Homewrecker And An Old Pervert

April 9, 2012 Corpus Christi 2

Home Wrecker and Old Pervert

Home Wrecker and Old Pervert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s a good one for you. Back in mid January of this year, My cousins husband of 22 years, whom is over 40 years old ran off with a 17 yr old girl who was my cousins sons girlfriend of whom she set up with a false accusation of gratification of lust and he is now serving prison time over it… and come to find out they have been sleeping together before they even left… the only info we have on them is they are in Edinburg, Texas with her mother of all people. He also has a child out of wedlock who is 2 yrs old and is wanted for non payment of child support. The pics that she has posted on facebook show her wearing my cousins clothes and he has even made her dye her black to make her look like my cousin! He is a sexual pervert, child molesting, predator and deserves to have his own co*k shoved up his *ss. If you know of any other site to get the word out about this girl and him please feel free to do so and if anyone knows any info on his whereabouts please post on this site because he also has warrants for several different crimes not to mention child support and violation of probation and would like to resolve that.

Why wouldn’t he date a a man instead of dressing this thing up as one.- nik

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Who Would Pin This Up

March 19, 2012 Corpus Christi, Dirty Army Strong 17

Who would pin this up?

Who would pin this up?

Who would pin this up?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, okay when you think “Pinup girl” you think of a cute doll faced tattoo freak but with nice appeal. Once again this is a sad example of corpus crustycation, these are the 361 pinup girls, ever heard of them? I highly doubt it except for their dedicated so called “models”(lmao) These girls think they are the S**t and that is exactly what they are, Look at them?? Pinup girls? I think not, It states on their page “anybody” can be a pinup model. Umm wtf if modeling didn’t have standard’s that girl from precious would be on the cover of Glamour mag, So tell me nick what do you make of this Busted bunch?

These type of girls are appealing to those who are on a couple year dry spell.- nik

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Issa No Bueno

March 16, 2012 Corpus Christi 5

Issa no good bueno

Issa no good bueno

Issa no good bueno

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl right here is named Issa Buneo. She’s the biggest f*ckin sloot in Corpus. She walks around like she’s the baddest b*tch alive when shes the dirtiest b*tch alive. She walks around sayin she’s a h*e and what and carries a paper around of how many guys shes slept and shes’ proud of her number “60. She always goes out and leave her kids at home with her parents which she feeds off of. She has her kids all dirty and doesn’t give 2 fu*ks about them shes more concerned about her d*ck than her baybay kids. She’s constantly switchin up boyfriends every week, theres’ photos out there of her getting fucked that everyone and there mommas have seen! Nik PLEASE put this slut on blast she walks around sayin her business b*tch minus well get blasted on here.

That title is so fitting.- nik

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Downlow Felon

February 24, 2012 Corpus Christi 27




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok here’s the dirt. There is this FORGY, here in Corpus, he thinks NO ONE KNOWS his name is ERIC BIELKE. lol Well Here are a few pics, one is of his “girlfriend” and there are a couple of other ones. He is what we in Corpus call a TRANNY CHASER. Hhe LOVES those fat trannys. After doing some searching I found the pics of one of the tranny’s he is sticking his greg in and man that is one GROSS WHALE. They call that drag dude he messed with is called “Claudette Mendez”. Nik I am just putting this out there cus I feel bad for his girlfriend. ALSO,who wants this loser check out his criminal background a YEAR in PRISON for TAMPERING with federal documents and possession of drugs. PLEASE NIK, PUT THIS LOSER, TRANNY CHASING CHEATING FELON FORGY, ON BLAST, DO IT FOR US GIRLS!

