Coquitlam Slores

November 22, 2013 Coquitlam 192 11,253 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these Coquitlam whores are the easiest ugly little bitches hiding their fake ugly face under 5 to 10 pounds of makeup. they have been bestfriends ever since middle school and they are the most fakest girls in Coquitlam. these girls try to use innocent guys that are desperate for sex. they use sex as a weapon to get what they want. the chink on the right her name is Megan Bui which her fake facebook name is Marina Moieuna. and the ugly persian chick on the left her real name is Tara habibi but her fake facebook name is Carmela Habibi. Megan claims to be part Spanish and french n Vietnamese, but she says that to make herself sound interesting shes full Vietnamese, and Tara claims to be full Brazilian. they have been whoring around in coquitlam for the longest time that pre much everyone in coquitlam knows their fakeness but the desperate guys that cant get girls, these girls are nasty they both have fucked over 30 guys they both have DRD and god knows what other diseases. they are disgusting, they use guys for money, and they call themself hustlers. they are the most fake girls out there so people watch out they lie about almost everything. they betray their boyfriends which they claim their are inlove. but the sad truth is these girls are hateful and there even fake to eachother n they talk mad shit behind eachothers back. its like theres a competition between them on the level of whoreness. they are really disgusting. they truly hate everyone even their own ugly face and race without makeup. stay away from these two girls or u guys would just be getting played n wasting ur time. please nick put em in their spot. im surprised no one has put em up on the dirty yet. but they are the dirtiest. they keep loosing friends because of their fakeness. they are going no where in life but stripper poles… thats sorta their dreams i think..! megan is such a low life she offers guys sex for em to buy her shitty clothing brand called LA BELLE VIE. thats how low n broke she is…fake tittys and ass …put em in their spot nik

You can’t hide the horse…- nik

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Family Wrecker

November 18, 2013 Coquitlam 22 7,123 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: The biggest gossip/rumor/ havoic causin fat biznatch around. This “woman” goes around town making up rumors about EVERYONE (including her so called family which is why I want her put out there) this lying wench has gone as far to create fase information about her so called step kids and married in nephews and nieces. Shes gone as far to call out significant others sayin everythin from them being drug dealers to them being scum of the earth. Shes got her family so wrapped that she’s even convinced her great nieces to call their grandpa an alcoholic. Shes been on a rant for years stating her two step sons are the plague of the world yet her “perfect” daughter hangs out and does cke all the time. Shes really the plague of the family and deserves to be plastered for being a lying troll. I hope you plaster this bitch. Shes also been using her husband for all he’s worth. Shes sucha scum biznatch.

She’s fishing for brownie points, aka shopping money.- nik

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Big Pig

October 29, 2013 Coquitlam, Kelowna 46 6,449 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This big pig is called Nicole-lee ketcheson or Nicole Jar. The only word I can think of to describe her is gross. She is full of disease and her black hole of a *nt stinks like rotten fish that has sat in the sun for 3 days. Besides that she is a fcking nutcase. Her father looks like a fuking petophile and her brother looks like the product of incest

Yet she has unusauly thin sharpies.- nik

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Mushy Junkie

October 14, 2013 Coquitlam 2 9,700 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello I would like to warn u all about this cheap junked out escort named Treasure Palm from Coquitlam. She sits on her ass & smokes lots of Cr*ck & Shoots Heroin all day long(check her arms & u will see). She’s had 3 miss carriage in the last 2 years because she cant stop using cope as amounts of drugs long enough to carry to full term. She has a gunt to back this up. This girl is dirty. Ive seen her smoke cr*ck day & night, f*ck several tricks for days on end, sleep, wear cake loads of makeup & not shower for a week straight while doing all this. That’s how she got the nick name Mushy Pussy. God she stinks I cant believe people pay to f*ck that Mushy Pussy. Watch out ladies this girl is known to talk shit about you behind your back & she will steal your cloths, makeup. She lies & tells u what u want to hear

If I didn’t know any better she’s living on a couch…- nik

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Erin Symons

October 11, 2013 Coquitlam, Kelowna 23 8,797 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is a little bitch. she cheats on her boyfriend, fcks other peoples boyfriends, plays some major head games with guys like me, and has passed on some nasty drd’s and somehow has ended up thinking shes still better then anyone else. when you cant bitch slap a hoe…report her.

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Matt Good Is A Cheating Loser

September 30, 2013 Coquitlam, Vancouver 233 14,319 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Washed up musician Matt Good is trying to promote his new album and I saw him on ET Canada last night with his beautiful wife and children and it made me so mad. Why, because he was recently in a hotel room in Coquitlam BC having sex with a 21 year old slut named Erin Bennett. Hope you’re proud of yourself you washed up piece of sh*t you don’t deserve your beautiful family and they definitely deserve better.

Video girl promises, I don’t see him having groupies.- nik

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Kristina Janurova

September 12, 2013 Coquitlam 89 9,663 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this 19 year old whore is a homewrecking c*nt goes by the name Kristina JANUROVA lives in Coquitlam. this bitch knew I had just had a miscarriage and that me and my husband (we also have a son) weren’t coping with it well. she’s a money hungry whore, and started messaging my husband pretending someone slashed her tires and needed his help gettin new ones. she even stole 4grand from him! and continued to see him and tell him she loves him. LOL i ended up kicking him out. she tried to get him to sleep with her and would pick him up and take him to other cities so that if his family needed him he couldn’t come.. over the long weekend my debit cars went missing and I had no cash, my son was starving and this WHoRE wouldn’t drive him back to his car so he can pick up food for his 2 year old. I eventually confronted her, although after smirking at me, she hit me first. I had the last laugh. he begged me to take him back… I did, and she lost it! she would call non stop he had to change his number then she started driving by our house! what a fcking sad little whore… ps check out the nose on her LOL

You had the last laugh by taking by your cheating boyfriend….- nik

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Coquitlam Trash

September 3, 2013 Coquitlam, Would You? 51 11,338 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: her name is chelsea ditomaso, she is the definition of coquitlam trash!! she posts hundreds of selfies. thinks shes the hottest thing to walk this planet, draws on her stupid eyebrows everyday and trys to get with other girls boyfriends.. now my question why the fck would you?

Answer: No, those are muffin top pants.

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