Slooty Lynn Heuer

March 18, 2014 Cleveland 0 9,016 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl… the biggest whore in our area. She preys on men that have wives, children or girlfriends. Its like a game for her. Some have taken the bait (along with her drd’s) and others were on to her game, so they managed to escape. She has issues with compulsive lying, generally just to get people to seem interested, because she is really rather lame and has nothing intelligent to bring to any conversation. Its terrifying that she’s a nurse, or nursing student, because anyone put under her care would be better off caring for themselves.  Who knows what they may catch even through those gloves. I pity any man she dates or even worse marries. They will have no idea what they are getting themselves into, or have any idea she is most definitely still texting other dudes to try to get them to come do nasty things to her. The ultimate con-artist to say the least. She is a want to be model for bridal shows, showing off gowns that belong on a woman who weight doesn’t differ 20lbs per season. Her ultimate goal is to find some sucker to marry her, which so far one almost made the mistake of, but got away just in time. She previously worked at a tanning salon, where she would leave used pregnancy tests out frequently. She would send men clients messages trying to bait them into coming to have sex with her in the tanning beds there. (Think about that one next time you go to lay down in a tanning bed!!)And the best part is she always has a boyfriend when she does these kinds of things. Its like a mental disorder, where she doesn’t get enough attention and seeks it from people who are in relationships to make her feel like she has one up on someone.. truth is, the only one up she has, is her number of drd’s compared to the average slut. Steer clear of this drama queen!

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Cassandra Is Bipolar

March 18, 2014 Cleveland 1 10,049 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty bitch kisses her newborn son with that mouth! Says she lives on her own but lives with her grandparents,mother and 4 siblings. Always getting arrested, put in Belmont Pines mental facility for trying to kill her baby! Someone needs to child protective services. Everyone in that house needs to be saved from her instabilities.

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The Olive Garden Girl

March 18, 2014 Cleveland 4 10,081 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Ashley Griffin, she’s thirty years old and is a trashy single mom living in Barberton. She currently works at Olive Garden and she probably will until she dies. She’s haggardly from drinking 24/7 which is why she doesn’t have custody of her son. It’s only a matter of time before her drinking and driving takes her life or someone else’s. She has a second job in Wadsworth working at a daycare which is frightening considering this girl has only proven to be qualified in spreading her legs for any guy that talks to her when she’s drunk. She now has hpv from sleeping with someone else’s boyfriend whom I know very well. That’s what you get for being a slut I guess. Her breath smells like decay from her dead front tooth and she has a saggy ass, I don’t blame her for being drunk all the time if I looked like her I would be too.

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Nicholas Tyler Cleveland’s Big FAT Cheater

March 16, 2014 Cleveland 23 9,353 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Met Nicholas Tyler, Cleveland’s (mayfield) BIGGEST dirt ball cheater. Nicholas & I have been hooking up for the past 8 months. It started out as occasional sex & then our feelings grew stronger. I knew he was dating Brittany Maruna at the time but that wasn’t an issue to me. He would constantly call me complaining about how much he hates her family & how embarrassing fat Brittany is. Whenever they would get into a fight he would call me up telling me he was going to dump her & wants to get a house together with me, saying he’s sick of Brittany being fat, lazy & jobless. Before Nicholas & I started fooling around I knew he had hooked up with some girls who work at the Mayfield Paninis. Recently Nicholas called me laughing about how Brittany threatened to kill herself, he told me he didn’t even blink an eye at her. Now mind you I’m no super model but Nik take a look at this kid, he’s seriously so fat, anytime I goto suck is greg his fat stomach gets in the way. I just thought it was time to truly expose the truth of him since he wants to be with me so bad.

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Ashley Trashy White

March 14, 2014 Cleveland 2 6,792 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the city wide trash of north ridgeville. She spreads her trash through north olmsted, olmsted falls, berea, elyria, any where she can get it in. And if you are to get in her way she’s nothing but a bully. She got pregnant by an underage…on purpose…after her sister dated him. then continued to do coke and drink through her whole pregnancy. Thank god her son came outhealthy. Not that it matters shes never with him. You can find her at aces or any hole in the wall bar. Weekend or weekday. But stay far from this trash infested whore

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Model I think Not

March 14, 2014 Cleveland, Ohio 63 9,428 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl thinks that she is a model. While she has a banging body her face leaves much to be desired. She is also as dumb as a box of rocks. Her real last name is Stewart. She goes by the last name Love. Which is really stupid as this is her baby daddy’s last name. The baby daddy that she cheated on and was never married to. She also has atleast one drd. She is a nurse and a bad one. She really needs to be on the dirty but will probably think of it as a compliment.

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Strongsville Sloot Jen P

March 13, 2014 Cleveland 9 6,036 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty Sloot has been tryin so hard to get with my fiancé when everyone around here knows how many guys she been with and how thirsty she is for more. She been texting him off the hook first it started with how much she was missing her ex and she just needed a guy to help her get him back well the stupid asshole she’s crying about don’t even live in the state anymore!! He ran from her ass and then she starts goin on about how much she needs a good man and someone good to come home to like my guy… Stupid bitch has her own boyfriend! I feel sorry for the jackass who’s dumb enough to stay with her when from what I hear all over the damn city she’s stretched wider than her mouth in that damn picture! Well now she’s sending him nasty ass naked pics and the dumb bitch is already hooking up with 2 of his friends! Imma need this sloot to go back to whatever guy she got on lock this week and keep her damn legs closed I know it’s lent but not everyone eats fish girl damn

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Gothic Slore

March 13, 2014 Cleveland 9 9,980 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tia zook is a nasty home wreaking whore who tries to steal men with families, she tried getting with my boyfriend who i have a child with and would show out at my boyfriends house trying to bang him and his friends and even flashed her boobs to 7 men in the kitchen…yeah classy right, i think she needs to keep her krusty legs shut! Every time she has a boyfriend she cheats and gave 3 guys go***hea and ch***ia! Shes full of drd’s and needs to be corentin along with the many men that she sleeps with! I do not like this girl and shes so gross and all of lake county needs to be warned, many people already know about her ways she even won the Willoughby whore contest! Ok rant over i hope u can help spread the word nik! Just like tia spreads her legs…

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