Self-Absorbed Rachel

March 5, 2013 Chicago, Columbus 26 6,534 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Rachel Weygandt. She thinks she’s god’s gift to men. I went to middle school with her and she’s always been a little bitch. She got fake breasts recently and basically shoves them in people’s faces. It’s a bit ridiculous. She has a dude but cheats on him all the time too but I know he knows and he don’t care!!!

Just wait till her +2′s shift.- nik

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I Think Ryan McNeeley Enjoys It

February 20, 2013 Columbus, Ohio State, The Dirty 72 92,691 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, let’s give the crowd what they want.  People were shocked about Ryan McNeeley and wanted to know if this was just a bet he lost, or he really likes to dress like this…  Well here is another set of pics, so either he really does suck at betting, but most likely he likes doing this on his own.  You go GIRL!!!

I think Terminal is his real father.- nik


Ryan McNeeley Is Your Typical OSU Graduate

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Ryan McNeeley Is Your Typical OSU Graduate

February 13, 2013 Columbus, Ohio State, The Dirty 289 135,821 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out Ryan McNeeley.  He is a graduate of Ohio State and obviously he loves to dress up.  Wanted to see what you guys think about his outfit and does it fit him well?

This doesn’t look like Halloween… it feels like real life.- nik

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Craiglist Girls Of Bloomington

February 1, 2013 Columbus, Indiana, Indianapolis 103 12,092 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I never thought I would post something like this about another person, or feel it needed to be done, but this Craigslist call girl/sug[removed]/seeking arrangement posing as a good girl and having morals needs to be exposed for what she Is and has done. Meet Margo Husky, a 23 year old trailer trash predator that I met under strictly platonic. Within two weeks of knowing her, talks of getting serious and her moving in came into play, with her bringing up if we get serious, she needed to sell her nasty ass trailer and move into the custom home I have built on five acres of land that is paid for in full, no loans. This girl has serious daddy/male trust issues, and acts as if everything should just be handed to her. If you don’t bend or break to her will, you are disrespecting her, and the guilt trip and claims your not a man follow from her mouth. Complete princess complex! She is a sloppy drunk, that does crazy shit when she drinks with her skanky ass friend that is 27. She Is employed as a care provider with a company that is funded through the state for people that need assisted living. She is always late for work, sleeps on the job, because she is to concerned with the party life and her fake ass loser friends, and yet she professes how important her job is to her. I call Bullshit! Margo has two big dogs that stay in her flea infested trailer, pissing and shitting on the carpets or anywhere they need to go because she works 13 hours shifts every other week, off one, on one, well sleeps around a hour of it after showing up late daily by a hour or so….leaves early, claims hours she didn’t work on her time sheet…. There is a 2′layer of dog hair on floors, counters, in glasses, on dishes, EVERYTHING from months on end of her not cleaning! I wasn’t even able to get to cleaning out the fridge while I was there for two days, milk dated back to Oct. 2nd, growing shit in it, (it was Jan.14th when I was there helping her) OJ that was brown from being in there so long! The stove was covered in mouse shit under when lift up the cover to clean underneath it, like three pounds of shit, candy wrappers….etc. etc! In the oven there was this pan i sent a pic in of, it had been in there for like 6 months! Its to bad for me that I didn’t go to her place before we had sex, while cleaning everything on the Island hood vat, she had her herpes meds right in plan view for everyone to see!!! She is gonna make a great mother one day! 4 months into our so called serious relationship, she informs me she is pregnant. At this point she had already moved out 3 times of my home… and while we was split up for a over three weeks, no sex between us from Oct. 20th-Nov. 17th , she had texted me on Nov. 11th, claiming she was on a date with a guy, and planned on fucking him that night, later telling me she said it just to hurt me, and she lied about it. We get back together on Nov. 18th and come Dec. 11th she has missed her period. This girl claims she wants a life with me, but as she starts telling me things about herself, I start to see what she is really after, a daddy figure to take care of her every need and is a selfish ass ho that is after one thing! [removed-get to the point..]

Looks like a fire hazard.- nik

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Monica Loves Married Men

January 2, 2013 Columbus 0 9,326 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl’s name is Monica Moreno. She goes after married men, yet expects everyone to like her. She’s part mexican and I heard her vag smells like old taco meat. Most people like her because she’s a huge “kiss ass” but married women arent too fond of her since she loves going after their men. Sorry SWEETIE..but if you fck with me..I’ll make sure everyone knows about it.

Both catches are of poor quality.- nik

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Chelsea Raine

December 13, 2012 Columbus 0 10,261 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chelsae Raine this bitch think she is hot shit. She’s running around Lane Community College chasing after married men. Telling everyone her fiance has passed away (hes very much alive and still engaged to her!!). Handing out her number to any guy who happens to walk within five feet of her chunky ass. I have met multiple women who have had to deal with her crap and her randomly showing up at bars going after their husbands. As well as running personal ads all over CraigsList. When asked to just stay away she says she doesnt care and she’ll do whatever she wants with whoever. She is shady and needs to be called out!! Have met with her fiance to voice our concern, but he is so blinded by her act. Sad part is she has two kids who she SHOULD be focusing her attention on, NOT other men.

Her pillows must be drenched in grease.- nik

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Zanesville’s Trashiest, Abby Dollings

December 5, 2012 Columbus, Ohio State 215 8,707 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is 18 year old Abby Dollings from Zanesville, OH. She is definitely one of the biggest sluts around. It’s been said that shes slept with over 56 guys and had a train ran on her all by the time she was 18. Rumor has it that she’s picked up some sort of vanerial disease which I guess is likely with 56 people! This picture of her holding her foot, and fingering her inflamed, red, disgusting excuse for a pssy, was taken the night that the train was ran on her at Evan Smith’s house. IN HIS LITTLE SISTERS BED. What guy could possibly get a hard on with this orange soon to have skin cancer slut?! The last time I checked, the duckface was not sexy in ANY position… And by the looks of things, she kept her bra on because without would be like fcking a little boy…With a duckface!! She told everyone after this picture was posted on IG that she was proud of herself and she didn’t care what people thought of her because she’s the most confident person in Zanesville! I feel bad for her, don’t you?

Not gunna take a chance posting those nudes.  They were hideous anyways (don’t show the curtains).- nik

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Beaver Teeth

December 4, 2012 Cincinnati, Columbus 37 8,192 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl Hannah Jo Mitchell seems to think she is the sexiest girl in chillicothe, so would you?

The only thing I’d do is recommend a dentist.- nik

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