Kala the Slore

September 4, 2014 Cleveland 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: here we have the dirtiest of dirty. She is from lorain county. Land of the trash. I wouldn’t use her to clean dog shit. she fck guys for tattoos and drugs. she moved here from incest land and judging by that face I’m assuming she is one of the people of her homeland. she moved to ohio because nobody from Virginia liked her. well guess what bbygrl no one here likes you either. you need to know that. you are being posted on her cause you are a nasty girl, and people enjoy laughing at nasty girls. I really find it troubling that you aren’t on here already. you are fat. like literally. FAT. not a good fat. like covered in cellulite and stretch marks fat. you think guys like you because you are pretty. but it’s really cause you cant keep your legs closed. you have banged every dude in lorain county. your stench is unbearable. you will never amount to much. just stick to the brass pole and keep doing your drugs. hopefully you’ll rid us of your worthless disgusting existence.

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Wanted Dealer and Pedophile Jesse Mark Benovic

September 4, 2014 Cleveland, Lakewood 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, this guy recently moved into our neighborhood, in Cleveland. on the 1100 block of Dale AVE. The entire neighborhood got fliers stating he was a violent pedophile on parole. We were all worried. No one thinks a chomo or hardcore drugs will move into their neighborhood until it does. It started off innocent, people were complaining about him hanging out daily at the playground, weirding out children and running away from parents. When we tried to make contact to let him know he had every right to live here but he was under close watch, he freaked out threatning the lives of my family and friends who interjected. Now all night long people come and go from his house wheres theres loud booming music all night like he is running a pharmacy and gay bar. My pregnant daughter who has always had a pre disposition for drugs was caught by her brother freebasing meth she claims to have gotten from him. Apprently he was trying to make a deal with her to buy her baby for as much meth as she wanted so he could perform sexual acts on it. This guys needs to be exposed. He think’s he is a DJ but really all he is a child molesting drug dealing want to be DJ. I think this all stems from what research i gather, that his father molested him, and then committed suicide in 2002… This guy is sick and needs to goto the electric chair. His address is 11308 Dale Ave, Cleveland Ohio.  The police will NOT do anything about this danger in our community!!! help!!

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Forgy Boy Dave

September 1, 2014 Cleveland 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this f*g boy is Dave Jones he lives in Parma. This bum thinks he’s hot shit and every girl wants him and anyone that doesn’t like him it’s because their a hater. Girls only like him because he drives nice cars and they think he has money. Everything about him is pathetic from his personality to his sex skills. This boy will talk shit on anyone that goes on a site called pof yet he’s on there lmao!He has no job the only reason he has a nice car is he a dope boy and he flips cars. He said he can’t work cus he’s too fcked up with mental shit. When really he’s just fcked up in general. Hea white trash wigger who needs to be put in his place. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, he uses people and if you don’t hang out with him he turns into a complete psycho and tries to ruin you like he did to me! And I’m pretty sure he’s a closet homo rather he fcks girls or not. He wears more pink then Barbie and tans more then the people from jersey shore for Christ sake. He’s a sad excuse of a man and girls should be warned before talking to him. After what he did to me I hope he catches aids and his dick falls off.

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Candi Mandi

August 28, 2014 Cleveland 53


THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this nasty ass whore. She iss a true escort. sells for self for cheap. sets up shop on brookpark rd. at the airport exspress or the nasty telly attached to Omalleys.Give her a call I’m sure she will give u a good deal.

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Lindsey Buzzard

August 26, 2014 Cleveland 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: So let me warn all of Cleveland about this bop Lindsey buzzard my home boy was messing with. She’s the typical Cleveland bop. She does whatever it takes to get her fill. She’s a powder lover. She is a manager at Pizza Hut and hires whoever as long as they hook her up with something. Drugs & dick. She got diagnosed with herpes TWO years ago. And doesn’t tell anyone!!! I know because I almost messed around with her and found a valtrex bottle in her bathroom and when I confronted her, are broke into tears. My squad bounced this bop around and she paid for everything. Bought all our drinks and food. Hopefully all my boys strapped it up! My one home boy is in jail and she’s been paying for all his bills. Funny thing is, when he gets out he’s gonna ditch this bop and go back to his ex. This girl is pasty white. She has no ass. She’s herin skinny. And she’s sitting here like a dumb hoe paying for another woman’s man. Deep down she’s gotta know the truth because if you saw his ex, she’s a dime and this bop is a dud!

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Purse Snatcher

August 25, 2014 Cleveland 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: Mike Hayes from madison, oh has been going around lake and ashtabula counties stealing and spreading drd! Watch out girls this one will not only leave you with a nasty suprise FOR LIFE but also steal your purse in the morning. He thinks he’s something special but really is just mentally on the same level with a toddler with an attitude problem and has a 4 inch penis. No joke.

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Fire Crotch

August 22, 2014 Cincinnati, Cleveland 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start with this train wreck? this spoiled brat is Amanda baranoski and she has had everything handed to her on a platter. She studied abroad at the London college of fashion but quickly threw that away into her first semester. She has become well known for her alcohol abuse and fcking dudes on the first date, she’s a habitual home wrecker always trying to steal men away from other women including her OWN family and friends. She’s a purple crayon chaser, she Ironically walked away with herpes and a kid after one of her first sexual encounters (with a black dude.) Ever since she had the kid she went off the hinges banging any guy that shows her the least amount of attention she walks around like her shit don’t stink calls her self the embodiment of Aphrodite lmao….more like Courtney love with a severe case of Down syndrome. Work your magic nik maybe putting her on the dirty is the wake up call she needs to realize that she should focus on her kid instead of getting that snatch of hers beat on a daily like it owes her money. So in all honesty nik…would you smash?

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Ugly Junkie

August 18, 2014 Cleveland 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Cari Leigh Ross a pain pill drug addict that will fuck anyone and will tell anyone she loves them within three days of knowing them .. you can find her on Craigslist prostituting or somtimes meeting with couples for 3ways she has 2 kids she doesent give a uck about she is from Cleveland Ohio strongsville ohio areas ewwww .. her ears and toes uncontrollably move and wiggle and I caught her fcking nunchcucks too I mean wtf

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