Coquitlam | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Coquitlam Mutt

March 12, 2014 Coquitlam 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty little gremlin is Kaitlyn Fransen from coquitlam. When she was a bit younger she was super obese and disgusting (still is clearly) then she got her first taste of drugs and dick, and knew that was her life. Started losing weight from all the coke she did and still does, and became a hooker to pay for it . Hear from numerous sources she still opens her legs for a few bucks. Can’t even believe someone would pay for this infested mutt! Anyways now she thinks she’s hot shit because she dresses in retarded rave gear and lost a bit of weight even though she still had a nasty gut and overly fat legs. Just a news flash for you, all your little raving buddies aren’t your real friends, they dont care about you at all deep down. Nik, this nasty gremlin seriously needs to be put on the blast.

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Man or Women

March 11, 2014 Coquitlam, Kelowna 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman (Peggy Burian) who you would swear was a man other then fact she some how managed to get laid and does indeed have a daughter,,, a daughter who she doesn’t no how to parent at that she lets strange men move into her house collecting rent from them we’ll still collecting I.E (well fare) she hits up every food bank in town so she can spend her money on drugs and smokes for her and her 16 year old daughter, she was also ok with letting her at the time 15 year old daughter date a guy who was 8 years older then her…. She will scame anyone she can such as my self for money never paying it back. Just a warning to look out for this West Bank trailer park trash!

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Spiteful Sleazy Sac

March 10, 2014 Coquitlam, Vancouver 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Nathan Ozee of Coquitlam near Vancouver, hes a complete joke. He put a completely genuine human being on this website because hes such a sore loser. He has major anger management issues and resorts to violence over nothing. He will not discriminate based on gender and that is a known fact just ask anyone who knows him well enough. he will try to keep composure by talking quietly and fake smiling, but you know there is a crazy in there waiting to explode. hes a ticking time bomb. On top of all this, the kids a total brat. just a total winner. He’s taken advantage of girls because he can’t take no for an answer. What a real man. He has cheated on all of his past gfs and will chase any decent looking girl the second his gf turns her back. He tries to hide his tracks but the truth is immanent; he has no impulse control. he throws fits and cant even handle himself because his problem solving skills are comparable with an infant’s. It just keeps getting better. This idiot talks sh*t about anyone who doesn’t like him, it’s clear that he can’t handle any criticism. Not only is he spiteful, immature, abusive, a coward and a rampant cheater, hes also a vag*na who uploads a hundred #selfies on fb and thinks hes channing tatum. in reality he closely resembles penguin man and nick krolls lovechild. He believes hes the best because he was good at track and field in high school; its hilarious how he revels in the memories of his high school years. Get a life. You know youre a loser when the highlight of your life began and ended in high school. he tricks himself in to thinking that girls like him based on his looks when in actuality he tries to make up for his unattractiveness and strange personality with false arrogance. I mean just look at him. Hes creepy as f*ck. Yikes. I think its time he grew up. but I get why it’s hard, hes still living with his mommy and daddy. This kid is an annoying brat who takes himself way too seriously and needs to be put on blast! Ladies you’ve been warned!!!

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Julie’s not so Pretty

February 26, 2014 Coquitlam, Halifax, Vancouver 119

THE DIRTY ARMY: ****WARNING**** Watch your men around this girl. She admits to sleeping with guys with boyfriends – see the pic above. This girl is disgusting and lies on a daily basis, pretends to be something she’s not and changes men like she (hopefully) changes her underwear. While she’s “dating” other peoples men you can find Julie or (Jewel Lee) talking to her ex’s, begging them to come back to the bar if she runs into them or at a local pub waiting and preying on her next victim. She gave my friend an drd, she lays like a dead log in bed and she isn’t into oral. She cheats on all of her boyfriends…This ugly saggy old hag is a GOLD DIGGER – check out her hat! She wore that so proud. She’s adopted, her mother didn’t know who her father is…SLUT! LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER! She’s a newfie and is from ST.JOHNS newfoundland but lived in Coquitlam for 5 years. Happy birthday JULIE!

