Aaron Mavigliano

July 29, 2014 Cleveland 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty scumbag Aaron Mavigliano has wrecked my best friends heart and used her for everything she had. He lived with her and her kids for 8 months and didn’t pay a single cent while saying ” you’re supposed to help the one you love when they’re down” making her feel bad.. Then when he finally gets a job he just walks right out of her life the same day! He gave her 2 drds and blamed it on her while telling his mom it was his own fault.. Now he can be found on sites such as DateHookup, Shagaholic, scouring through Craigslist and Backpage and scheming on girls he’s friends with on Facebook. He will be telling his next victim how beautiful she is and how he won’t ever hurt her like he did my friend.. Don’t believe his bull!! He’s a sexual deviant and cannot fck just one girl even while In a relationship.. Beware of this disgusting excuse for a “man”.

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The 306 Lounge Bartending Sloot Joey

July 29, 2014 Cleveland 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl Joey is a 35 year old bartender at the 306 Lounge dirt hole in Mentor! It’s funny because she thinks she is one of the hottest chicks that walks this earth! She bounces around from guy to guy and I was stupid enough to get with her while I knew she had a boyfriend at the time! The last guy I knew she was with or is with is a fool for even thinking that she could be an honest faithful girl! She works a few days a week, lives off child support from her 15 year old sons father and thinks her shit dont stink because she drives an Audi! Come on get real! She is looking for a sugar daddy to take care of her and lets guys grope her all just to have them throw money at her! You can find her on mulitple dating websites under the alias Brihann and let me tell you! She has done so much damage to her body from being so self conscientious! Guys stay away! Definately not worth the headache!

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Wannabe DJ

July 29, 2014 Cleveland 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet nick wirsch from Cleveland Ohio this dude calls him self DJ loudpack but he isn’t even a real DJ he just makes up parties and invites everyone to feel popular then ends up cancelling them. I did business with him a few times and always turned out to be a disaster one time he was suppos to sell tickets and never came with the money half of the events he has he tries to host he’s not even part of every time i try to give nick the benefit of the doubt he always screws me over and is terrible to do business with how do you call yourself dj loudpack when you have no money no loud and your not even a DJ. If you’re part of the music industry like myself I’m warning you to stay away from this dude!!! He has scammed me 3 times now

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Homeless Hannah

July 29, 2014 Cleveland 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet hannah yager. Shes from the suburbs of Cleveland ohio. You can find her couch surfing between houses in East lake Willoughby and mentor. All of the people Hanna have stayed with have confirmed that she doesn’t shower. Her ex bf even said he watched her go 10 days without a shower and someone she used to stay with said that she didn’t even OWN a toothbrush and used to ask the girl to borrow her deodorant all the time.this is probably because she spends all her money on her ex who cheats on her regularly and even put money on his books. Hannah calls everyone a loser but she gets her license suspended every other month and has been to jail a couple of times. She wears ten pounds of tan orange foundation and coverup where you can literally see her makeup run and her skin is a totally different color and in very bad condition with tons of pimples she wears wayyy to much clown makeup she literally looks totally different without it. Not to mention she claims Shes loyal but cheated on her ex boyfriend with her most recent ex boyfriend while he was locked up! Tell me thats not trash? Ugh please expose this homeless smelly dirty broke fake ugly anorexic orange girl…

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Lee Frames at it again

July 28, 2014 Cleveland 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lee is trash. Never cared about his kids. Why does he go back to his baby momma Courtney? Cause he knows she’s the only one he ever loved. He needs to leave that poor girl alone. Why does she deserve his nonsense. Sleep with her then come to find out he’s still dating that trash hannah. Gross. How can you use your daughter as a pawn to get someone back? Lousy ass. Woman beater, stalker, manipulator. Such a class A loser. HANNAH HE CHEATED ON YOU and now that whole world knows it. You’re a slut yourself you home wrecking bitch. These two were clearly made for each other. Lees using hannah to pay her fines. Lol. Bum ass. I hope you know what a piece of shit you really are lee. Have fun living with so much guilt for the rest of your life. I hope you get a disease or something. Which seeing as your the biggest man whore in cleveland and the surrounding cities you probably already have one. Someone needs to get Courtney and Shake her so she doesn’t go back. You’re pretty and smart run away baby.

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Drug Dealer Lauren Kelly

July 24, 2014 Cleveland 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick right here is absolute trash, she admittedly has H** and brags about it. She works for Barberton High school, where she also deals drugs to students. This past weekend she legitimately slept with about 15 people at a “Furry campout”. She snorts anything you put in front of her and is a raging alcoholic. I really don’t understand why she’s allowed to work with children.

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South Lorains Finest Smut

July 23, 2014 Cleveland 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little girl right here is South Lorains finest. Just turned 18 and thinks shes queen of the world. Thinks its funny to mess around with people already in relationships. Openly posts pictures in her bra and underwear all over facebook, advertising and posting about “needing a man to come take care of (her) “. Then cries that men use her for sex. Brags about having an IUD and about how many men she “can pull”. Will down talk any female to try and prove that she is something special. Her house is nasty and she honestly smells if she doesn’t take a shower every hour. She will do anything for attention, even as far as to harassing the girls whos men she has slept with

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Dustin Silc the US Airforce Douchebag

July 21, 2014 Cleveland 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Dustin Silc. But I am sure you already have because of how “famous” he is with all his witty tweets and hot shirtless pictures. This so-called “soldier” gets drunk and tweets more than he is doing anything beneficial to our country. When he is not drinking with his other soldiers(butt-buddies) he is tweeting really generic tweets to appeal to the masses on twitter in the hopes of re-tweets and favorites. Now lets not forget how good of a body he has with those weird looking abs with little definition. Thank god we get to see that every hour because of the pictures he posts. It really boils my blood that while we have soldiers in the middle east dying, he over he having his time of his life. What’s your take on it Nik?

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