Looking For Her Next Baby Daddy

November 27, 2012 Columbus, Dirty Craigslist, Ohio 2 6,745 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here’s a prime example of hilltop westside trash! This hoe bag is always trying to find her next babys dad. She runs through guys like I change underwear. She meets a new one falls madly in love sleeps with them like a slut bag and then on to the next. Worst part is she introduces all of these men to her 4 year old daughter. It’s truly a shame to see her doing this to her daughter and she will probably grow up to be like her mom. She did not even graduate high school ! She is so in love for a month or so and then has a new “Boyfriend” or fck buddy as they really should be called. After that they leave her high and dry and single again HA She runs threw half of Columbus as well I have heard and been witness to multiple stories of this Hoe and how she makes her way around!

Looks like she spilt on herself, not a manor in which one finds a daddy.- nik

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My Wife Is A Cheating Slore

October 19, 2012 Columbus, Ohio 17 7,984 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik In June of 2011 I caught my wife sexting on the computer. She swore it was just because she was bored and there was nothing going on. When I didn’t believe her she called the police and said I scared her. The police did nothing. Three days later she ran to the only woman judge in town and asked for a order of protection. I proved she was lying but the judge looked at me and said “Mr McNerlin I know you didn’t say you were going to hurt her. But she must be afraid of you, so I’m going to grant the order and you must leave your home ” she told everyone I was nuts and there was never anything going on. A year later I get a text saying “she’s with me has been with me for over a year “. It was the guy she said she wasn’t screwing. Now she has drd from the drug addict punk. Now she is screwing two or three guys a week. And I know she doesn’t tell them about it. What a c*nt Her name is Paula (straka) McNerlin. Be careful out there guys.

You should cut off your internet.- nik

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Ryan Heilman, Lying Scumbag

October 10, 2012 Columbus 12 8,407 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, i have here Ryan Heilman of columbus ohio… originally from toledo i think but anyways i seen him at the bars downtown a couple times a week and thought he was super cute. we were dancing, he bought all my drinks all the time, we hooked up a few times and things were going great. then a couple weeks ago i asked if he was going out and he said he was sick and staying home so whatever i went out with a couple friends thinking nothing of it. well who do i see grinding all over one of my BEST FRIENDS when i get there?? Yep, you got it! i threw a drink in his face and got in a fight with my friend and turns out he’s been with like 3 other of my friends too! So ladies, dont let this guy fool you… he is a PLAYER and dont let his green eyes fool you either, hes nothing but evil!!

Your best friends a guy right…- nik

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Police Officer Child Molestor While On Duty

October 7, 2012 Cincinnati, Columbus, Dirty Army Strong, Dirty Cops, Ohio 42 10,959 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, my girl friend DVR’d you on couples Therapy and I have to say I enjoyed it, especially when you were giving sh*t to the child molester. On that note here is some dirt on this child molester cop that just got arrested: A Columbus Ohio police officer was returned to jail yesterday after a federal judge heard sexually graphic text messages exchanged between him and two 15-year-old girls. Todd L. Smith, a Columbus police officer will to remain in custody while he awaits trial on charges of coercing one 15 year old girl for sex and trying to persuade another 15 year old to produce a racy video and photo. He used his position of trust as a police officer since both girls were students at Centennial High School while Smith was the resource officer there. That means we were paying our tax dollars for him to hang out in the High School and hit on under age girls while he was supposed be there in case a fight among students had to be broken up or a student was smoking cigarettes in the bathroom. Smith encouraged the girls to send him nude photographs of themselves; evidence shows that each girl sent at least one photo of herself topless. When one girl said she was going to have sex with a Centennial High School teacher, Smith texted her to “tape it. I want to see you in action.” In another text, one of the girls suggested that she and Smith “Skype later and I’ll show you everything.” Smith responded: “Yummy.” Smith also told at least one of the girls that he wanted naked images of her to add to his “ spank bank,” a collection of photographs he kept to provide himself sexual stimulation. The FBI recovered 6,000 texts that were exchanged between Smith and one of the girls. She said FBI agents learned about one girl after her mother contacted an attorney. The second girl contacted the FBI after hearing news accounts of Smith’s arrest, assuming that the case involved her relationship. Court documents state both girls are concerned about their safety if Smith is released. In a text message to one of the girls, Smith said he would “hate the s—” out of her if she told anyone about their relationship. What a piece of work! Later Nik.

Sarah Jones, you read this?- nik

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Loose Goose Samantha

September 27, 2012 Columbus 24 7,290 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This “IT” works as a HCG girl and at the local Loose Goose Tavern.. “IT” should have taken care of that nose before it bought those fake boobs with HUGE nips.. It says it is a girl, but I heard other stories. When your up close to the he/she it’s like your taking a walk on the moon with all those craters in it’s face. It picked the right spot to work at the “LOOSE” Goose it fits right in. So Nik what do you think? Male or FeMALE?

Need a close-up of the hairline to tell.- nik

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Lying Cheating Scumbag Chris Hodge

September 20, 2012 Columbus 13 5,618 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy right here is a nasty pig. Beware all women!!! His name is Chris Hodge. Im shocked he doesn’t have DRD at all. He was married twice and kids with both of these women. Of course once again he got the girl in the one pick prego after a week. Then again its partly her fault for being a sloot. He is the type to try to say he got hurt or cheated on when really he does it to mannyyyy women. He has been having sex with other women behind that girls back. Then again apparently she is the dumb one. It will not last with those two anyways. I wouldn’t be shocked if anyone in the Columbus OH area knows this guy. Every word out of his mouth is a lie. He also uses the word love way too much but clearily has no idea what love really means. Chris also now is trying to act like he is a good Christian boy when he really isn’t. I hate to break it to you Chris but just because you go to church it doesn’t make you a Christian. You actually should be a good person. This man is a nasty piece of trash that is a waste of space in this world.

Women you have now been warned about Chris Hodge.- nik

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Columbus Westside Moms Are Trashy

August 31, 2012 Columbus 21 7,627 Views

Columbus Westside moms!!! Dont deserve the title!!

Columbus Westside moms!!! Dont deserve the title!!

Columbus Westside moms!!! Dont deserve the title!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these girls are SUPPOSE to be moms! But by the looks of their pics I think they started wayyyy to young. Yes moms can dress cute…yes mom’s can have fun but when pics like these are posted along side pics of your child then I see the issue!! Grow up and be who you would want your child to be!

Must be hard shopping for pants with large thighs.  You gotta hike em up all the time.- nik

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Teaching Kids In Columbus Cheating And Lying Is Okay

August 10, 2012 Cincinnati, Columbus, The Dirty 6 7,968 Views

Teaching Kids in Columbus cheating and lying is ok

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, I am a big fan of the dirty. I loved it how you are so outspoken for the 1st Amendment that gives you the right to voice your opinions and dig up dirt for example about the Bengals cheerleader/teacher sl*t. I am wondering about your opinion on our wasted tax dollars and corruption in the Columbus Public school system. Principals received bonuses (tax dollars) by retroactively changing student-attendance records (LYING) to boost their schools state report-card numbers, Superintendent Gene Harris acknowledged yesterday that her principals told her in June that they were trained in how to change this data and then because she is stupid and corrupt herself said “Our principals were aghast and surprised because I believe many of them thought this was a legitimate process,” meaning it is ok to lie and steal. I guess that is what they are teaching our kids these days. So The Dirty will continue to have more dirt (lying cheaters) to follow in generations to come.

Columbus can’t find the hole in it’s own ass.- nik

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