Momma Mandy

April 15, 2014 Cougars, Pittsburgh 20 8,457 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is 32yr old widower Mandy Polk, a couple years back her pizza delivery man husband was DUI in their minivan, crossed the center lane struck another vechile head on, ki***d himself. Leaving her as a single mom to 3 small children. When I first started talking to her, heard this I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, espically her kids. I still couldnt help but wonder what would drive a man with a wife& young kids waiting for him home to do something so reckless. Althrough I wasn’t immediately attracted to her physical appearences her personality, (what I thought was her having all her $hit together made up for that. She seemed so sweet, innocent, she really played the widow card to her advantage. I dated her for a few months even through she had me in age by almost 10years. I’ve had bad luck with picking the crazy chicks, I thought this one was different. She had a job, a house in ‘Shaler’ she said, a car, overall seemed like a good mother. The house she lives in turned out to be a run down duplex in some back alley in Etna, she was far from a good housekeeper, the place was always a wreck. Her car turned out to be a tiny old beater that was always breaking down, she shoved 3 car seats in the back along with her 3 screaming munkins. The low paying job she worked just to receive free daycare get away from her kids, other public aides was even worse. She was always meeting new men, bringing them home around her still grieving children, who were really starting to act out. She was always receiving flowers, going places with her 60 some year old married boss. I started to realize this was so much more than I bargained for, all I wanted was someone I could do good with, not for. Her true colors started to show, she was messing around behind my back with a few different men, her oldest son called me by the wrong name a few times, since he was always meeting new men. Things went down hill from there. She showed me what the definition of a crazy, jealous woman was. To make matters worse with all her other bad qualities now shining bright I started to notice just how unattractive she really was. I didnt notice at first but after awhile she started to smell down there, I think it was because she didnt shower regularly. She started to look more, more like a clown with the tons of makeup she was always piling on. She wanted to keep our relationship a big secret, was always posting selfies on facebook all looking exactly the same, showing only her face, never her body. I guess that’s because she’s a bigger girl espically in the mid section, the weight somehow made it’s way to everywhere except her ass/ boobs she’s espically flat in those area’s. I don’t know how I managed to look past her misshaped long donkey face, big nose, fangs, deformed ears just because I felt bad for her. I’m only posting this to warn the next sucker she gets her claws into she doesn’t know the meaning of monogamy, will string you along with more baggage than you’ve ever dreamed of wanting/ needing. She had other bad habits I wont mention here be warned men of all ages.

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Jill the ‘Queen’

April 15, 2014 Cougars, Toronto 1 7,756 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet jill this whore used to be my friend before she screwed me over . So lets begin back in summer of 2010 I moved in with jill and her x boyfriend Gary things went well untill I spent most of my money on taking her son to the carnival I wanted him to go and guess what nik mommy bitch here wanted to get drunk and leave her son behind nice mom huh anyways I called her out on her so called nurturing and she got mad and kicked me out . Anyways time went by and she turned herself into cas finally after all she was the most horrible mother I’ve ever met in my life she would leave her son in his room while she got wasted and smoked crck and do pills in her living room and so on more info nik she now hooks herself to the purple crayon !! So miss piggy here thinks she’s sooo much better then me well not even close my man comes from a wealthy family and good upbringing my man doesn’t cheat and my man cares and loves me Shes jealous and butt hurt over the fact all her ugly dirt bag boyfriends used her and abused her Haha jill your Nothing but a bottom feeding slore and your what 34 ? And act like a high school girl grow the Fck up and stop smoking purple Greg and taking it up the tail pipe for crack bitch. Case closed

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Heather Freitas

April 14, 2014 Cougars, San Diego 6 5,518 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to the lovely Heather, known online as Phoque2 or phoquetoo. Don’t let the cute innocent look fool you, this girl is a down right slore. Shes a military brat who is so damn high on her own pedestal that it willl make you want to put a gag in her mouth… No actually she’d like that. She thinks she is gods gift to men, and she wants everyone to know just how amazing she is and how in love everyone is with her. Shes a regular freak, still obsessed with her babys daddy. So upset hes with a young pretty thing. Lmbo! Shes a troll and likes to make stories up about people just to put them down when things don’t go her way knowing she is the one who cheats and lies.. Works at DHS flooring using those knees just fine. Time to get this crazy bitch to stop the drama and move the fck on.

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Druggie Mom

April 14, 2014 Cougars, Toronto 3 7,888 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet jill my x girlfriend i dated a while back this bitch is Beyond dead beat mother material . Here goes jill here has a kid she purposly gave away to cas just so she could party and sell her stank v for pills she only cared about her self Shes a 36 year old woman Who acts like Shes 19 need i say more .. Her story is,fukin ridículous ive have much more too tell everybody when i come out with this cunts part two .and one Last thing i beat the shit out of her a few Times because she cheated on me Shes evil she used this awesome good girl and when she had spent all her money on jill and food jill kicked her out she drank and Did drugs at home while her son was in His bedroom so with that i bid you farewell enjoy nik

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Likes To Play Married Men

April 10, 2014 Cougars, Winnipeg 84 10,251 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this women has destroyed this married mans familyI met him over a year ago and he was playing me on pof and I figured it out and told his wife and I have been watchin him for awhile I know creepy yes but my husband cheated with a whore so I felt the need to tell his wife about what he was doing so I tracked him and I found out this women not only decided to go with him she destroyed his wife and kids in the process and continued to hurt his wife even after she found out he was married!! The guy went back to his family and decided to fix his life and this women just kept interfering in things and spreading her slutty legs I’ve been watching her now to see what she is up to she goes drinking and gets loaded and will screw anything with a dick she is with home care and looks after people how funny is that she is supposed to be a caregiver yet has no morals or values !! I did some searching on her and looks like she is one messed up women!! She is completely void of conscience and I also know she’s a mother!!! Ha ha ha yeah great role model there yes my child it’s so ok to walk Into someones life and ruin there kids and there whole world !! Way to participate in that I have to say I too was obsessed with this guy because he wife spoke to me then I watched his wife for the last year I have been a little obsessed with there lives and maybe play a role in there lives but this whore ripped them up because she could careless about anyone but her sick sick sex so I also know of her from a mutual person that she fcked in the past she has zero remorse for what she has done and she would do it again!! Beware the sick nightingale who will be happy to destroy your life!! That’s why she can’t get a man of her own gotta take someone else’s what a women oops sorry not a women a WHORE!!!

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Dream Angel Deb is back

April 9, 2014 Chicago, Cougars 4 6,066 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wow Nik, since the last submission she is back at it again. Now she’s posting pics of her fake boobs on Instagram. Her poor husband!

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Disgusting cougar Rosa Smith

March 28, 2014 Cougars, Vancouver 99 10,631 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is someone who needs to be put on blast! She ‘s old and dried up.Vancouver is tired of her and her old cougar friends ! Stay home! Rosa is promiscuous in the real meaning of the word She is so in love with herself it’s pitiful lLots of nude pics around

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Pittsburgh Stripper Salina Prince

March 21, 2014 Cougars, Pittsburgh 5 8,302 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey everyone watch out for this cross dressing FEMALE stripper. She is a lying cheating deadbeat mother of 2. While her kids sleep, she is on the prowl looking for another man to have her way while he pays her for sex. I’ve seen her in South Park, PA! Well I would say shes a terrible mother to her whore daughter Alexis Prince. She’s no better! She’s the skank of all skanks. She likes to make fun of peoples daughters when hers is going to be preggo by the time shes 15. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WALKING drd!

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