Diamond Doll Ginger

February 18, 2014 Cincinnati 72 8,609 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Destinne Burtch, AKA Ginger, she works at Diamonds. She spends most of her life on her knees. She Will try and guilt tips out of you with stories of her criminal ex boyfriend Eric, her abusive ex Steven and her mean and neglectful boyfriends Jeff. If that doesn’t work she will move on to how she has lost 3 cars in 6 months and now has a car she can’t afford the payments on so she will do “anything” if you just help her out. Then If that still hasn’t got you making it rain on her the tragic story of her special needs kid Camero, and how his dad beat and raped her and she is a poor single mom that was raised being raped by every male family member she had, and how her dad burnt down her house and whatever else she can make up. Now if after all this guilt doesn’t work she will start rubbing your dick asking for a dance, and if you turn her down she will track you down on facebook an talk shit to you an then block you, because she after all is the sexiest women to ever live. This girl started off at Cheeks at the age of 17 fcking and sucking the owner for a job, now at 19 thinks she is a classy “entertainer” don’t call her a stripper because she thins she so much more, for $400 she will come to your house and fuck you. In her new white car she calls Bunny. She is always the victim and always looking for pity.

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Kristin is Good At Angles

February 17, 2014 Cincinnati 39 9,580 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t let this girl fool you online. Her name is Kristin, from Middletown. She is good at pics, but when you meet her in person.. Fat fat fat. I still gave her the chance and let me tell you, she is banged out too. From what I heard, she is looking for an older man with $ to help with the saggy +2s. Your typical Cinci slore.

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I Use To Dance With Samantha Eger

February 15, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 51 97,850 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I use to dance with Samantha Eger and even at one point look up to her until I found out her secret that she is a “sugar baby” and escort. This girl has no degree and ran a kiosk at a mall for a couple months which failed. There is no way she can afford red bottoms and trips all over the world all while never working. How obvious when you go on a trip without any friends and your all alone in every pic that your there with a sugar daddy aka a old creepy man paying you for sex. Really sad that the girls in the midwest are picking up on this too it used to just be Vegas and other big cities. Do you think selling your soul for a trip and material things is really worth it Nik?

Maybe she spray paints the bottom of her shoes red.- nik

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Meanwhile In Kentucky…

February 13, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 63 101,548 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so embarrassed to see things like this walking around everyday. Its like men here have absolutely no standards, when they find someone like her attractive. I happened to come across her facebook, as “someone I may know”. Ugh, as soon as I saw these awful photos I had to submit them. There are plenty more I wish I could show them all. They are all equally awful.

I always thought if we had to pick a state to nuke and start over it had to be Jersey, but I’ve changed my mind.  Kentucky needs to be destroyed.  This girl wrapped in the flag is a terrorist act to me.- nik

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Stay Away From Lexus Management

February 13, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 164 111,782 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my husband and I have spent the last 12 months living at Charleston Pines in Florence and I wanted to submit a review in hopes that others will steer clear of this community and their management. I don’t even know where to begin. The rent is high in my opinion (my husband and I were paying well over a grand a month for a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment) and the apartments had no amenities like a playground or park for our 6 year old son, no tennis court, nothing. The pool is always filled with kids running around during the day and at night, obnoxious college kids fill up area. There is always so much noise from kids running around on the floors above you, college kids partying 4 times a week, and the worst is the nasty stench that comes through the vents from neighbors. The food the people around you cook comes through your apartments ventilation and it’s impossible to get rid of. No matter how much you complain, management refuses to do anything about the noise or the smell. Before moving I paid about 300 dollars to get my carpet steam cleaned and once I had left I got a bill in the mail stating the management wanted me to pay to replace the carpet. WTF? We left our apartment in perfect condition it was unbelievable. When we called all they would say is we better pay or they are sending us to collections and it would ruin our credit. This place is a joke. All the care about is taking your money and their advertising is way off. The apartments may be nice and spacious but the noise, smell, and attitude of management is not worth it. There are way better places to live in the area and much cheaper too. STAY AWAY FROM LEXUS MANAGEMENT THIEVES!

Dude are you really complaining? You live in Northern Kentucky… go bang your cousin already.- nik

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Alex is Awful

February 12, 2014 Cincinnati 6 5,248 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alex Arrelano is the BIGGEST dirt ball in Ohio. He cheats on his girlfriend all the time with anyone from mynt and even wil hang around riverfront trying to pick up old nasty ladies-which he has and he takes them to his moms house its disgusting. Don’t fall for his games he is all talk! He has a 2015 truck in the shop, his nice apartment in the city is having renovations done and he looks nothing like the photos he is much fatter in person cause his trainer wants him to gain weight to get bigger muscles or something- I don’t know it’s all ridiculous just a heads up girls!

This ain’t the hunger games brah.- nik

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Samantha Loves Herself

February 11, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 98 98,581 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Samantha E she lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and she is a porta potty. Sam goes on vacations alone, takes 1,000 photos a day and has no REAL friends, (probably because she tries to sleep with her friends boyfriends) Her hobbies include, taking photos of herself, videos of herself, and stalking celebs via social media. She looks like a cross between a Asian Grandma and a chipmunk.  Sam thinks she is the hottest girl in the world because she has nothing to do but lay around hung over, fantasizing about living off some rich dude for the rest of her pathetic life.  Little does she know everyone in Cincinnati thinks she is a joke.  Sam likes to post on photos of pregnant chicks calling them inappropriate for posting photos of their baby baby bumps, yet she thinks it’s appropriate to be a porta potty and take videos of herself rubbing her vag.  Classy.

No need to suck in.  You’re from Ohio, strong female guts are the norm.- nik

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Sick of ‘Tina’s’ Lies

February 10, 2014 Cincinnati 10 6,016 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m sick of this shit. This city has gotten so bad that even the girls have dicks now. This is “Tina” as it calls itself. I was totally fooled, now lookin back I don’t know why I was but Jesus I was fooled. Tina is actually a man named Markus Halloway. He had a gener reassignment or whatever he calls it. Funny thing is, ITS NOT COMPLETE. He will sweet talk you over text and emails but won’t talk on phone, now I realize it’s because it still sounds way too much like a man! After sending many pics that may or may not even be him, and getting your hopes up and making you drive for 40 minutes to meet up, he will stop texting you when you arrive off his exit and then proceed to come clean about not being a real girl. I guess he thinks if he puts in the time and makes you drive all the way to him, you’ll just say oh well I’m here night as well still screw a guy! It’s unreal! What do you think nik? Would you have ever fallen for these pics??

Looks like he’s cupping his greg in the last pic.  AKA, its a man.- nik

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