Kinsey Cummings

April 11, 2014 Dallas 2 7,516 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is such a looser. He was a crack head for over 10 years and has mugshots all over the internet for it. Hes disgusting. He lives with his ugly ex wife who has 3 baby dads and 4 kids. This looser kinsey cummings doesnt even see one. He started going after my friend hard acting like he was single. I found out he was talking to others and Iiving w his ex wife that he cheats on her ALL the time for years now. She always finds out by stalking his phone. She evens gives this 34 year old an allowance out of his own paycheck. He works in construction as a framer so no baller status there. Hes a faker and a looser with major DRD problems. All truth. Sleeps around all over Tyler tx. Thinks hes hot shit but hes just pathetic. Kinsey cummings is a whore

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Prime Bar Sucks

April 10, 2014 Dallas 5 5,977 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Do not waste your hard earned money at prime bar dallas. Even located between Kung fu and concrete cowboy, this place still stays empty. Probably bc of the useless rude bartenders who can’t even get off their lazy asses to take orders or the fact that their food is comparable to horse shit. The bathrooms are disgusting and the floor is so dirty, it makes your shoes stick to the point where they might pull off your feet. It’s disgusting & uptown deserves better.

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Nancy Sisombbath Continues

April 10, 2014 Dallas 1 9,739 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: The chic NANCY SISOMBATH continues to try to claim she is going to get better high end properties, clothes and get a high-end car better than the next bitch. Everywhere she goes she talks about how awesome her life is and then says how things for her will get even better. Her boyfriend who she brags about does not deserve her and needs to know besides getting dick pictures, she fucked a dude in living in Dallas for a while. Cheating on her now fiancé. He took her back knowing all she has done to him! This bitch goes to a community college and claims she almost done (as in a university bachelors). Pathetic she continues to lie and bullshit about anything, anyone. She thinks she so pretty but no matter what she puts on makeup. She just got her eyebrows tatted. She’s so fake’. Now working out because she got fat and it does not look like its working she still has a gut and her horse face is shining bright with her buck tooth sticking out. Nik tell this girl to stop talking bullshit and hoeing her ass around!

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Uprising Porn Star; Jennifer Grabs

April 8, 2014 Dallas 64 8,511 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: THIS GIRL IS THAT GIRL FOR SURE…You know until u have been behind the scenes of Jennifer Grabs she wants to grab ur wallet run men run. NOt to mention she is on all these sites like Whatsyourprice.**m and alot of other escort dating sites. THis how she makes her money fellas…so go find her profile and hit her up. SHe is all about that cash see what money will do to a stripper…cant make a housewife out of this one. Not to mention that clip in hair that makes her look like gumby so the next porn that she ll be shooting will be gumby stretching the wrong way and maybe have a new hole involved. Dont let this miss goody goody pretend to play so innocent she isn’t as innocent as proclaimed to be. THis girl needs alot of help mentally and physically SHE IS DEF THAT GIRL>…her IQ isnt so high and geeees the list goes on….say a lil prayer for her please

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Another YouTube Slut

April 7, 2014 Dallas 7 6,335 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik we all know how much you love pothead chicks. Well check this one out. She has I’ve 80,000+ subscribers on YouTube and thinks her shit don’t stink. She can’t graduate highschool and she’s out there making videos of her getting high. She’s a dumbass who also does webcam videos. That’s right guys! For a few tokens she’ll show you all the goods. Some people may think she’s pretty but they are probably just dumbed down from all the weed. She has the weirdest face I’ve ever seen and a smokers voice to match. Must have hid this pretty well. Seeing as you live with your boyfriend and his mom. Wow her mother must be proud hahah

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Sea World’s Torture Needs To Stop

April 7, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 163 101,835 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I just finished watching Blackfish on netflix. The documentary is about killer whale abuse in Sea World. I am disgusted and beyond horrified on how they treat the whales. I am guilty of going to Sea World once, but after hearing the interviews of ex trainers I will never go back or have any of my kids go. Everyone please spread the word! Sea world can not have these animals in captivity! It’s inhumane!! They lie to the public informing us how whales live to 25-30 years in the wild and how at Sea World because of vet care they live a couple of years longer… When really they have the same life span as a human. How they separate mother orcas from the baby orcas and how they cry for days! How would humans feel if they were seperated from there own children! This is disgusting!! Please everyone stop spending money at this whale concentration camp!

I’m waiting for Sea World to start selling Tilikum Tacos at the concession stands.- nik

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At Her Age, Jamie Bills She Needs To Save Her Energy

April 3, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 142 98,753 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, beware folks this old scene queen is as talkative as she is ugly. She will be your friend and then start talking major sh*t behind your back with anybody who will listen. Then run to you with some story about how she was just there and didn’t participate in the conversation. Oh please! That’s why you always see her out with random people and mostly lame dudes. All her steroid using boyfriends dump her as soon as they’ve had enough of her ever running mouth and bad breath. Lastly, she is a 50 year old dancer in ft worth. Oh yes, it’s true! What’s funny is she thinks no one knows about it because it’s not in Dallas. Jamie, are you serious?! FTW & Dallas are not that far apart. Try talking less and conserving your energy Jamie because at your age, you need all the energy you can get.

Whose Mom is that?- nik

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Trailer Trash – Tony Provost

April 3, 2014 Dallas 61 9,493 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tony Provost…where should I begin? Let’s start with the drug & alcohol problems…. He can snort adderall, coke, meth, basically ANYTHING he can cut into lines. After that he drinks like a fish and then runs all over uptown dallas bragging about that cheap Corvette like it is Lambo. He cheats on his wife with any nasty skank he can hold down for longer than 3 mins. Rumor Is his wife (can you believe he is married?!) makes all of the money and he spends it on steroids and drugs. His 3 so called “friends” Rex Bush, Lance Crosby, & Patrick T told me all of this bc they can’t stand him either. So Tony before you run your big mouth on Facebook about how much better you think you are, I suggest you google the nearest rehab facility.

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