Are All Ohio Chix Ugle

June 23, 2014 Cleveland 5




THE DIRTY ARMY: would you with any?

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Crystal Nicholson Greaselake Junkie

June 18, 2014 Cleveland 38



THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Crystal. Almost 30 with four kids by a good man. Far from a fairytale. She lies, cheats, steals, and yes shoots heroin. She loves some black dick but wont admit that to her family or her ex Paul. She has sucked and fucked for a fix. Bails out on her kids to get high. In recent news, since she claims sobriety, she hangs out with other notorious junkies. She is a piece of shit that uses and abuses. She calls everyone else fake. Whats fake is her. She thinks she is some kind of Hallie Barry. As if! Stay away from her. She could get you in jail, or killed. Many people wen believe she is involved in a recent Eastlake natives death. She is a horrible bitch with no class. Hide your kids, hide your life, becquse if she thinks you have it better she will try to invade.

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Tara is back at it Again

June 18, 2014 Cleveland 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: New man, new ring, new drama

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Johnny Manziel Is The Justin Bieber Of Football

June 17, 2014 Cleveland, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 113

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Johnny Manziel is the Justin Bieber of Football. I am actually going to watch the Browns this year just to see this kid get crushed by somebody like a James Harrison.

He will be in and out of the Browns organization like Brady Quinn. The kid is not taking his job seriously.- nik

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Clarissa the Shack

June 16, 2014 Cleveland 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Clarissa she act likes she’s not a nasty whore but she’s been caught prostituting, she is spreading drds and has gave it to her boyfriend, he is a Greg, she will let u gang bang her for a few bucks,she also smokes crack and sucks dick at the bar. She always has a drd on her face and someone has sent me more proof of her whoring so cleveland be warned and Hoes beware Mr.Expose is here.

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Ryan Mcneeley another Panty Wearing Adventure

June 16, 2014 Cleveland 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yep, that happened

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Paul Simoneau

June 16, 2014 Cleveland 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need your help putting this lowlife piece of ghetto trash on blast all over Cleveland. He’s a dirty rapist, multiple sex offender, drug addict thief. He\’s got a bunch of kids he doesn’t see or take care of. I would be hard to support your kids though if all you do for money is steal scrap metal. He is the definition of a loser. On his face book page he goes by JOSEPH SIMONEAU. His real name is PAUL SIMONEAU. He doesn’t want anyone to see his multiple felony convictions that include various sex offenses. PLEASE PUT THIS SORRY EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN ON BLAST. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! KEEP YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTERS AWAY FROM THIS PIG!!!!! HIS CRIMINAL DOCKET CAN BE VIEWED AT CUYAHOGA COUNTY CLERK OF COURT* CRIMINAL DOCKET* JOSEPH SIMONEAU

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Does The Shining Only Model For Social Media

June 14, 2014 Cleveland, The Dirty, The Shining 73


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, The Shining has been doing photoshoots for years now and I have never seen any of them anywhere besides her social medias… I don’t get it?  Like what is the point of doing this?  Is it to feel sexy at her age?  Or what?

I don’t understand the symbolism of the electrical socket?- nik

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