Andrea Senyitko Cheater

April 4, 2014 Cleveland 13 9,498 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Biggest cheating whore I’ve ever layed my hands on. No one should trust this sank I am stupid for trusting her. Nothing but a slut who can’t keep her legs closed!!! I guarantee u if u add her on fb and try to get with her she will. Haha she’s a FAT bitch who thinks she’s skinny.

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Chris ‘Massive’ Myers

April 3, 2014 Cincinnati, Cleveland, Louisville 35 8,190 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Feast your eyes on the ultimate pile of fecal matter, Chris “Massive” Myers. Rather than working, Massive spends his days typing unintelligible and ungrammatical WWE-style rants on wrestling forums about how his son are the best wrestlers to ever grace the planet- having no actual accomplishments of his own that do not involve wearing an empty speedo (as you can see from the photo). Inevitably, everyone turns against him, which his simian brain attributes to jealousy. Presumably, everyone wishes that they too were hung like Verne Troyer (aka Mini-Me) as opposed being turned off by his various mental illnesses. As if this wasn’t enough, he likes to punch out the old lady from time to time, as you can see from his mug shot. Massive has picked up Domestic Violence charges in the past few years in both Ohio and Kentucky. Ever the ladies’ man, he’s assaulted other women at wrestling tournaments. Perhaps if he had the equipment to actually pleasure a woman, he wouldn’t feel such an intense desire to beat them all the time.  Mr. Empty Pants also likes to pound his chest about what his career as a male stripper. Sadly, the fetish for tiny-peckered men was just a passing fad in the gay community, and Tiny Dancer lost his job. Now he’s on the Government Dole, receiving Disability. Knowledgeable sources indicate that his Disability is considered to be that his penis is so small that he can no longer find employment in his chosen profession of gay male stripper.

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Heather The Haver

April 3, 2014 Cleveland 29 6,140 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl tried fcking my husband shes out there slept with over a 100 guys from every where still living with her parents to her new bf andrew sowinski has herpies to they keep passing them around trough cleveland heather has a thing for sex offenders to she has 3 stds that i know of ones not curable and she poops n peas the bed like a little n gets ssi for being retarded she needs to move away from here n quit being a home wrecker n having sex with dudes for money

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Painesville Doorknob Vivian miller

April 2, 2014 Cleveland 31 9,664 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Vivien Miller aka Painesville doorknob. Where do we begin with this train wreck, well we can probably start when her dad should’ve let her drip down his leg instead of busting in her moms twat. I’m still wondering how a girl like this hasn’t ended up on Jerry Springer yet. EVERYONE has had some from Viv, from all the Mexicans in Painesville to every black guy in Cleveland. Don’t worry fellas she’s cooooooooool and goes to clubs with her fake ID, show that girl a black dick and some percs and she’s coming home with you. She recently made a sex tape with this girls dad just cause he gave her ride to Cleveland to pick up pills. I seriously can’t wait for Vivien to have kids so I can spit in there faces since they’ll be milking the system for food stamps just like her family did.

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Marley Mentors Newest Sloot

April 1, 2014 Cleveland 18 6,842 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Marley Krapinski. This girl will crack you up so not sure if you want to start with her spray tan, tan lines or her tattoo that was spelled wrong lol. This girl seeks attention anyway she can get it. Sadly no guy cares about this broad, all she is good for is giving head and having sex. Honestly Nik… This girl should be on condom commercial because ladies and gentleman this is the result of not wearing a rubber during sex, you end up with a mistake like Marley

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Racist Andrea Vilaychith

April 1, 2014 Cleveland, Toledo 4 9,357 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this is Andrea vilaychith, the gay hating creationist preaching anti woman, racist real estate agent working for coldwell banker in Montpelier Ohio. Andrea loves to preach her hate and intolerance to others but little does anybody know (even her husband) that she has had 2 abortions! She claimed she got rid of them because “she would rather k***l herself than have a ni**er baby”. Put this backwards asshole on blast nik!

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Toothless Hillbilly

April 1, 2014 Cleveland 170 9,924 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Old ass bitch will do anything for some pills. Uses any man to live free a little longer. Free loading toothless hillbilly really. About as dirty as they come. 50+ and acts like she is 16. Comments and posts on here all day. Would you fck it? Better use protection. Watch out cleveland word on the street is she is single. Lock your medicine cabinets and wallets.

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Kim Matasic

April 1, 2014 Cleveland 12 6,652 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is a dirty whore who cheats on her fiancée regularly! She is a cop in Cleveland. Beware of her!!!!

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