Ashley After a 4loko

December 18, 2013 Cincinnati, Hamilton 53 17,543 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is ashley u give her a 4loko she will do the whole party here,s proof and ther,s videos on cliphunter of her to she is one dirtybutt girl who acts goodie but anyone knows her knows shes a slut who messes with her own family and step dad to.thats wat she has told me .wat a shame and to think i dated her for awhile until i found out about all of this she told me one nite cryin sayon she messed with her step dad and other family members its crazy she needs help

That titles on partially correct.- nik

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Master Manipulator

December 18, 2013 Cincinnati 6 8,015 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this fool, he’ll straight rob you. He’s a master at it too. Money, Jewelry, Medication, anything this nukka can get his hands on. He has robbed from churches and old ladies, hell even his own family. Got of give him some cred for his lying abilities, never met a better one. Heads up he is DIRTY. Look up his record, it says it all. Perry Clements.

Masters don’t stock shelves.- nik

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Arnela now goes by Nella

December 17, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio, Would You? 235 11,361 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I can’t tell if “Nella” has shit her pants or is wearing a diaper, Nik do you think this “Constipated photo” is attractive? On her “Fan page” she likes to brag about how she is all about school and non underage drinking yet she hangs out Celebs with her new Homies on the week days. Here’s the video of Miss Innocence

No bottom is better then a soggy one.- nik

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This Former Cheerleader Terrifies Google, Facebook And Twitter

December 10, 2013 Cincinnati, Manhattan, The Dirty 92 105,756 Views

NEW YORK POST/AP- From Twitter and Facebook to Amazon and Google, the biggest names of the Internet are blasting a federal judge’s decision allowing an Arizona-based gossip website to be sued for defamation by a former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader convicted of having sex with a teenager.

In court briefs recently filed in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, the Internet giants warn that if upheld, the northern Kentucky judge’s ruling to let the former cheerleader’s lawsuit proceed has the potential to “significantly chill online speech” and undermine a law passed by Congress in 1996 that provides broad immunity to websites.

“If websites are subject to liability for failing to remove third-party content whenever someone objects, they will be subject to the ‘heckler’s veto,’ giving anyone who complains unfettered power to censor speech,” according to briefs filed Nov. 19 by lawyers for Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, Gawker and BuzzFeed, among others.

… Jones and the student, then 17, are still together and say they’re in love and engaged to be married.

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Deadbeat Mama

December 10, 2013 Cincinnati 15 10,511 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Annette Singleton. She is from Cincinnati and is currently homeless and addicted to cocai*e and m*th. She lost custody of her first three children and went out and had two more so that children services could take them as well. She does nothing for her children but instead spends her time on mocospace looking for any man that will have sex with her. She even lets them spend the night in bed with her and the daughter that she is allowed to see. She is a terrible excuse for a mother but is trying to get pregnant again!!! What is wrong with this chick?? And who would get her pregnant?

How does that Afroman song go again…- nik

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Recognize A True Player When You See Tommy Boner

December 7, 2013 Cincinnati, The Dirty 393 104,916 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tommy Boner everyone wants to hate him but he’s a local celebrity who has all the sexy ladies surrounding him all day every day, he ain’t got DRD so quit hating on him hood rats.  Recognize a true player.

People still wear Assliction?- nik

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Druggie Gone Wild

December 5, 2013 Cincinnati 15 10,243 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here I give you keyshaa griess. Keyshaa is strung out on crack and black penis. She is only 21 but the drugs have made her appear much older. She sells her body on backpage but I’m not sure how she gets the business. She is a muffin top but truly believes she has a huge rear end. would you nik?

Its true about they say about pets.- nik

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Needs to be Stopped

December 5, 2013 Cincinnati 8 6,098 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here I give you Carnelius Anthony from Cincinnati Ohio. During his 4 year prison sentence Carnelius had numerous encounters with other men. Once released he has had plenty of unprotected sex with men and women while failing to inform them that he had a viral ***. He was on the first 48 snitching after being involved in his cousins murder. He should have never been released! Please inform the public of this dangerous criminal!!

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