Midget Psycho

September 10, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio 120 7,286 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik what do you call a girl who wears a fake diamond on her wedding finger when she’s not really engaged, there has to be a name for this. Arnela wants everyone to believe she is a “Model” so I figured I’d share her latest “Modeling” photo I love how her stomach sticks out further than her photo-shopped backside. Would you put your greg in this Oompa loompa? [Img: Cincy Street Wars]

Its called someone with a flat ass, she’s sticking it out which makes her look top heavy.- nik

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Michelle Going Wild

September 10, 2013 Cincinnati 116 9,893 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: lmao this whore well she lived with Rick and slept with his best friend, than she sleeps with Ricks best friend Bert , marry’s him because Rick throws her nasty ass out ,so now all is good NOT this nasty ass chic go’s out with Bert’s bowling buddy and sleeps with him and his name is lewis..

Where’s Jerry when you need him.- nik

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Proof It Was Not Fake **Warning Graphic Images**

September 8, 2013 Cincinnati, The Dirty 93 93,842 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I read some comments that the ear bite was fake and I have a picture to prove it is definitely NOT fake.

I’m glad they saved your ear. Are there better pictures you can submit of Victoria Lecter? People need to stay away from this Zombie.- nik


Victoria Pulled A Mike Tyson

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Victoria Pulled A Mike Tyson

September 4, 2013 Cincinnati, The Dirty 123 99,368 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl bit off my dude’s ear in the midst of fight. She’s claiming self-defense, yet info says she spit it back at him and there was blood on his car as proof.  Click here to see the bitten off ear.

**WARNING IMAGES ARE GRAPHIC** Victoria bites cleaner than Mike Tyson.- nik

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Krystina Sims

September 3, 2013 Cincinnati, Would You? 41 5,891 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Krystina, the biggest whore in Cincinnati. Let me just start by saying she was dating the sweetest guy EVER for awhile and she cheated on him countless times. He even walked in her house and she was sandwiched between two different guys! I can bet my panties on it that she has multiple diseases. Her grandpa passed away so she takes all of his money and “thinks” she will have a bike one day, and claims this boat she talks about is hers!, fcking greedy bitch! This whore will jump on any guys bike as long as they will her ride around town I don’t think she owns anything besides yoga pants, yuck! she has the biggest thunder, cottage cheese legs and them yoga pants don’t fuking cut it. Depending on what guy she is dating for that week she will either be “country”, “skater”, or just flat out ugly but it still doesn’t change the fact that she is a big ass, literally “big ass” WHORE! She talks shit about certain people but then wants to be their bestfriend as long as they give her attention, ew who would wanna fck that nasty twat? Her hair is so fcking fried from coloring it every other day, and that big ass mole on her face is starting to grow a bush on it. you would think as much as she fcks different dudes every week she would be skinny but nope she is a fat sloppy meatball. She works at skyline in Covington , which will soon be out of business because she chows down all their nasty fucking food. This is just a fair warning to anyone who comes across this fat nasty disease infested creature to be careful!! WRAP IT UP, and buy her some new pants while your at it! WOULD YOU NIK!?

Answer: No, I don’t do sword fights.

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Army Cheater

August 30, 2013 Cincinnati, Marine Corps 29 11,495 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heres the thing… My husband COREY.. is cheating with a fat slob.. Jessica Lewis. We are still married.. She gave him an drd- he tells me everything about her.. Go ahead. you can have him. One day, you will beat the shit out of him to.. like I did when he hit me!

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Emily Ward

August 30, 2013 Cincinnati 3 9,029 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik today I get on Instagram to check out the mother of my unborn child (dont even believe its my baby) who I have been on and off with for about 5-6 months and man did i find out who she really is. It has been a rocky road between us because Emily Ward Hedrick is a spoil ass brat who wants things her way, the way she wants it, and when she wants it. She wants me to be there and give her money but yet she doesn’t want to include me in her life, her family life and she hides everything from me. She never calls or texts unless I text her and she complains that I never step up and take care of my “duties” as a father because I won’t give her money. Well I told her I won’t give her money because 1) she spends the money she already has to go out with her friends and 2) she only wants money and not a relationship and I don’t feel as if I have to do anything for her at this point becaus I don’t feel as if I’m wanted and she lies to me and until my baby is here, i don’t have to do anything for her since she wants to treat me like trash. Whenever we want to meet up, we have to meet in public because she doesn’t want me to come to her house and she claims that she isn’t ready for me to meet her family so she continuously have me meet her at the Walmart in Amelia. Well three or four weeks ago, Emily moves to California (so she says, don’t even know if that’s true or not) but she works everyday at a hospital but yet manages to come home every week (doesn’t make sense to me) so yesterday we talked on the phone and we decide to put out differences aside and be together for the sake of our child and she tells me she wants to move back home and be with me and she needs me to be there for her. Today I get on her Instagram which I haven’t checked in awhile and I see a pic of Emily and this Carl guy all over each other and calling each other “husband and wife” and she’s wearing this wedding band on her finger. I confront her about it and she tells me Carl is her “best friend” and she and him have been close since 2006 but yet they are dating. She then snaps at me because I caught her lying and hiding things (such as not adding me on Facebook because he is all over her Facebook page) and she then breaks up with me for the 9th time only because I caught her. I then message this Carl Pollard guy on Facebook and he doesn’t reply but blocks me. -_- so bottom line is.. This girl deserves to be on the dirty because that’s just what she is.. Dirty. She lies, she is a golddigger, and she clearly is bipolar as fuck and needs help. This girl can’t be trusted what so ever and she deserves everything she is going to get.

I think everybody here agrees that you should put some pants on.- nik

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Once a cheater Always a Cheater

August 28, 2013 Cincinnati 5 9,779 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here’s spencer thornton. One of Northern Kentucky’s biggest losers. Ladies if you want a boy who will use you, cheat on you, then leave you here’s the boy for you. It’s been said he owes numerous people money. He has a thing for dating older women who will take care of him since he’s not stable enough to take care of himself. As you can see his good looks can help him land a girl but once they see what a piece of Sh*t he really is they don’t stick around long or he leaves them once he’s finished using them. rumor has it he dated a girl for while, till she found out he was sending pictures and trying to hook up with several whores. she made him get tested and they stopped fcking and broke up if that tells you anything… So again ladies if you want a boy with no goals or morals in life, a boy who will use you and cheat on you this is the one for you. Nik would you date someone like this? I wonder why any girl would want to.

Make a mental note ladies.- nik

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