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December 17, 2014 Cleveland 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sex Offender Paul Simoneau has been on this site previously. The crack headed ghetto trash has really done it now. A 24 year old girl is in the hospital because of him, he gave her drugs and left her there to die. Now he\’s trying to play some kind of grieving boyfriend routine when he just bet the hell out of this same girl recently. Nik, blast this fucker.

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Brandy Lynn

December 17, 2014 Cleveland 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty trick slut has drd and has had 2 abortions in the last year. She fcks ni*** and is a thief as well. She loves sending pictures of her tits. She owns a carpet cleaning business and she will also clean your cock then infect it with herpes. This bitch is Super Ratchet. She has an 11 year old she molests and childrens services is about to take him.

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Humpbacked Brasty

December 16, 2014 Cleveland 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this old humpbacked hoe is Katie Brasty, one of the most nasty old bitches I know. When she’s not bartending 3 days a week, she’s busy sucking randoms off for pill and food money. All she’s been her whole life is a drama queen! She’s a good for nothing mother and want to be wife, BUT acts like she’s the greatest…those who really know her, know she’s a low life who should of been swallowed!!!! But if your looking for pills or your dick sucked sh’e your gal. Warning though it looks like a turkey gobbler…

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Don’t Know thier Baby Daddies

December 14, 2014 Cleveland 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kristin allman and Lindsay ashby are the two nasty chicks from parma Ohio Kristen screwed 3 guys before she found out she was pregnant any of the 3 could be the baby’s father she is nasty trashy her an her partner in crime Lindsey ashby love to screw anything that walks let men in an out of their houses around their kids getting drunk and high Infront of the kids they are both gold diggin trash so if u got money their down to do anything with u Kristin always has herpe looking pimples around her mouth nasty girls

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Time To Get In The Christmas Spirit

December 14, 2014 Cleveland, Krispy Kreme, The Dirty 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, with all the negative things going on in our nation, its cathartic to relax and get in the Christmas spirit with some Krispy Kreme.

This phony is still alive?- nik

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Nicole Gaines

December 10, 2014 Akron, Cleveland 17



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hot mess is the dumbest broad to grace the stages of Mansfield, OH! She’s a self centred shut who can’t keep her legs or her mouth closed. 42 years old but thinks and acts like a kid. She’s known to sleep with anyone at anytime because she’s usually drunk on her booze of choice, Jaegermiester! Steer clear of this classless whore!

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Loving the Crew

December 9, 2014 Cleveland 23




THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fcking trashy girl has no standards. She Will fuc anything with a dick. She is a homie hopper. She sends out nudes to anyone that asks and will take pics with you if you ask while having sex. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a nasty ass disease yo. She only like 18 with a body count of at least 20 dat bitch didn’t even go to college yet. Her parents think she’s so perfect cuz she so smart but all the is is a nasty whore who gets trains ran on her. And she’s bulimic I heard. Nasty ass cnt. She’s slept wit almost all the dudes that go to north hills and more. Watch out for this one

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Uncircumcised Tom Morgan

December 9, 2014 Cleveland 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: If you Want to get chl***a and dirty dick fungus, Tom Morgan is the man for you. This kid has slept with his sister sense the age of 11! Its an on going thing. Not to mention he gets these gross pimples that are the size of baseballs all over his body and has to get them cut open an drained. He use to beat his ex so bad he’s knocked her out spit in her face and beat her to the point to where she had to go to a hospital. He has a addiction to dope and has been hospitalized over it and continues to use. He has never worked a day in his life he asks his ex to pay his phone bill and everything. He can’t buy his own CIGs his own food…. Nothing! He bouches from home to home cause none of his family loves nor wants him around.

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