A Crazy Birch

June 17, 2014 Cincinnati 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik! I was hoping you could post this crazy chick’s picture so everyone will know how completely insane she is before getting involved. Jennifer REALLY wants a baby daddy and will make up whatever story she needs to pin him in. Beware! Who lives and mooches off their ex-boyfriend AND claims he’s the father when it’s clear that he is not (this girl does)?! With no job, she’s a REAL winner with a TON of time to stalk and threaten her exes’ new ladies. A photo is worth 1000 words.

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You are Not the Father

June 17, 2014 Cincinnati 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cecilia Litchfield, bogus pregnancy blame, 2 months ago, Amelia + Glen-Este (CLERMONT COUNTY OHIO) Cincinnati

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Sarah Jones vs. Dirty World

June 16, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 547


If you haven’t heard the news… IT’S OVER. Sarah Jones made $0.00. The check above is what Radar Online was talking about in their article >>Click Here<<. It started at $11 million.

Yes, I’m an American Hero who saved the internet. Sarah, let me know where I need to deposit the check. God bless.- nik


(Click on the Image to read the Judgement)

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Amanda Cox/Mandie Mayheam Follow Up

June 11, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 31



THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is some proof she is a drd carrying prostitute. Girl is drama. She was arrested a few more times, but this was the only thing I could find. goggled her name and found some interesting pictures. I have met her and she is as fake as her hair,tan and teeth. You can see she has no teeth in the pictures. M*th not even once.

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Running from her past, Mandie Mayheam/Amanda Cox

June 9, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 28


THE DIRTY ARMY: I have known this sloot for years. She ran around the Cincinnati area goth scene as a “go go dancer” sleeping with any wanna be rock star and whoring her self out and con’s. She tried to become a pin up model, but she had a mouth full of meth teeth, so all the pictures she is covering her mouth or has it closed. Soon she had been used up by everyone in Cincinnati so she ran off to Dayton to start “new”, but everyone already knew her game and well she was working at the harem where she was arrested for hooking and meth teeth don’t lie. So next she finally spent enough time on her back to buy new big fake horse teeth. Then she was off to Columbus to where she is currently spreading her overly used and abused vagina all over sway in both Columbus and Cincinnati. She tried to post on FB that she is a positive and good person, but she is still the same attention starved whore she\s always been. She has a lot of guy “friends” that send texts and send naked pictures to. This girl is bad news and nothing but a lying thieving whore. don’t let her fool you, buying new teeth can’t change what you are. I lived with her I have seen her with no make up she has facial hair like a man, her pussy smells. She is NASTY!

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Shannon Gress

June 6, 2014 Cincinnati, Cleveland 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone thinks she’s hot but I don’t see it , sge a dirty ho tho , I mean Nik rate her , would you do her ?

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Rachel is prostituting her Johnson

June 6, 2014 Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dirty Mugshots 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this is Rachel Johnson and boy oh boy has drugs taken a toll on her , I mean check s before pic with her recent mugshot. She’s giving “full body massages” on the backpage dayton ohio under the name Bella. Word on the streets is that her mom has a**s and she sleeps with the same men her nasty mom Sandy johnson sleeps with so you know she has aids also. She tried to wear a wire and snitch on some dope boys but they found out and shot her in the leg lol this bitch is like a cockroach and I think everyone needs to know. Post her in Cincinnati Ohio, ohio state since you dont have dayton.

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Snitch Justo

June 4, 2014 Cincinnati 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Justo is nothin but a rat snitch bitch. he thinks hes the hottest promoter in the city but no one comes to his shows because hes a snitch. he got a guy 23 years in lockdown and still out here walking the streets because the police protect him he steals from every chick he gets with and then leaves them with a drd they cant get rid of he claims to fck with bad bitchs but he sleeps with any chick that will have him living with his momma and aint got shit. worst promoter ever thats why he gets fired from ever place he worked at hes been exposed so much on fb he must not care that everyone knows hes a rat and here is copys of the paperwork so everyone can know the truth

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