The Harley Slore Gina

July 10, 2014 Cleveland 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Gina Fedele. She is Lake Counties Finest! Gina is a full time whore who loves to get pounded out! She works at Harley Davidson in Mentor, Ohio. Now that she works there she thinks that she is a hard core biker. She is such a poser/fake. All she does is dress and act like a HUGE biker. The only reason she got the job is because she sleeps with all her co-workers, and all the customers like a little cute piece of close friend who also works there tells me how everybody in the shop has ran through her, and how on lunch break you can hear her getting pounded out in the backroom. He also tells me how they tear her little frame up. they say for such a small girl she can take pipe. Literally one time they fucked her with a 12 inch long pipe that was 4 inches thick. Other than that she would not be working there because she is so fucking dumb. Sick how she loves all these older men and just cant keep her legs closed. Its funny how Gina is so full of herself and thinks that she is the hottest thing around. when in reality she is just getting passed around the company like a blunt. Gina really has a tough time not fcking anybody, she always states how she hates sleeping/being in bed alone. You can catch her somewhere riding behind some old ass biker.

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Bryn Coffield

July 10, 2014 Akron, Cleveland 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Fat, lazy eyed, wanna be tattoo model with he***s and horrible tiny tattoos

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Quick Question For You

July 8, 2014 Cleveland, The Dirty 216


THE DIRTY ARMY: Excuse me Nik, how do you rate my body for a mom of a 9 month old?  Thank you.

5.80091726. Get +2′s already so you can hit the high 7′s.- nik

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What Is Johnny Manziel Thinking

July 7, 2014 Cleveland, Dirty Athletes, Las Vegas, The Dirty 139


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just saw this on Reddit and had to share with The Dirty Army.  It looks like its Johnny Manziel in Las Vegas rolling up a dollar bill in a bathroom… now why do people roll up dollar bills and clubs?  To do some cocaine obviously.  I have no doubt that looks like Johnny and this kid is literally blowing any chance he has to be a star in the NFL…

This kid stands no chance in the NFL.- nik

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Ashley Ratliff jumps from man to man

July 4, 2014 Cleveland 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gives slutty pics away like postcards

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Chance Jennings

July 2, 2014 Cleveland 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chance Jennings; Ohio’s biggest dope h*e! This girl right here is the mother of a beautiful little boy who she leaves with her family, doesnt ever talk about and hardly visits because she would rather be a junkie whore. She worked as a dancer at a run down strip club in Barberton called franscios, she will \”befriend\” girls to then latet turn around and get with their boyfriends. She was pregnant and shooting up meth and heroin, didnt know who the dad was but told several people it was theirs yet proceeded to get high to purposely kill the baby. If that alone doesnt scream piece of shit I dont know wtf does. I feel bad for her she falls for everyone that gives her the time of day and gets her high for free..

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A True Greg

July 1, 2014 Cleveland 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Greg Kall is a true greg. He is a bi-polar felon, drug addict, alcoholic, habitual liar, thief & cheater. I dated him for 7 mths and the entire time he was living another life. I think I might write a book & recoup money he still owes me.

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Look out DOTD

June 30, 2014 Cincinnati, Cleveland 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: So the famous Mandie Mayheam is fleeing off to make some cash at days of the dead! Beware any guys that end up with her she has a police record for hooking and is carrying a few drds. This nasty fake horse teeth having m*th head has been working her way across ohio. Enjoy her! She’s cheap and easy. Get her drunk and give her some meth and you are all set! Don’t let her lies fool you about how she has changed she is still the same nasty girl she was in high school only now she’s gothic and it’s mth not coke. She will steal from you any chance she gets.

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