Norwood Man Child

March 4, 2014 Cincinnati, University Of South Carolina 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: The cheapest Norwood piece of shit mooch there is ! 4 years of living in my house and asking to me to marry me with my own grandmothers ring and calling off and pushing back our wedding does he decide get off the pot over shitting – he’s a mess ; waste ; horrible person . He’ll tell you what you want to hear to make his life feasible and then when it comes down to acting on his words he’ll back out. Like the cowardly Douche he is ! Chris mills you owe my mother 10K for our supposed to be wedding that your cheap ass family couldn’t put a penny into but had time to remodel their kitchen and bath . The mills family is nothing but selfish people acting immature or like their head is up their own ass ! You can find james christopher mills living at his parent house not lashing for your diinner and scoiding showed at his parent basement in goshen * Ohio … Did I mention he smokes black and mills like the classy gentleman he is ?!? He stinks like dirty balls .. Mostly bc his balls are dirty bc he’s a child and needs someone to remind him to showder !!!

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Alicia “Rachet” Brewer

March 3, 2014 Cincinnati 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Alicia aka Bubbles. This girl is truly one of the most ridiculous people that I have ever met. She can spend three minutes with a girl an than claim that she’s besties for life. If you can’t feel the fakeness radiating off her listen to this, after someone who had just met her let her move in to their home after they found out she was a prostitution “victim”.  Which she got her boyfriend/pimp prison time, an then hit up some of her old clientele an then bragged about it. She constantly stole from them, cheated their friends out of money she was going to “pay back”. Which when it came time to pay back she would start sh*t with them. Got kicked out of the first place moved into someones house who once again thought was her friend. There she proceeded to do the same thing. Got kicked out again. Called CPS on the couple for revenge. If that’s not bad enough the girl has slept with so many guys, an has had several threesomes in a night. In fact all 3 guys pictured above had sex with her in a single night. Girl is nothing but a party’s cheese tray being passed around. An all while trying to get back with her baby daddy. Who has her kid because she’s to unfit to actually care for her. This girl is inside an out rachet. So Nik what do you think, how much do you think she’s worth a night?

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Heroin Is The Worst Drug

March 3, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 82

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, out of kindness of my heart I let this girl stay with me, even though I knew she was a huge addict and needed help.  Well, this nasty addict robbed me at the end.  I guess helping her was a huge mistake and sucks she decided to take advantage of someone willing to help her.  Watch out Drexel she will screw you over eventually.

All drug addicts steal and I hate when they are in denial of being thieves.- nik

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Lauren Shears

February 28, 2014 Cincinnati 65

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well I guess I’ll just start by saying this little girl goes from town to town sleeping with anyone and everyone who she thinks can raise her social status. She’s a wanna be tattoo artist who i would definitely call a scratcher. She once tattooed a silhouette of a girl who had her grandfather embracing her and the gorlater came back and complained when everyone told her it looked like she was giving her grandpa head. Lol. She has spread her DRD and God knows what else all around Cincinnati and her hometown in Grand Haven,MI. She uses men(amd women)to get what she wants from them and then throws them to tge wayside on her path of being a sociopath. One can only hope that she will someday get some self esteem and stop hurting those who have helped her along the way. If you want an drd and a shitty tattoo while your in the area look no further. Here she is. Thats only if your into girls with kankles.Oh,and this girl has a beard.

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Ohio Does Have Hot Women

February 28, 2014 Cincinnati, Ohio, The Dirty 280

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have always said there is no hot girls in Ohio and you have everyone brainwashed.  Because this girl Molly is a certified 9 or 10 even in a state like California.  Wanted to run her by your radar and hopefully it can change your mind about this beautiful state.

You are crazy, this girl is a 4.662781 on a drunk night in Cali.- nik

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A Terrible Person

February 24, 2014 Cincinnati 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jazmine, aka Glassdoll…Dear god where to start. Well first off, she’s a complete basket case, claims to have give and a half million mental illnesses, she’s at the emergency room ever month for some “illness,” and she’s just aggravating as all get out. Now one of her most recent endeavors was to unplug her ex boyfriends sump pump and hide all the wires. Luckily they figured it out in time but seriously, how old are you? Before she moved out if her ex’s house (it took over a month for her to leave) she refused to take care of any of the dogs and just let them sit in cages for days on in with no water or food. When the information came out that the girl was murdered in Eastgate last week Jasmines response was “Good! The world is a better place since she was killed.” What the hell?!? I don’t care how much you hate someone, you don’t say those things less then 24 hours after they have been murdered. Long story short, girls that shave their eyebrows off and pencil them in are crazy. And who would want to wake up with a pale eyebrowless face staring at them. Lol

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Ben Freezy Fry the Abuser/User of women

February 21, 2014 Cincinnati 122

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am posting about Ben Fry, I am sick and tired of him abusing and using me. I want other women to be warned about the horrible person Ben Fry is. First off Ben got me pregnant, I wanted to keep the baby, but he did not. He manipulated me and mentally and emotionally abused me into having the abortion in September of 2013. I was devastated after the procedure and fell into a deep, dark depression. He said he was going to be there for me, but ran once he realized how upset I was. He broke up with me the day after the procedure. After awhile we started seeing each other again, and I thought I would attempt to talk to him about our situation and he kicked me out of his house and would not listen. Months passed and he posted a video on Vine of him shopping for baby things, my friend saw this post and asked me if I was still pregnant. Seeing this video destroyed me, I was angry that I went to his house and keys his motorcycle. After that he charged me with Telecommunications Harassment and Criminal Damaging. Court ended on the 18th of this month. Before our court date Ben had contacted me, when he wasn’t supposed to and apologized to me for not being there for me after the abortion. Because of this I thought maybe we still had a chance. I was wrong, we talked for several days after that and he was just using me for sex. He slept with me on my birthday which would have been our year anniversary and than told me he didnt mind if we communicated as long as I didn’t text him everyday. I told him I would not be his play thing, or just a piece of ass. We fought and when I tried to talk to him like an adult, he threatened me that he would press charges against me again. He called me today from a blocked number. I just want to warn every woman out there that Ben Fry is not a good man and is an abuser and a user.

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Diamond Doll Ginger

February 18, 2014 Cincinnati 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Destinne Burtch, AKA Ginger, she works at Diamonds. She spends most of her life on her knees. She Will try and guilt tips out of you with stories of her criminal ex boyfriend Eric, her abusive ex Steven and her mean and neglectful boyfriends Jeff. If that doesn’t work she will move on to how she has lost 3 cars in 6 months and now has a car she can’t afford the payments on so she will do “anything” if you just help her out. Then If that still hasn’t got you making it rain on her the tragic story of her special needs kid Camero, and how his dad beat and raped her and she is a poor single mom that was raised being raped by every male family member she had, and how her dad burnt down her house and whatever else she can make up. Now if after all this guilt doesn’t work she will start rubbing your dick asking for a dance, and if you turn her down she will track you down on facebook an talk shit to you an then block you, because she after all is the sexiest women to ever live. This girl started off at Cheeks at the age of 17 fcking and sucking the owner for a job, now at 19 thinks she is a classy “entertainer” don’t call her a stripper because she thins she so much more, for $400 she will come to your house and fuck you. In her new white car she calls Bunny. She is always the victim and always looking for pity.

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