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Liar, Cheater, Asshole

December 14, 2014 Dallas 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is the biggest asshole in the world…His name is Trey Figaroa. He has been on this site before and he is so sketchy and kept disappearing on me and then I found out he had a wife! AND A BABY! I saw the other post about him…While he was with me he was with her too and now I keep seeing pictures of them…I feel really sorry for this woman. She obviously doesnt know that he is a liar. I bet I wasnt the only girl he fooled. He told me to go off of birth control and told me he loved me just to disappear. He did that a lot. He does drugs ALL the time and is super hairy probably because of a polypeptide he takes. HA! I ran into them on halloween together. It was pathetic. He has told her all kinds of lies Im sure. He has her brainwashed.

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Jon Haslett a.k.a. Shyster Jon

December 12, 2014 Dallas 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – This is Jon Haslett, the sleaziest lawyer in Dallas which is quite an accomplishment. He is one of the main contributors to a local escort website where he trolls for clients both escorts and johns alike. He thinks he is so smart and better than everyone else, but he sucks as a lawyer and has been fired or asked to leave the only reputable law firms he has been a member of in the city. He clearly likes the younger “barely legal” girls and seeks them out. If any of them get into trouble, he is quick to “offer” his legal services but only for “barter”, which is one of the reasons he is so broke. The sick thing is all these young girls are so dumb or desperate that they fall for it. Most of the time they aren’t even pros, just girls he finds off sugar daddy websites. He has introduced me to his “niece” on several occasions, unknown to her he has her topless picture as his avatar on the site so I know she isn’t his “niece”. He goes by the screen name of “Shyster Jon” which is pretty accurate. Please Nik and the DA Community, someone needs to step up and investigate this guy before he damages one of these girls. What he does is so wrong.

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Gabby Kerr Is The Most Self Centered Person Ever

December 11, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw that this girl has been on here and I would just like to confirm everything. I have gotten to know Gabby Kerr over the past couple of months and she is the most self centered person you will ever meet. The only person she cares or talks about is herself. She is always on drugs and she is the biggest slut I have met. All she talked about is the guy she is sleeping with. Every guy she is with just uses her because she is easy…..and only 19. So be sure to hit her up for a good time. Her hair looks like a clown styled her. This girls is the biggest liar out there and will screw anyone over to get what she wants.

Her hair looks like it was styled at Toni and Guy or one of those cheap mall salons. The nose ring is definitely Hot Topic and the shirt is totally Wet Seal.- nik

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Heather Kuykendall

December 10, 2014 Dallas 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: She had posed in playboy, had we’d with easily 50 customers, and cheated on her fiancé! She\’s livingbwith three guys, one is her boyfriend and had sec with other roommates! She had gangbang on party cove! She cheats for money! She was prostituting for awhile. She plays innocent but the cocaine habit made her lose a lot of weight!!!!

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Check Out Kaitlyn Mason’s Botched +2s

December 10, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 45


(Click on the Image to see Kaitlyn’s +2′s)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is the front runner of the next DC from Dallas being herself. Check out the SnapChats she sends to guys, even though she is dating someone. Keep it classy Kaitlyn.

Why is she wearing underwear in the SnapChat image? You got ripped off.- nik

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How Does Gay Star Have Money

December 9, 2014 Dallas, Miami 37


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Gay Star has been trying to take me on a date forever but I always thought he was fake rich. Lately it looks like he really does have money, he is wearing designer everything, flies private, hangs out with hot models, drives a Bentley and travels non stop. Should I go for it? Does anyone know how he has money? Is he a drug dearler? Pimp? or just a trust fund baby? Give me some details ladies.

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Crazy on the Loose

December 9, 2014 Dallas 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this whore amber nolen needs to be known for the home wrecker she is. She has ruined 2 of her own marriages by cheating and lying. Who knows how many others in total she has wrecked though. She is constantly being caught trying to get with taken men and she’s been caught even more times than that faking miscarriages and suicides to try and keep those men when she feels like she’s losing grip. she’s a total nut case. She is full of diseases and goes through men like canned soda. She thinks shes hot shit but truth is shes a VERY EASY piece of ass. She is nasty and trashy and I think everyone needs to be warned.

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Gay Star Is Still At It

December 8, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 101



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, people say that Dan Bilzerian has the best IG off all time but them n*ggas is wrong. My boy G-Star is still alive and well and spending more cash and f*cking more hoes than ever. While all you haters still trolling the internet. Remember calling him Gay Star? Well you think he is gay now? He be bottle poppin on the reg son.

100 dollar tip is not enough for this dinner bill.- nik

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