Marissa Moore

March 24, 2014 Cincinnati 5 9,840 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was recently introduced to The Dirty by a good friend of mine. This is the greatest social media site since facebook. Some people need to be put on blast where the world can see. Nik, I just recently got home to the Cincinnati area. A friend of mine introduced Marissa Moore to me a few weeks ago at a bar. She seemed like your typical bar skank. I have no problem pounding out a few skanks here and there but I wouldn’t fck this girl double wrapped. I have been out 7 times since being home and seen her every time I’ve been out. I have witnessed her fucking a dude in the parking lot in a car outside the bar. I am totally cool with girls being down to fck in cars. But each night I have seen her she has left with a different guy. This is a small town and every guy she has left with has personally told me they fcked her in the parking lots of the bars. Tonight she left with not 1 but 2 guys! Get this she didn’t go home with them. She straight fcked both in the parking lot. Nik, please keep an eye out for this chick! Or I guess you could say keep an eye out in bar parking lots. Skank

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Northern Kentucky’s Finest

March 24, 2014 Cincinnati 39 8,528 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Kari. I’d like to start with the fact that Kari has not FOUR, but FIVE children. Three different fathers. Two of whom are in prison! Who gives up a baby for adoption, and then turns around has another? You can find this tramp in Northern Kentucky chasing all the m*th heads around, while her kids tag along! This poor, clueless girl thinks she is hot shit! When really, shes just a piece of shit mother with a wrecked vagina. Jymi has cheated on her several times, yet she continues to go back, even though he beats her and cooks meth in front of her and her children. Poor kids. DFS has been called, but nothing ever came of it. Beware of Kari Sholars, her meth, and her diseased vagina!

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Hottest Girl In NKY

March 21, 2014 Cincinnati 90 7,338 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the town bicycle of Northern KY, Megan Badar, everyone gets a ride! Sure, she’s ugly as sin, but that doesnt stop her from hooking up with anyone willing to give her 5 minutes of their time because she’s desperate for attention. And guys in this area are desperate enough to sleep with her because she’s easy. She’s so obsessed with having a “fairytale” relationship she’s willing to destroy everyone else’s because she’s unhappy with herself. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in a year because she’s bat shit crazy and a 5 star clinger who stalked her ex and wouldn’t give him back his clothes (he was a service member of the US). She is low life scum who thinks she’s cute shit. Someone please tell this bitch to sit the ck down!

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Raunchy loose Crystal Branham

March 19, 2014 Cincinnati 6 8,008 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Crystal Branham. She is a lying prostitute. She will fck, suck, and take in her loose asshole for only 40$. She smells like carpe. And she doesn’t know how to shower right! Eww!!! Most of the time when she sells her self she doesn’t use condoms. So u already know what that means….she is carrying and passing around drdS! IMPORTANT MESSAGE…… Crystal Branham is also an informant and has snitched n lied on more than one person

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Sarah Jones v. – Oral Argument Scheduled

March 19, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 95 106,204 Views

As you know… I’ve been in a legal battle with former Cincinnati Bengal cheerleader Sarah Jones for over 4 years now. Well, here’s a quick update on the case…

Yesterday the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued an order allowing amicus (friend of the court) briefs to be filed by Google, Facebook, AOL, Gawker, Twitter, Yahoo, YouTube and many others who have all agreed that the law is 100% on my side. Sarah Jones asked the Court to reject these briefs, but the Court allowed them over her objection. If her position was so strong, why would she try to block other websites from adding their views to the discussion?

Also, today the Court scheduled oral argument in our appeal for May 1, 2014 at 9:00 AM in Cincinnati. I will be there in person and if you care about keeping America free, you should come and watch. This case has the potential to kill free speech and to destroy your constitutional right to express your opinions, positive or negative. Don’t let these anti-American censors control your right to think.

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Obese Wannabe Milf Skuzzy Amanda Ross

March 16, 2014 Cincinnati 26 7,149 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fat stretch mark is amanda ross. This sloot is so thirsty she will take the d from anywhere and anybody wherever you want to put it. She goes around all the bars in cincinnati trying to get a piece of dick wherever she can get it with her fat ugly ass. She is an attention seeking used up whore. I dont know a girl who doesnt know a guy who she has tried to f*ck or suck. Please nik put this trashy hoebag on blast.

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NKY Cheating Lying Trash!

March 15, 2014 Cincinnati 7 5,920 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this would be Rebecca Weber. She has been married for the last 8 or 9 so years and is a cheater. She plays the guys she with against one another and is a pro at playing dumb about it! She informed me how she was going through a divorce and how the husband beat her, yet She still lives there with her husband and 3 kids!!! She makes enough to get out, so why hasn’t she, or even moved in with family if it’s so bad!? What kind of mother would keep her kids in that situation? God only knows how many people she’s sleeping with other than obviously with her husband! She’s trying to work things out with him secretly and has flings on the side! Good luck to any guy that she convinces she’s a decent person, it’s not like she’s much to look at, who likes a unattractive fat whore? and not only be dumb enough to date her!!!!!

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Shannon Large Aka Rich Large Perving On Underage GIrls

March 15, 2014 Chicago, Cincinnati, Dirty Army Strong, Fort Wayne 4 6,110 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this douche is Shannon Richard “Rich” Large. He’s from Kentucky but is currently residing in Fort Wayne, IN. Shannon goes on POF looking for underage girls just to have sex with. He recently tried hooking up with my friend (who is only 16) but she got fed up with him trying to get in her pants and found out that he was hooking up and smoking pot with this girl named Bailey Allen of Lowell, MI. What guy in his mid 20′s sends dick pics to underage girls? That’s just sick!! Nik this perv needs to be put on blast!

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