Rebecca Is All Angles

December 30, 2013 Cincinnati, The Dirty 169 88,603 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, introducing the queen of angles Rebecca. The girl is a complete scam! Met her off Instagram because she looked half decent & came to find out she looks little like her pics in person! Here’s a real pic compared to what she posts. Don’t let this scammer fool you like she did me!

I like how her nose gets skinnier when she smiles.- nik

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December 30, 2013 Cincinnati, Columbus 5 8,088 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Take a look at this douchbag right here. Not only has he cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had, but he did so multiple times. This guy is a real peace of work. Don’t be fooled by his boyish good looks and rico suave attitude. He’s a grade A sociopath, who is willing to steal your shine at the drop of a hat. Watch your girl around him, especially if you want to keep her. Also watch your back because he’ll stab you in it. While he’s not stumbling around town drunk off of Coors, and high as kite, he’s telling lies, and manipulating the masses.

 Nice shelves.  You get em at Wal Mart?- nik

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The Scooby Snack of The Midwest

December 26, 2013 Cincinnati, The Dirty 431 98,244 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I introduce to you the Scooby Snack of the middle west, Arnela. She goes by blondeforeigner on Instagram, constantly posts selfies of herself with hundreds of hashtags underneath bragging about her self-proclaimed “beauty” haha. She is like 5’4 in person (far from model material), has scronny boy legs, and a fat nose. She craves attention which is why she has a Facebook page with 20 thousand followers (mainly creepy men) telling her how “pretty” she is. Loves to brag about her own place, being in school, her “fabulous” job at Reebok, etc. Nik, put this broad on blast. Let it be known she is nothing special and looks like a man!

I know her. She is Sarah Jones’ best friend. She was at both trials, supporting her friend.- nik

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Beware of Meredeth

December 23, 2013 Cincinnati 73 11,145 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Meredeth White.. one of the biggest using sloots in NKY/Cinci area. Since a teen, she has bounced from man to man, whoever will give her a place to stay and take care of her. She talks how much she has her life together and how good her job at Amazon is and all, but she is an actual train wreck! when i met her, she had a bf and he found out about me. Got back together later, cheated on me several times. i wondered why so many un named numbers were in her phone. Several months ago we started hooking up, while her bf was at work. Now my buddy is hitting it and sent me the following pics from hotel and she still (engaged) to same dude. Google [removed]” this court date where her bf at time went into her apartment and beat up a dude she had in bed. Such a drama queen, always turmoil everywhere she goes.

Sorry I didn’t include the rest of naked yoga, didn’t feel like adding all those hearts.- nik

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Gutter And Jessica Grab Just Made A Hit Single

December 18, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio, The Dirty 40 95,332 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, came across this gem and had to submit it. Krispy Kreme doesn’t stand a chance next to this guy! His lyrics, video quality and style are enough to put Krispy out of the game. Not to mention that hot blonde!!! Game over.

Tight cuts C Love… and yes there is a lot of Jessica to Grab.- nik

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Ashley After a 4loko

December 18, 2013 Cincinnati, Hamilton 53 17,578 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is ashley u give her a 4loko she will do the whole party here,s proof and ther,s videos on cliphunter of her to she is one dirtybutt girl who acts goodie but anyone knows her knows shes a slut who messes with her own family and step dad to.thats wat she has told me .wat a shame and to think i dated her for awhile until i found out about all of this she told me one nite cryin sayon she messed with her step dad and other family members its crazy she needs help

That titles on partially correct.- nik

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Master Manipulator

December 18, 2013 Cincinnati 6 8,018 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this fool, he’ll straight rob you. He’s a master at it too. Money, Jewelry, Medication, anything this nukka can get his hands on. He has robbed from churches and old ladies, hell even his own family. Got of give him some cred for his lying abilities, never met a better one. Heads up he is DIRTY. Look up his record, it says it all. Perry Clements.

Masters don’t stock shelves.- nik

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Arnela now goes by Nella

December 17, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio, Would You? 235 11,368 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I can’t tell if “Nella” has shit her pants or is wearing a diaper, Nik do you think this “Constipated photo” is attractive? On her “Fan page” she likes to brag about how she is all about school and non underage drinking yet she hangs out Celebs with her new Homies on the week days. Here’s the video of Miss Innocence

No bottom is better then a soggy one.- nik

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