Health Alert Brittany Phillips

April 4, 2014 Cincinnati 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Be warned about Brittany Phillips. We went to highschool together and everyone knew she was DTF. We started hooking up off and on after high school after seeing eachother at the country concerts in the summer. She’s cool as fuck. But I found out a few months back after hookin up with her that she gave me drd. I wasn’t fuking anyone else. Crazy part is that she has a dude too. So he’s gotta have it too. She fcks around on every guy she “dates”. I feel bad for the dude. I tried confronting her about it but she told me to fuk off. Screw you, Brit. Hope your boyfriend sees this! She’s been fcking with me and another dude since she’s been dating you. Have fun

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Chris ‘Massive’ Myers

April 3, 2014 Cincinnati, Cleveland, Louisville 175

THE DIRTY ARMY: Feast your eyes on the ultimate pile of fecal matter, Chris “Massive” Myers. Rather than working, Massive spends his days typing unintelligible and ungrammatical WWE-style rants on wrestling forums about how his son are the best wrestlers to ever grace the planet- having no actual accomplishments of his own that do not involve wearing an empty speedo (as you can see from the photo). Inevitably, everyone turns against him, which his simian brain attributes to jealousy. Presumably, everyone wishes that they too were hung like Verne Troyer (aka Mini-Me) as opposed being turned off by his various mental illnesses. As if this wasn’t enough, he likes to punch out the old lady from time to time, as you can see from his mug shot. Massive has picked up Domestic Violence charges in the past few years in both Ohio and Kentucky. Ever the ladies’ man, he’s assaulted other women at wrestling tournaments. Perhaps if he had the equipment to actually pleasure a woman, he wouldn’t feel such an intense desire to beat them all the time.  Mr. Empty Pants also likes to pound his chest about what his career as a male stripper. Sadly, the fetish for tiny-peckered men was just a passing fad in the gay community, and Tiny Dancer lost his job. Now he’s on the Government Dole, receiving Disability. Knowledgeable sources indicate that his Disability is considered to be that his penis is so small that he can no longer find employment in his chosen profession of gay male stripper.

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Freeloader Jennifer Mock

April 2, 2014 Cincinnati, Fairfield 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jennifer Mock is a mother of two sweet girls who uses state assistance but finds time to go drink and gamble every month. She uses her children to get men to play daddy in their life because both their fathers are in Jail, but the youngest one’s dad just got out. She lies about doing everything on her own and hides who she is with so that her baby daddy’s don’t find out. She tries to play innocent but when she get found out she hides.

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Witan Coffey loves Money

April 2, 2014 Cincinnati 21

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Check out this trick. Her name is Witan. I know this dude that’s been seeing her and thinks the relationship is progressing. Well I knew this trick before he met her and not real sure how much he knows about her past. Anyway to make a long story short she advertises on an escort site. So I created a FB account and sent her a couple messages to see if she’s still in the game. Why was I not surprised that she messaged me back with prices for head, sex and greek. She even sent me some pics. I guess once a ho always a ho.
So my question is Should I sent him a message and give him a heads up or just let it play out and let him find out on his own?

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Playa Got No Game

April 2, 2014 Cincinnati 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Dbag thinks he is all that… Tries to be a player, except the only thing he is playing with is drdS. This fool is all over dating sites, because he is dumber than a box of rocks. Some tell him it’s 2014- and get to trimming!! Ps size isn’t everything- he doesn’t even know what to do with a dick. What a fuxking douche bag

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Easy Ride for Guys

March 31, 2014 Cincinnati 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jessie O,Neil, she lives in Ft. Thomas. She tries to act innocent, but she’s not. She likes to pry on men. Women need to watch her because she likes to go after guys that have girlfriends or wives. She’s like a leech, she will blow up your man on facebook non stop saying how much she likes him and will send him naked pics because she wants attention from whoever she can get it from. I know 3 guys she was talking to (at the same time) and they all got the same pics and she told each one she doesn’t ever send these kind of pics to guys. Then when you find out, she doesnt get why she’s being called a home wrecking whore. She’s the attention seeking whore that is talking to about 10 guys at once telling them all she likes them, she likes playing mind games. She can’t function without the attention of a guy. She updates her status about 9x a day saying how ugly she is or “Im standing on the edge ready to jump” trying to get as many guys as she can to comment on how she’s so hott etc. For someone who claims she thinks she’s ugly, she puts up about 4 selfies a day, say “I look horrible, but I’m going to post it”. Guys if you want to connect with her she’s on meetMe app. But watch what you say to her because she will lead you on, then screen shot your messages to her, and post them on FB so she can make fun of you. She has no female friends because no one trust her, she can’t even find a friend at work because she’s to busy getting around the guys at the warehouse. She probably has drds so guys wrap it up.

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Ashley Loves Purple Crayons

March 31, 2014 Cincinnati, Dayton 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashley Pohranchy and shes another white girl who can’t stay off the black dick, tired of it. Plus she’s like 30 and he’s just 19. !!! Bitch leave our men alone and go back to your white boy baby dad. She straight nasty and always easily in love with any man that pays her attention. Take your ass back to Florida cause Dayton Ohio don’t need ya.

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Just Let Me Roll My Sleeve Up First

March 31, 2014 Cincinnati, Seattle 15

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,this is Seth Romanowski douche bag king originally from Cincinnati. The guy is total scum. He cheats, lies, and manipulates anyone he can. He is only in it for himself and his dick. Speaking of can you find someone to help roll up his sleeve first? Can’t get lotion on the jacket you know. A total prick that everyone should watch out for.

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