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Put some clothes on Amy Powell

November 27, 2013 Coquitlam 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty ass piece of work is Amy powell from Courtenay and Vancouver BC. She parades around town like shes the hottest thing since sliced bread. OMG VOMIT!!!! Shes always bashing other chicks that are wayyyyyy hotter than her cause shes jealous. and she hangs out with the biggest, ugliest, drugged out losers to make her self feel hotter. unfortunetly it doesn’t work that way. not when your eyeballs deep in the c*ke bag sweet heart! she constantly cheats on her man. the poor guy is so pussy whipped and controlled by her, that he stands by and lets it happen. meanwhile her kids are dressed in rags and covered in head lice, while she prances around in her knock off’s. covering her nasty acne with pounds and pounds of make up. its either that or meth sores. soooooooooo soooo sooooo disgusting. stop posting titty and face shots. its false advertising when ur a dirty pig. post real pics. and for god sakes get that kitten outa your cleavage. that’s animal abuse. shes suffocating.

Pits that connect with t*ts means there’s a belly.- nik

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Coquitlam Slores

November 22, 2013 Coquitlam 275

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these Coquitlam whores are the easiest ugly little bitches hiding their fake ugly face under 5 to 10 pounds of makeup. they have been bestfriends ever since middle school and they are the most fakest girls in Coquitlam. these girls try to use innocent guys that are desperate for sex. they use sex as a weapon to get what they want. the chink on the right her name is Megan Bui which her fake facebook name is Marina Moieuna. and the ugly persian chick on the left her real name is Tara habibi but her fake facebook name is Carmela Habibi. Megan claims to be part Spanish and french n Vietnamese, but she says that to make herself sound interesting shes full Vietnamese, and Tara claims to be full Brazilian. they have been whoring around in coquitlam for the longest time that pre much everyone in coquitlam knows their fakeness but the desperate guys that cant get girls, these girls are nasty they both have fucked over 30 guys they both have DRD and god knows what other diseases. they are disgusting, they use guys for money, and they call themself hustlers. they are the most fake girls out there so people watch out they lie about almost everything. they betray their boyfriends which they claim their are inlove. but the sad truth is these girls are hateful and there even fake to eachother n they talk mad shit behind eachothers back. its like theres a competition between them on the level of whoreness. they are really disgusting. they truly hate everyone even their own ugly face and race without makeup. stay away from these two girls or u guys would just be getting played n wasting ur time. please nick put em in their spot. im surprised no one has put em up on the dirty yet. but they are the dirtiest. they keep loosing friends because of their fakeness. they are going no where in life but stripper poles… thats sorta their dreams i think..! megan is such a low life she offers guys sex for em to buy her shitty clothing brand called LA BELLE VIE. thats how low n broke she is…fake tittys and ass …put em in their spot nik

You can’t hide the horse…- nik

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Family Wrecker

November 18, 2013 Coquitlam 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: The biggest gossip/rumor/ havoic causin fat biznatch around. This “woman” goes around town making up rumors about EVERYONE (including her so called family which is why I want her put out there) this lying wench has gone as far to create fase information about her so called step kids and married in nephews and nieces. Shes gone as far to call out significant others sayin everythin from them being drug dealers to them being scum of the earth. Shes got her family so wrapped that she’s even convinced her great nieces to call their grandpa an alcoholic. Shes been on a rant for years stating her two step sons are the plague of the world yet her “perfect” daughter hangs out and does cke all the time. Shes really the plague of the family and deserves to be plastered for being a lying troll. I hope you plaster this bitch. Shes also been using her husband for all he’s worth. Shes sucha scum biznatch.

She’s fishing for brownie points, aka shopping money.- nik

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Big Pig

October 29, 2013 Coquitlam, Kelowna 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This big pig is called Nicole-lee ketcheson or Nicole Jar. The only word I can think of to describe her is gross. She is full of disease and her black hole of a *nt stinks like rotten fish that has sat in the sun for 3 days. Besides that she is a fcking nutcase. Her father looks like a fuking petophile and her brother looks like the product of incest

Yet she has unusauly thin sharpies.- nik

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