Unfit Mother Who Loves To Party

February 9, 2012 Corpus Christi 4 7,185 Views

Unfit Mother/Party Mom!!!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this right here is Jennifer Parr she is the worst mother in the world. All her facebook post are about going out and partying and getting drunk with her friends. Alll while she has a son at home who she hardly even cares for poor this his dad is the one who takes care of him. On top of that she is still trying to get her sons father back and try to ruin his engagement. Can you say crazy! Somebody needs to put her on blast and tell her to stop worrying about somebody in your past and partying every night and start taking care of your responsiblities!!!! Will you please do the honors Nik!?

She was disappointed that was only a prop.- nik

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Corpus Christi Is Turning Forgy

January 3, 2012 Corpus Christi 20 10,340 Views

Corpus Christi is turning FORGY..

Corpus Christi is turning FORGY..

Corpus Christi is turning FORGY..

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok I keep up with this site on a regular basis, and I keep seeing all these guys on here that are FORGY!.. as a female I don’t mind gay guys, but some of them here in Corpus Christi, have Girlfriends,and sleep with men on the side..whats up with that Nik?? This guy here is Adrian Santos, He was dating my good friend until she found messages on his FB from this transvestite from Corpus named Alaanah, she is a HORRID drag queen, and she has been on the site before as well. Please put this douche on blast Nik. He is a loser and FORGY all the way!

Are those all drags with him?- nik

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Corpus Christi Douchebag Needs To Be Put On Blast

December 30, 2011 Corpus Christi 104 9,648 Views

corpus christi douche bag needs to be put on blast

corpus christi douche bag needs to be put on blast

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ugly douche is Jason Bradley. He is a self centered egotistical prick that thinks hes the hottest thing on earth and gods gift to women. He claims to have alot of money and can do whatever he wants. In reality he works on the base and makes ok money and cant get laid. He picks up escorts and takes them out and parades them around and says they dont charge him. We learned about the escorts on the six oclock news when his date that evening was arrested for prostitution down the road from the bar he hangs out at. And for the best part he says hes an ordained minister. I dont think god likes this douche claiming to be a holy man much less picking up hookers.

Why bother with braces in your 40′s.  You coulda slayed more chicks if you put some more money into your leased car, instead of driving around in that forgy mobile.- nik

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Devin The Down Low Forgy

December 29, 2011 Corpus Christi 40 8,982 Views

Devin The Down Low FORGY!

Devin The Down Low FORGY!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there is this guy from Corpus Christi who thinks he is on the downlow but everyone knows he is forgy! I included a few pictures Nik tell me you can’t tell he is Forgy all the way. Ok So check this Nik,  I’m a girl he used to “date” or I thought, anyways, let me find out that he goes around trying to find young little HOODLUMS in High School, he finds them by searching random peoples face books then he adds them on Face Book, and them invites them to hang out and drink and smoke marijuana and i’m sure offers them other stuff too and busts out “Let me suck your d*ck, me and all my GANGSTER friends do it”. HaHa. I don\t know any gangsters that would be down for that,do you know any ‘Gangsters’ like that Nik? I wondered why he was always adding young guys in high school to his friends, When he doesn’t know them? Ha So Nik Please put this creep on blast let him know,if you’re gay it’s cool. But don’t try to trick young girls, so that you have a cover up! Be a grown up and figure out what YOU WANT MEN or WOMEN.

Gangsters don’t creep on facebook, gangsters don’t have the internet…- nik

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The Dancing Forgy

December 20, 2011 Corpus Christi, Texas 25 7,202 Views

The Dancing Fagget

The Dancing Fagget

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well welll Jeremiah Martiniez the most Concitied person I have ever.seen but u better thank those cloths on ur body only thing you have is style ur so fcken ugly and all of your post on Facebook are I want a Gf! no one loves me! Sex sex how about u stop worrying about wanting a fcken girlfriend and wanting to stick ur dick in someone and worry about the loss u had but no that dont stop u either right u sick fuck ur out at clubs all the Time and think ur so fly fcken young girls please and u every girl u get with u got.a whole album of them u physco ugly Fck ! worry about urself to and ur corrupted life before u worry about other people and bashing them ! dead beat father no goood uselesss in this world .

His next tattoo will be a rainbow. I decided.- nik

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Mr. Not So Right

December 19, 2011 Corpus Christi 32 6,993 Views

Mr. NOT so right

Mr. NOT so right

Mr. NOT so right

THE DIRTY ARMY: this here is joshua adam garcia . you’ve probably seen him on facebook with his thousands of “girl” friends since that’s all he does is try to fck each and every one of them. all his status’s consist of sexual references and wanting to have sex. very conceited , takes a million pictures of himself all the time like a girl .don’t let his cute face fool you ! he’s a face book whore. all he does is complain and complain about not having a girlfriend well shit if you were a gentleman and you weren’t trying to  every girl in corpus maybe you wouldn’t have this problem. he tried talking to my friend funny thing was at the same time he’d be messaging our other friend asking her straight up if she “wants to fck” . He talks to like 5 girls at one time and they’re thinking they’re special when he’s playing them ! He cannot be trusted he will tell you whatever he can to make him seem like mr . perfect when in reality he’s a dog and only wants one thing. i know of many girls that he’s been with i wouldn’t be surprised if he has an drd or 2 . oh did i mention also that his dick is crooked lmao . Another thing. he has an adorable baby boy that he’s never with ! very rare that he takes care of him. Then again he doesn’t have the money to since he always asks people for this and that borrowing stuff. and the few times he’s with his son he will drop him off somewhere in a heartbeat just to get a quick nut . horrible person. i feel sorry for the girl or girls he’s talking to now. DON’T BE FOOLED LADIES . and respect yourselves ..

Those poses are a dead give-away…FORGY!- nik

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Watch Out For The Dude With Huge +2s

December 13, 2011 Corpus Christi 17 9,679 Views

Watch out for the dude with huge +2's

Watch out for the dude with huge +2's

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how’s it goin, I know you wouldn’t stand for this craziness,. This is like your duty, so I had submit. I just wanted to put this drag/transvestite/thing, on blast and had to let you take a lot at ‘it’. He/She calls itself “Alannah Gonzales”. She thinks she is the hottest thing in Texas. She calls herself the tranny version of Kim Kardashian lol. And get this Nik, he/she goes to hardcore ghetto straight night clubs here in corpus,wearin huge heels with her big broad shoulders standings over 5’11. She thinks these guys don’t know she has a greg somewhere in there. He/She runs around braggin how she got her +2′s in Mexico for only $1,500, like that’s something to be proud of. PLEASE NIK, I beg you put this DUDE on blast and let the rest of Corpus Christi know about this thing, just in case they can’t tell. Like that poor guy in the picture with he/she.

Noted.  The wigs also a give-away.- nik

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Unstable Girl

December 12, 2011 Corpus Christi 2 6,981 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has a baby daddy who she tries getting back with every other couple months after she got pregnant on purpose after not taking the pill then let him know 3 months into pregnancy. Shes been engaged with him for two weeks then shortly after had another boyfriend. In the span of three months she stated on her FB page that she was ‘in a relationship’ then ‘single’ 4 times!!!! With two different guys. She’s known to be dirty and has a psycho streak. Desperate, unstable?

Shes probably legally insane.- nik 

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