Coquitlams Biggest Drug Head

April 1, 2013 Coquitlam 359 10,889 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: whoever knows whos Pedram Fa i feel baad for you either if your his friends or even might know who he is. He is a straight up heroin and oxyhead. he smokes heroin and oxys every single day of his life. His so trashed out if u just look at him for a second u will straight up know his a junkie. He has pictures of him on faebook all muscular from 2 yers ago when he injected steroids , he adds everysingle girl in vancouver all te way to tehran and brazil to think he gets the most hottest chicks. Pedram is not hott! he has rabbit teeth and a full grown beard, dosent know how o take are of himself and he has a disease called A-D-D. He gets money from his parents and spends it on oxys instead of buying a belt to keep his pants in place. HIS A STRAIGHT UP JUNKIE!! PEOPLE PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN YOUR around him he will make you do drugs with him!!! WHEN HE WAS 12 he spent his nights on east hastings dealing crack. Any girl out there who thinks pedram is a normal guy well u shouldve been mistakeing he is a oxyhead. He is in detox right now but he still has connetions and sneaks out at night to get his drugs in his body. Before he got sent he had no money and got 3 oxys fronted to him then he put it in a plastic and placed his oxys in his assshole where at nights he would bust half a pill snort it in his nose and bust the other half in the moning and snort it again. His situation is worst now, since he has been snorting oxys to much his tollerance is higher than ever and he ddosent gets high at all so he decides to smoke oxys. WHO THE FUCK SMOKES OXY CONTIN!!! Pedram fallahpour has no friends and nobody likes him. Everybody lost respect for him because of his oxy addiction. HE IS ALSO KNOWN AS A FCKING RATT!! HE GETS PPL TO GET HIM DRUGS AND HE JACKS PEOPLE THEN HE BLAMES OTHER PEOPLE DID IT AND HE TELLS HIS PAARENTS EVERYTHINGG!! NOBODY CAN TRUST A RAT AND NOBODY SHOULD ASSOCIATE WITH A RAT TO… HE PUT DONOVON IN JAIL FOR 6 MONTHES BECAUSE HIS KNOWN AS A RAT IN COQUITLAM. HE JACKS up little kids in coquitlam for 10 dollar weed because he ccant afford to buy food for himself. none of his friends knows he does heroin but if anbody sees this u wil now know who ur friend or person u know is now. Pedram backstabs all of his friends. EVEN HIS BESTEST FRIED EMIL PEDRAM CALLED HIM A GOOF AND SAID HE IS NO GOOD. EVERYBODYY AVOID THIS DRUG ADDICT HER**N HEAD. HE IS ONLY 17 AND HIS SMOKEING OXYS AND HE**IN. HE TELLS HIS PARENTS ABOUT EVERY SINGLE DEALER IN COQUITLAM. he jacks people from there money steals from his own friends and family and people in public. he asks to use somebodys phone and say u got taxed and runs away with it. WHAT KIND OF A LIFE DO U HAVE!! grow up pedram stop telling ur parents everything and stop stealing from other people for ur oxy addicction !!

Dude just got taxed.- nik

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Meet Nic Mahovlich

February 6, 2013 Coquitlam, Vancouver 63 6,170 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, I am writing you to let you know, along with Coquitlam, Tri-Cities, and all of the lower mainland to be aware of this scumbag computer stealing thief by the name of NIC (Nicholas) MAHOVLICH from Coquitlam. I am currently enrolled and studying for my electrical apprenticeship along with my classmates for the past 4 1/2 months since October and just about to write our final exams for the ITA this week. Last Thursday, one of my classmates and good guy was moving temporarily to a new house to finish his schooling in Port Coquitlam with the rest of us, he brought his suitcase and laptop to school with this dirtbag thief (he had been getting rides with him for the entire course and sat next to him for 2 months as partners) and he went out for lunch and never thought to look in his bag until he got to his new house that night, discovered his Macbook gone (NIC MAHOVLICH was also first to leave school during one of our review days!) The next morning he came into school thinking maybe he forgot it. Usually, the two are joking around in the morning and we all noticed he didn’t say nothing to my classmate while he was frantically looking and asking the whereabouts of his computer. He called the police, and returned to class and remembered his Apple ICLOUD “find my macbook” account and logged in, whose name came up on his private device account and now saying “Nic’s Macbook” – my classmate flipped as it was his partner in school had stolen it. Nic doesn’t own a macbook and would have never known about this feature on Apple products! He denied it all quietly and my classmate had to refrain from kicking his ass right there and possibly getting expelled. This goofy looking and big eared loud mouth has all of a sudden now says nothing, even after my classmate provoked him calling him a thief in front of us all… No emotion or empathy whatsoever! My classmate has been majorly put out with all his documents and files are gone now. The teacher has removed this Fcking Idiot from our class, but he should be expelled and kicked out of the electrical apprenticeship ITA program altogether. This dude is going to get what’s coming to him as we are all pissed off and now have a feeling of distrust in our class that wasn’t there before this stupid motherfcker did what he did, and is just a coward ass pussy who can’t be a man and return the Apple laptop! If you are an electrical contractor, or are involved in trades, or just see this thief around – -don’t hire nor trust him, if your a good citizen then expose this thief for what he is and kick his ass! He drives a 2008 dark gray Ford Ranger, 2nd year electrical apprentice, has a cabin at Deka Lake by 100 mile House, and played softball in Texas for a few months. The obesity and dumbo ears and fake gold chain should be an easy notice! Your days are numbered NIC MAHOVLICH from Coquitlam! You are a THIEVING LOSER!

