Cheating Sack a Noodles

August 27, 2013 burnaby, Coquitlam 58 8,592 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This chick is a lying two timing whore who finds guys to fck around with on plenty of fish. Her name is Hayley Lam from burnaby she dated a guy for 6 years and for that 6 years she did nothing but sleep with other guys behind his back. She needs to be put on blast

Anybody you meet on that site is without a doubt sleeping with anybody else they can.- nik

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Deadbeat Cougar

August 22, 2013 Coquitlam, Cougars, Kelowna 29 6,139 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Laurie Ann Knelsen. She’s a mother of 5 with a different daddy for each! This hoe bag has been getting around town quite a bit in the Peachland area of Kelowna. She’s been hooking up with all the lowest of the low life idiots in town and I’m sure more that not everyone knows about! The most notoriously known story to everyone in town and recent would have to be her hooking up with a boy whose closer in age to her children than her! Well under half her age! And that’s not even the worst part of it all! They were co workers at the A&w in Peachland and he had a kid and was still on and off with the mom who lives a minute away from his work! (This is the same loser that was with Leigha Marie Perrin, another girl on here that played a hand in demolishing their engagement) Throughout the holidays such as their son’s very first birthday, christmas, new years etc.. They were together and trying to make things work, or so that poor girl believed! Because little did she know that on the side, that dirt bag was hooking up with this nasty bitch and their crack head manager as well as who knows who else! Laurie knew of the other girl and child the entire time too! But baby mama caught on and kicked that idiot to the curb for good, finally! So now that this user and abuser couldn’t get anymore out of baby mama, this Laurie bitch is dumb enough to take him into her home even after knowing about all he did to that girl! This idiot she was with had spiraled down in life so bad that he had started to do cocaine and crack and she has stupidly released to several sources now confirming he had had this in her home where her children are! He was selling and smoking dope inside her household. She would even let him drive her and her children in her vehicle with a suspended license! These two would be doing drugs and partying around her two kids daily throughout their entire fling since his former baby mama wouldn’t allow it at her household! They were even banging like bunnies and hanging off one another around her children constantly too! Ew! Mother of the year right here! Karma works in funny ways though and finally this pathetic excuse of a mother realized that the lowlife she brought into her life was doing all the same to her as baby mama. I mean like that would’ve worked out any way, come on how naive is this woman? She kicked this guy out finally one night and then he turns around and calls CPS on her! And the worst part of all this would have to be: This woman was banging a guy before this idiot, and that guy used to bang his mom! So basically she passed along his mother’s sloppy seconds to him! Ew! And even worse, this idiots dad used to bang this woman when they were teenagers! Talk about keeping it all in the family and getting around! This woman is clearly the queen of it around these parts! Word from his dad is that Laurie clearly was aware of him being his son the entire time and that she targeted him! And rumor has it from the co workers, that she and the crackhead manager had plotted to get with him and manipulate him for fun out of their own boredom to separate him and baby mama which clearly worked! So watch your men ladies! This woman clearly does not care if he’s taken and will destroy your relationship! And the amount of dead beats and low lives shes been with, I’d be surprised if she isn’t carrying anything!

Why would anyone wanna show off that they’re the drive-thru lady.- nik

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Racist Piece Of Sh*t

August 15, 2013 Coquitlam, The Dirty, Vancouver 824 94,648 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik and everyone, take a look at this racist sack of sh*t in Coquitlam! He drives a red Dodge Caravan by the license plate 906WCN. Last week, him and his wife pulled up next to me at a red light and started doing the chink eye gesture at me. So I whipped out my camera and his wife quickly stopped and hid behind him. But this shameless motherf*cker kept doing it until the light turned green. This c*nt tried to race me and almost hit my car too. The funny thing is, yesterday I drove by Port Moody and saw him get pulled over by a cop. Nik, put him on BLAST because racism is NOT okay and he deserved more than just a speeding ticket. If anybody ever sees this sack of sh*t please remember to show him and his wife some karma.

