Clarissa the Shack

June 16, 2014 Cleveland 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Clarissa she act likes she’s not a nasty whore but she’s been caught prostituting, she is spreading drds and has gave it to her boyfriend, he is a Greg, she will let u gang bang her for a few bucks,she also smokes crack and sucks dick at the bar. She always has a drd on her face and someone has sent me more proof of her whoring so cleveland be warned and Hoes beware Mr.Expose is here.

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Ryan Mcneeley another Panty Wearing Adventure

June 16, 2014 Cleveland 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yep, that happened

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Paul Simoneau

June 16, 2014 Cleveland 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need your help putting this lowlife piece of ghetto trash on blast all over Cleveland. He’s a dirty rapist, multiple sex offender, drug addict thief. He\’s got a bunch of kids he doesn’t see or take care of. I would be hard to support your kids though if all you do for money is steal scrap metal. He is the definition of a loser. On his face book page he goes by JOSEPH SIMONEAU. His real name is PAUL SIMONEAU. He doesn’t want anyone to see his multiple felony convictions that include various sex offenses. PLEASE PUT THIS SORRY EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN ON BLAST. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! KEEP YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTERS AWAY FROM THIS PIG!!!!! HIS CRIMINAL DOCKET CAN BE VIEWED AT CUYAHOGA COUNTY CLERK OF COURT* CRIMINAL DOCKET* JOSEPH SIMONEAU

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Does The Shining Only Model For Social Media

June 14, 2014 Cleveland, The Dirty, The Shining 66


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, The Shining has been doing photoshoots for years now and I have never seen any of them anywhere besides her social medias… I don’t get it?  Like what is the point of doing this?  Is it to feel sexy at her age?  Or what?

I don’t understand the symbolism of the electrical socket?- nik

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Cheating bitch

June 11, 2014 Cleveland 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Helen. She’s the dirtiest whore I\’ve ever met. She sleeps around behind her new fiancées back all the time. She’s a compulsive liar and she just doesn’t know when to quit. She’s talking to me behind Matt\’s back right now. I hope he sees this and calls her out on her bullshit. She doesn’t deserve to be happy. I hope your boy likes my sloppy seconds Helen because I’m never coming back to your ass. I bet you if her and Matt switched phones for a day she’d be single and living on the streets. Her life is just a joke. She claims to be a recovering drug addict but I highly doubt it. She keeps so many secrets too. She’d be in deep shit if anyone found out. This bitch needs to be put on blast.

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Ryan Workman

June 10, 2014 Cleveland 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Omg this little punk A– Bit-h is a looser . 88 indictments were issued by a Henry County Grand Jury on Monday. There are more that are sealed until November 28th or when an arrest is made. Among them: Ryan Michael Workman, 19, 30 Trophy Court, Martinsville, malicious wounding, Ridgeway, threaten to bomb, burn, destroy or damage structure, Aug. 1, and James Douglas Bowers, 29, 1205 Lawson St., Martinsville, malicious wounding, June 21. Like he tried to hurt his own Mom like what kind of kid does that ? I guess he was mad becuse she lied about who his father was. Sad he hates her that much

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Junkhead Kara

June 10, 2014 Cleveland, Columbus 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Kara Leigh Decker. Aka, Kara Leigh, Kara Decker. Bad news the day I met her and a warning to anyone in the whole state of Ohio. Kara come across sweet the first time you meet her, then its instantly I need this, lets go get high, I love crack, etc. She has traded her state food card to a crack dealer in Massillon, Ohio for her fix. Kara is also a pill popper, h*roin head and LOVES cr*ck. Kara won’t think twice about sucking off any dealer for a fix or pull a train to get high. She does this with black guys or girls. Kara stole my class ring, Bulova centennial watch and my car, which she did $5500 worth of damage to before handing it off to some low life crack dealer in Akron. After which, Kara is now hiding under some crack rock in Cleveland or Cleveland area. The mugshots are from her B.&E. in Cuyahoga. Kara cannot hold or keep a job do to the fact she steals from her employer and employee’s.If Kara can get her hands on anything of value, go check out your local pawn shop or drug dealer. Kara lives for being a junky, lost her son and her family, which had to move 2000 miles away just to get away from her, and relies on anyone for help. So if you see this low life piece of monkey flop, RUN LIFE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! BECAUSE IT WILL!

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Formerly Known as Sheri Thompson

June 10, 2014 Cleveland 108


THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Sheri Godenschwager (formerly known as Sheri Thompson) of North Kingsville, Ohio. Works at Sportsterz Bar & Grill at Geneva on the Lake, Ohio. Cheated on me with two different guys (that I personally know of) I have spoken to both about it as well; we all confirmed it. All of us, perhaps save for the Put-In-Bay incident guy (?) thought we had a monogamous relationship with her at the time. The other time she cheated on me (and one of the guys previously mentioned) was at Put-In-Bay, Ohio. This was done with a random stranger while she was drunk. (Her friend that was there also cheated on her husband) Sheri gets her poisonous claws into other men as a safety net. When she’s done sucking the life from one guy, she falls back on the other(s) in line. (She was even still receiving money in the mail from a guy while with me) I speak with him regularly (we\’re great friends now) and he confirmed that with me. This next part says it all: She used me for my vehicle when she didn’t have one, over the past 2 years, and after her mother passed and she received a sum of money, she started screwing some **V positive, heavy drug user, deadbeat-dad that she met while working at Sportsterz last December. She lies so_frequently_and_often that, even when faced with the facts that we knew she was cheating, she believed her story (lie) was true. This herpes skank has serious mental issues…and yeah, fact, she has drd…because she gave it to me.

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