Hooters Gal

July 17, 2014 Cincinnati 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty cock sucking hooters girl has been getting with my man while hooking up with another married man. Clearly she just likes to be sloppy seconds. Get your own man and stay away from guys who are already taken. You are nothing but a home wrecking whore! Get a life, stop stealing men. Get a real job, hooters is trashy (FYI the hooters you work at was voted the ugliest girls in ky.) and who the fuck smiles like a 10year old little girl in selfies. Cnt, get it together!

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Desperation At It’s Finest

July 9, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 145

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Arnela please realize you’re built like a little boy in a training bra. This girl now has a Sugar Daddy named Tom who pays her rent and pays for her flights to Miami so she is taking photos to keep the money coming. I heard someone ran over your foot and now you will not only have a shovel face but a gimp foot. Karma always catches up to people who treat others badly. Enjoy your karma Arnela. Please stop wearing but pads it looks like your wearing a diaper, not a good look at all.

Arnela never wears pants that fit her.- nik

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Real Life MTV Catfish

July 9, 2014 Cincinnati 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am Madeline Elizabeth Deangelis-Fried and am only 22 yo with 12 visible mug shots. All searchable on google. Check me out…  I am the definition of a CATFISH. I lie about my numerous degrees and tell people about outlandish stories of how Im a big shot offering random people positions at my “EnvyLine” company, only to make you work hard and not pay you. I also promise to take you on trips for paid work that never comes to fruition, only wasting everyones time and energy with my fake life. I will say that I am out of town on a trip when I am really just sitting in jail doing my time for the many offenses against the law I have committed. I need mental help and to stop using people and adderal and get to reality. What 21 year old has a PR degree, a head hunting degree, a real state license, a marketing degree, a message license, has a talent agency and etc?

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Kristen Helm-Schneider

July 7, 2014 Cincinnati 21


THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl has been posted before, so to those sick of seeing her on here maybe you should tell her to change her dirty ways. Her name is Kristen Helm-Schneider formerly Kristen Berlier she has been posted for ho’ing around giving into any sort of male attention that she receives and so on and so forth.. Well she is back at it only she is MARRIED now and still doing the dirty, and as if just cheating and hooking up were not bad enough she was dumb enough to let one of her hookups take her picture! Smile for the camera Kristen maybe you should get off your knees and quit sneaking around on your man doll. Don’t worry Nik you shouldn’t have to add to many hearts she takes almost the whole d in her mouth anyways.

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Be a mom Jessica

July 7, 2014 Cincinnati 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: I lived with this cracked out nasty bitch, she is so fukking dirty! She now has 2 kids, when I lived with her she didn’t even take care of the first one. Her boyfriend was always trying to fukk me, the house was disgusting and she would have guys over when he wasn’t there. Here are some pictures of her as a “go-go-dancer”. Like she needs a reality check!

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Craigslist Affair

July 1, 2014 Cincinnati 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: I found emails between her and my now ex boyfriend she is married and was looking on craigslist to get fucked. I want to find out who she is and her husband to know what a whore his wife is. James is the name of the guy she’s been talking to since may.16.

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Look out DOTD

June 30, 2014 Cincinnati, Cleveland 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: So the famous Mandie Mayheam is fleeing off to make some cash at days of the dead! Beware any guys that end up with her she has a police record for hooking and is carrying a few drds. This nasty fake horse teeth having m*th head has been working her way across ohio. Enjoy her! She’s cheap and easy. Get her drunk and give her some meth and you are all set! Don’t let her lies fool you about how she has changed she is still the same nasty girl she was in high school only now she’s gothic and it’s mth not coke. She will steal from you any chance she gets.

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Amanda Cox/Mandie Mayheam can’t cover the truth

June 20, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: She ends to stop trying to cover the truth up, she’s not a personal trainer she’s a mth head hooker. I find it funny she is posting on Facebook about burning sage, to rid her self of negititve people. When she is the most horrid person I have ever met. She is trying to hard to cover up what she is and it never lasts. Since I’ve known her she has took pride in making a girl commite **cide from having sex with her husband, and destroying a family and taking a guy away from his 2 kids,bragged about being the lead singer of fadder heads ohio groupie, just to name a few of the things she would cry about and try and be the victim. She has be nasty since high school she’s always been ducking peoples boyfriends, because no guy will date her. and if she thinks her fake teeth are covering anything she’s dumber then I thought. She should have saved up and got a nose job. She claims that she’s not a hooker he police record days different.

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