Cleveland | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Connie D Adkins

October 14, 2014 Cleveland 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty bitch puts 10 year old pics of herself on Facebook,like she’s hot or something.She draws social security disability scandalously,and welfare through WT Realty in Sandusky,Ohio 44870 Worthless,lying,lazy,smelly,abusive mother.Says she was raped by her uncle as a kid and gave her 1st kid to her mom,second kid she lost to her dad,and baited innocent couples to adopt her 3rd kid meanwhile contemplated abortion. She’s full of these seeping warts and sits around picking them and they’re really bad by her vag.area.You\’ll see her in pics on google and laugh.Her sister Bunny Adkins is as nasty as she is and both together ,probably had unprotected sex with over 1000 men and women.The picture in her pajamas is current,She goes by her sisters name as well and has phoney ccards in 10 peoples names Connie Adkins is her facebook and pinterest,also is on POF as BBWconnie72 ,born in 1972,email is [email protected] Foul ass ,nasty,hore 1432 Judy Lane,Sandusky,Ohio 44870 -from Cleveland,Ohio and lived in sheffield lake,ohio. Ripped off so many people selling her Vicodin and Norco,has to keep moving. Child and Human services should make sure this woman(water buffalo) is back in prison where she belongs.

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Brittany Sherrod

October 13, 2014 Cleveland, Lakewood 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Miss little Brittany or Lady B whatever the f*** that means is the definition of a Cleveland hood rat or hound dog as I like to call them. She’s known for her horrible drug addiction to heroin, xanax, percocet,everything!!! and also sleeping with married men. She prays off of men and steals their money. She is literally trying to SUE a married man because he promised to divorce his wife and take care of her the rest of hers..LMAO! She lives off a mental disability check!Uhh yeaa..and shes what like 25??? Watch out boys, shes certifiable. Along with funding her drug addiction by not only mooching from married men but selling drugs and her ass. This woman has torn apart homes across Cleveland OH!! She drives a Nissan and she got in a huge car accident by driving all doped up and jerking some guy off at the same time. She supposedly has some boyfriend however she constantly talks to other unavailable men and has them bring her Xanax or whatever anti psycho drug she can swallow. She’s just a disgusting human being and this just has to be said. Oh did I mention she sounds like a man??? She either has the voice of a 50 yr old biker man or a chain smoking 70 yr old woman …. while speaking to her you would not be able to determine male or female…and if you see her in face aside from trying to look away from her huge nose or track marks, its still hard to tell a sex. Stop illegally turning on your utilities, and married women hide your husbands!!! This trick is on the hunt!

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Damere Lockett

October 9, 2014 Cleveland 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t waste your time this dude has major mental issues he’s bipolar manic depressant mood swings very verbally abusive loves to belittle you his mother was a drug user and abandoned him at a very young age bhe doesn’t trust anyone when he abuses drugs he doesn’t care at all he will have sex without protection he had sex with a herion addict that he met on a bridge and 3 hours later he wS banging her like they knew each other for a long time don’t waste ur time with this asshole its not worth it try to find a good man very sad story he has a good heart he’s just weak minded!!!!

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stay away from fugly slut Makayla

September 30, 2014 Cleveland, Lakewood 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl thinks that she knows everything. she acts like she is so awesome perfect and tough. but in reality she cant even beat up my little sister. she is a slutty bitch who rides on dudes dicks 24/7. she is so loose that a watermelon could fit in there. i heard from one of my friends that are in high school that she gave them an drd. i also heard that she was caught in the girls bathroom and got suspended for a week. she smokes all the time just so people think she is cool. she is a slutty whore who has nothing better to do than pay a bunch of guys to fck her. i heard that she even asked some girls to fck her.. and they said no she payed them. Don’t fck with this slut bag she will give you an drd… STAY AWAY

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Sloppy Seconds Dallas

September 26, 2014 Cleveland 107

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this train wreck is Dallas Kaye. Watch out women she loves them sloppy seconds and doesn’t mind being second choice and always available to spread them legs. She has two drd’s she doesn’t tell anyone about. Her teeth are so yellow I want to send her a tooth brush and she wears her hair in a bee hive. The restroom she takes pics in is cleaner than her house. She’s a real sloppy girl. She is so gross I was told someone walked in while she was letting her own dog do some really gross stuff to her with peanut butter…Beware of this one

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Pigs of Stuebenville

September 18, 2014 Cleveland, Columbus 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik disgusting coach Reno Saccoccia has let Malik Richmond who raped a girl and humiliated her online and only got 9 fcking months for it in juvi back on the football team! Coach Reno clearly doesn’t give a damn about anything else but winning games as does the disgusting animals who live in Stuebenville. Even more outrageous is Maliks racist dad Nathaniel who wants to be a lawyer and effect our nations justice flow yet he raised a rapist and continues to stick by him instead of disowning him! Please sign the petition to ban rapists from playing sports at Stuebenville circulating on the web and please stop rape by supporting institutions that tollerate it!

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Cleveland Brown’s Jordan Poyer Is Cheating Again

September 12, 2014 Cleveland, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 84


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, now that Jordan Poyer is in Cleveland it seems he is up to his old tricks from Philly.  Ladies of Cleveland, don’t sleep with this man, he is actually taken and will lie to get you to spread your legs.  You all have now been warned.

Is he the kicker? Never heard of this guy.- nik

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Lazy Amber Cardinal

September 10, 2014 Cleveland, Columbus 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Warning to all Men! This little bitch is all that.. Just fake. Fake hair an eyelashes, fake tits. She has been having babies since the age of 12 years old, she targets anyone available an gets herself pregnant an sues. She targets anyone an is a pathalogical liar. She stops at nothing to ruin other families. She hates girls cuz their competion. Her favorite saying’why work when i can just get pregnant”? She lives off welfare and family allowance. Her mom Judy Cardinal is just as bad .. Run a meth lab an pops out kids yearly. These bitches need to be bought down an men to be made aware what they are. Since 12 she posts pics of her tits and her mother allows it. Their vaginas have been used more than Google Niki. They lie and manipulate people. Barflys bring home a guy and rob him. Please Nikki this is not a enemy but rather to warn people. She is also a desease carrier. Warn people this girl is unstable meaning mentally, she thinks she’s from England and eats only royal food. She’s messes yup and no family deserves a run in with her. Her family will attack like a pile of dogs. Be warned.. Bring this stupid bitch down

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