Avon Lake Sloot Revision

March 5, 2014 Cleveland 20 6,042 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: my buddy told me that jess was on here and i had a good laugh when i saw her skank ass called out. this girl works at mark pis, a chinese restaurant in avon lake, and jesus knows i wouldnt let her nasty hands handle my food. any way i thought youd enjoy some candids from one of our bathroom encounters and of her being a reckless alcoholic partier. keep your alcohol and mary jane pics to yourself if you’re under 21 bby you know thats how you get in trouble.

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Photoshop Megan

March 5, 2014 Cleveland 62 9,166 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This year is Megan she looks cute acks like a good girl shes fake has a boyfriend tries to use guys because her boyfriend is pieces of shit does drugs act like she doesn’t just all-around nasty as does porn videos just disgusting girl giys don’t let the looks for you

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Lying, Cheating, SOB

March 3, 2014 Cleveland 15 5,734 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: After recently moving back to Wickliffe I hooked up with Michael Rypinski. He and I grew up together, I know him better than himself, or so I thought. After initially hooking up with him we started dating and that continued for the past 3 years. Unbeknownst to me the entire time he was \”dating\” me he was dating another woman. I only recently found this out because he set up such an elaborate lie about his mother… Yesterday he wakes up panicked that he missed a phone call from his sister about his Mom being rushed to the hospital because she had a heart attack. OMG! He left, updated me throughout the day and evening…we went to lunch and had a quickie at his place in the couple hour break he had until the test that afternoon…she had a heart cath done and it didn\’t go well…she needed to be transported the main campus downtown…on the way there she flat lined…they brought her back but she was now too unstable to undergo the triple bypass she needed. IT WAS ALL A LIE!! His mother was never in the hospital. It was a lie to me because he had plans with her and some friends for his birthday! WTF??? I only found that out because I called a friend who I knew would tell me the truth. That is when I found out what has really been going on… Mike only told me that she was friend. That was fine with me as long as that was all it was. But it wasn\’t. My best girlfriend went on Facebook and found this woman\’s facebook page…it contained pictures of the two of them and his kids!!! WTF??? Talk about a slap in the face. My whole world came crashing down. He really had been dating her the entire time he was with me. All of a sudden I felt like I was in one an episode of Criminal Minds or CSI where the wife finds out her husband has been leading a double life. He was doing that, for 3 YEARS! I will give him kudos for being able to keep it up for so long. But I also found out that he may have also been seeing yet another woman in the beginning of our \”relationship\”. So in case you lost count that is now 3 women. Woman #2 got wise about woman #1 and kicked him to the curb. I also found out that when he told me he was on vacation with his kids traveling down to his Dad\’s place in Florida that he was really with her. He spent most of the weekends with her and during the week with me. Everybody knew they were a couple. His excuse for not bringing me around his family was that he wasn\’t ready for it due to his 2 failed marriages. YA RIGHT! I found out that the hotel he took me to is his usual place to take chicks. I would love to know what he told his kids when it came to me spending time with him and them. He must have threatened them, he had too. Those poor kids. He took me to church with his kids. I had been to his house with his kids. We went out, went shopping, he was even there when I had major surgery. The text messages telling me how much he loves me, misses me, can\’t wait to be with me, not to mention the sexting. Oh my! I know, you are wondering how stupid could you be? Well, honestly his cover stories worked. They sounded plausible. I look back now and I just cry. I was betrayed in the worst way possible. He became more than just a lover, he was my best friend, my confidant, my man. He has been my friend for over 30 years and this is what he does to me. I guess some people just don\’t have a conscience. I really do wonder how he slept at night. I also wonder if he shared the same fetishes with her that he did with me? I don\’t really care. It\’s over. The sad part is that woman #1 may have known about me all along, just not to the extent that it really was. She needs to run away, fast. So ladies, if you ever see this man…RUN AWAY AND WARN YOUR GIRL FRIENDS!!!

