Cleveland | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Homewrecking Knucklehead

November 5, 2014 Cleveland 28


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this home wrecking whore is Katie Miller. Currently lives in Parma & barmaids at knuckleheads on Brookpark & Broadview. She’s a fat dick chasing, alcoholic whore. Spends her nights getting hammered & picking up any guy that’s drunk enough to bang her. One night stands even on the rag. Dirty bitch needs to shower once in awhile. Watch her ladies she likes em black, white, single & even married with children. When your ass is that wide & your face so zitty you have to cake the cover up on you’ll fck anything. Bitch needs to get a real job instead of living off dead grandmas money. She’s fake as fck & a pssy who hides when confronted for ripping families apart.

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Smelly Scruggs

November 4, 2014 Cleveland 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Look who is back. This pig D. Scruggs who hops from dick to dick all over Geneva and Ashtabula. She doesn’t care if the dude has a gf or a baby that just passed. She will be the sneaky side ho during the grief of others and is a jobless, user, meth head whore who lives with her half wit Mother at 20 yrs old and can’t even clean her bedroom. She is nothing but a user and doesn’t care that she’s nobody’s first choice or lasting choice since the 4 men she’s had in the last 6 mos all went back to their wife. She calls her ownself a home wrecker which she really isn’t anyway seeing as after the women find out about her the kick the dude to the curb and the dudes keep trying to come back to their fed up wives and she knows it. All the women have to say is yes to their husbands coming home and she’s dropped to the curb like the trash she is. Look at her though, what else can she get, lol. Geneva’s biggest train wreck meth whore. That’s how she tries to keep a man by getting them hooked so they leave their kids until the realize they royally fcked up, then their wives don’t want their asses anymore.

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Scam Artist Morgan Fuego Revell

November 3, 2014 Chicago, Cleveland 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: **Beware**!!! This is Morgan ‘Fuego’ Revell / Morgan Alexander. For u that dot kno her, here’s the deetz- She was kicked out from l FB groups pertaining to artwork of certain bands by SCAMMING hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars!! She lied that the items were stolen and would be reimbursed, but she’d block u immediately! Now that she’s banned for life from these groups, the $ hungry bitch removed her FB prof. Shez like 25, iz married for a few yrs already only for the $$, cheatd on her dumb ass of a husband with a doood in NY, 2 guys in CO -one who was her husband’s best friend who is way older wit kids…and she got caught because this dood overdosed in her driveway!! THEN as if nothing happened, she MOVED In with some random fck buddy and was fcking him in Chicago during a few month drug bender. She continued her fckfest adventures by hooking up with some addict hippy wannabe Jon Dyreng from NC and scammed him by misleading that they were a couple. This lasted maybe a week before his dumb ass was tossed in jail for Distribution of drugs. All of his art that was left behind was “auctioned” by her on these FB sites as a ~Save My Boyfriend bail fund~ but the $ was used to feed her habit. Pretty sure she fucked that gross fat sweaty dood in the pic too. Ewww!! That’s how low this girl gets..spreads her legs for droogs. She uses different emails, aliases, FB accounts, and PayPal accounts. What a ckn loooser! Get a fucking job like an adult and stop moving drugs at concerts bitch!! She claimed the art was “stolen”, but A lot of ppl she fcked over found out she sold all of it on eBay!. Now there’s blogs on how ppl r lookin for her at Phish showz and other places cuz she owez so much cash. This crazy bitch took and POSTED pics of herself SHITTING, FULL TIT SHOTS, NIP SLIPS, and NUDES, for ALL to see on these groups so guys would bid more $$ on the artwork item! This is a group of like 10,000 filthy hippies- mainly dudes, and they trade these pics of her for fun.. As a woman, I want to, but I can’t even feel the slightest bit sorry for this child because she knos what she’s doing. Just another attention whore that this world has to deal with. Apparently she has NO self worth and absolutely NO conscience AT ALL bcuz she left the dood in jail and kept all of his $ from the art he made! Now she’s already fuking another guY! Some gutter junkie low life meth head in her hometown of Niceville, FL becuz she already made a name for herself in the Phish community, and couldn’t find any other pathetic guy to take her on tour with so she settled for what was closest to her. She gets passed around like a fat joint at a show between these doped up hippy guys and she’s married?!?! She thinks she’s hot shit (Fuego), but the nudes are so gross- especially with that beer gut and meth teeth. Looks like she hasn’t slept for weeks either. Im sure that scam $ is going to her and her hillbilly bf’s coke, 2C-B, acid, and meth habit. Look how cracked out they are!! DO NOT BUY anything from her or Jon Dyreng since she uses both profiles. Also if ur sketchy and see her as a mutual friend of someone AVOID her! Also AVOID any Phish hippie memorbelia sent from NW FL. U won’t get it, and u wo’t get ur money back. What a sad waste of life and how can guys even think she’s remotely attractive?? Her parents must be soo proud! Is she living the American dream or what? This is a WAKE UP CALL! Get a grip of your life girl before u end up dead.

