Daughter Takes Fathers Home

May 16, 2013 Cincinnati, Columbus 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty Daughter takes her 91year old Father’s Home;  she’s trying evict him from the home he built while he’s still alive and well and of course living in it.  He gave her a power of attorney for future matters.  put this Bag on Blast! Shame on her! [Read full story here]

Can’t trust anyone these days.  Too many easy tickets.- nik

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I Need Advice About My Cheating Ex

April 30, 2013 Columbus, The Dirty 29

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need some advice about an ex-boyfriend. I’m 21 years old and in college. I started dating my ex in February, who btw is 32 years old (don’t know what I was thinking at the time). We had some ups and downs in our relationship that ended right after Easter. This guy was crazy in love with me after a month and I was not on the same page. We almost broke up after I introduced him to my brother, in which case he made an ass out of himself and also freaked out on me the next night and started screaming at me. A week and a half later our relationship ended by him ignoring my texts and phone calls while I was visiting my family in Austin easter weekend. He sent me a text stating we needed to talk when I got back (at 3:30 in the morning the day I was traveling back to Columbus). I got back and he wanted to meet up but stopped texting me and answering my calls again when it came to talking about the matter. I showed up at his house to get my stuff since clearly we are over and I find out he has some girl living in his room with him now. After that he was begging me to forgive him, saying he didn’t cheat on me and he still wanted to be my friend. One night I saw him out with this girl and his roommates and I confronted both of them, We talked, he kissed me twice and then begged me to go out with him the next night to talk. I blew him off and then he begged me again to go out and talk. This time he stood me up and stopped all communication. I guess I wanna know what you think his intentions are/were and how to avoid this from other guys for the future.

He sounds like a mass murderer who plays games with women without the killing part. You guys are both toxic and you’re just as bad. You love the head games with this guy, but I will blame your age this time. Him on the other hand… he has major issues at his age. His dad must have treated his mother like sh*t. Also, nothing I tell you as advice will work. You don’t want advice, you want chaos.- nik

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The Pedo Monster

April 10, 2013 Columbus, The Dirty 283

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy raped a little 6 month old baby girl to death. He said “he didn’t mean to kill her, he was drunk, and has shown ZERO REMORSE” Prosecutors want the death penalty, but defense attorneys (Who would defend this sick piece of sh*t?!) want him to have the possibility of parole so he can get out of prison and do it again. Please post this so Dirty Army knows this Ohio Resident. I’ve noticed that things like this happen on a daily basis, people beat their babies to death, children are seriously injured from sexual assault, and the monsters are out of prison within 10 years and do it again. That’s not good enough, The public needs to start talking about this issue even though its “uncomfortable.” People need to stand up, band together, and get our laws changed so we can keep these sick animals locked up for life without the possibility of getting out, and better protect our children. THE MOTHER WAS ASLEEP? SHE JUST IGNORED HER BABY’S CRIES? WHO WOULD LET THIS GUY WITHIN 100 YARDS OF THEIR CHILD? [Click here for article]

“Condemned killer Steven Smith’s argument for mercy isn’t an easy one. Smith acknowledges he intended to rape his girlfriend’s 6-month-old daughter but says he never intended to kill the baby.” RIP Autumn Carter.- nik

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Raised Garden Beds, Lowered Expectations

April 10, 2013 Columbus, Hamilton 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies, This is Levi James Coffman. Born and barely raised in Columbus Indiana. This scammer will tell you hes an entreprenuer and business owner of Urban Agriculture Solutions, making raised bed garden boxes and other plant products. Not so. In fact he will tell you anything to get you to like him! He is a deadbeat dad whose own kid wants nothing to do with him. Does not pay for her, call her or care about her! Deadbeat dad who is only DNA. Does not stick around one place for longer than a year or tell anyone what he is up to. Levi will lie about his parenting skills, his job, his exes and his schizophenia. He uses a fake mental illness to get pity. If you are lucky you will not meet this pathological liar but if you do, be warned he wants more kids to abandon! Check out his POF profile he is [removed] When he is not going on about people paying him to install a garden bed they could build themselves, he is doing something unhippie and unvegetarian like gutting deer, smoking cigarettes or littering.
Levi is a liar and a loser who does not respect women!

I wonder how many flyers he’s hung up around town.- nik

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Ken Warner’s Easter Post On Facebook

April 2, 2013 Columbus, The Dirty 575

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you believe this is what Ken Warner facebook post on Easter. What a jerk!  No one has really asked you how you feel on the gay marriage issue going on currently.  Wanted to get your opinion on it.

I’m for love. If you love Greg than marry it. Plus, we need the population control.- nik

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Dayton Beware

March 20, 2013 Columbus, Dayton 20

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware Dayton, OH this junkie is hot and has a good line of BS. She is married but will tell you she is in the process of a divorce from an abusive drug addict but the truth is she is a pill head stripper that has multiple boyfriends. She manages to talk her husband into taking her back every time he finds out about her other men. Her pills, drinking, and boyfriends are more important to her than her daughter. She is currently in a rehab program and doing community service for stealing from her last job. She is a master of playing the victim and blaming her dad for fcking her up while she fcks 3+ guys at the same time. On top of having a husband and two boyfriends she also had the drd infested owner of the two nastiest strip clubs in Dayton as her sugar daddy (Michael J, owner of sharkys and the living room). don’t get me wrong this chick is silly hot so its easy to fall for her BS but she is such a good liar that she will make you think you’re the only one and make you feel sorry for her. If you hook up with this twat just use it for what it is as an awesome cum dumpster and nothing else,google her name(jennifer schoeb)and see her mug shot and model pics from fast and sexy magazine. Just make sure and wear a rubber.

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I Need Some Ex-Girlfriend Advice

March 7, 2013 Columbus, Ohio State, The Dirty 85

break_up_love_spells2 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA Strong for years. I’ve always thought you give good advice and you always seem to know why people act in a certain manner. I’ll keep it short. I’m in college and the girl I dated for two years broke up with me about three months ago yet she still wants to hang out with me because she misses her “best friend.” She claims that we are never getting back together and that she just enjoys my company as friends, yet we still have sex. I don’t understand why someone who didn’t want to be with me still wants to be friends with me. I’m convinced she is just trying to exert her power over me because she doesn’t really want to cope with the idea of me being completely out of her life. I was completely over this chick and she keeps weaseling her way back in. Can you tell me what is going on in her head and what I should do? Thanks.

Bro, she cannot bare the thought of you sleeping with another woman so she is playing mind games like a selfish c*nt. You need to cut her loose before you look back at your life and say “ugh I should have f*cked more b*tches in college” (we all say it).- nik

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Self-Absorbed Rachel

March 5, 2013 Chicago, Columbus 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Rachel Weygandt. She thinks she’s god’s gift to men. I went to middle school with her and she’s always been a little bitch. She got fake breasts recently and basically shoves them in people’s faces. It’s a bit ridiculous. She has a dude but cheats on him all the time too but I know he knows and he don’t care!!!

Just wait till her +2′s shift.- nik

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