Cleveland | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Sloppy Seconds Dallas

September 26, 2014 Cleveland 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this train wreck is Dallas Kaye. Watch out women she loves them sloppy seconds and doesn’t mind being second choice and always available to spread them legs. She has two drd’s she doesn’t tell anyone about. Her teeth are so yellow I want to send her a tooth brush and she wears her hair in a bee hive. The restroom she takes pics in is cleaner than her house. She’s a real sloppy girl. She is so gross I was told someone walked in while she was letting her own dog do some really gross stuff to her with peanut butter…Beware of this one

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Pigs of Stuebenville

September 18, 2014 Cleveland, Columbus 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik disgusting coach Reno Saccoccia has let Malik Richmond who raped a girl and humiliated her online and only got 9 fcking months for it in juvi back on the football team! Coach Reno clearly doesn’t give a damn about anything else but winning games as does the disgusting animals who live in Stuebenville. Even more outrageous is Maliks racist dad Nathaniel who wants to be a lawyer and effect our nations justice flow yet he raised a rapist and continues to stick by him instead of disowning him! Please sign the petition to ban rapists from playing sports at Stuebenville circulating on the web and please stop rape by supporting institutions that tollerate it!

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Cleveland Brown’s Jordan Poyer Is Cheating Again

September 12, 2014 Cleveland, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 83


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, now that Jordan Poyer is in Cleveland it seems he is up to his old tricks from Philly.  Ladies of Cleveland, don’t sleep with this man, he is actually taken and will lie to get you to spread your legs.  You all have now been warned.

Is he the kicker? Never heard of this guy.- nik

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Lazy Amber Cardinal

September 10, 2014 Cleveland, Columbus 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Warning to all Men! This little bitch is all that.. Just fake. Fake hair an eyelashes, fake tits. She has been having babies since the age of 12 years old, she targets anyone available an gets herself pregnant an sues. She targets anyone an is a pathalogical liar. She stops at nothing to ruin other families. She hates girls cuz their competion. Her favorite saying’why work when i can just get pregnant”? She lives off welfare and family allowance. Her mom Judy Cardinal is just as bad .. Run a meth lab an pops out kids yearly. These bitches need to be bought down an men to be made aware what they are. Since 12 she posts pics of her tits and her mother allows it. Their vaginas have been used more than Google Niki. They lie and manipulate people. Barflys bring home a guy and rob him. Please Nikki this is not a enemy but rather to warn people. She is also a desease carrier. Warn people this girl is unstable meaning mentally, she thinks she’s from England and eats only royal food. She’s messes yup and no family deserves a run in with her. Her family will attack like a pile of dogs. Be warned.. Bring this stupid bitch down

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Kala the Slore

September 4, 2014 Cleveland 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: here we have the dirtiest of dirty. She is from lorain county. Land of the trash. I wouldn’t use her to clean dog shit. she fck guys for tattoos and drugs. she moved here from incest land and judging by that face I’m assuming she is one of the people of her homeland. she moved to ohio because nobody from Virginia liked her. well guess what bbygrl no one here likes you either. you need to know that. you are being posted on her cause you are a nasty girl, and people enjoy laughing at nasty girls. I really find it troubling that you aren’t on here already. you are fat. like literally. FAT. not a good fat. like covered in cellulite and stretch marks fat. you think guys like you because you are pretty. but it’s really cause you cant keep your legs closed. you have banged every dude in lorain county. your stench is unbearable. you will never amount to much. just stick to the brass pole and keep doing your drugs. hopefully you’ll rid us of your worthless disgusting existence.

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Wanted Dealer and Pedophile Jesse Mark Benovic

September 4, 2014 Cleveland, Lakewood 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, this guy recently moved into our neighborhood, in Cleveland. on the 1100 block of Dale AVE. The entire neighborhood got fliers stating he was a violent pedophile on parole. We were all worried. No one thinks a chomo or hardcore drugs will move into their neighborhood until it does. It started off innocent, people were complaining about him hanging out daily at the playground, weirding out children and running away from parents. When we tried to make contact to let him know he had every right to live here but he was under close watch, he freaked out threatning the lives of my family and friends who interjected. Now all night long people come and go from his house wheres theres loud booming music all night like he is running a pharmacy and gay bar. My pregnant daughter who has always had a pre disposition for drugs was caught by her brother freebasing meth she claims to have gotten from him. Apprently he was trying to make a deal with her to buy her baby for as much meth as she wanted so he could perform sexual acts on it. This guys needs to be exposed. He think’s he is a DJ but really all he is a child molesting drug dealing want to be DJ. I think this all stems from what research i gather, that his father molested him, and then committed suicide in 2002… This guy is sick and needs to goto the electric chair. His address is 11308 Dale Ave, Cleveland Ohio.  The police will NOT do anything about this danger in our community!!! help!!

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Forgy Boy Dave

September 1, 2014 Cleveland 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this f*g boy is Dave Jones he lives in Parma. This bum thinks he’s hot shit and every girl wants him and anyone that doesn’t like him it’s because their a hater. Girls only like him because he drives nice cars and they think he has money. Everything about him is pathetic from his personality to his sex skills. This boy will talk shit on anyone that goes on a site called pof yet he’s on there lmao!He has no job the only reason he has a nice car is he a dope boy and he flips cars. He said he can’t work cus he’s too fcked up with mental shit. When really he’s just fcked up in general. Hea white trash wigger who needs to be put in his place. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, he uses people and if you don’t hang out with him he turns into a complete psycho and tries to ruin you like he did to me! And I’m pretty sure he’s a closet homo rather he fcks girls or not. He wears more pink then Barbie and tans more then the people from jersey shore for Christ sake. He’s a sad excuse of a man and girls should be warned before talking to him. After what he did to me I hope he catches aids and his dick falls off.

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Candi Mandi

August 28, 2014 Cleveland 53


THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this nasty ass whore. She iss a true escort. sells for self for cheap. sets up shop on brookpark rd. at the airport exspress or the nasty telly attached to Omalleys.Give her a call I’m sure she will give u a good deal.

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