Jeff Davis or Atom, Straight

May 5, 2014 Cincinnati 24


THE DIRTY ARMY: OK, this is Ohio’s biggest STAR! ATOM! Well in his head he is a celebrity, to everyone else he is a old balding bartender and gay stripper. Well he clams he’s straight and his girlfriend had been on here twice. She sounds just as bad as him, he works at masque and clams to be a body builder when openly admitting and posting pictures of needles using steroids maybe that’s why he has no “bulge” and for being 32 only sleeps with little girls. He uses his stripping job to have sex with barely legal girls in the “VIP” area. He also has hooked up with more then one of the drag queen at masque. He get his dick sucked and rimmed for money.I dont understand why anyone would pay him for anything, he’s nose looks like a bent dick and his muscles are nothing impressive.

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Local 12 In Cincinnati Gets Nik Richie Exclusive

May 2, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 25

You are welcome for the exclusive Joe Webb… Sarah Jones is a proven liar, praying to God doesn’t change that.- nik

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Destinee Alyssa Bruch AKA Trixie

May 1, 2014 Cincinnati 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl is a thief and compulsive liar, and a hoe on top of everything. She talks shit about everyone she hangs out with and then will post all over facebook about not having any friends. She has a boyfriend who is old enough to be her dad and acts like they have a perfect relationship when as soon as he is at work or wont come over she will text all her ex’s talking about cuddling and being lonely. She thinks she is the hottest thing in Ohio, she constantly puts down other females when she needs to realize she has flat saggy tits, a gut and needs a nose job. She says she is a “gym rat” but I’ve never seen a gym rat with a gut. She is pretty good at sucking it in in pictures. Every week she post pictures of her and her new BFF and with by the next week she is posting and talking shit about that same female. She is still completely obsessed and hooking up with her ex Eric who is even older then her boyfriend. She thinks people like her and are her friends, when no one can stand her. She does nothing but use people and lie, and sleep around. So girls beware if she befriends you she is only going to talk shit about you as soon as you are done hanging out if not while she is hanging out with you, Guys she just wants money and attention and to make you part of the drama games her and her boyfriend or “daddy” Jeff Davis like to play.

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Gossip Website Operator Confident ‘We Just Won’

May 1, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 47 — Nik Richie, the controversial operator of the gossip website, isn’t one to hold back.

“We kicked their ass is what we did,” the 35-year-old said after his lawyer went head to head with the lawyer of ex-Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones as the two argued in front of a federal appellate panel Thursday morning.

“We just won right there,” Richie said.

While Richie won’t know if he’s right until the Downtown Cincinnati-based, three-judge panel issues a written ruling, his arrogance might be justified.

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Tech Firms And First Amendment Lawyers Nationwide Await A Decision On Suit Against The Gossip Website

May 1, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 12 – What are the rules for the Internet? Tech companies as large as Google and individuals as ordinary as the frequent commenters on your favorite website have a stake in the legal drama posing that question that will unfold in a downtown Cincinnati courtroom Thursday.

The companies and individuals, not to mention First Amendment lawyers nationwide, are watching to learn the fate of a federal defamation lawsuit filed by former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones against the gossip website – a potentially precedent-setting case that some predict is destined for the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Milfords Biggest Sloot

April 29, 2014 Cincinnati 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Sabrina Abell, from Milford, Ohio. She has dated/screwed nearly every girl in the tristate area. She jumps from girl to girl, calling them wifey and talking about marrying all of them MOST of them have kids too and she has their kids call HER DADDY. She claims to be a lesbian but has been caught cheating on her GFs with men!! And if thats not the worst, she uses her dead father as an excuse for these poor girls not leave her and if that doesnt work, she says shes going back on the dope!! This girl is a terror and a SLOOT!!

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Jordan Elsen

April 23, 2014 Cincinnati 109

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh where to start with this lame! This is Jordan elsen he is with a different girl every night and takes raunchy pictures of the young immature girls he helps intoxicate and then exposes them on fb but these hoes seem to love it! Most of these girls are girls not women dumb little girls who think Jordan is cool! He thinks he is so tuff and gods greatest gift! Jordan I bet you couldn’t get a real women you can only get little trashy young dumb girls! If you think getting dumb little girls makes you a pimp ha your just a little boy! Grow up lame

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Obsessive Cyber Sloot

April 22, 2014 Cincinnati, Cougars 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch is a bully and impulsive liar Lora’s about everything and just because this girl Alecia you see posted on here wouldn’t do her dirty work for her or be her little punching bag she is mad and posting nasty shit on here and stole her photos this girl is nasty.. She is crazy the girl Alecia in the picture with red hair is trying to love her life and told Meghan she wanted nothin to do with her anymore but she has continuously calling this poor girl and it’s like Alecia is her new obsession.. Somebody needs to stop her tell her what they really think she should do???

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