Strongsville Sloot Jen P

March 13, 2014 Cleveland 9 6,033 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty Sloot has been tryin so hard to get with my fiancé when everyone around here knows how many guys she been with and how thirsty she is for more. She been texting him off the hook first it started with how much she was missing her ex and she just needed a guy to help her get him back well the stupid asshole she’s crying about don’t even live in the state anymore!! He ran from her ass and then she starts goin on about how much she needs a good man and someone good to come home to like my guy… Stupid bitch has her own boyfriend! I feel sorry for the jackass who’s dumb enough to stay with her when from what I hear all over the damn city she’s stretched wider than her mouth in that damn picture! Well now she’s sending him nasty ass naked pics and the dumb bitch is already hooking up with 2 of his friends! Imma need this sloot to go back to whatever guy she got on lock this week and keep her damn legs closed I know it’s lent but not everyone eats fish girl damn

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Gothic Slore

March 13, 2014 Cleveland 9 9,974 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tia zook is a nasty home wreaking whore who tries to steal men with families, she tried getting with my boyfriend who i have a child with and would show out at my boyfriends house trying to bang him and his friends and even flashed her boobs to 7 men in the kitchen…yeah classy right, i think she needs to keep her krusty legs shut! Every time she has a boyfriend she cheats and gave 3 guys go***hea and ch***ia! Shes full of drd’s and needs to be corentin along with the many men that she sleeps with! I do not like this girl and shes so gross and all of lake county needs to be warned, many people already know about her ways she even won the Willoughby whore contest! Ok rant over i hope u can help spread the word nik! Just like tia spreads her legs…

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Am I The Reason You’re in Debt

March 12, 2014 Cleveland 131 9,830 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: You may know her as Courtney Taylor Piontek aka that girl who was fired from cvs and upgraded to aldis. Shes about as dirty as they get in cleveland, cant hold a job and is looking for a new catch on plenty of fish to pay her bills. I used to go to school with her she was knocked up at 15 and has been straight trash ever since. She needs a reality check and some proactive!

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Casi Orick Wants to be Ghetto

March 12, 2014 Cleveland 43 10,231 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok here we have casi orick she like to call herself casi whorick. She hoe around columbia bug lately shes been fcking the brothas in cleveland. She has a child but always pawns her off on someone so she can party and get fucked..she dresses like a slut. She cheated on her babys dad with his friend…she had 3 black guys run a train on her and tape it..if you come across her just whip out your dick she will suck it..she is very easy and she insists she isnt a slut but what girl doesnt.. now everyone knows about her..thank you

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Cousin Lover

March 12, 2014 Cleveland 5 7,403 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Teresa Sherman. After having dated my friend for almost two years, she comes out & tells him she’s been cheating on him the whole time. When she recently went to Florida, she slept with her ex when he came back from boot camp because she used to live down in Florida. She has also slept with her cousin, Chris stube when she was in Hilton head. And some random 28 year old who works at a bowling alley. Its pretty nasty if you ask me. who fucks their own cousin. Like ewwwww

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SideChick Shauna

March 10, 2014 Cleveland 33 7,057 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet SideChick Shauna. She is dating a guy named Donte that plays games with her and uses her. He has a baby mom that he is still in love with and she lets him play her like a fool. She knows all about him sneaking off in the middle of the night and breaking into his baby moms house and still stays with him. All her twitter posts are about the other girls he is seeing and how in love she is with him. I have heard nothing but bad things about this girl and the many diseases she has so i’m not shocked that she lets this guy play her. I also heard she gets around. Too many guys have claimed that they slept with her and caught something. Rumor has it that she is big on drgus too. Wonder if thats where all her bank money goes? She doesnt take care of her kid and thinks going out and drinking is more important. She works at a bank and makes close to NO money. Just a sad girl. She needs to spend less time photoshopping her pics and more time at the gym if you ask me.

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Jessica DUI

March 10, 2014 Cleveland, Dirty DUI 3 8,743 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl has multiple DUI’s when will she ever learn? Has two kids that she pawns off to other people so she can go out on weekends and scare some more people off the road. She’s a slut and a man whore.

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A.B Green Music

March 10, 2014 Cleveland 1 10,038 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy thinks hes a rapper. I don’t even know how youtube let him create his own playlist because it sucks. He talks about how good looking he is and how he should have his own record label. AB your music BLOWS! Smh!!!

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