Predator Perv Alert

February 6, 2014 Cincinnati 856 9,044 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is William Willet (aka – William Howe). A local Cinci “model/actor”. All girls & women BEWARE of this PREDATOR!! He’s out for whatever he can get and drives around the tri-state areas of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky ,prowling for fresh meat while he’s on “shoots” or gigs. Alleged pedo bear charges in 2012 – youngest crush was only 15 yrs.old!, banned from 3 local area yoga studios for harassing instructors and female students,fired from his job at P & G for sexual harassment in 2013. A lot of local area photographers , models and artists are creeped out by this guy. He has a bad rep. Hes a sleazy con job , who comes at the ladies like a fake Prince Charming. When he thinks he’s got you, he turns into Mr. Hyde and hurls verbal insults at you and takes temper tantrums. Emotionally a six year old. He’s an abuser,control freak, self proclaimed Casanova, and lies about his age. He’s really 46 – not 30! Cyber stalks his exes , or “love interests”. Thinks he’s all that, but actually is a huge loser. This wolf in sheep’s clothing just opened up a “Modeling/Acting Agency” on Facebook , called “Modeling & Simulation.” Guess he needs a new way of hunting new female flesh over the Net, and is charging $10 per month to be a part of his scam?! Don’t fall for this fraud! It’s just another one of his crazy predatory schemes to make money off of innocent souls , and to stalk and use girls/women! This dude needs to be taught a lesson on how to be a real human being. Or get caught , which would help protect good people out there. Don’t fall for this monster disguised as a human being. You’ll only be sorry. He blames everyone else for the crap he pulls, and always plays the victim. He talks bad about everybody he knows. If he doesn’t get his way with the ladies, he stalks , harasses and smears them online! If you see him – RUN AWAY!!

That mask hides a lot a years.- nik

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Horror Bag

February 5, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 35 7,808 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: HORRORBAG, Her name is Katie Perdew. She sits on POF and has dudes wire her money and runs with it. She is completely loose and ugly. EWWWW.

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Cyndi Coug

February 4, 2014 Cincinnati 9 8,541 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cyndi Kuhn is disgusting. She has moved from many men in the time I’ve known her, what is more mind boggling is the fact most she didn’t even care to be with example her ex Jeff Moore wanted to marry her this dirty cunt waited until after they got back from a vacation to dump him. She also exhibited the same behaviors to her ex husband telling him she needs “space,” so he leaves for a week as asked and when he returns she has divorce papers. Her relationship status isn’t even the worse part she pretend to be a loving gentle person but she is more like a lying, two faced old dried up cunt. She has no remorse for how he treats her children ex: she rather have a relationship with her sons ex and could care less about him just as long as it benefits her she will never care for your feelings, thoughts or how she treats you. She has no family values but if you’re raised but trash you’re bound to act like it. So men of ohio if you’re looking for a trashy bombshell cougar with no remorse for you or your feelings or someone who will use you and dump you or a lying back stabbing cunt with no family values then you have found your match.

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HIllary Skagg

February 3, 2014 Cincinnati 232 10,417 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is nasty she likes to go back and forth woth dudes and fuck with there heads

Her stomach acts as the table.- nik

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Steve Logan is Ugly

January 31, 2014 Cincinnati 157 7,650 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Steve Logan. He thinks he is gods gift to earth because he is good looking. But really he is ugly. He is an arrogant asshole that didn’t even bother to respond when I messaged him on fb he just read it and ignored me like he is a celebrity or something because he was on some stupid reality tv show like 10 years ago. He constantly post shit about being a good person trying to act like he is such a saint along with selfies. Put his ass on blast and show him he is nothing but a loser that works on the railroad not a celebrity in magazines. Just a racist hillbilly dousch. His pictures prove he is full of himself. Oh! By the way he is also friends with Arnela and Sarah Jones! Funny how these groups of people run together!

Steve Logan lives on a couch.- nik

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Ashley Cannot be Trusted

January 29, 2014 Cincinnati 13 9,467 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Let me introduce Ashley Cox or Mia her stripper name, this girl is a leach and she has had her hooks into one of my friends for a while now. Its like the old saying “You Can’t Shake a Whore Tree and Expect an Angel to Fall Out” My friend keeps waiting on her to turn into an angel but she never will. She tells him that he is the only one she is seeing. Right ! She is a dancer at a strip club in Dayton were she offers “take out” to anyone that’s willing. She called me last week needing some $ and wanted me to take her to a hotel for a good time “anything goes” she said, so I text my friend to let him know what she was up to ! Ha Ha So while she is texting my friend saying “I would never do that” she is texting me telling me “How good she will make it”

Solo act?- nik

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Heres the Proof

January 28, 2014 Cincinnati 41 8,030 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so since she wants to act. innocent heres the proof. Holly Stephens cheats on her. fiance any chance she gets. She wants to say she. can expose someone so now this fake bitch can be exposed. Karmas a bitch

She’s got the trunk…- nik

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Cheryl Is Not A Good Person

January 27, 2014 Cincinnati 8 9,855 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this lady is out on parole for drugs she marries men and still sleeps around and ivolves step children she is a confirmed user and helps from one bed too another she works at the farm store and is spreading sexual diases stay clear she take you for everything you have.

Nice photo bomb.- nik

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