Corpus Christi | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Fake “PopStars” Scandal

April 23, 2014 Corpus Christi, San Antonio 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is ethan walker.. he is the most FRAUD person you can ever come across. He wishes and brags about being a celebrity yet all he does is beg for money from his parents , he prank calls people all day long and fcks every guy he meets. I introduced him to my cousin MARCUS and he gave him a blow job the same night IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM. He pretends to be a “popstar” how about a PORNSTAR. He’s been saying hes a popstar since i met him but i have found nothing , not even a CD that he claims to be in stores… but NIK, think about it … a CD with 1 SONG about being with a girl but how obvious is it that hes a fagget. Lets not forget to mention all the COCAIN you snort up your nose, “Loosing weight” my ass. Always talking about your “so called” Career .. You cant even keep a job , let alone a clean house. He sleeps in a piss infested room with nothing but a MATRESS in it. Cant even pay his phone bill , his mom and dad do everything for him INCLUDING begging people to let him sing the national anthem ..wasting their money smh… Ethan sweetie, get a car, life and a job. Love -Brooke

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Fake Celebrity Search

April 22, 2014 Corpus Christi, San Antonio 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this fake “singer” “dancer” “model” has been a (put on) since the day I met him. He’s a Selena impersonator and I’m sure Selena wouldn’t want aa F*G trying to be her, he claims to be a singer but with 1 (count them) 1 song that isn’t even in stores like he says they would be. How the hell do you make a song about being with a girl and you’re obviously a f((get. He gave a blow job to my cousin in a public bathroom the same night he met him, slut much? Says he works out all the time.. But snorts coke on the regular. He talks shit about everyone he’s caught hanging out with and steals from his parents, that pay and beg producers to let him make a song. they should be paying a maid to clean up that dirty ass house of yours and that DOG PISS infested room you sleep in. Get a life, job and car Ethan. Mwuah !! Lmao

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Maricella Chapa, Pregnant Dyke

April 9, 2014 Corpus Christi 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Maricella – Im a lesbian but I’ve been pregnant 20 times – Chapa lol this bitch really is just NASTY. I’m not even hating. She’s a lesbian but has one kid with one on the way. Gave her son to someone when he was like 2 months old because she rather party and be her usual SLUT self. Every girl in corpus who knows her wants to beat her ass, & if your her friends, 99.9% chance is that your a slut too! Sluts befriend other sluts so they don’t have to feel bad about themselves! She fcks anything & everything, no joke, ive heard her getting fcked. lmao NASTY Always being a facebook hoe messaging all my friends babys dad ETC claiming she has “HATERS” no bitch you are really JUST A LOW LIFE LOW DOWN WASTE OF FLESH AND A TERRIBLE PERSON! She has no morals she steals from friends back stabs you in a heart beat! Home hops, and dick hops 24 fcking 7. NO ONE LIKES YOU BITCH GET HELP AND FIND JESUS BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE BIG FAT FUKING SIN WALKING!

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Alicia Bade Is A Very Proud Stripper

April 5, 2014 Corpus Christi, San Antonio, The Dirty 66

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this walking drd is name Alicia Bade but her real name is Karina. She does nothing but brag on how she is a model, how everyone wants her for shoots. Lol she is nothing but a mess! Always in and out of jail. She has to pay child support for her child she left alone so she can party, do drugs and have random guys in her everyday. She walks around with her ugly stretch marks, horrible boob job and her Wicked Witch of the West nose! She will sleep with any guy that gives her attention.. she gave my boy the cl**. She is gross and most definitely no model!!

I like the color of the bucket.- nik

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Beware Of News Anchor Janine Reyes

April 3, 2014 Corpus Christi, Houston, The Dirty 197

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Janine Reyes. She’s a local news anchor who thinks she’s hot sh*t and attempts to seduce other women’s men. Well this time it worked. She slept with my boyfriend and gave us both a DRD. He was an idiot and left her number on his phone directory, the only one. I did some FB research and found she has been slutting it up here for a long time, and even has had death threats. In the past she has dodged other accusations by utilizing her on air power to avoid questioning, and portray herself a woman of the community. This woman must be stopped! Ladies, if you see this horse-face keep a tight leash. Or just put a bridle on her!

