Columbus | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Beware Sam Gonzales

May 6, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This wanna be player is so desepert for sex he lies to get whatever he wants. The only thing he gots going for himself is his money.. Dont believe anything this fake ass guy says cause its 99% bullshit.. He sleeps with dirty ass chicks from the the ghetto I wouldnt be surprised if he had a std… When hebis in a relationship he talks to multiple girls trying to fck them. If u see him run as fast as u can he sure in hell isn’t worth it!!

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Danielle Repass

April 29, 2014 Columbus 6

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty bitch goes by the name of Danielle Repass!! She is the Circleville Bicycle!! Everyone gets a ride!! Always says she is clean and doesnt do dope. Everyone knows she is shooting that trash in her arms along with her worthless piece of shit junkie boyfriend, Jason Mcnichols. Danielle is a welfare milking junkie whore and her Boyfriend is a low life, junkie, tool bag, wanna be gangster who will never amount to anything in life. Danielle should quit worrying about banging all the useless pieces of trash that she does and clean herself up to be a mother to her kids. She probably has every drd known to man living in that snatch. It smells like rotten ground beef. Her useless boyfriend should do everyone a favor and off himself, the world would be a better place without him.

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Columbus Dbag

April 25, 2014 Columbus 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Creeping at the bar when he has a chick.

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She’s Still a Teen! Beware of Taylor McEnery

April 15, 2014 Chicago, Columbus 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is only 18 or 19 years old! I found out because she used to bang my friend. She runs around Hubbard street and River north every single weekend and only goes where she can get bottles or Molly. Her real name is Taylor – who knows where she got her fake from. WARNING: she will get whatever club she goes to shut down one of these days because she is putting them at a huge risk for losing their liquor license. She gets sooooo messed up all the time and she is pretty – but what’s not pretty is how she uses guys – like my friend. She needs to leave the city and go play with dolls and do whatever young girls do. If you really look past the makeup you will see her baby face. She fools all the guys she goes home with too because they don’t realize they are sleeping with a Child, literally. If you don’t believe me – check her Facebook – Taylor Elizabeth – someone tagged her in a post about how Taylor mcenery, 19, of Ohio is acting in crisis… I think she works at Hubbard inn, too. Do they know she’s only 19!?

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Ryan McNeeley Bimbo

April 1, 2014 Columbus, Ohio State 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik–I’m a bimbo.

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Amy loves the Purple Crayon

April 1, 2014 Columbus, Dayton 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: my childrens father who is on your page donnie. he is a racist yet sleeping with this bitch who has one MIXED kid. She is proud to be one of his hoes. shes trying to make a come up off him and shed never be more to him than a n lover! I found the naked flabby ass pic in his phone, and the other on her page.

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Is Kim A Little Too Late For Social Network Fame

March 7, 2014 Columbus, The Dirty 101


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a chick I know from around town for a while. Kim, in her 40′s with a teenage son. Big workout girl and recently got her some +2′s. Ever since her social media accounts have been nothing but boob grabbing and other inappropriateness. Pretty cool role model. Her body is pretty dope but I can’t get over her face. Something about it. What do ya think of her?

I think she looks her age.- nik

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Stank Maria D’Amico

March 4, 2014 Columbus 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Maria Damico…..let me start by saying she is one of the most disgusting girls I’ve ever met!!! She sleeps around and sucks so much D!! One guy she slept with said she smelled so bad, he had to stop…he said she smells like rotten cheese and dirty feet…she has horrible acne, and her skun is so oily and gross…when ur near her, the odor she gives off is completely unbearable!!! She is also racist!! She babysits kids, and told me how she flipped out on her boss’s kids and hit the one kid and threw him on the couch…..she needs to be put on blast!! She looks like a damn rat too, she has bad hygiene too….she goes days without showers, and doesn’t cut her hair for years at a time….i went to college with her, and i had to live in the same house with her…everyone always laughed at her behind her back…we all made jokes about the smell in her room!!! Would you Nik??

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