South Lorains Finest Smut

July 23, 2014 Cleveland 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little girl right here is South Lorains finest. Just turned 18 and thinks shes queen of the world. Thinks its funny to mess around with people already in relationships. Openly posts pictures in her bra and underwear all over facebook, advertising and posting about “needing a man to come take care of (her) “. Then cries that men use her for sex. Brags about having an IUD and about how many men she “can pull”. Will down talk any female to try and prove that she is something special. Her house is nasty and she honestly smells if she doesn’t take a shower every hour. She will do anything for attention, even as far as to harassing the girls whos men she has slept with

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Dustin Silc the US Airforce Douchebag

July 21, 2014 Cleveland 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Dustin Silc. But I am sure you already have because of how “famous” he is with all his witty tweets and hot shirtless pictures. This so-called “soldier” gets drunk and tweets more than he is doing anything beneficial to our country. When he is not drinking with his other soldiers(butt-buddies) he is tweeting really generic tweets to appeal to the masses on twitter in the hopes of re-tweets and favorites. Now lets not forget how good of a body he has with those weird looking abs with little definition. Thank god we get to see that every hour because of the pictures he posts. It really boils my blood that while we have soldiers in the middle east dying, he over he having his time of his life. What’s your take on it Nik?

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North Royaltons Nastiest

July 20, 2014 Cleveland 388

THE DIRTY ARMY: This poor excuse of a womanlives in her aunts basement she steels her sons adirol she works at a bar were she takes random men home she doesn’t use protection n she will admit it shes known to have passed around 3 stds she loves married men or commited she is just nasty she so pathetic she pays men to have sex with her she also calls her self the nut guzzler. …its her specialty …she will pay u for a good time but u will leave not knowing what she gave u till its too late shes a pill popping drunk!! shes even admitted that she lets her dog lick her pssy wtf…. omg

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Katie Rebecca Brasty Update

July 18, 2014 Cleveland 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: here is another pic of ms Katie in her bikini, one where she’s not sucking it in or holding her fat see her belly hangs too why she stalks on some girl calling them fat. she’s pretty sucking big her damn self. whats that Katie , all this is a lie u don’t do pills? your with Zach and engaged? hmmm well I can prove u a lying ass whore

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Cleveland’s Finest

July 14, 2014 Cleveland 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Samantha Yonts and Kristina Yonts, Ghetto bitches. The duck face is dead, wake up.

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LeBron James Is Coming Home

July 11, 2014 Cleveland, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 67


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so LeBron James decided to come back home to Cleveland and bring a championship back home.  As a die hard Cleveland fan, I couldn’t be more happy.  I’m praying Kevin Love comes over here as well and we will stand a chance against the Spurs next year.

Cleveland fans burned his jersey… how can they just forget what this guy did to them?- nik

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Ryan ‘Dirton’ Murton

July 11, 2014 Cleveland 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the dirtbag of geauga county, this kid would steal from his own grandmother, he has stolen from countless people, gets caught and has gotten away with it for too long, the law will get him soon but this kid is the Dictionary definition of dogshit. This pussy thinks he can beat up ANYONE and it’s comical because he gets his ass beat all the time and calls the cops on people, this kid has robbed, extorted money from minors, broken into houses, pawning shit for drugs, then lies to his girlfriends parents (in great detail) how he has this wonderful landscaping job, funny enough is was caught bragging To a 11 and 13 year old about how he doesn’t need a job he just sells drugs,. That’s not even half of it, If you can name a piss worthy scumbag deed then this little “thug” has done it or been involved. His existence is nothing more than a shit stain on the underpants of society. Did I mention he is a 100 pound little scrawny fuck who has gotten into fights with kids, and less dominit males with the stature of that of a hallocaust victim. Smokes weed, does pills, got his girlfriend addicted to drugs who now follows him around like a little cheerleader, jumping on the backs of people beating her boyfriend up, they are like a tag team white trash trailer junkies. Spread the word because this old is vile, I can put $1000 cash money on the table that says 98.9% of anyone who even knows of his name. Hates him and says nothin but terrible things about him. THIS KID IS A JOKE. I cannot express the douchyness this kid subjects the population of geauga county to DAILY. Broke bum drug dealing ass handed to you little scrawny scruffy dirty clothes little douche bag who gets his windows smashed out everytime he gets a new car. I wonder why? #douchism Any help relaying his douchyness would be great THANKS!

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Bethann Adams

July 11, 2014 Cleveland, Kansas City 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: This my friends is Bethann Adams she is here by popular demand Bethann is a doped out pill head stripper you can catch her shoes at the harem where in the couch room she will get wild for you this girl is pilled out on a daily bases drives around with her baby in the car she is a user not to mention she is burnt this girl has been with everyone she uses people if you have anything she wants she will use you she is hidious and is getting worse everyday this girl has no future other then if she doesn’t slow down death she is probably the worst looking girl posted on the dirty

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