Ashley Ratliff jumps from man to man

July 4, 2014 Cleveland 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gives slutty pics away like postcards

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Chance Jennings

July 2, 2014 Cleveland 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chance Jennings; Ohio’s biggest dope h*e! This girl right here is the mother of a beautiful little boy who she leaves with her family, doesnt ever talk about and hardly visits because she would rather be a junkie whore. She worked as a dancer at a run down strip club in Barberton called franscios, she will \”befriend\” girls to then latet turn around and get with their boyfriends. She was pregnant and shooting up meth and heroin, didnt know who the dad was but told several people it was theirs yet proceeded to get high to purposely kill the baby. If that alone doesnt scream piece of shit I dont know wtf does. I feel bad for her she falls for everyone that gives her the time of day and gets her high for free..

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A True Greg

July 1, 2014 Cleveland 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Greg Kall is a true greg. He is a bi-polar felon, drug addict, alcoholic, habitual liar, thief & cheater. I dated him for 7 mths and the entire time he was living another life. I think I might write a book & recoup money he still owes me.

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Look out DOTD

June 30, 2014 Cincinnati, Cleveland 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: So the famous Mandie Mayheam is fleeing off to make some cash at days of the dead! Beware any guys that end up with her she has a police record for hooking and is carrying a few drds. This nasty fake horse teeth having m*th head has been working her way across ohio. Enjoy her! She’s cheap and easy. Get her drunk and give her some meth and you are all set! Don’t let her lies fool you about how she has changed she is still the same nasty girl she was in high school only now she’s gothic and it’s mth not coke. She will steal from you any chance she gets.

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Fat and trashy

June 26, 2014 Cleveland 138

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty fat female … who thinks she looks good is nothing but a fat crackhead .. sucks and fcks anything straight ghetto trash . goes around and starts shit with other females who are happy and she is straight jealous of that’s clear we all see . offer a free tattoo and get a whore for life plus and extra gift that keeps on giving free of charge . takes selfies at work instead of doing her job which is a daycare teacher so much for watching kids huh.. good job deserve a raise for that one trick . so if any one is on dennison ave look for her or at the bar she will be around .. looking for her next victim

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Creatures of Lorain County

June 25, 2014 Cleveland, Dirty Mugshots 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: This worthless garbage is Osiris Boyer, aka Osiris Boyers, aka Maria Young. She has already been convicted of Credit Card Fraud and Child Endangerment. She gave up THREE of her now 6 children for adoption so she could have another baby. Yes, baby #7. She gave up her oldest son and twins that are about 4 years old. In March. Of this year. But she made sure to keep all her other kids and get pregnant again. She is insanely ignorant as well. She claims to be a soldier in the army, and where I come from, that’s not taken lightly. She is in no way, shape, or form in the army. SHE HAS A FELONY FRAUD CONVICTION FOR PETE’S SAKE! She can’t take care of her kids, but she can manage to hire a lawyer for her boyfriend and new baby daddy “Critter”. What a winner! She did get her 5 minutes of fame. If you Google her name, every news station in Cleveland and a few newspapers come up covering her story on how she left her kids home alone with no food. Her Facebook page is littered with posts about what a good mom she is and her kids…until you see the posts of her run down slum and her ponting firearms at random shit like she’s gangster. Mind, she comes from a town where the median income is $75k+ and is basically a yuppie haven. Her mugshot is such a glamorous one, especially with her lovely drunken stare. Be on the lookout people! This “Creature” is one of the worst human beings alive.

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Mayfield Police Are Dirty

June 25, 2014 Cleveland, The Dirty 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the Mayfield Heights Police Department is very dirty department lead by Fred Bittner. They will stop you just to stop you to harass you about your clothing. They also steal from the evidence room as well as smoke the weed that they find in search and seizures!!! A very dirty department who is only out for the money and to smoke the weed that they find. They don’t care about people who live in the city who are heroin addicts. They just harass the people who smoke weed. So spread the word and stop this corrupted department!

I like the gold pens in his pocket, very rich.- nik

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Barf Bag Beth

June 24, 2014 Cleveland 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Beth Ann, Cleveland bar whore. If you frequent the bar scene, chances are you’ve run into this crater faced, pot belly, dick suckin, twat eating confused hoe. She’ll tell you she’s a lesbian, just so you can suck the last donors nut outta her used up crotch. beware of the crotch crickets…they’ll serenade you into her rancid region i.e. her alley cat! If your looking for some head, buy this hoe a shot….but beware…..she’ll give you things that make a blue waffle, look like a day at the beach. Is it just my opinion Nik, or does this hoe look like a potbelly pig??

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