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Trashy Family

November 3, 2014 Cleveland 48



THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the Beaton brothers the biggest pieces of white trash on the west side of cleveland. These guys are never around they\’re kids. In fact Ross spends his weekends driving around with random girls and Kevin is constantly M.I.A. They like to party and hang out at they moms (I think they all still live there)

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Donna Closson

October 30, 2014 Cleveland 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik meet. Cleveland’s #1 piece of trash……Donna closson.. but she likes cookies. So look for her as Donna cookie closson…..this hoe!! Likes to pretend tp be others girls. but she is a fat nasty. bitch. tht fucks for drugs. N cooks drugs in her kitchen by her kids….i feel sorry for you Donna!!! But yoy were fcking warned trash!!

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Deadbeat Mike

October 29, 2014 Cleveland 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Dead beat mike. He is 53 yrs old and still lives in his mommy’s basement. You can often see him hanging out with under aged boys and girls. Hes been divorced twice Has 3 kids which he never has time for. But he makes up for it by buying drugs and making up stories (mostly about how he does so much for his family) You can find dead beat mike in east ny brooklyn. Usually on the corner of Fulton st and Cleveland. He likes to call himself big mike.

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Buyer Beware

October 28, 2014 Cleveland 53


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Ileen Fitzpatrick one of the biggest whores I ever met. She’s like a cancer she uses up somebody and then moves onto the next. When the current guy no longer provides a benefit to her she moves on to the next. Or she’ll even keep you around too. She’s very smooth but when shes sucking n fcking whenever n whatever you start to lose focus. The one dude she had his kid kept from him cuz of her lies. She stole from him n aborted his child twice. She doesnt use protection so beware guys. She has bacterial va**itis (BV) and her pussy has a raunchy odor that emits off of her pussy when u fuck her that is nasty. She claims its cause she had an abortion.. Icsay stop having abortions then. She had 2 or three over the last couple months cause she would rather drink do drugs n fuck random dudes. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. She has nothing and nowhere to live so she jumps from dude to dude for somewhre to stay. She works at Marinos Bar in wickliffe n tells patrons shes not a bartender that shes a nurse yet she was fired from her nursing job cause she was doing drugs n faiked a drug test n woukd always blow work iff for drungs n drinking. Shes a drunk who will fuck you if you take her out n get her drunk. Whe is prob the most disgusting broad you’ll ever encounter. Nick put this sloot on blast n let her know how loud our voice is.

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Slooty Samantha

October 21, 2014 Cleveland 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Sam Novak from Akron, she hoes around Cleveland with her group of bull dyke circus rejects and pretends to be famous. This druggy bitch needs a reality check. Honey you’re not a celebrity you’re a two dollar hooker with a drug addiction. Brush your teeth and stop sleeping with black dudes who have **V.

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