Corpus Christi | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

What Do You Think of Kristen

September 4, 2013 Corpus Christi, Texas, Would You? 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl use to talk to my ex, but I ain’t hating about that. But what a down grade. Would you? And what do you think of her?

Answer: No, she’s not aging well and looks like she chews.

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Keraleigh Braun

August 2, 2013 Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Texas-AM 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Im so surprised this piece of Sh*t hasnt made the dirty.Well let me introduce you to Corpus’s BIGGEST drama queen.I dated this trend follower for a few weeks.I met her online and she was so SAD,Obsessive,and FAT in person as she makes her self skinny though her ph apps. Yea I porked the pig with her gutt flopping in the way.She has 3 kids and no baby daddy.She claimed to be all about good things,non drama but this FAT B*TCH tried to get me to have a kid with her,Like she doesnt have enough retarded looking kids.BEWARE she has nothing,no one for a reason.No one will ever like,love a used up C*NT.2 words MEAT CURTAINS.Get a job stop letting the state pay for your mistakes.

Sad people can make a living by multiply’ing…just saying.- nik

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Jessica Vasquez

August 1, 2013 Corpus Christi, Dallas 115

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Vasquez of Dallas, TX. 34 years old. Lives at home. No education, works retail (big surprise). I meet this girl Halloween night. Take her home. Start dating her after (never a good idea guys). We broke up a couple times over the 9 months we dated because she is nothing but drama and the most immature 34 year old on this planet. We go to a bar in Fort Worth the other night and I forgot to lock my car so I went back to lock it and put her purse in the trunk. Her phone kept vibrating and so I thought I would take it into her, after I saw who was blowing her up. Some other dude asking if she is coming over. So I get curious and read more texts. Wow, this girl has been sleeping with multiple guys in the DFW area, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. So today I called a couple of them and let them know the deal, they ALL said the same thing…she said she was single and wanted to date each one. NEWS FLASH – she is getting around, she is NOT CLEAN (even though it looks and feels amazing). Guys, you will find her in Denton, New West in Dallas, Sfuzzi’s off towards Grapevine. Beware, she lives at home, has no future and is nothing but a slut. SHE IS 34 and lives at home, once again. She is never going to leave, she can’t afford it making $10/hour. She is a great lay, dont get me wrong. If anyone else can contest to this please do so. Her life is just sad, but on the other hand kudos to her for juggling 4 guys in DFW and who knows how many more in San Antonio and Corpus. Please please please do not make the same mistake as I did by playing Captain Save a Hoe. I could go on, but I think everyone here gets the point.

Party habits don’t come free.- nik

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July 26, 2013 Corpus Christi, San Antonio 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tracy Vann is the lowest of the low. This girl works at the Army base here in Corpus and has slept with so many guys and has ruined lives and marriages. I recently found out that Tracy was trying to sleep with my boyfriend and was sending him pictures of her using a dildo on herself and licking her own tits. This girl is nothing but drama and is a liar like you wouldn’t believe. She has broken people up just because she wants dick and that is because she has a dude that works on the base and he has no idea about the shit she does with guys from work. This slut is still stuck on her ex husband and fcked him over because he was finally happy not being with a slut. I am glad that guy divorced her and got away. And he is not the only one she has fuked over there have been many people she has fcked over with her manipulative ways and lies. She will go to the ends of the earth to cover her lies as long as her fake happy life isn’t ruined. Watch out for this fat Slore she will only fck you over in the end. She has this thought in her head that she all fine looking and walks with her shoulders back sucking on her fat but there is no hiding it. Ladies keep your men away from this girl. No telling what kinda crap she walks around with after nearly fcking the whole base.

Why is there a neon next to her bed?- nik

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Gerald Perez

May 10, 2013 Corpus Christi 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gerald Perez is one of the fakest guys in corpus he thinks hes god gift to woman when clearly he isnt Shi* he has 2 kids who he does nothing for and rarely sees! last time i checked paying child support isnt being FATHER OF THE YEAR! he posts on all his little social net works how he take care of his son and raising him when he has done none of that PATHETIC! he also has a daughter who he denies and wants nothing to do with her just because of her mother. How sad! He tells woman he will treat them like a QUEEN and hes been hurt several times with relationships NOT!!!! hes beat his GFs and treated them like shi* and used them for everything they have hes a coward and sorry excuse for a man! hes a cheater and claims he has no STD but sorry HE DOES KNOWN FACT! he has nothing going for him 24 years old still hanging onto mamas titties with NO CAR! his breath is beyond stank gingivitis! lol he talks big shi* but cant back anything up he is always running and cryin to the authorities like a little BIOTCH! he is a HOE beyond belief!

Taking a picture of yourself driving is one of the douchiest things you can do.  Not to mention dangerous.- nik

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George Polakis

May 2, 2013 Austin, Corpus Christi 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet George Polakis. His family runs the strip clubs in Austin. Yet when they gave him the chance to run a pool hall in Corpus , he could make it work in a town that has nothing else going on. I dont know how he even attracts the girls he gets. He’s a maybe 5’3 at the most with no college education yet likes to put everyone else around him down. Sweetie , the only reason you arent flipping burgers is because your daddy and uncle let you help at the titty bars. He uses and abuses girls, tells them they are worthless and doing nothing with their lives. Hmmmmm but you arent either George, keep being proud of bringing home strippers and only getting ass second hand because your the nephew. YOU definitely aren’t the GREEK god you like to portray yourself as. Have a fun lonely life.

I’d imagine he tells them he owns/runs a strip club, no slut will pass on a job offer.- nik

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She Is Genuinely A Bad Person

April 17, 2013 Corpus Christi, Dallas 217

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl, has a theft record, DUI’s, is always drinking and driving and works for a personal injury law firm. She finds a job, then sues them for sexual harassment and gets money.  She is a flat out tease. She manipulates men into giving her what she wants and then leaves them hanging. She did this to me. She used me for money and lead me on. Shes a con artist and very dirty. She takes advantage of people. Not to forget she smells like an ash tray lol…  She also is a coke addict and has claimed duded of raping her and its all BS.  She gets all messed up and screws guys, she then tells them if they don’t dish out cash she will accuse them of rape.

I like her tummy.- nik

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Jamie Rakestraw Went from Married to Austin Allen

April 3, 2013 Corpus Christi 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik the girl went from being married to a loser that sucks her toes for a free ride in her beat down hooptie truck!
and by her irrational behavior of popping molly’s, smoking on that weed n M*th, and drinking that gallon of wine a day! shes back to herself! Glad you found yourself again Jamie

I hope that toe went in pre-rave.- nik

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