electric bill. This chick is extra ratchet and dirty. She has been ran through by every black guy in Cincinnati.

At least her shoes are cheap, can’t lie about that closet.- nik

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Mia Graziano: Cat Fish

December 12, 2014 Cincinnati 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik- I’d like to introduce you to “Mia Graziano” – the hottest girl in Cincinnati. UNFORTUNATELY, she is a Cat Fish, who steals her photos from a popular girl on Instagram named Willow Brown. After she added me on Facebook I noticed she was either the sweetest person in the history of hot trim, or she was a pathological liar. Unfortunately, it’s the latter. I pieced this together from a simple Google Image search, it was particularly odd that I didn’t recognize any of the venues she posted pictures from, as well as the fact all of her pics were clearly taken in a much warmer climate. Now I already know “Mia” will enter into damage control mode, perhaps she will delete her account, but more than likely sh’ll say the other girl stole her photos – but she won’t be able produce a photo of herself with her name, muchless a video. Nobody knows if “Mia” is a real person, if they are a man or a woman, how old they are, or what exactly their motivations might be. Generally, people who exhibit this type of behavior do so in an attempt at coping with self esteem issues (being ugly, having an unwanted greg, being really ugly, etc). It’s very sad that they manipulate people into caring and having feelings for them under the false pretense of being a hot girl with a nice rack. Now I will say a lot of their “fans” appear to be dumb, white trash guys who think they are black, so they will discredit this and chalk it up to “hating” A google search should put those concerns to rest. I do

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Armeda Ford

December 10, 2014 Cincinnati 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Armeda Ford she akways ” thought ” she was hot but now all she is , is a used up wh☆re who has no teeth , looks cross eyed and addicted to h*rion , m*th and pills . dirty b☆tch don’t even know where her kids are and steady worrying about dick and drugs. go on and give up , tired you sayin you’re not white cause you’re definitely white .

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Y’all Askin for it

December 9, 2014 Cincinnati, San Diego 40

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Y’all didn’t think she sent me them lol here savages these are 2 of the 25. chelsea caminiti

Also See: Chelsea Caminiti

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Chelsea Caminiti

December 1, 2014 Cincinnati, San Diego 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Not much needed, dumb whore has a little boys body and is just fcking to find a man who will pay for her the rest of her life, and gives the worst head ever lol. Has no real attributes and is just a dumb cum dump. Has legs like pencils and her skins all fucked up from smoking too many cigarettes and doing way too many drugs. Easy lay fellas. This is why you don’t let your boyfriends take pictures lol. Sucks to suck!

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Mother daughter team

November 26, 2014 Cincinnati, Louisville 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: meet abby fox and sheri burroughs they take men for everthing their worth and cant keep their pants on watch out natti their coming for you next!!

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Holly Weindenborner

November 24, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton 16


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well if you don’t know the famous Holly Weindenborner, You must live under a rock she claims to be famous and have “haters”. Because she is the hottest female ever! She was recently arrested afyer her own son posted of his FB her telling him she wished she had a abortion, she makes her pill money by meeting guys on niteflirt and craigslist and having them come to her house. She was on the news for dropping her son on his head and now hes mentally retarded she mooches off the government now for her kids. She already gave up custody of one of her kids because she hates being a mom, she will post on Fb for anyone to watch her kids and was talking to a old man about giving her daughter nyquill. She needs her kids taken and a serious reality check. Zanazy have made her retared! She is actually PROUD of her mug shot and how she is. GROSS!

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