Cleveland | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Buyer Beware

October 28, 2014 Cleveland 53


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Ileen Fitzpatrick one of the biggest whores I ever met. She’s like a cancer she uses up somebody and then moves onto the next. When the current guy no longer provides a benefit to her she moves on to the next. Or she’ll even keep you around too. She’s very smooth but when shes sucking n fcking whenever n whatever you start to lose focus. The one dude she had his kid kept from him cuz of her lies. She stole from him n aborted his child twice. She doesnt use protection so beware guys. She has bacterial va**itis (BV) and her pussy has a raunchy odor that emits off of her pussy when u fuck her that is nasty. She claims its cause she had an abortion.. Icsay stop having abortions then. She had 2 or three over the last couple months cause she would rather drink do drugs n fuck random dudes. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. She has nothing and nowhere to live so she jumps from dude to dude for somewhre to stay. She works at Marinos Bar in wickliffe n tells patrons shes not a bartender that shes a nurse yet she was fired from her nursing job cause she was doing drugs n faiked a drug test n woukd always blow work iff for drungs n drinking. Shes a drunk who will fuck you if you take her out n get her drunk. Whe is prob the most disgusting broad you’ll ever encounter. Nick put this sloot on blast n let her know how loud our voice is.

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Slooty Samantha

October 21, 2014 Cleveland 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Sam Novak from Akron, she hoes around Cleveland with her group of bull dyke circus rejects and pretends to be famous. This druggy bitch needs a reality check. Honey you’re not a celebrity you’re a two dollar hooker with a drug addiction. Brush your teeth and stop sleeping with black dudes who have **V.

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Disgusting Scruggs

October 17, 2014 Cleveland, Dirty Mugshots 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is just foul. She is the biggest tramp in Geneva. She can’t find anyone that wants her and tries to get with married men who keep leaving her and going back to their wives. She is a terrible excuse for a human being. She has a unibrow and yellow teeth. She tried to pluck her unibrow and ended up with two eyebrows on one side. Her name is Dallas Scruggs and she is a real scum. She is a thief and a m*th head who uses her friends and will steal anything in sight.

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POF girl out of control

October 16, 2014 Cleveland 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is having sex with everyone I know. Best friends, neighbors, cousins. It must stop. This is going to far. Who’s next my father, my grandfather. Jesus christ here. If anyone spots this disturbed whore of a freak, call authorities immediately, before your pissing razor blades and sitting at the cleveland clinic all day long. Save urself a trip to the clinic. If she try’s to bite ur junk off, throw her a Percocet. Those usually calm her down. Any downer will work. Especially heroin (a complimentary needle) U ever see that movie species? This girl really needs help, and she’s not getting the treatment she deserves. Doctors even stay away. Someone has to do something, fast.

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Ashley Lopatta

October 15, 2014 Cleveland 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is the nastiest thing to walk the streets . The fcks anyone who will giver her attention and tries to trap every guy but claiming she’s pregnant and then claims it was a false alarm when they leave her ass . She has almost every std possible and had an abortion bc the guy that knocked her up wasn’t white . She sits in her apartment living off the government buying pills and snorting them in front of her kid . She gets so annoyed with him she threatens to punch him in the face and pawns him off on everyone .mshe has even thrown him before bc he was crying and she couldn’t sleep . Bitch needs a reality check stop spreading your legs If you don’t wanna deal with the consequences

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The Olive Garden Girl

October 14, 2014 Cleveland 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: An update on Ashley Griffin, newly single and an undercover psychotic bitch. This girl is so readily open to sleeping with anyone that she believed a lie her baby daddy made up which lead to her sleeping with him and cheating on her now ex boyfriend. Two weeks later she admitted fault and was dumped which prompted her to threaten s**cide, even saying good bye to her 5 year old son. To top that night off she showed up at her recent exes ex-girlfriends house with her baby daddy when neither of them have ever been there before and to this day haven’t explained why. When she found out her current ex was talking to another girl she flipped out and tried to run him over with her car several times and broke his Iphone 5. The cops were involved, now keep in mind this is someone who works at The Academy of Young Minds in Wadsworth (a daycare). She works with little kids! She also called said girl and cussed her out, calling her a nigger and a drunk bitch. The cherry on top of all of this is that she was fired from Olive Garden for stealing a bottle of wine and drinking it on the job. And she still has a dead tooth and bad breath, yikes!

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Connie D Adkins

October 14, 2014 Cleveland 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty bitch puts 10 year old pics of herself on Facebook,like she’s hot or something.She draws social security disability scandalously,and welfare through WT Realty in Sandusky,Ohio 44870 Worthless,lying,lazy,smelly,abusive mother.Says she was raped by her uncle as a kid and gave her 1st kid to her mom,second kid she lost to her dad,and baited innocent couples to adopt her 3rd kid meanwhile contemplated abortion. She’s full of these seeping warts and sits around picking them and they’re really bad by her vag.area.You\’ll see her in pics on google and laugh.Her sister Bunny Adkins is as nasty as she is and both together ,probably had unprotected sex with over 1000 men and women.The picture in her pajamas is current,She goes by her sisters name as well and has phoney ccards in 10 peoples names Connie Adkins is her facebook and pinterest,also is on POF as BBWconnie72 ,born in 1972,email is [email protected] Foul ass ,nasty,hore 1432 Judy Lane,Sandusky,Ohio 44870 -from Cleveland,Ohio and lived in sheffield lake,ohio. Ripped off so many people selling her Vicodin and Norco,has to keep moving. Child and Human services should make sure this woman(water buffalo) is back in prison where she belongs.

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Brittany Sherrod

October 13, 2014 Cleveland, Lakewood 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Miss little Brittany or Lady B whatever the f*** that means is the definition of a Cleveland hood rat or hound dog as I like to call them. She’s known for her horrible drug addiction to heroin, xanax, percocet,everything!!! and also sleeping with married men. She prays off of men and steals their money. She is literally trying to SUE a married man because he promised to divorce his wife and take care of her the rest of hers..LMAO! She lives off a mental disability check!Uhh yeaa..and shes what like 25??? Watch out boys, shes certifiable. Along with funding her drug addiction by not only mooching from married men but selling drugs and her ass. This woman has torn apart homes across Cleveland OH!! She drives a Nissan and she got in a huge car accident by driving all doped up and jerking some guy off at the same time. She supposedly has some boyfriend however she constantly talks to other unavailable men and has them bring her Xanax or whatever anti psycho drug she can swallow. She’s just a disgusting human being and this just has to be said. Oh did I mention she sounds like a man??? She either has the voice of a 50 yr old biker man or a chain smoking 70 yr old woman …. while speaking to her you would not be able to determine male or female…and if you see her in face aside from trying to look away from her huge nose or track marks, its still hard to tell a sex. Stop illegally turning on your utilities, and married women hide your husbands!!! This trick is on the hunt!

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