Suga I’m Fierce

August 18, 2014 Cleveland, Would You? 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl is very disturbed and manic. She had an obsession with the dating website known as pof. She will tell u she likes u and wants to start a relationship. It’s all bullshit. She will text u I miss u baby while sitting next to her ex bf. she will tell u she has several sex buddies but it’s not a big deal. She says if she don’t take her meds she will have sex with several guys. She makes u beleive there’s a chance when she knows there is none. It’s like a sick game she plays with men. Her own mother says she’s no good and a cheater. I asked her if she could send me a pic to show my mother nd she responded sorry in only have nudes. Wow not a girl u wanna take home to momma. She’s in the brookpark area, do watch out. She tried overdosing on Tylenol pms because she said her life is soo hard living in a big house and getting things for free. Very sad for a 27 year old. She says when she’s miserable she has sex with random guys. And trust me, u don’t have to be attractive for her to hop right on u. She has a lip ring and there’s something wrong with her bottom lip. Std of done sort. On her pills she told me she didn’t know my friend. Ok we’ll off her pills she said she took his virginity. She’s a case n a half ppl. She said if u date her she will delete her dating website profile, we’ll guess what she wo’t. She mite change the headline but beleive me it’s still up. Ppl like this shit be off the streets. A walking std if u ask me.

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Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour This Saturday August 16th

August 15, 2014 Cleveland, Detroit, Michigan, MSU, Toledo, Windsor 0


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get your ticket now for the show at DTE Energy Music Theatre, this Saturday (8/16) at 7pm!


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Hungry DRD Hippo

August 14, 2014 Cleveland 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Alissa D. Reser. She puts a twist on your typical white girl trying to fit in, overly obsessing with “black” culture and rap/hip hop. She actually has tattoos that represent her favorite band Sublime (I know shocking right?). But don’t get too excited white guys (or maybe you should be) because that’s as far as it goes with her. You’ll still likely find her listening to rap music all day, smoking weed, and only dating black men. You’ll also find she has genital drd (once again shocking right?). She had the typical illegitimate kid by someone she admits to having a one night stand with yet wont admit to having herpes. This girl is ridiculous Nik. She’s a college dropout who as you can see from the pics, spent way too many nights getting plastered. The result? Living back home with her mother In the Wayne county areas of Ohio (Mount Eaton, Orville, Ritman). Yeah you’ll see her hop from country area to country area with her mother in section 8 housing. She also doesn’t have a car and had her license suspended. This girl is too pathetic. Upon confronting her about spreading herpes she will say things like “oh that’s not even possible, I was vaccinated for that when I was a teenager.” Like WTF is this some miracle girl now? The only person in the world to have the cure for drd? This is coming from someone who is working in hospitals and nursing homes. I’m quit sure to hold those jobs you must have some basic knowledge of the medicine. I mean who in the world doesn’t know drd is incurable, besides junior high students just getting their first dose of sexual health classes? This girl has either been caught in her lies and uses that as a cover or is simply stupid. Either way, both equal her having herpes. And oh yeah as a result of her condition you’ll see her constantly going back to her black man that she had her kid by, despite her saying neither of them were really attracted to each other and don’t get along. Hell it was a one night stand leading to a child. They likely get back together because he likely has drd also and she feels he is the only person that she can be with because of her condition, other wise she will have to spend her time lying to other guys, trying not to get caught. So white guys, consider yourself lucky. You definitely are being spared this tragedy!

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Big Ol Muffin

August 14, 2014 Cleveland 70

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik tThis drd whore is Anna Marie Simpson. She has no class at all. She slept with her own boyfriend’s nephew and gave them both a drd. All she cares about is partying and doesn’t even take care of her kid who lives with relatives. She is one of the biggest no class sluts I’ve ever known. She thinks she is so pretty. What do you think Nik?

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Freeloader Jackie

August 12, 2014 Cleveland 42



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik you have to watch out for this money hungry slut she runs around Cleveland trying to figure who will be her baby dadyy for the day. She uses churches for her needs act like she is the child of god when she uses people as if is nothing and I have always said god don’t like ugly age will sleep with you just to get her bills paid but yet wanna call he baby daddy’s out as if their not doing nothing she pushes them away and rather have a crck head drug ass boyfriend than to have a real man so when u see this girl she will always put the putty game as if her baby daddy’s don’t donithnothing but they try their best and she pushes him away. Is his kids not theirs u sum crackhead I think every guy should look out for this ratchet girl she uses guys for their money and churches for their money age is not a good mother I think daddy need to step up and take these kids from her before they turn out like her lol help get this biatch out the fuking streets..and this other bitch she hangs with is her baby daddy sister so isn’t that fcked up u GI hand out with smelly fishy Danielle and u think she making u look real good all ya sluts they go to bars looking for a man to take care of their kids the 2sluts of Ohio..

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Slore from Lorain to Cuyahoga County

August 11, 2014 Cleveland 82




THE DIRTY ARMY: This is destiney huffman the biggest slut you will meet. She stays high zannys, weed, h*roin etc. She will fck you if you smoke some “loud” with her. She claims to have a boyfriend in jail name james drug addict too. But shes fuking all his friends and their brothers. She stays with her grand parents because her mother doesnt want her. This girl is trully pathetic


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Wanna be rapper Koda Kapo

August 11, 2014 Cleveland 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Koda Kapo from jungle vibes records is another wanna be Rapper out of lake county, Cleveland ohio you can put him in the wack local rappers category along with his lame wanna be rapper friends Blake delta, kash money k, Alex the automatic and young nemo He sucks at what he does his music is horrible stage presence is awful he steals beats scams his fan base their all fake followers he buys on to every show he performs at the Phantasy club and clevelnd agora in every month that nobody goes to cuz there lame ass local shows i wouldn’t want to waste your time on his music or money on his shows and wouldn’t even spend a penny on his mixtapes and nothing cool about kicking it with him either he’s a bum never held a job his girlfriend buys everything for him and gives him a place to stay he don’t shower for days you will probably catch some fleas around him he also hangs out with a bunch of heroin attics and faggots calls his hotel spot “the studio” and his suburban residence “the trap” you hang out with him your IQ goes down from a 100 to a 0 one more time again don’t waste your time becoming friends with the stumblin lurpy stoner fckkk doing business with him and so on..

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Cleveland Indian Marc Rzepczynski Is A Cheating Loser

August 8, 2014 Cleveland, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel the need to bust out this cleat chaser. Her name is Lindzey Lawler, her boyfriend is Marc Rzepczynski of the Cleveland Indians. She is from New Jersey, living in Cleveland now. Marc Rzepczynski was engaged this year to his girlfriend of 4 years up until March when she called off the wedding because she felt suspicious of him possibly cheating. Sure enough, he had cheated and with this girl. Best part is she knew about it and stayed with him! The other girl high tailed it out of there. Figured Cleveland doesn’t have much going on besides Lebron…and that it is my ethical duty to warn the city of Cleveland as well as Lebron and his family of this groupie, as well as any others who seem to think Marc Rzepczynski is a good guy. He is a typical athlete, cheated on his fiancé as well as every other girl he has been with. By the way who names their kid Lindzey with a “Z”, that is straight stripper.

Cleveland is the new Dubai.- nik

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