Tynishia Whittley

April 18, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 0 5,291 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikt his here is stanky ass Tynishia Whittley from Ft. Worth/Crowley. This girl here had her 1st child when she was 13 and 12 years later she got 5 more kids that her momma is raising. She is living off welfare, hookin up with wanna be gang bangers, and doesn’t do shit for her kids. She nasty and her so called man is sleeping with other hood rats. Beware of this bish.

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Fake Country/rockstar Alex Rogers

April 18, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 1 5,995 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alex Rogers, an East Texas guy with a west coast state of mind. Loves to run around Dallas and Denton telling anyone who will listen about his song writing and sold out shows. He tells friends and especially strangers how he co-wrote crazy girl, with the Eli Young Band. When in reality he is an 8 year college student approaching 30 with tons of debt and a hydrocodine and xanax addiction. We went to high school together and 2 years ago we became roommates. After 18 months of living with this guy, I am 6000 dollars in debt, and have had my identity stolen. He always has a story, and an excuse as well as a time line in which he will “repay you once his quarterly check arrives” ( eli young band). He has a girlfriend named Courtney which he cheats on and has cheated on numerous times in my presence. Also, for a brief time he played guitar for The Mark Mckinney Band which does actually give him some music credibility. Then he played guitar for a local Ft. Worth band called, The Heather Roberts band. He convinced The lead singer (heather) that he’d fallen in love with her, and almost broke up a 10 year marriage that involved 2 children. The affair lasted well over 4 months, mind you the entire time Alex and Courtney were together. I only wish I had better pics. Be wary of this con, he will drain you of anything you have and he is a smooth operator. He is currently living in Denton near Kroger and drives a white jeep grand Cherokee. It will be easy to spot him, he dresses in crusty girls jeans, with usually no shirt or an unbuttoned shirt, converse or boots, pooka shell necklaces, and aviators. Sometimes he rides a bike around town shirtless trying to pick up desperate sorority chicks.

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Any Info on this Guy

April 17, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Craigslist 5 7,667 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Anyone know who this guy is who claims to be moving to Dallas and looking for a girl to help with errands while wearing pantyhose and doing sexual services . Offering what he claims of 10 k a month . Seems bogus .

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Natalie Has Become An Embarrassment

April 17, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 68 96,446 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, sad to say but I was friends with this girl once.  She now prances around campus like shes hot sh*t when shes just frowned upon by all of her sisters. No one wants to hang around you anymore, its not a good look when he is old enough to be your Dad. You can post pictures on FB and IG to act like youre so happy, flaunting your ghetto Ace of Spades bottles your Sugar Daddy (ooops I mean BOYFRIEND) buys you to make it look like youre happy. Hell, I would have to get drunk to go home and sleep with this old fart too. From what I have seen after googling his name he has been on here before accused of beating up an ex. Real classy Natalie! Everyone sees why you are with him and its a embaressment. Oh and quit flaunting around like youre “too cool” now. Everyone knows youre just a small town hick girl who got a taste of the big city now you are at SMU. Oh, and youre gaining weight from all the Ace and fine dining! You might want to have your Sugar Daddy pay for a trainer! P.S. Does it even bother you how much bigger you are than him? We have all seen you can get much better! Wisen up girlfriend! Not a cute look!!!

They even have the same size chest.- nik

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Cameron the Rapist

April 16, 2014 Dallas 2 6,340 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Cameron Brackett, he lives in Cedar Hill Texas and thinks he is a rapper. He frequents alliance skate park. He has been in and out of jail multiple times for beating girls and drug charges. I want this asshole to be exposed for what he did to me! He drugged and raped one night while I was at a friends house. The next morning when I woke up he had me tied to his bed frame with my mouth duck taped. I started screaming and fighting and he finally let me go. I heard him saying on the phone to someone that his mom was coming home. He told me that if I told anyone he would rape my sister. I called the cops and reported it because this little midget doesn’t scare me. The only reason I wasn’t able to defend myself was because I was drugged! I want to know if there are other girls he has done this to! I want to put Cameron Brackett behind bars for life!!

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Bottom Feeders Fooled

April 15, 2014 Dallas 35 7,427 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Bryan Burger. He’s usually followed around town by white trash bottom feeders that sadly believe he is a notorious drug dealing womanizer. He has no standards when it comes to women. The only respectable female he has had a relationship with was his ex-wife that left him once she found out what a low life he really is. She nearly gave her life to have his child and he repays her by continuously disrespecting her. He tries to compensate for his unattractive looks by posting stacks of hundred dollar bills on social media and serenading bottom feeders with stories of his served jail time from being a notorious drug dealer when in reality he only served time for a DWI which is clearly stated on his past criminal background (we all know how you get cases dismissed). Stop chewing on logs beaver and use that money you brag about and fix your beaver teeth. You might have bottom feeders eating out of the palm of your hand, doing your dirty work for you but any respectable person knows that you’re nothing more than an uneducated trash box.

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Drink Eat Play’s Dirtbag Dan Silberstein

April 14, 2014 Austin, Dallas 11 9,155 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Millionaire promoter and founder of Drink Eat Play, Dan Silberstein is a true dirt bag. He used his money and personality to win the heart of a leading “B” movie actress and scream queen. She has asked to remain nameless. anyway he did and said anything and everything he could to win her heart and get into her bed. Including convincing her that he wanted a family, which she desperately wants. so she proceeds to let him into her life, then her bed. From the first time they begin to have unprotected sex as they are both in love and if a child is produced then so much the better as that’s what they want right..happily ever after and all that goes with it. Then she ends up pregnant!! And our hero here completely flips and the madman in him comes out. He proceeds to tell her he’s not ready for kids and that if she doesn’t have an abortion immediately that he will sell everything he owns and kill himself as to make sure that his child will grow up with no money and no father. The actress is confused and lost and in a lot of pain and has asked me to try and get the word out about this dirtbag. She doesn’t want to be named but wants to make sure this ass cant do this to other women.

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NCAA Final 4 Party Scam

April 12, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 9 93,014 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I got invited to this party and it was the worst thing ever.  NO HOTGIRLS, NO CELEBRITIES.  The open bar attracts freeloaders and posers like flies. Old coke whores giving people dirty looks and fighting over who will sit next to a retired broke athlete. Old white men standing around looking like rapists. Old black men who think they’re pimps and dress like SHAFT. Assholes sitting in reserved tables and booths wearing flip flops with no bottles. It is by far 1 of the worst events EVER thrown.  This is going to happen next year in Indianapolis and I just wanted to warn people.

What did you expect from a company name “The Pump Group”.- nik

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