It’s pretty obvious Janine Reyes’ jawline got her the new anchor job.- nik

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Johnny Love of Corpus Christi

March 24, 2014 Corpus Christi, Orange County 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: alrighty. this is JOHNNY LOVE AKA JOHNNY RAMOS. this man is a terrible human being. he fuks over everybody is his circle, this goes for girlfriends and close friends. I wish I would’ve never crossed paths with this scumbag. ive never had a man lie and cheat on me the way he did. and he thinks he’s gods gift to the ‘reggae’ scene. he claims he grew up in ORANGE COUNTY .. which is why he has OC tattooed on his chest, when in fact, he grew up here in corpus Christi and went to ray high school. when he was in high school he got a girl pregnant. not once has he seen this child or done anything for the benefit of the kid. he doesn’t care about anybody but himself. he claims he’s all about ‘love’ and ‘good vibes’ but that’s total bullshit. ill never forget coming home to find a girls bra behind his bed.. and it wasn’t there the night before. (mind you, I wear a DD) and this was an A cup. He also decided to leave me stranded downtown one night at 2:30AM. HE HAS DISEASES. no doubt about that. luckily I got out of that relationship clean!!!! he fcks a new chick every night. he’ll steal from his friends. and he also claims he’s living it up in California… he lives out of his van. which is filthy as fuck from all the nasty bitches he fucks. and just himself in general. I know so many ladies in corpus Christi that feel the same way about him as I do! and I think its time to put this mother fcker on blast!! LADIES!!! TAKE IT FROM ME… STAY AWAY!!! YOU’LL REGRET IT. he may have the good looks and skills in bed. but he’ll give you something you’ll never be able to get rid of…..

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Small Town Slore

March 13, 2014 Corpus Christi, Texas-AM 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s time to get A&M College Station on your radar! May I introduce you to Sara. Sara is a small town whore from a city by Corpus Christi. This girl got pregnant in high school and had a beautiful baby boy who she doesn’t have custody of because she would rather work to become a ‘body builder’ and whore around with her juice head boyfriend. Nik, let me give you a background on this atrocious couples “fairy tale relationship”- Jeff, her on again off again boyfriend, married a gorgeous girl out of high school and had a beautiful baby girl together. They moved to Germany when he got stationed there in the military and started their life together. While they were over there this lowlife would try his best to attempt to arrange hookups with girls back home when they would come back to the states to celebrate holidays. Well Nik, Sara took his bait and started banging him causing his wife to have no other choice but leave him and move back in with family. This jackass moved back to the states and rented a house in College station and invited his home wrecker to move in with him immediately. She dropped her son off with his dad for good and split. They tried to act like a normal couple, he even bought her a pitbull and Siberian husky within the first couple of months to substitute for both of their absentee kids, since they both don’t have custody of them for obvious reasons. Well Nik, here’s where it gets good. Jeff busted Sara cheating on HIM! This whore was skyping and emailing men everywhere trying to get some attention she never had growing up since she was the fat girl with the baby for so long. He kicked her to the curb and she did the walk of shame all the way back home. Well now he’s trying out for the real world and he took her back just this past week. This couple needs to be outed. They are awful people who go around ruining lives! They need to stop and be decent human beings. God I sure hope he doesn’t land a gig on the real world, but then again we will all have a good laugh at this train wreck of a couple! Let’s out these “swolemates”.

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Please Expose Her

February 19, 2014 Corpus Christi 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: I use to be her friend until I saw her true colors. This chick Geneva or as I call her “little bit” she does not work (unless u call fucking old men for money work) she always asking to borrow someone’s car cuz she don’t have her own. She is never home with her kids, but she don’t let them go with their dad either. Shes in the bar EVERY WEEKEND!! This chick is a psycho bitch that needs medication. She thinks she is so beautiful, but her grill is jacked!!! She is always out at bars where old men are at cuz she’s looking for a “come up” she has no ambition no goals in life so she is looking to marry a rich old man because she a freaking low life! I feel sorry for anyone that comes in contact with her. Her corpus is definitely showing!

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