Ohio Has No Sexy Ladies

January 22, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 44 96,697 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s where the sexy bitches of Dayton Ohio are to be found at, Diamonds Cabaret in Centerville Ohio!  Quit posting the lame, thirsty bitches and show off our sexy, yummy ones! If you ever make it to Ohio you gotta go to Diamonds, its fully nude!  The best club in Dayton for real!

Next time you plug your strip club please don’t include your strippers. I will never go to Diamonds.- nik

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Annie Schulte is a Homewrecker

January 21, 2014 Cincinnati 48 8,550 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is ratchet!! I see her out every week at all the bars on the west side trying to bring home a different dude each time even though she’s got a baby and a man. Last week she was trying to get my boyfriend to take her home by saying she was to drunk to drive but that shit wasn’t going to happen. She tells her boyfriend that she is staying home with her baby an she can’t hang out but then is really out at the local bars and drops her kid off at her mammals house. Im telling you this chick is nasty! I even found gross picturs on my dudes phone of her tryin to be sexy~bi*ch ain’t got it. I’m tired of seeing this sleeve out thinking she can sleep with any guy on the west side. Ugly skunk needs to be put on blast Nik!!

Question is, who is home with the baby…- nik

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Pain Pill Prego

January 16, 2014 Cincinnati, Ohio 119 7,286 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is BilliSkye Rye, she pronounces it “buhhhl-skye”, totally fitting. Watch out for this slore, she will bleed you dry of your money, sleep with every ex you’ve ever been with, sabotage your car and find your family on facebook to spread rumors that you are a prostitute, that is, if she feels threatened in any way. This girl is on major drugs, she has no regard for being pregnant, she says she knows who that father of her child is, but she was in fact sleeping with another guy at the same time. She steals pills from her father to get high and sell to her friends to buy their friendship. Watch out for this nasty, self proclaimed “nympho”, fire crotch slut. She’s due any day so she’ll be prowling…if not already. Nik, I know you have something to say about this girl’s gender…

I can’t see her landing a guy with any money.- nik

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Tommy Boner and Amber Garrett

January 16, 2014 Cincinnati 47 6,828 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I’m shocked 2013s golden couple hasn’t already been posted. Tommy and Amber have got to be cutest most disgusting couple you’ve ever seen!! When they are not falling over eachother drunk at clubs downtown they are cheating on eachother or fighting. She always has bruises all over her since they started dating but she steady making excuses for him. He cheats on her all the time but I guess she doesn’t care because she cheats on him too. They are gross spreading whatever awful in curable drds they have to the whole city. I heard she is going to move into his double wide with him. How cute.

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Diet Clinic Slore

January 16, 2014 Cincinnati 6 9,178 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty ass girl is Natalie Gordon AKA Natalie Wolfe or Nabi Rae. She is an office manager at a diet clinic in Northern KY. She had no prior experience as a manager. She only had a GED and medical records certificate, which a monkey could almost do, and had only been working at the diet clinic for a month when she flew to Nashville with the crazy diet Dr. who owns several Dr Diet clinics, and became manager the next day. She basically fucked her way into that position, and let her new position go to her head and treats her employees like shit. She is jealous of anyone who can still have children because after fucking a bunch of nasty black guys and getting go***hea twice, she ended up getting Pe**ic Inf**matory dise(se and her reproductive organs and damaged. Next I saw her on the news regarding the Affordable Care Act claiming that her and her hubby have serious life threatening health problems and fears for her life because she couldn’t afford insurance. She claimed on a news story that she only makes $25,000 a year, which breaks down to just under $300 a week. My ex girl friend who used to work there and she made about that much and she was paid $12 an hour. I know she makes more than that and is now committing fraud. Since she cannot have children of her own, she claims other peoples kids on her income tax, who didn’t work that previous year, so she can get that big check for kids she never had living with her or anything. She is a big time whore and fraud. Despite her so called serious life threatening health problems, which, is a lie, she continues to smoke cigarettes and marijuana and drinks regularly.

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Man Slore

January 14, 2014 Cincinnati 16 6,546 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Ray Lowery. He thinks he can get any girl he wants, he thinks he is the best in the city. He has a bitch that lives with him and pays all his bills. He dont work. He is a loser. He is 36 yrs old and hangs out with 18 yr olds. What a great man. NOT. When will people know it’s time to grow up and settle down and not go out and party every night. What a fucking lame

Sounds like he’s living off some highschool highlights.- nik

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Deadbeat Dana

January 10, 2014 Cincinnati 12 7,704 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is a picture of your typical Deadbeat dad!! Goes from city to city planting his seed then doesn’t take care of any of his children. Changes jobs everytime child support locates him and now has gone as low as using “Plenty of Fish” to trap young girls in his world of lies. His teeth looked like they are rotting out of his head, even caught him rubbing his balls and sniffing his hand in public. He tried to pick me up at bar one night but I could tell he was worthless. The “boy” won’t even put his last name on FB because he is scared his baby mamas will locate him. He can run but he sure can’t hide. These type of men need to have their di*ks cut off. The latest story is he is engaged to a girl after knowing her for a couple weeks. Poor girl is only 18 and no idea what she is getting into. But she has been warned. His own family has dis owned him besides his mom who’s teeth look worse then his. He is a waste of fresh air and I hope he gets what he deserves soon!!

Lady glasses.- nik

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Diane Hamilton Is Worthless

January 10, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty, University of Kentucky 133 95,145 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to submit Diane Hamilton because I believe she deserves to be on here. I’ve never submitted anyone before, but couldn’t resist. Diane began dating my child’s father a few months ago (after pretending to be my friend for years) and he finally came to his senses when he realized she was a drug addict and thief who stole from his little sister. Who comes into someone’s home and steals from their family? She has burned just about every bridge she’s crossed within the last few months and her life is spiraling downwards. You would think after going to jail 5 times, losing custody for her kids, losing her hair from her drug addiction (notice the crusty hair extensions) she would straighten her life up but nope! She now strips at Platinum Plus in Lexington and is strung out on dope again. You can tell by the pics she posts she’s on drugs. Who the f*ck really thinks that stupid face and clown make up is cute unless they were on dope? Ladies, hide your men and men hide your wallets and personal belongings because this addict will steal whatever she can!

Not even filters could hide those freckles.- nik

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