Running from her past, Mandie Mayheam/Amanda Cox

June 9, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 28


THE DIRTY ARMY: I have known this sloot for years. She ran around the Cincinnati area goth scene as a “go go dancer” sleeping with any wanna be rock star and whoring her self out and con’s. She tried to become a pin up model, but she had a mouth full of meth teeth, so all the pictures she is covering her mouth or has it closed. Soon she had been used up by everyone in Cincinnati so she ran off to Dayton to start “new”, but everyone already knew her game and well she was working at the harem where she was arrested for hooking and meth teeth don’t lie. So next she finally spent enough time on her back to buy new big fake horse teeth. Then she was off to Columbus to where she is currently spreading her overly used and abused vagina all over sway in both Columbus and Cincinnati. She tried to post on FB that she is a positive and good person, but she is still the same attention starved whore she\s always been. She has a lot of guy “friends” that send texts and send naked pictures to. This girl is bad news and nothing but a lying thieving whore. don’t let her fool you, buying new teeth can’t change what you are. I lived with her I have seen her with no make up she has facial hair like a man, her pussy smells. She is NASTY!

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Nastiest in central Ohio

June 3, 2014 Columbus 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sloot is Lauryn. This bitch has had more black dick in her than Kim Kardashian, but she tries to act like she’s a country girl so she can get it on with dudes from the bar she works at. She is always drunk at the bar, tryna suck up some dick and never watching her kid. The girl even has bed bugs at her place, she’s just a nasty ho! Guys are constantly falling all over her because she look good, but she is dumb as hell and had to move away from London because she slept with every dude within 20 miles! Nik, this skank needs put on blast for all these fools that think she’s a catch!

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Shane is a Punk

May 13, 2014 Cleveland, Columbus, Westside-AZ 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shane Delakowitz: a lying, cheating, pot smoking ,pill poping, tweaking, thieving,con-artist asshole from hell. My friend David and his dad let him stay at their place last year and he stole a gold ring that was let atop the TV to trade it for his drugs yet he was too stupid to realize that it was a trick by David’s dad to test him and that the ring was fake gold! Shane loves to talk about how he is so intelligent yet he flunked out of college and can’t get a job to save his life. He stole from his dad and grandma and they both kicked him out so he ran back to mommy in Ohio for the time being. Word is she kicked him out for smoking spice inside her house so he is staying at a homeless shelter in Cleveland now. I encourage everybody to remember his face so if they ever see this punk on the street they can steer clear unless they are looking to get ripped off and lied to. Yeah Shane did you really think that karma would’nt come back to haunt you? What goes around comes around. Now you’re exposed and everyone will now know how dirty you are.

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Nicole Moore

May 12, 2014 Akron, Columbus 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikki is a 26 year old broke bi sexual stripper who lies to everyone Who has been doing this since high school,the only thing shes done with her life is get dicks hard. Loves to get drunk and have fun at work, shed com home with her wet c*m stains in her underwear from her getting turned on by dudes touching her. Long story short also she tried to get my babies mom to take my kid away, watch out for this girl, She’ll fck anything and once you get inside its disgustingly used. Also Shes a suicide girl as well, sorry not hot enough to be a real model.

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JBER Slooty Dependa

May 6, 2014 Anchorage, Central Michigan, Columbus 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: JBER watch out for LEXI JOHNSON. Claims to be a professional make-up artist, however, she has never even been to beauty school. She lives with her husband and their room mate, however, her husband doesnt know that she’s fcking their room mate behind his back! When you threaten to tell her husband, she’ll start crying and begging, but continues to fck her room mate! She becomes friends with people, then tries to get as close as she can to your husband! She’s creepy as shit, and when you stop talking/responding to her she will stalk your house until you have to call the MP’s to get her to go away. She’s a psychotic bitch, and is always walking the streets on post at random hours of the night!!!! I’ve heard A LOT of crazy stuff about this hoe from multiple people, other than my own experience! Watch out!!!!

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Beware Sam Gonzales

May 6, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This wanna be player is so desepert for sex he lies to get whatever he wants. The only thing he gots going for himself is his money.. Dont believe anything this fake ass guy says cause its 99% bullshit.. He sleeps with dirty ass chicks from the the ghetto I wouldnt be surprised if he had a std… When hebis in a relationship he talks to multiple girls trying to fck them. If u see him run as fast as u can he sure in hell isn’t worth it!!

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Danielle Repass

April 29, 2014 Columbus 0

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty bitch goes by the name of Danielle Repass!! She is the Circleville Bicycle!! Everyone gets a ride!! Always says she is clean and doesnt do dope. Everyone knows she is shooting that trash in her arms along with her worthless piece of shit junkie boyfriend, Jason Mcnichols. Danielle is a welfare milking junkie whore and her Boyfriend is a low life, junkie, tool bag, wanna be gangster who will never amount to anything in life. Danielle should quit worrying about banging all the useless pieces of trash that she does and clean herself up to be a mother to her kids. She probably has every drd known to man living in that snatch. It smells like rotten ground beef. Her useless boyfriend should do everyone a favor and off himself, the world would be a better place without him.

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Columbus Dbag

April 25, 2014 Columbus 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Creeping at the bar when he has a chick.

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