Cincinnati | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Bitchy Brandy

September 26, 2014 Cincinnati 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can’t believe this sloot hasn’t been on your site yet. She’s one of the trashiest sloots in all of Kenton county. She’s one of those I think I’m hot bc guys wanna fck me when in reality guys wanna fck her bc they know she’s always open for business. This bitches sad boyfriend is the sweetest and nicest guy. And in the service. While he’s gone bitch brandy is always at play. She definitely thinks she’s one of the hottest bitches and prowls on other ladies bfs for attention. She’s dirt ass poor, but somehow is always in designer. Once again poor bf. nik, do I even dare ask?

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Eric S. Downs

September 24, 2014 Cincinnati 84


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy uses woman for sex and then just stops talking to them. He always acts like he’s sooo busy until he wants a booty call. He’s inexperienced and very small in a very important sexual area. He doesn’t know how to pleasure a woman, that’s for sure! He’s a second shift supervisor at Sc**eider Electric in Oxford, Ohio. He’s very repulsive in bed and makes you feel and do things you don’t want to. He can’t kiss you without your mouth getting soaked with his smelly saliva. A very unpleasant and uncomfortable experience to say the least. Fcking user and loser is what he truly is! And he has a funny looking dick.

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Independence Thot

September 24, 2014 Cincinnati 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this one thinks she’s hot shit…. She says she is trying to get her kid back but she smokes dope four days a week and then drinks something so she can pass her piss test. She’s not trying or else she would do anything plus trying to screw other women’s husband and shit… What a pathetic excuse for a mom yet alone herself…. Maybe she will get her shit together and actually do something with her life…. Plus maybe she could get her head out of her ass and get a job but that won’t happen she’s to busy smoking m*th. Dumb bitch.

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Paging Sarah Jones aka Sarah York

September 22, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 164


I don’t understand what Sarah York’s problem is? — Just cut me a check and move on. You came after me for 5 years and you lost!!!! You owe me money. Don’t make me come after your car, home or Cody’s Jordans. I played by the rules, now it’s your turn.- nik

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Jackie Wright

September 9, 2014 Cincinnati 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jackie a filthy whore that will let homeboys run train on her for a pack of cigarettes and pop! Jackie house is the dirtiest house Iv’e ever seen roaches all over the walls and baby gnats flying everywhere. Dirty ass clothes laying all over the floors lets her kids take their own diapers of throw em on floor she will let them sit till they get real strong pee smell! Thats just the house but Jackie pssy has been ran through hell n back the hoe has and may as well still be a over the rhime trick to support her off and on crack habit. Jackie mother Sandra Wright sucks Jackies homeboys up while jackie asleep or in the other room she has even let her mom watch her get fuck this dose not sound real but believe me its true she goes hard

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Rebecca Clements

September 8, 2014 Cincinnati 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this BITCH claimed I was her babydaddy, I took care of rachet hoe till I found out she was fuking a nigga that lived in the westend and living with him damn shame and the nasty bitch eats pussy! Rebecca left her fb open on phone and i seen the messages she was sending some trick exchanging pics of her suck this other nigga dick! Nudes of her self while expose to pregnant with my son! Dirty bitch will fck anything that will offer her a hot meal and place to sleep always crying her mommy didn’t want her i see why bitch was fuking her step dad!

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What is a 5head

September 8, 2014 Cincinnati 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these wonderful ladies are Anna and Megan. They’re in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area and I like to refer to Anna (the brunette s**t) as the Firehouse Wh*re. And Megan is her puppy dog b**ch. Anna took it upon herself to start sleeping with her boss and destroying his relationship that we all knew about. All while having a man of her own and her puppy dog b**CH was there to fight all her battles for her. This girl is dirty and belongs on the dirty.

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The Definition of a Sociopath

September 4, 2014 Cincinnati 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Becca Fay, you know there’s honestly nothing good I can say about her. Only that she does a great job at making her insignificant life look somewhat interesting on the internet. The amount of people she has hurt in her 28 years is tremendous. She tries to tear down everyone in her path. She doesn’t care about herself or anyone else in this world. It\s disgusting and pathetic. She’s a complete sociopath. Well liked because of her manipulative charm. She blames everyone else for her shortcomings. She is an untalented “artist”, failed hairstylist with no ambitions other than to ruin other peoples lives. She feels no guilt for the awful lies she tells. She’s a parasite. Who does she think she’s kidding? not even herself well enough apparently because all she can ever do is talk about killing herself. Which is fucked up because her friend, who I won’t name out of respect, recently committed suicide. She dealt with that by doing drugs all day and enabling her other friends with problems to continue down their destructive paths. She left her friend clearly OD’ing on her doorstep to die. Her ex-boyfriend finally ended it with her cheating ass(Austin Fields and Kyle Harker)since then she’s been with over 50 people. NOT AN EXAGGERATION! unprotected. She has the c**p& drd and claims shes having a miscarriage with every period. She’ll never stop lying and being a piece of shit. But you know I don’t really care she is a bad daughter, friend, and all around person and I’m not. I’m Happy.

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