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Rich Witch

March 3, 2014 Cleveland 20 10,538 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut is Roxi Lungociu. FAKEST girl in the whole northeast Ohio area! She’s from Parma, but tries acting hood like shes from Cleveland. Her daddy is a rich pervert, who buys her everything, and she isnt even grateful! She just brags about everything she gets and how rich “she is” and how she doesnt have to work. Nobody cares because shes a cunt. Shes super stuck up and rude, and her “photoshoots” were all done by a Cleveland photographer she had to suck off, just to get the shoot. She talks shit about all her friends, and thinks shes better than everyone because her DAD has money. Roxi is conceited,yet her hair color/length is fake, skin is fake baked, and eye color is naturally brown but she claims her blue contacts are her real color! Daddy even bought her that ass and tits for her 16th and 17th bday! I was bff with her before she burned me and TRIED fcking my bf, so I would know.

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All Kinds a Wrong

February 26, 2014 Cleveland 15 6,160 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is so nasty she doesn’t understand when someone breaks up with her her name krya Norman she plays on people phone just to try to keep a man she’s pathetic her goals in life are lying to people saying she’s pregnant to keep you around….I slept with her n her p***y was so loose you would think you fell in the grand canyon….. be ware men she is burning dudes so if u have slept wit her plz get checked

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She Loves Drugs

February 26, 2014 Cleveland 100 8,743 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kelley. She can’t go anywhere without watching her back because of all the dudes she’s f*cked and all the girlfriends most of them had who have it out for her! She is in a new dudes bed every single night as long as they give her coke. She looks like she’s 12 but she’s actually like 20 but still parties with high school kids. I don’t even think she has her license yet? Stuck in the past, or stuck in a bad cocaine binge? You decide.

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Clevelands Jersey Shore Reject

February 24, 2014 Cleveland 1066 10,249 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Jersey Shore reject LAUREN PALMENTERA grew up in Cleveland but ass’pired to be a guidette from way back! Her idol is Snooki though this broads got 300lbs on Snooks! She couldn’t even be Snooki if she fed her eating disorders veggies in the closet then barfed them up in the toilet! Aside from eating disorders she has a baby daddy disorder where she sucks the jizz out and shoves it up her snatch to make Spanish babies she can keep for ransom aka child support! This welfare fraud expert gets foodstamps and a government check lying about her child support to the irs and the case workers! Lauren went to nursing school only to learn how to abuse old people in old folks homes, they fired her drunk and angry fat lazy azz and she lost her mind! Hot on the trail of a blind sugar daddy this hungry heffer is on the prowl so single men in the Cleveland area should beware!!! This is one hungry hippo, she may suck you dry but she will shove it up her mangina to make another child support baby! Better known as the neighborhood cat lady she smells like cat litter box and has flea bites all over her sloppy fat body! Lauren is a stanky skank alum of Holy Name HighSchool where her oversized slow kid couldn’t make it so he attends public school in the low rate suburb ghetto adjacent in a tiny house the two fatso slobs can barely fit into let alone the child support babies she houses in the basement like kidnap victims! Children beware as well! This crazy cat lady collects felines but once child protective services and custody courts take her children away she will start prowling the city streets looking for her own Cleveland kidnap victims she can hold hostage and brain wash a real Castro over here, this cow is one heafty hot mess!

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Ignorance Is Bliss

February 21, 2014 Cleveland 25 8,932 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This scum right here is Vince Campana. Everyone thinks he’s the greatest guy ever…but you know how that goes. I dated this creep a few years ago…after 2 weeks, he was asking me to move with him to Tennessee to move in with his mom. When I said no, he cheated on me with 2 underage girls and then told me I was worthless and that I should ***l myself. 3 years later, and he’s hitting me up on Facebook to hang out. When I originally asked him about why it said he was “In a Relationship” with his girlfriend Xena, he said that he’s single and it always says that….yeah ok, because when I’m single I don’t usually let my ex continue to be linked to my page through a relationship status. Last week he messaged me again, complaining about how he works soooooo much and he doesn’t have anyone to spend the money on….I think the screenshot says it all. Now for whatever reason his girlfriend has me blocked, so I had one of my friends message her, but of course she doesn’t believe this could be true with him being her soul mate and everything. I guess she’s used to people photoshopping screen shots? Word of advice sweetie, when he cheats on his girlfriend with you, h’s gonna do the same to you.

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