Corpus Christi | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Katie Dickson Is Trash

December 3, 2012 Corpus Christi, Dirty Army Strong 95

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, big time druggy and slut who has DRD.  She gave it to a guy purposely when it flared up and didnt warn him. she starts drama and has many fake friends. has went back to her bf back and forth after he beat her and her father up. wines about how life sucks and no one likes her. yet still talks behind peoples back f*cks their boyfriends and their friends. Has a bf every other month literally. just recently broke up with her fiance he was addicted to meth and was 18 shes 21. she used to do lots of heroin.uses people.anyways she does anything for attention. big attention whore. this bitch tried killing herself after her 21st bday cause noone came. she honestly needs help. and an ass beating maybe both. i know everyone in corpus has dirt on this ho.she does have nice tits though ha i seen them.

She reminds me of the girl from Boy Meets World.- nik

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Total Sleeze Bag

November 14, 2012 Corpus Christi 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this total sh*t bag is Anthony Lopez aka punky or at least that\’s what he calls every girl he talks to. For obvious reasons like he doesn’t want to have to remember their names. This piece of sh*t has tried f*cking around with every girl under the age of 23 in corpus. He is one of the biggest man whores Ive ever met, he tries to get every girl he talks to on Facebook to come over to his place, get drunk and suck his tiny cock, oh plus he has a tacky ass ghetto tattoo of his last name on his stomach!! He\’s a dirty hoe bag and every girl in town should know!

Motorcycle and a Monster Energy in hand = Douchebag.- nik

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Ex Navy Man Slore

October 24, 2012 Charlotte, Corpus Christi, Marine Corps 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Steven Buchanan. From Marion, North Carolina but lives in Corpus Christi Texas now..He works out on the base. He is looking for a trophy wife but the thing is , he is a man wore. Ladies beware. He comes off sweet but he is a asshole. And dont be fooled by the big arms, the penis is really not that big at all. Lol. He is not all that. Who knows how many girls he has messesd around with and has has sex with. Give his newest relationship four to six months before he gets bored and goes out looking for something new lmao. Just wanted to give all the ladies a warning that may come across to just walk away. He is not who hr seems to be.

We can still tell you’re taking a picture of yourself.  Nice try though.- nik

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Damn She Rachet

October 16, 2012 Corpus Christi, San Antonio 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Pauline ‘Laynee’ Escalante.. maybe next time you should only send these kind of pics to your HUSBAND.. you remember him.. the one you lay next to everynight while texting someone elses man! Efrian Escalante.. Sorry to tell you this bro.. but your nasty, two timing, fake ass wife is F*CKING someone else! Got the scoop if ya want it! hit me up!

Read all the way to 62 eh.- nik

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Corpus Christi Hot Mess Chris Riley

July 17, 2012 Corpus Christi, The Dirty 26

.Corpus ChristiHot mess!

.Corpus ChristiHot mess!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I think its about time this overweight gay he/she heifer be brought to the light. Meet Chris Riley or as He/she calls itself Nicole Scharlett. A cross dresser turned self claimed transsexual WITH over INJECTED Fix a flat lips. I worked with this hot mess for a month and let me tell you he is not the ticket. This things breath Smelling of onions and old ass was so horrible! She walks in thinking shes the most grand beauty of all time and swears he/she is the most passable TS in Corpus Christi. Wearing hand me down clothing and cheap wig store jewelery calling himself a barbie! More like Ken in a wig. He/she needs to be exposed as being one of the dirtiest, ugliest smelliest cross dresser/drag queen of the year. He always talks about others as if he/she is on top and is grand you would think prancing around doing drag shows you would have your B.O. under control! Take a freakin shower Chris Nicole! Here are the pics to prove how much of an overweight heffer he/she is! Get it together!

Why is it so brown down there?- nik

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Screws Them Gets Them Pregnant And Then Leaves Them

June 26, 2012 Corpus Christi 0

Screws Them. Gets Them Pregnant && Then Leaves Them.

Screws Them. Gets Them Pregnant && Then Leaves Them.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this would be Troy Anthony Del La Garza. A guy that tells girls he will love them forever and sex is the key to becoming closer. He lies about everything even of the smallest things. He cant keep a relationship to save his life. He’s completely PSYCHO! He has a girl sweet talks her into believing they’ll be together no matter what, then gets them pregnant say’s he’ll be there till the end, and then once the relationship doesn’t go as he see’s it fit he leaves them. He makes babies and runs off like a fu**ing cowered! GIRLS BEWARE. THERE LIES FROM DAY ONE! DO NOT SLEEP WITH THIS GUY!! YOU WONT LIKE THE OUT COME. HAS 5 KIDS IN COUNTING.

Hows a guy like this sleep with so many chicks? I would never of pegged him as a father of 5, he must highilght his horn.- nik

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Two Faced Ashley

May 29, 2012 Corpus Christi, Texas-AM 46

S.T.D Ashley

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well I have an interesting one for you. Miss Ashley Holmes. She walks around thinking she is all that and thinks she can get any man (or women) she prefers. Don’t be friends with this girl because she will end up taking your man (or woman) and then try to deny it. She sleeps around for money and her reason is because she is a “College student” and doesn’t want to work for her money like a grown woman should. She is so retarded just like her older brother. A few of my homeboys that know her said that she has DRD and they saw open s*res in that “area” and they immediately left her apartment when she used to live on campus at tamucc. She should be put away for passing around DRD like that. She is very two faced and always tries to get attention any way she knows how, thinkin shes all that with that beat up nissan altima she be driving. Someone needed to put this trick on blast and its me.

They didn’t leave.  I decided.- nik

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The Trash That Should Have Stayed in Alice Texas

April 24, 2012 Corpus Christi 0

Marcos Gonzalez:  The Trash That Should Have Stayed in Alice, Texas

Marcos Gonzalez:  The Trash That Should Have Stayed in Alice, Texas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Marcos Gonzalez is originally from a little town just South of Corpus Christi. He works for Jim Wells County, as a secretary, or something like that; it’s nothing to brag over, but he BRAGS ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME. He is a conniving, ignorant b*tch, who thinks he’s better than every single person he comes into contact with: Oh, and did I mention he’s gay as f*ck? But don’t ask me, just go and check out his GRINDR, and A4A account. It’s really sad that his ass is probably Krusted over from all the DRD he’s got. Trust me, all the gays in Corpus Christi need to know about that this b*tch isn’t a nice person, he’s fake: he’ll sleep with your boyfriend, just because he likes drama. You know, for being 26 (which he always lies about), he still acts like he’s in High School. Ironic, because he always claims he’s “extremely mature” and “extremely profession.” Honestly, I just feel sorry for the guy, because he’s fat, and the only way he can get laid is if he steals someone else’s boyfriend. Oh well, once a cheap piece of sh*t from Alice, always a cheap piece of shit from Alice. By the way, I attached a couple of pictures of him when he went on vacation to Florida (because that’s all he talks about), but I must say: the one with his mouth open, well, I’m sure many guys make that same expression when they actually meet him in person; I mean, let’s face it: this guy is UGLY AS F*CK!

I have never heard of Jim Wells County.- nik

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