Just because your minivan says “sport” on the side doesn’t mean its a race car. It just means your wife owns your balls.- nik

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Coquitlams Farah

July 16, 2013 Coquitlam, Vancouver 114 7,071 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik, this is farah shes 19 from coquitlam background afghan this girl is one of the slutiest girls in vancouver wide she will fck anything that can breath she has made out with 3 different boys on the same night, she steals money,make up , clothes and alot of other things from her closest friends, she pretends she has so much money (but we all know she steals it)she gets guys to give her rides to places and pay her phone bills and drinks and food its kinda disgusting, its her daily base activity people always tell me how she asks them for money. NIK doesnt she look Innocent …yeah she does but shes the sneakiest little bitch shes like a little snake….she lies so good that you will believe her but my point here is that shes disgusting,fake,two faced,people user , and a thief ) vancouver boys dont trust this afghan hoe

Is that a body suit…body slimmer..- nik

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Gondwe is A Cheater

July 15, 2013 Coquitlam, Surrey 146 9,944 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fcking dirtbag named robert gondwe whom i met at a casino and after dating a month and lending him $3000.oo i slept with him.He told me he loved me but then I caught him with another guy and he admitted he was just using me to get my money and he wasn’t ready to settle down yet.I found out he has been doing that to not only men but women as well.Yes I know I was a fool to allow myself to be used like that and I did learn a very hard lesson but this guy is scum and dirty to boot,

His hair looks like a painstakingly long process, definitely doesn’t have a day job.- nik

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Lacin Thinks She’s Hot

May 31, 2013 burnaby, Coquitlam 82 9,582 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lacin is a Turkish girl who thinks she is nuts. She is only 18 and uses fake id to go in clubs. She fake tans every day and it looks so nasty on her. What do you think would you do Lacin?

Why are there no back seats in that car?- nik

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Cold Hearted Gangsters

May 28, 2013 Coquitlam, Vancouver 47 8,034 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. So these two guys here are Dillon Angle and Daryl Smeeton. Daryl has been submitted before. These two guys lure young girls to their house to have sex with them… no not just one of them but both. These guys treat everyone like garbage, and think their the toughest dudes out there . They have conversations on Facebook with each other when they in fact live together and work together… their always together. These guys have kind of gotten out of the drug dealing game but they will always remain a bunch of rude, useless assholes. Their Karma will come eventually. Dillon had a gf of a few years who he recently broke up with, he took their dog , and now bangs a bunch of fat indian girls double team with daryl up north. I have a few friends who have hooked up with the two of them ( i think their gay together) and they had nothing but complaints . Its about a 5 minute job. THese two walk around town like they own the place and their big ballers when in fact everyone hates them except a few thirsty bitches who don’t mind tiny dicks. They used to date and see really nice , good girls but i think they finally ran out of those and they had to move on to the street whores. Daryl is Angels After Dark’s biggest customer ( the escort service in town). These guys are heartless little assholes, put them on blast .

Nice Folex.- nik

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Free To A Good Home, Kids Included

April 16, 2013 Coquitlam 0 8,032 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, Wait until you catch a glimpse at this slooth; Katie Smith. You can find her slinking around the Victoria Gay Bar scene any given day of the week. In various postions of On the Bar, Behind the Bar or Hanging off the Bar. While her kids remain unattended at her biker white trash home. To start off the night she will begin by doing lines of pepsi while her kids are playing in the next room. When shes finally ready enough to go she tells her children shes going off to work. When really shes off drinking and fucking anything that will give her the time of day. She calls herself a “Hot” Bartender but is nor hot or a bartender. The drama attached to this HOrsE is apocolyptic. Still interested or Want to catch a glimpse of her in the flesh? - Just buy a case of Pepsi and follow the empty cans. .

Boo’ed off pole?- nik

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