Baby Dickie

September 19, 2013 Cincinnati 40 10,656 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is sarah dickie from Newport ky. Although she may appear somewhat innocent this girl is a undercover whore. I found naked picture of her in my friends phone doing the splits in a black thong lol I should’ve saved them. She makes every dude think she is holy and godly but in reality it doesn’t take much to f$$k her, She got pregnant in high school and get this.. she had a abortion because she wanted to cheer lead!!!! yep. cheer lead. she laid down and spread her legs and then ***led the baby to cheer lead. what a piece of shit

I think it was the right choice, not for cheerleading sack, for her inexperience in life.- nik

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River Rat Sloot

September 19, 2013 Cincinnati 2 6,865 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Victoria Osborne. its hard to say originally where she is from because she hops all over depending on where she can get paid for sex. She sleeps with old men for money, and that’s how she got pregnant. her babys daddy is in his 50s. She constantly lies to guys telling them she is pregnant so they will buy her things and stay with her. She never has her kid, to busy finding new sugar daddies. She had genital ** froze off a couple years ago. she will lie and manipulate to get what she wants from you! if you have money she will be your best friend!

I can’t see her having very many, if any, ‘friends’ (sugar daddies).- nik

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Under Cover Forgy

September 19, 2013 Cincinnati 5 6,370 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This right here is Josh Young from Newport KY. He looks like a damn rat with his teeth and balding hair. He doesn’t hold a job and collects SSI instead for his mental retardation. He is a coward and all he does is play video games! He is a winner. Im just wondering when he is going to come out of the closet???

I’m not seeing whats undercover about him.- nik

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My Friend Is Becoming A Porta Potty

September 14, 2013 Cincinnati, The Dirty 42 92,597 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m seriously worried that my friend is becoming a porta potty. This girl has been my best friend since she moved to town a few years ago, we immediately clicked because we were both financially independent from our parents and working multiple jobs trying to support ourselves through college. She is the most naturally beautiful girl I have ever seen, has the perfect body, and could have any guy she wanted. I would submit pics to prove this but I don’t want to blow her cover.

Anyway, when I first met her she had only had sex with a couple of guys and was VERY picky when it came to who she hung out with and dated. Now it seems she has no interest in finding a serious relationship and just wants to party. When we first met, I remember making fun of all the sugar babies at our college, she’d say things like “Sorry I actually work for my money and my sugar daddy doesn’t pay for everything,” we’d roll our eyes and laugh at all the bad botox and lip injections these sugar babies in their twenties were getting at our school and how it made them look 40.

Flash forward three years later, she’s hanging out with said sugar babies who we previously made fun of, and now has her very own sugar daddy. She kisses my ass begging me not to judge her or tell anyone about it. She showed me a pic of the man and I’m telling you seriously that I could not pretend to like this guy or want to hang out with him for all the money in the world. He’s fat and could be our grandfather. She claims that he’s just a lonely man (unmarried, SUPPOSEDLY) with money who wants to spoil her and keep him company. She claims she has never had to do anything sexually for him, but it’s still in the early stages of their SB/SD relationship so I’m thinking the more $$$ he spends on her the sooner he will expect something in return.

She thinks if she keeps hanging out with him that he will pay off all of her debt and score some nice designer handbags while she’s at it. She is currently accompanying him on a business trip in NYC, where he put her up in a ritzy hotel with him, has a spa day planned for her, and will probably take her shopping. She’s already snapchatted me pics of her flying in first class and then from inside the limo to the hotel.

This whole arrangement sounds too good to be true and I would be truly SHOCKED if this old trout does not expect any sexual favors in return. Do arrangements like this seriously exist or is she just being naive thinking he will spoil her and pay all her bills just to sit there and look pretty without giving any action? I would be very surprised is she actually did have sex with him, but I know even if she did she would never tell me. Sincerely, Confused.

Your friend is having sexual intercourse in exchange for money. Don’t try to talk yourself out of it. Her soul is gone.- nik

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Stacy Hudson

September 13, 2013 Cincinnati 161 15,391 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bro, this hoe done been wit everybody! She done smashed most the reds and half the bengals.. Plus she has three kids and three diff baby daddy’s! She money hungry and will let you get it for a drink or two!!

Lets see who else has pics of her passed out in their bed…- nik

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Dope Fien Netallia

September 13, 2013 Cincinnati 20 6,176 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Netallia M^^E. She is down right disgusting. She sleeps with guys she doesn’t even know and will do anything for you as long as you help her shoot some herion in her arms. this girl is 19 with 3 kids. Her first one died after birth from her drug use, the second one she doesn’t have custody and the lastest one was born addiceted to h*rion as well. the guy in the picture is “her babys father” so she says but we all doubt that! he also shoots up herion with her and is a wanna be rapper. she is sickly in love with him and puts him before her children. THIS IS THE WORST MOM IN THE AREA!!!

Does it bother anyone else that the guys eyebrows are more heavily tweezed then his chicks.- nik

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Victoria Mae Walker

September 11, 2013 Cincinnati 20 8,486 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: The chick that bit off her boyfriends ear is friends with Sibby, that is all that needs to be said.

Try say, her teeth are probably ground up enough to do the same.- nik

Also See: Victoria pulls a Mike Tyson

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Midget Psycho

September 10, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio 120 7,289 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik what do you call a girl who wears a fake diamond on her wedding finger when she’s not really engaged, there has to be a name for this. Arnela wants everyone to believe she is a “Model” so I figured I’d share her latest “Modeling” photo I love how her stomach sticks out further than her photo-shopped backside. Would you put your greg in this Oompa loompa? [Img: Cincy Street Wars]

Its called someone with a flat ass, she’s sticking it out which makes her look top heavy.- nik

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