Jennifer Cheating Wife

March 10, 2014 Cincinnati 3 9,400 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Jennifer She is married for the last 15+ years and cheats and has a real nasty drd! Lies about who she is with been fired for stealing from the bar she worked at. I have seen her steal from her doctor’s office that she works at now. Told me how she was divorced and how the husband mistreat her. She still lives with her husband!!! This is one whore you all need to run from. When my kid said she smacked her in the face I was done! Hangs out in Union Kentucky bars. Likes her drugs pot and a pill popper. Found out she ripped off her last boyfriend for a couple of grand. Was told she hit his kids and hers is why he broke up with her. Good luck to any poor soul dumb enough to date her!

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Skylar the Liar

March 8, 2014 Cincinnati 10 10,607 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Skylar is a lying attention whore who has nothing better to do (besides working her crumby job at Frisch’s Big Boy) but post on her Facebook daily about how her boyfriend beats her, how he uses her for money, then cheats on her. Let me clarify, this has been a consistent string of boyfriends she claims this has happened with, yet she always takes them back. She is a self-proclaimed country girl who wouldn’t mind taking a shotgun to a cheating boyfriends tires, seriously… She thinks she is Carrie Underwood, apparently, not anywhere close. This air-head GIRL is an embarrassment to WOMEN, no doubt. But then again, who can blame this girl for being so f*cked up? Her mother is an even bigger bar-hopping, GUNS N ROSES has-been, drug addict who did time for having sex with a minor and her father is a complete fruit cake. Good luck Sky…hope you can find your way out of this before you get knocked up.

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Crystal Monday

March 6, 2014 Cincinnati 9 8,477 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I’m here to forewarn all of nky about this desperate fat ass! This dirty butt spends all of her time stalking her ex boyfriends and ex fcks. She is married, yet still is steadily texting and facebooking her ex’s. Always trying to cause problems in their relationships instead of worrying about being a mom and a wife. She has even been know to follow her ex fcks current girlfriends around to try and get dirt to cause more problems. This girl needs to spend half as much time being concerned with her husband as she does other men!

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Moms of the Year

March 6, 2014 Cincinnati 9 7,276 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce to you the Roden sisters ohh where do I start? Both are whores the oldest sister Ticia also as robin in the first photo has six children only has 4 in her custody because she dosent take care of her children she dosent give them baths or wash their clothes not to mention their enviroment is so nasty you need a gas mask to even step into it. Due to all the garbage laying around dog shit ect… In fact I feel that it needs to be knocked down because their so much garbage in it…. They usually don’t eat at the end of the month because she sells her food stamps to buy herion in fact she lives off the government she gets housing , insurance, and food stamps. Not to mention child support for the oldest two that never is spent on them but its spent on her habit which is usually taken by her sister Andrea the second picture, you know where all the cellulite is I’m sure you can’t miss it…. Now this sister only has one kid she live with her sister in that nasty house she sells herion because she can’t keep a job and instead of having her own place she buys shoes and balls out at goodwill, if you ever met Andrea you would think she was this well accomplished mom who is the shit by the way she talks about herself she thinks she can just talk to anyone any type of way, but she had like three charges from steeling from Walmart (ballin!) haha low life peice of shit sells herion well what’s left of what she has because she does so much of her own supply that there is barely any left to make money on, an then she wants to ask everybody she knows to lend her money so she can get more and throw a bitch fit when they want their money back ! These bitches need a reality Check how they have their children in their custody still (well the ones that are still in their custody) I have no idea not to mention the oldest one supposed to have herpes which I’m sure is true because if she’s not online posting half naked pictures of herself and playing kids games online she taking a whore bath because she does not really take real showers no she just wipes down to get ready for a new man that she stocks an obsesses about , in fact her conversation with other people is rarely about her children no it’s about her guys that she’s talking to at that time….. And she’s always making every situation about herself , your family member could have just passed away and you could be trying to talk to her about it to get some support and she will turn the conversation around on her problems and make it where she is the bigger victim. That is after she try’s to bum a cigg off you because she never had any money to buy anything for herself it’s already spent on dope. I am ashamed to know these people and their kids deserve better!

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Incest Love Story Tatiana Sheilds

March 5, 2014 Cincinnati 52 7,002 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tatiana Sheilds has incest sex with her cousin they take pictures in their underwear together they sleep in the same bed together and after looking into it futher is when I found out they were sleeping together

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Norwood Man Child

March 4, 2014 Cincinnati, University Of South Carolina 28 8,082 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: The cheapest Norwood piece of shit mooch there is ! 4 years of living in my house and asking to me to marry me with my own grandmothers ring and calling off and pushing back our wedding does he decide get off the pot over shitting – he’s a mess ; waste ; horrible person . He’ll tell you what you want to hear to make his life feasible and then when it comes down to acting on his words he’ll back out. Like the cowardly Douche he is ! Chris mills you owe my mother 10K for our supposed to be wedding that your cheap ass family couldn’t put a penny into but had time to remodel their kitchen and bath . The mills family is nothing but selfish people acting immature or like their head is up their own ass ! You can find james christopher mills living at his parent house not lashing for your diinner and scoiding showed at his parent basement in goshen * Ohio … Did I mention he smokes black and mills like the classy gentleman he is ?!? He stinks like dirty balls .. Mostly bc his balls are dirty bc he’s a child and needs someone to remind him to showder !!!

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Alicia “Rachet” Brewer

March 3, 2014 Cincinnati 59 7,900 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Alicia aka Bubbles. This girl is truly one of the most ridiculous people that I have ever met. She can spend three minutes with a girl an than claim that she’s besties for life. If you can’t feel the fakeness radiating off her listen to this, after someone who had just met her let her move in to their home after they found out she was a prostitution “victim”.  Which she got her boyfriend/pimp prison time, an then hit up some of her old clientele an then bragged about it. She constantly stole from them, cheated their friends out of money she was going to “pay back”. Which when it came time to pay back she would start sh*t with them. Got kicked out of the first place moved into someones house who once again thought was her friend. There she proceeded to do the same thing. Got kicked out again. Called CPS on the couple for revenge. If that’s not bad enough the girl has slept with so many guys, an has had several threesomes in a night. In fact all 3 guys pictured above had sex with her in a single night. Girl is nothing but a party’s cheese tray being passed around. An all while trying to get back with her baby daddy. Who has her kid because she’s to unfit to actually care for her. This girl is inside an out rachet. So Nik what do you think, how much do you think she’s worth a night?

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Heroin Is The Worst Drug

March 3, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 76 88,625 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, out of kindness of my heart I let this girl stay with me, even though I knew she was a huge addict and needed help.  Well, this nasty addict robbed me at the end.  I guess helping her was a huge mistake and sucks she decided to take advantage of someone willing to help her.  Watch out Drexel she will screw you over eventually.

All drug addicts steal and I hate when they are in denial of being thieves.- nik

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