Those sticky fingers are gunna reap havoc on peoples homes.- nik

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Vandirty Warning

January 21, 2013 Coquitlam, Vancouver 70 7,367 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Lana Sayers aka LALA SMITH. She moved out to Coquitlam from Ontario to get away from all the scum bags she gave drd to. Lana has 5 kids, all with different daddies…..She’s a walking cm dumpster. She goes on POF to try to get guys to come over and fck her and have 3somes with her 14year old daughter. WATCH OUT GUYS SHE HAS dddr!!!!!! And not like a blister on your lip herpes, this bitch has genital drd and…….NASTY NASTY NASTY! And really….take 1 look at her, would you fck that?? You couldn’t even pay me to paperbag her…. but hey, some dudes are into tranny’s.

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Racism On POF

November 28, 2012 burnaby, Coquitlam 273 11,576 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I was on POF talking to a user by the name of IceyMocca some days ago. I had posted a picture of myself wearing a traditional East Indian (Punjabi) suit. I saw her online today Our conversation: me: im so bored, how is the beginning of your weekend going? IceyMocca: [removed] Yourself! me: what?
me: wow!! me: something wrong? IceyMocca: remove the kebab from premises me: your young and obviously fcked up me: good luck with that. I’ve asked pof to delete her account, lets see what happens

That green tint on her is from excessive amounts of Mac with a touch of photoshop.- nik

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Codi Bezell Stole Money

November 15, 2012 Coquitlam 10 6,861 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik HIS PIECE OF SH*T STOLE OVER $1000 from a girl on MOnday November 12 2012. He is a deadbeat dad He lives in Port Coquitlam BC, a suburb of Vancouver BC.  He is on welfare, and uses his money from the government to buy drugs

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Watch Out For Dylan

October 23, 2012 Coquitlam 9 8,128 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guys is Dylan he is 19-20 years old he will find attractive girls on facebook lure them in and have sex with them. Of course its not rape its just highly inappropriate. He tried to hook up with a 14 year old! I just thought he should be known for who he is, a creep..

Looks like a guy who stayed behind so he could continue his highschool football career.  I’m assuming that’s where the forehead smudge came from.- nik

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Chasing Money

October 15, 2012 Coquitlam, Grande Prairie, Would You? 48 8,092 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik where should I start. This girl Chantal is the biggest whore in town. She moved here from GP after becoming a “stripper”. But really she was a prositude. She had to leave GP because she wasnt liked by many people. So she moves here get pregnant with some random guy, keeps the baby. Doesnt allow the father who wants to be apart of its life not to be in its life. Then she finds a new guy. Only 2 weeks into the relationship she decieds to move in with him. She has 2 kids and barely knows this fucker and she moves in with him risking hers kids lives. Like fck really who the fck does that. Oh ya thats right she likes the attention she gets from ugly ass guys. She knows she cants find anything. Thoes kids need someone better then her Maybe their real DADS. To top that off she is a fcking ugly whore.

There’s a lot of slack in that shirt…- nik

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Nasty Dawn Billingsley

September 19, 2012 Coquitlam, Kelowna 774 7,187 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this skank right here is Dawn Billingsley from Trail, BC (the kootenays) she is a straight up whore, she lies about her age she JUST turned 17 (sept 6th 2012) she lies about everything. She thinks shes hot because shes skinny but im sorry but your a double bagger one bag for your head and one for whoever would be willing to sleep with you just in case theirs fell off lmafo. She wears bras bigger then what she needs in hopes that it will make her look like she has bigger boobs. Speaking of her tits, they are fucking gross i didnt know until i saw hers that someone with small tits could be SOO saggy, they look like a moneys tits. Even tho she has a boyfriend (so she says) she was willing to send naked pics of herself to a 27 year old MARRIED father of 3, she even pretended to be friends with his wife. Then when she got busted sending pics she was like “oh im so sorry i was drunk” blah blah blah but was she drunk the next day when she told the married man not to let his wife know or her boyfriend cory know that she was sending pictures? lol and was she drunk the next day when she said she would send the married man MORE pics in a few days IF he liked the ones she had already sent talk about SLUT!! I swear there has got to be something in the water in the kootenays they just breed whores out there. The motto of the kottenay girls is they are either “parting or making babies” sadly most pop out babies then go right back to parting. so its about time these losers get put on blast.

Poor people, poor habits.  That includes hygiene.- nik

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