Alex is Awful

February 12, 2014 Cincinnati 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alex Arrelano is the BIGGEST dirt ball in Ohio. He cheats on his girlfriend all the time with anyone from mynt and even wil hang around riverfront trying to pick up old nasty ladies-which he has and he takes them to his moms house its disgusting. Don’t fall for his games he is all talk! He has a 2015 truck in the shop, his nice apartment in the city is having renovations done and he looks nothing like the photos he is much fatter in person cause his trainer wants him to gain weight to get bigger muscles or something- I don’t know it’s all ridiculous just a heads up girls!

This ain’t the hunger games brah.- nik

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Samantha Loves Herself

February 11, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 99


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Samantha E she lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and she is a porta potty. Sam goes on vacations alone, takes 1,000 photos a day and has no REAL friends, (probably because she tries to sleep with her friends boyfriends) Her hobbies include, taking photos of herself, videos of herself, and stalking celebs via social media. She looks like a cross between a Asian Grandma and a chipmunk.  Sam thinks she is the hottest girl in the world because she has nothing to do but lay around hung over, fantasizing about living off some rich dude for the rest of her pathetic life.  Little does she know everyone in Cincinnati thinks she is a joke.  Sam likes to post on photos of pregnant chicks calling them inappropriate for posting photos of their baby baby bumps, yet she thinks it’s appropriate to be a porta potty and take videos of herself rubbing her vag.  Classy.

No need to suck in.  You’re from Ohio, strong female guts are the norm.- nik

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Sick of ‘Tina’s’ Lies

February 10, 2014 Cincinnati 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m sick of this shit. This city has gotten so bad that even the girls have dicks now. This is “Tina” as it calls itself. I was totally fooled, now lookin back I don’t know why I was but Jesus I was fooled. Tina is actually a man named Markus Halloway. He had a gener reassignment or whatever he calls it. Funny thing is, ITS NOT COMPLETE. He will sweet talk you over text and emails but won’t talk on phone, now I realize it’s because it still sounds way too much like a man! After sending many pics that may or may not even be him, and getting your hopes up and making you drive for 40 minutes to meet up, he will stop texting you when you arrive off his exit and then proceed to come clean about not being a real girl. I guess he thinks if he puts in the time and makes you drive all the way to him, you’ll just say oh well I’m here night as well still screw a guy! It’s unreal! What do you think nik? Would you have ever fallen for these pics??

Looks like he’s cupping his greg in the last pic.  AKA, its a man.- nik

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Tyler Wren Is Such A Loser

February 10, 2014 Cincinnati 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this loser is Tyler Wren. He uses dating apps to get women that don’t know him or what he’s all about. His pics he uses on the apps are at least 5 years old and has since packed on 30 pounds or more. He is from Chillicothe but usually dates women from out of town, that way he can run around on them and they won’t have any idea. He says he works all the time but when you are at his house he rarely ever gets called in, turns out during the week he uses work as an excuse at night to go out with other women so when he doesn’t respond to texts or a phone call you don’t think anything of it you just assume he’s working. He will feed women some b.s. stories about his exs and how much hell they have put him through to get them to feel sorry for him, when the truth is everything that he says they have done to him he was actually doing to them. He was supposedly dating a girl and she got pregnant but had an abortion and they broke up but then she was married 2 months later to some other guy. Yeah right!! He says he wants a baby and he really doesn’t care who it’s with, he just wants one as soon as possible. If that doesn’t say crazy idk what does. I feel sorry for anyone that falls for his crap and actually has a baby with him. He has at least 1 std and doesn’t care about spreading it around. Women need to watch out for this loser and not fall for his sob stories, everything that has happened to him he has brought on himself.

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Drugs and Mac

February 10, 2014 Cincinnati, Ohio State 112

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, these are the Ostrander girls, Kelly, Erica and Cassondra. I’m sure they love their make up as much as they love pills and heroin. cassondrs is like 28 with four kids that she doesnt have custody of, they all have slept with the whole town, they tun through a group of friends like its nothing. Their famous quote is ” everyone wants an Ostrander girl ” ugh , eh not so much.

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Be warned of Kellen Ashworth

February 6, 2014 Cincinnati 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: This asshole should have been on here already. His names Kellen Ashworth and he is a waste of air. He still acts like a drunken frat boy. He has no morals or values or common sense. He thinks that he is so smart and funny (I hope he doesn’t really think hes good looking too)!he stands about 5′ off the ground if he’s on the tips of his toes but some how thinks he is a bad ass. He punched a girl in the face at a party a blackened her eye it was so bad. He has no problem abusing women then making jokes about it on his Facebook and to his friends. He’s a heavy drug user and steals money to support his habit. He also has several diseases, one I know for sure because unfortunately he gave it to me…I am doing this so any other girl that might get trapped in his bullshit will have some warning. Save yourself the time hassle and hospital bills that come with this tiny dick head.

A life coulda been saved if someone was so bold.- nik

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Predator Perv Alert

February 6, 2014 Cincinnati 866

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is William Willet (aka – William Howe). A local Cinci “model/actor”. All girls & women BEWARE of this PREDATOR!! He’s out for whatever he can get and drives around the tri-state areas of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky ,prowling for fresh meat while he’s on “shoots” or gigs. Alleged pedo bear charges in 2012 – youngest crush was only 15 yrs.old!, banned from 3 local area yoga studios for harassing instructors and female students,fired from his job at P & G for sexual harassment in 2013. A lot of local area photographers , models and artists are creeped out by this guy. He has a bad rep. Hes a sleazy con job , who comes at the ladies like a fake Prince Charming. When he thinks he’s got you, he turns into Mr. Hyde and hurls verbal insults at you and takes temper tantrums. Emotionally a six year old. He’s an abuser,control freak, self proclaimed Casanova, and lies about his age. He’s really 46 – not 30! Cyber stalks his exes , or “love interests”. Thinks he’s all that, but actually is a huge loser. This wolf in sheep’s clothing just opened up a “Modeling/Acting Agency” on Facebook , called “Modeling & Simulation.” Guess he needs a new way of hunting new female flesh over the Net, and is charging $10 per month to be a part of his scam?! Don’t fall for this fraud! It’s just another one of his crazy predatory schemes to make money off of innocent souls , and to stalk and use girls/women! This dude needs to be taught a lesson on how to be a real human being. Or get caught , which would help protect good people out there. Don’t fall for this monster disguised as a human being. You’ll only be sorry. He blames everyone else for the crap he pulls, and always plays the victim. He talks bad about everybody he knows. If he doesn’t get his way with the ladies, he stalks , harasses and smears them online! If you see him – RUN AWAY!!

That mask hides a lot a years.- nik

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Horror Bag

February 5, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 35

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THE DIRTY ARMY: HORRORBAG, Her name is Katie Perdew. She sits on POF and has dudes wire her money and runs with it. She is completely loose and ugly. EWWWW.

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