Tender Mike

February 12, 2014 Columbus, Marshall University 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy mike render is nothing but a pathological liar and believes nothing bu his own lies there so bad. He tells people he owns a gym for cheerleaders and he has all this money and cars. Truth to the story is that he doesnt he uses a lady that is so blind to what is going on if it was my daughter or family member this was happening to i would put a stop to it real quick, she bought him 2 cars and gave him a busimess american express card tha uses on other people including buying dinners and taking the students out from the gym with out them knowing he does such a thing, Mike does nothing but go around and promise all these wonderful people all kinds of things amd lies to no other to either get with them young girls included or try and get them to work for him at his gym which isnt his the resl owner even said herself he does nothing but spend the company money and has no idea to be a business person she is so obsessed with this guy that she is building a new facility because he said if she doesnt he will not talk to her anymore and build his own place lol yeah like that would happen that dude doesnt even know how to do his payroll or know what goes in or out financially, all je is worried about is making sure he gets what he needs to get no matter what he does to do it he is on the prowl to scope out the next best business plan for himself something that is already established and that he can say he owns that would be done by finding an older lady causing her to get a divorce and telling her once again all these broken promises to get it just like the last one. Mike also claims to be a firefighter as he gets pictures off the internet and says its him only because he became obsessed with a 17 year old girl at from the gym a couple years back because she said that she loved firemen. You can see how fake the pic is

Is he a cheerleader?- nik

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Horror Bag

February 5, 2014 Cincinnati, Columbus 35

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THE DIRTY ARMY: HORRORBAG, Her name is Katie Perdew. She sits on POF and has dudes wire her money and runs with it. She is completely loose and ugly. EWWWW.

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Different Outfit — Same Sloot

January 31, 2014 Columbus, Ohio State 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ryan McNeeley is at it again with al his crazy cross dressing. I am pretty sure he is going to find the perfect mate with this outfit. What would you think if you walked out of your hotel room and saw him in drag in the hallway? I can tell you I would laugh… laugh till I cried.

Good call with the ruffles…- nik

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Columbus Floozy

January 8, 2014 Columbia-SC, Columbus 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl keeps going around and around and around and around shes gonna need to get that thing stitched up at some point or need an anal retread very soon. Corrie Smith Broke her husbands heart and tons of guys before she uses everyone in her life when its convenient for her only but spins a beautiful web of lies to make you believe shes really on your side. Glencora Kane ladies and gents. mostly gents

I wonder if she left the door unlocked..- nik

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Nasty Little Number

January 2, 2014 Cleveland, Columbus 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: connie what can i say this girl is crazy she likes to fck and do alot of x and drink like theres no tommorrow mansfield ohio finest dirty little slut shes good looking and fun to fck were a condom and have fun.

Nobody finds cellulite attractive, why show it off?- nik

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December 30, 2013 Cincinnati, Columbus 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Take a look at this douchbag right here. Not only has he cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had, but he did so multiple times. This guy is a real peace of work. Don’t be fooled by his boyish good looks and rico suave attitude. He’s a grade A sociopath, who is willing to steal your shine at the drop of a hat. Watch your girl around him, especially if you want to keep her. Also watch your back because he’ll stab you in it. While he’s not stumbling around town drunk off of Coors, and high as kite, he’s telling lies, and manipulating the masses.

 Nice shelves.  You get em at Wal Mart?- nik

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Beware Of Dewey Deward Daclaud Lee

December 17, 2013 Columbus, Dublin 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, online dating alert! This guy is a straight up compulsive liar and player that all the ladies should know about. He has a lengthy criminal background including felonies. He has been trying to get them removed. So do a background Check on this loser before dealing with him in any way. First of all, his name is Dewey Lee. He uses several alias but his main one is Daclaud Lee. He is a Chinese immigrant but speaks English really well. He claims to be part white and only dates white girls. He prays on them at nightclubs in the Arena District, near OSU campus, in Powell and Dublin lounges and Chinese restaurants. He tells them various lies such as he owns a furniture store (he worked at one, but it went out of business – probably because he was having sex with his online girlfriends from dating sites such as okcupid, match, pof – on the new beds before he sold them – so he told me). He also claims he owns a restaurant, a tea shop a legendary club called Outlands in German Village. He has several fake fronts. He plays a grunge role, a business man role, a college kid role and a real professor at University role. He also claims he is a web developer. His work speaks for itself. Horrible pages, he hires people to actually put them together and they still don’t work. He is a compulsive lyer. He NOT only lie to every girl he meets, but he lies to his BEST and closest friends. This guy is NOT a dogs best friend. He brags about eating dog, as do most Chinese and Vietnamese people. Watch out for this guy in the Arena District. He actually hates white men but loves them women. He starts fights mostly with OSU frat guys which he calls “Chotches,” then he brags that he takes their women away from them. Another thing. He likes very young girls. He is close to 30 years old but dates girls in their teens, even underage girls. He meets them via cartoon characters he plays online with games such as Warhammer. He uses old pictures online when he was also a teenager. In person he is balding, he has gout and and some skin disease where he breaks out in red rashes all over his body. He looks very old, balding, very boney and sick in person. Girls and white boys – watch out for this winner! Also he doesn’t leave a tip at a bar or restaurant and never pays. He will try to make you come to his house where he lives with his mom and dad. His mom actually will charge you $4.50-$7.00 for a dish!!

Fries or dipping sauce, which ones he offer?- nik

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Tire Theif

November 27, 2013 Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton 163

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jesse Spurlock, a snitch, a car dealership theif, a U-Haul their and hides in port a Johns lol he’s a loser and he will get his ass beat in jail if he ever goes.

Sounds like he shoulda been a race car driver, or at least work at a go-kart track…- nik

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