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Holly Weindenborner

November 24, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton 15


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well if you don’t know the famous Holly Weindenborner, You must live under a rock she claims to be famous and have “haters”. Because she is the hottest female ever! She was recently arrested afyer her own son posted of his FB her telling him she wished she had a abortion, she makes her pill money by meeting guys on niteflirt and craigslist and having them come to her house. She was on the news for dropping her son on his head and now hes mentally retarded she mooches off the government now for her kids. She already gave up custody of one of her kids because she hates being a mom, she will post on Fb for anyone to watch her kids and was talking to a old man about giving her daughter nyquill. She needs her kids taken and a serious reality check. Zanazy have made her retared! She is actually PROUD of her mug shot and how she is. GROSS!

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Who does she Think She’s Fooling

October 15, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is a joke, she has to keep moving around because she does nothing but lie and use people. Soon the truth comes out and I stead of facing it she moves to a new group and tries to blend in doing what ever it takes to fit in. She will sleep with anyone. She recently got her meth teeth fixed with new huge horse teeth. Who does she think she is fooling? Stop lying to yourself and the people around you. Does the gym you work for know that you got fired from urban active for stealing and abusing the kids in the daycare? They might want to look into that. Also now she makes fun of people for being half naked online?

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Jessica Stewart Revision

October 3, 2014 Columbus 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: her pimp earl her an fat girl lovers an other girl is her partner that she hooks with at night u can find her any time on fb or newark street if u have dope shes down

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Pigs of Stuebenville

September 18, 2014 Cleveland, Columbus 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik disgusting coach Reno Saccoccia has let Malik Richmond who raped a girl and humiliated her online and only got 9 fcking months for it in juvi back on the football team! Coach Reno clearly doesn’t give a damn about anything else but winning games as does the disgusting animals who live in Stuebenville. Even more outrageous is Maliks racist dad Nathaniel who wants to be a lawyer and effect our nations justice flow yet he raised a rapist and continues to stick by him instead of disowning him! Please sign the petition to ban rapists from playing sports at Stuebenville circulating on the web and please stop rape by supporting institutions that tollerate it!

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Ryan McNeeley Webcam Girl

September 10, 2014 Columbus 291

THE DIRTY ARMY: I think it’s time he lost his job and became a full-time camgirl. Do you think he’d make it?

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Lazy Amber Cardinal

September 10, 2014 Cleveland, Columbus 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Warning to all Men! This little bitch is all that.. Just fake. Fake hair an eyelashes, fake tits. She has been having babies since the age of 12 years old, she targets anyone available an gets herself pregnant an sues. She targets anyone an is a pathalogical liar. She stops at nothing to ruin other families. She hates girls cuz their competion. Her favorite saying’why work when i can just get pregnant”? She lives off welfare and family allowance. Her mom Judy Cardinal is just as bad .. Run a meth lab an pops out kids yearly. These bitches need to be bought down an men to be made aware what they are. Since 12 she posts pics of her tits and her mother allows it. Their vaginas have been used more than Google Niki. They lie and manipulate people. Barflys bring home a guy and rob him. Please Nikki this is not a enemy but rather to warn people. She is also a desease carrier. Warn people this girl is unstable meaning mentally, she thinks she’s from England and eats only royal food. She’s messes yup and no family deserves a run in with her. Her family will attack like a pile of dogs. Be warned.. Bring this stupid bitch down

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Columbus Hot Mess

September 4, 2014 Columbus 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Stefanie Huegel. I’m honestly surpised she hasn’t been on here before. She acts like she’s grew up on the west side when in reality she grew up in a very big house in Dublin with her parents making bookoo money. You can find this girl in mostly any Dublin area bar getting blacked out and passing out at the bar. She goes home with anyone and sleeps with anything. You would think she would learn after 3 DUIs. She will act like your best friend to your face, then talk behind your back. Be careful when you stick it in her, she has ch**ia about 75% of the year from sleeping around! Put this girl on blast nik!

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Triflin Dude

August 28, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Terry Turner , he posted me on here and my friend. He’s the real dirty one in all of this , I was young and dumb when I was with him just like all you other women getting suckered into his game , ladies he is sharing those pics he sends you so watch your backs and how is he still on house arrest ? Dayton Ohio’s best

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