Toothless Hillbilly

April 1, 2014 Cleveland 164 9,820 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Old ass bitch will do anything for some pills. Uses any man to live free a little longer. Free loading toothless hillbilly really. About as dirty as they come. 50+ and acts like she is 16. Comments and posts on here all day. Would you fck it? Better use protection. Watch out cleveland word on the street is she is single. Lock your medicine cabinets and wallets.

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Kim Matasic

April 1, 2014 Cleveland 12 6,607 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is a dirty whore who cheats on her fiancée regularly! She is a cop in Cleveland. Beware of her!!!!

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Amanda the big Mouth Jager

March 27, 2014 Cleveland, Ohio 48 7,900 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda, this girl is on Facebook every second of the day and just talks crap on everyone gor no reason she obliviously hates her life and deletes a post if someone try’s to talk crap back to her. Shes a Facebook slut and talks to other guys when her man isn’t around. The crazy party is she is a kindergarden teacher and acts like she’s still in high school. She’s a drama freak. Never happy unless she has someone to act tough to on Facebook. This girl needs to be put on blast she is a Facebook hard ass that will never grow up. She’s a joke hopefully this will help her think about her life. Amanda yager facebooks hardass

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Marc Bielecki

March 27, 2014 Cleveland 28 5,481 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Marc Bielecki, and it doesn’t get any more disgusting then this dirty trash. He is a gross man in his 40′s who preys on little under age girls. He is a frequent strip club goer looking for girls who just became legal. He sends picture to every girl he meets of his disgusting penis. He acts like his shit doesn’t stink just because he has a degree. What an example for his son who is in fact close in age to all the little girls he preys on. Beware of the dirt bag.

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Jillian Forces Herself on Gregs

March 25, 2014 Cleveland, Ohio 18 8,286 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this grimy little slore is Jillian Force. She can be found at any local hotel party putting out in the bathroom, or sneaking around with her “bestfriends ” boyfriends. She’s been putting out since grade 9 and has racked up over 30 guys so far. She is 19 years old and about 90% of the people she has had sex with were one night stands during a 3 year relationship with a person she was “in love with”. She is the definition of an attention whore and will screw over anyone or do anything to get the d. She has been diagnosed with Chlamydia over a year ago and REFUSES to get treated. God knows what other venerials and stis this little gremlins carrying around and spreading all over lake cuyahoga & medina counties. Since grade ten whenever this girl is around and she opens her legs the slightest bit she smells like lake eerie on a hundred degree day in july. She doesnt wear under wear and when she takes her pants off theres a pile of green crust. She looks like she is 7 months pregnant ALL THE TIME. Girls, do not befriend her shell use you to meet the guys your interested in and then will sleep with them at all costs. Guys, beware of her because she’ll obsess over you and call you thousands of times a day and give you stds if you are dumb enough to sleep with her. What do you think nik?

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Homewrecking Hillbilly

March 25, 2014 Cleveland 310 10,496 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This frompy slob will take any attention good or bad. Sits at home all day collecting welfare checks, has no job can’t buy diapers but has money for weed, cigarettes and beer . If you blow a blunt with her she will blow you. Has no clue who her kids dad is and has tested 2or more men. Her sister is gay and fcked her moms now boyfriend. When you see this fat slob it’s gauranteed that’s she’s in at shirt sweatpants and a bun, it won’t matter funeral or wedding she’s the epitome of white trailer trash! I’ve heard this chic smells like shit and garbage! Heads up guys don’t touch this one you may catch a**s! Her family fcks each other like incest freaks! Get a job loser and stop depending on the tax payers hard earned money!

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Carlie Miller Welcomes All

March 20, 2014 Cleveland 121 9,372 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Carlie Miller. The dirtiest scum on the face of earth. This whore is once again impregnated by only God knows who. She claims it to be Josh Copley. But as for her track record with fcking randoms I can only guarantee its anyone but him. Especially after having a train ran on her by multiple guys at a house party in cleveland early December. As for Josh its about the same story. Fcking whoever whenever. Hes cheated on every girl hes been with. And continues to fck trash while his soon to be baby mama sits at home like a fat slob crying for him to come over. They never stay together long enough for anything to ever come of their toxic relationship. This girl is unfit to be in a relationship let alone bring another life into this world. Actually she was just recently arrested on public intoxication and disorderly conduct in dtw while pregnant. This just shows her lack of concern for her unborn child’s life. She lives off her mother who is a fat slob herself and throws her kid at her every chance she gets so she can get fcked up not only on alcohol but whatever drugs she can get her nose on. She is very well known all throughout lake county as a crazy bitch that will throw herself on any dick that will give her the slightest bit of attention. Everyone needs to beware of this drug addicted walking std. Youve all been warned.

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Chesterland Trash

March 20, 2014 Cleveland 15 10,261 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this piece of trash is Bailey Bower from Chesterland. She is the utter form of white trash. She gets her reputation from fuking every H*roin addict around Northeast Ohio. Wouldn’t be surprised if she turns into one. You can tell by her shape shes doin somethin. She is a low life that can’t get off her ass to get a job but can get off her ass to go fck store owners for free hoodies and sweatpants because she can’t go get a job herself and buy her own shit. She has to give up her nasty twat to be able to put clothes on her back. Talk about a real winner. Advise those who think she’s a good pick to get with I would stay away from the stench fest that follows her everywhere she goes. She’s a lying, two faced, slut. She cheats on her dudes, and will most likely forever be a live at home loser for the rest of her pathetic joke of a life. And watch out for that snaggle tooth she’s got. Nik, what do you think about this one?

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