Ashtabula Puppy scammers

June 9, 2014 Cleveland 37 10,352 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Instead of getting real jobs these two losers scam pple out of their hard earned dollars. Meet 20yr old Josh Rivers, his 18yr old creepy girlfriend Julia Dioneff of the Ashtabula area. They\’re known all over Ohio as ‘puppy flippers’. In order to feed their drug habits. They troll mostly craigslist 24/7 looking for pple who are trying to find new homes for their pups, they convince them they want to adopt the pups as pets for themselves, use sob stories usually involving Josh’s young son to obtain the pups for as cheap as possible, sometimes free. Just so they can turn around shortly after, post them back up for adoption, charging double, triple what they got them for, make profits. They’ve already had 5 diff breeds of pups up for sale within the same day. Which wouldn’t be so bad if they were honest, actually took care of the pups while they’ve them in their care. They DO NOT, they lie, tell pple every pup they sell has been vet checked, had all shots etc. Most of them don’t,that’s prob why they have a ton of complaints filed against them for selling sick puppies, some have even died within a few days. They meet pple in parking lots to sell the puppies, even go as far as using aliases instead of their real names in order to not get caught, they use all diff cities, constantly use free apps to change their phone numbers, so you won’t be able to get back into contact with them after they’ve sold you a sick pup. A few pple have managed to get back in contact with them, asked for their money back. They’ve received all kinds of threats from these two, as far as death threats from Josh. I find that part funny since Josh is known to run from a fight, is just a little guy 90lbs soak n wet. They’ve gotten down right nasty with pple who have heard of them& their scamming ways, refused to give them a pup, they’ve harrassed them at all hours for a wk straight. Lately they’ve gotten sloppy, used the same number for alot of their scams , been linked to fraudulent pedigree papers, stolen puppies they made the newspapers. This is your warning Ohio stay far away for these crooks. They think this is all so funny. But nothing funny about ripping pple off or sick or dying pups.

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Meet Llora

June 9, 2014 Cleveland 2 6,039 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Seriously, this girl is disgusting! I slept with her not long ago and there are not enough showers in the world to get her rancid stink off of my member. She thinks she is the shit, but she is only useful for a good time. I had to pay for antibiotics after sleeping with this ugly garbage bag. Stay away!! P.s. YOUR DREADS SMELL WORSE THAN YOUR ASS DID

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Shannon Gress

June 6, 2014 Cincinnati, Cleveland 36 10,350 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone thinks she’s hot but I don’t see it , sge a dirty ho tho , I mean Nik rate her , would you do her ?

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Rachel is prostituting her Johnson

June 6, 2014 Cincinnati, Cleveland 34 10,245 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this is Rachel Johnson and boy oh boy has drugs taken a toll on her , I mean check s before pic with her recent mugshot. She’s giving “full body massages” on the backpage dayton ohio under the name Bella. Word on the streets is that her mom has a**s and she sleeps with the same men her nasty mom Sandy johnson sleeps with so you know she has aids also. She tried to wear a wire and snitch on some dope boys but they found out and shot her in the leg lol this bitch is like a cockroach and I think everyone needs to know. Post her in Cincinnati Ohio, ohio state since you dont have dayton.

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Everyone Is Cleveland Wants Burnt Kristen… But I Don’t Get Why

June 5, 2014 Cleveland, The Dirty 165 101,336 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is how much life in Cleveland, Ohio sucks.  This girl is wanted to every man, no matter the race.  Everyone loves her dark skin and those massive +2′s.  As a girl, I’m repulsed and have no clue why so many men are into her, can you explain?

Because +2′s are very rare in Cleveland. They are like +4′s because of the scarcity factor.- nik

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Gabby the Leisurely slore

June 2, 2014 Cleveland 73 5,944 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dude this is the dirtiest bitch ever between fuckin nasties like Willy , Chris or Terry she has a old man snd I mean OLD man named Gary Leisure so yeah bitch is after money and thinkin het pussy is gold . Bitch you’ve slept motherf#ckers eho got w**ts and the he** so we all know you got the drds.

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Over Baked Lexi

May 30, 2014 Cleveland 18 5,940 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Alexis kuzio. The girl who is stuck on stupid. This hoe right here is one of the nastiest chicks you could ever meet. Not to mention she looks shit brown in person she tans way to much she looks absolutely disqusting in real life. Photo shops her photos or takes half face pics just so we don’t have to see her big ass forbear. She sleeps with anyone willing to screw her is a heroin junkie like her best friend catrina stone. They suck old guys off for drug money. Nasty bitches wishing they looked good. Take the makeup off bitch your ugly with and without. Its so funny cause this girl has no idea who I am but will soon. She thinks she is dating my boyfriend but really he is using her gross ass for money until he gets out. Yeah bitch shit going to get real here soon. Enough . 2more months hoe you will see what it is! Was mine long before you and will be long after you go suck some more dick and tan till u burn hoe

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Ryan Mcneeley another Panty Wearing Adventure

May 28, 2014 Cleveland 25 9,444 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: I know we’ve seen this before but this is unbelievable !!! This guy is such a QUEER !! He loves to dress up in stockings, women’s lingerie and goes as far as buying heels to wear with his painted toenails ( HOT PINK)!!! Btw who paints his nails? Probably him, Maybe his gay friends.I doubt he goes into a nail salon dressed like this.. Im pretty sure He’s sucked off a few people at work in the bathroom, because he has told me he fantasizes about it daily. But Im guessing these fantasies are actually REALITIES and he just doesn’t want to own up to that much. Seeing as how it might get him fired from his important JOB!!  He says his favorite dick is the big black COCK. He loves chocking on it while he’s wearing his stockings and heels. He says his mother, father and employer have NO IDEA about his obsession WITH WOMENS undergarments. SO lets make sure we share them with everyone in AVON LAKE OHIO . He is very proud to be this panty wearing fa**ot freak, How many pairs of panties does this guy own? I mean seriously , He has more than I have everrrrrr HAD . Who do you think takes the pics that are not selfies.. lol. They’ve probably fucked on more than 10 occasions. haha Big black dude? Maybe thats who gave him the HERPS!!! HAHA

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Typical OSU Graduate

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