Flake the Fake

May 14, 2014 Cougars, Winnipeg 36 11,060 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I heard that this site has helped people change their lives so I’m posting Norah to let her know that she’s been busted for lying about her loyalty to her family and hopefully makes a change. She has NO LOYALTY yet talks like she is all about “family”. She’s slept with her own family members husbands and boyfriends…she claims family is everything to her yet she stabs them in the back. Her own kids have suffered from her lies. Shes not even loyal to her own damn kids!! She is EXTREMELY RACIST to aboriginal people and anyone of colour. Just see her FB posts. She is nothing but a washed up old lady with lots to say over a keyboard Warning to her “friends and family” she’s NOT loyal. She has no idea of the real meaning of the word. She is nothing but a liar who’s an embarrassment to her own family name. I would truly be ashamed to be related to you and have you tarnishing my last name. I’m glad I’m only married in.. But as for her “family”… Watch your back around this one. She will lie looking you rite in the eye and stab you as soon as you turn your back. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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St Tammany’s Cougar Tammy Mcintyre

May 14, 2014 Cougars, New Orleans 6 7,100 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nik here we have the biggest cougar known to man– and boys. This is Tammy mcintyre. She has an eighteen year old daughter and has sex with the kids boyfriends, not only that, but I hear she like to fight people her kids age and she also sets great examples for her by bouncing between men pretty much the kids whole life. Because of this, the girl turned into a slut herself. She slept with three brothers of kin and likes to steal people’s boyfriends.. But don’t worry the little slut jr and her mom both have a boyfriend whom they keep on a very sneaky leash. These two whores should be nominated for mother and daughter of the year. They will fck you for money, drugs, alcohol, and a place to crash because they’re broke and mooch off everyone

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Portland’s Most Wanted Robyn King

May 1, 2014 Cougars, Portland, The Dirty 206 107,634 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Robyn King AKA Elegance, lets start by saying she has a body like a football player and wouldn’t be surprised if she used to have a greg.. she hates on other girls because she is a bottom of the bucket hoe.. its so bad she runs specials for an hour 120.. she has a son she does not take care of.. instead she gives all her money to pimps and says it makes her feel good… she only finished 8th grade, can’t spell and talks like she’s black… She threatened to kill a 2 year old because she was sleeping with the two year olds dad who was married to her mom.

I wonder if she is a Clipper fan?- nik

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Fake Bikini Model

April 30, 2014 Cougars, San Jose 7 6,956 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is Nikki Ortiz. She is a mother of two from two different dad’s. At a glance she looks like a catch but really her job is taking money from baby daddy’s and frontin like her fake Chinese bikinis are making her the money. She buys $5 bikinis from china and sells them for $40 and still can’t make money. She currently has a restraining order on her baby daddy when lets her live in the house with both kids, gave her an Acura, pays the bills and food. She thinks shes some celebrity because she has some overly big cannons and some basic guidette tattoos. She’s a thief, ratchet and social media slore. She brags about having 11,000 followers on ig BUT what chick with fakies couldn’t!? Stay away fellas….her business plan is to take your money!

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Obsessive Cyber Sloot

April 22, 2014 Cincinnati, Cougars 17 8,592 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch is a bully and impulsive liar Lora’s about everything and just because this girl Alecia you see posted on here wouldn’t do her dirty work for her or be her little punching bag she is mad and posting nasty shit on here and stole her photos this girl is nasty.. She is crazy the girl Alecia in the picture with red hair is trying to love her life and told Meghan she wanted nothin to do with her anymore but she has continuously calling this poor girl and it’s like Alecia is her new obsession.. Somebody needs to stop her tell her what they really think she should do???

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Azai Evans

April 21, 2014 Cougars, Kelowna, Langley 3 6,177 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is azia evans has a young son named talon ….. she was dating a guy from van and got her knocked up now she hides her kid from him and she also is a pill popper it’s so gross illegal and legal prescriptions she abuses her bf cheats on her all the time big retard with half assed tattoo work and a small Greg. Some one should call child services on her

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Raquel Mendoza

April 18, 2014 Cougars, Washington DC 1 7,462 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fat slut thinks that she is the hottest Milf in the DMV. She used to look really good but then she got fat and started f%#king black guys to make herself feel better. She has 3 kids, 2 of them are twins about 12 years old and a 20 year old that already has a kid herself. What do you think about her?

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Momma Mandy

April 15, 2014 Cougars, Pittsburgh 75 9,214 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is 32yr old widower Mandy Polk, a couple years back her pizza delivery man husband was DUI in their minivan, crossed the center lane struck another vechile head on, ki***d himself. Leaving her as a single mom to 3 small children. When I first started talking to her, heard this I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, espically her kids. I still couldnt help but wonder what would drive a man with a wife& young kids waiting for him home to do something so reckless. Althrough I wasn’t immediately attracted to her physical appearences her personality, (what I thought was her having all her $hit together made up for that. She seemed so sweet, innocent, she really played the widow card to her advantage. I dated her for a few months even through she had me in age by almost 10years. I’ve had bad luck with picking the crazy chicks, I thought this one was different. She had a job, a house in ‘Shaler’ she said, a car, overall seemed like a good mother. The house she lives in turned out to be a run down duplex in some back alley in Etna, she was far from a good housekeeper, the place was always a wreck. Her car turned out to be a tiny old beater that was always breaking down, she shoved 3 car seats in the back along with her 3 screaming munkins. The low paying job she worked just to receive free daycare get away from her kids, other public aides was even worse. She was always meeting new men, bringing them home around her still grieving children, who were really starting to act out. She was always receiving flowers, going places with her 60 some year old married boss. I started to realize this was so much more than I bargained for, all I wanted was someone I could do good with, not for. Her true colors started to show, she was messing around behind my back with a few different men, her oldest son called me by the wrong name a few times, since he was always meeting new men. Things went down hill from there. She showed me what the definition of a crazy, jealous woman was. To make matters worse with all her other bad qualities now shining bright I started to notice just how unattractive she really was. I didnt notice at first but after awhile she started to smell down there, I think it was because she didnt shower regularly. She started to look more, more like a clown with the tons of makeup she was always piling on. She wanted to keep our relationship a big secret, was always posting selfies on facebook all looking exactly the same, showing only her face, never her body. I guess that’s because she’s a bigger girl espically in the mid section, the weight somehow made it’s way to everywhere except her ass/ boobs she’s espically flat in those area’s. I don’t know how I managed to look past her misshaped long donkey face, big nose, fangs, deformed ears just because I felt bad for her. I’m only posting this to warn the next sucker she gets her claws into she doesn’t know the meaning of monogamy, will string you along with more baggage than you’ve ever dreamed of wanting/ needing. She had other bad habits I wont mention here be warned men of all ages.

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