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Kelsea Oliver The Hypocrite

February 20, 2012 Corpus Christi 29

Kelsea Oliver the hypocrite

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kelsea Oliver, at first glance seems like a real bad*ss chick. She’s very intelligent, beautiful, and for the most part responsible. Of course, that’s coming from her best friend that she threw to the side like it was nothing. I on the other hand, have watched this girl treat my good friend like sh*t for years. She’s her best friend one day and as soon as she was away for a second Kelsea would be talking sh*t behind her back. It was years before she ever got the nerve to start saying her sh*t to peoples’ faces, and even now she barely has the balls to do so. Kelsea Oliver is a hypocrite – she demands respect and consideration from everyone and their mother, yet gives almost none to anyone, mostly her friends. she’s more courteous to a bum than she is to her own friends. When she advises her friends, it’s not oh hey girl I’ve been through this, take it from me, it’s “oh wow you’re still doing that, i went through that ‘phase’ years ago. cutting you out of my life now.” and she will do that to her closest friends. She walks around thinking she’s the most thug white b*tch in corpus, really does wish she was black, makes a conscious effort to make black friends, and always has a fake smile and spiel to put in your face and ears at a bar, or any situation really. She is the epitome of a mean girl, and you can never trust her with secrets. She is also ashamed of recently having an abortion. How about we get some of these babies and throw the cookies at her or leave them on her doorstep/car?  Now as far as her mothering skills go now, she’s basically raising her child to be a little hipster, chasing after every trendy parenting technique there is, and instead of just spending her time with her baby after she’s done with her homework, maybe allowing herself a night a week to party, she pawns her kid off on her family for days and days and days at a time, then throws a fit like they’re in the wrong when they get frustrated watching him all the time so she can go party. Other than that, fantastic mother.

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Swole Steph

February 14, 2012 Corpus Christi 24

Man, Woman? We don't know: Swole Steph

Man, Woman? We don't know: Swole Steph

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this mysterious creature is Stephanie Ruiz. You know when she has arrived somewhere because the ground will start to shake. Most people know her by “Swole Steph” because no matter how pretty she tries to make herself seem, she has the body shape of an ice cream cone; very wide on top, very narrow on bottom. She’ll take any guy thats willing. She will fuck any guy and let them do anything to her just cause d*ck is so rare to her. But don’t expect any of the guys to admit to it. It may seem like an easy f*ck but as soon as you get close to her you’ll see all her acne scars and “flea bites” on her body. She looks like a quarterback with her broad shoulders. You all reading this may think this is hating on her, but she walks around like her sh*t don’t stink. She has a very snobby attitude and is the typical Facebook wh*re. She has plenty of “acquaintances” but not many friends. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I WISH SHE WOULD JUST GET IT THROUGH HER HEAD THAT SHE WILL NEVER BE AS PRETTY AS SHE THINKS SHE IS. So, from the looks of it what do you think. Man or Woman?

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Unfit Mother Who Loves To Party

February 9, 2012 Corpus Christi 4

Unfit Mother/Party Mom!!!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this right here is Jennifer Parr she is the worst mother in the world. All her facebook post are about going out and partying and getting drunk with her friends. Alll while she has a son at home who she hardly even cares for poor this his dad is the one who takes care of him. On top of that she is still trying to get her sons father back and try to ruin his engagement. Can you say crazy! Somebody needs to put her on blast and tell her to stop worrying about somebody in your past and partying every night and start taking care of your responsiblities!!!! Will you please do the honors Nik!?

She was disappointed that was only a prop.- nik

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Corpus Christi Is Turning Forgy

January 3, 2012 Corpus Christi 21

Corpus Christi is turning FORGY..

Corpus Christi is turning FORGY..

Corpus Christi is turning FORGY..

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok I keep up with this site on a regular basis, and I keep seeing all these guys on here that are FORGY!.. as a female I don’t mind gay guys, but some of them here in Corpus Christi, have Girlfriends,and sleep with men on the side..whats up with that Nik?? This guy here is Adrian Santos, He was dating my good friend until she found messages on his FB from this transvestite from Corpus named Alaanah, she is a HORRID drag queen, and she has been on the site before as well. Please put this douche on blast Nik. He is a loser and FORGY all the way!

Are those all drags with him?- nik

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