Dead Beat Daddy

October 15, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 153

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this idiot has been blasted on here before. Now it’s time to blast him again seeing that he has 3 kids and doesn’t take care of them but he can afford to go out and buy a 50K car and not pay ANY child support to any of his kids! Christmas came early for him but I bet not one of his kids gets anything for Christmas from him. Hard work pays off my ass, all he does is DJ a few parties here and there. What kind of father can sleep at night not knowing how his children are doing? Successful business owner, great dad and God fearing Christian this man portrays to be when in reality he’s nothing but a liar and will say and do anything to get out his responsibility as a father.

It looks like he is just taking selfies at a car dealership. I doubt he bought this ride.- nik

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You Are The Company You Keep

October 15, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kaitlyn Mason, has spent the week posting defense to her FB page in regards to the good work the DA is doing here. We just want everyone here in Dallas to be aware. It’s what we do. It is no secret that she has been posted here on the Dirty multiple times over the years. That does not happen by accident. Today, while searching for more truths, look what I stumbled across (see pic above)! That is Shay (whatever her last name is this week) and Kaitlyn (the wh@re formerly known as Skylar Hart). I guess it’s true, like fish, wh@res school together. These tramps really think they are “doin” things here in Dallas, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Shay is known for passing herself around men like a basketball in Harlem, and Kaitlyn has a history of escorting, stripping at multiple clubs, and know serving rich guys drinks in hopes of getting her next trick. She claims to be a model and loves to talk about being a Playboy Cyber Girl. Last time I checked, that didn’t hold much water. These girls need to go away. They are an embarrassment to Dallas, and we don’t want them confusing outsiders on our quality of women here. Nik, please help spread the word about these slooths. Your help could save a mans life!

I want to use that nose as a bottle opener.- nik

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Really, How Dumb Are NFL Players

October 14, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Athletes, Seattle, The Dirty 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what is wrong with NFL players, you know we don’t even hear about half of the anarchy they cause in their own communities, but here comes another headline for the Dallas Cowboys this time, coming off their “win” against Seattle Monday night (those judges made blatant horrible calls).  Frisco police just told me #Cowboys RB Joseph Randle was arrested yesterday for a Class B theft at Dillard’s- 50-$500 range.  He stole some cologne… c’mon dude.

Romo will never play in the Superbowl. I decided.- nik

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Scary Miss Mary

October 14, 2014 Dallas 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick has been strung out for months, abandoned her children to a supposed abusive husband. Bragging about running the trap house, letting guys screw her in the butthole for money. Then complaining she was raped and left for dead, yet we all know its a lie because she literally talks about hooking for drugs and being sick for drugs. Now she claims she’s found love with a pimp from the south side of dallas(hes in the picture). This chick needs to get her shit together. We’ve all tried helping her, but she needs a wakeup call before shes dead.

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Confirmed As First Known Person To Contract Ebola In U.S.

October 13, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 261


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so now Nina Pham has been confirmed to be the first known person to contract Ebola here in Dallas. This thing is going to be really bad and no one is really paying that much attention. What I don’t get is why are we allowing people from these infected African countries to come to America? Its like we want the virus to get here. We should lock anyone that has been in Africa last 12 months out of this country. We don’t need this ruining our country as well. What are your thoughts on this?

Your idea wont work. It will make it worse because people will fly to other countries just to get to America.- nik

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I Finally Watched Leper’s “Work”

October 13, 2014 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 34


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, congratulations are in order for Leper! I just watched her porn for the first time.  Anyway, she has been cast as the lead actress in a very important PSA type video… Hold on, dang, sorry again, I’ve just received word from an unidentifiable source that Leper is starring in a “Self-Help” instructional video that may or may not have some public health concerns… I’ll have more on that as the story develops. What I do know is that she is one of the best “Method Actors” of all time. Ranking up there with Robert De Nero, Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson! Her acting is so on point that you will not be able to tell where her character’s persona starts and where the person known as Leper ends. Her portrayal of a used up, barred out, waste of oxygen fat-assed stripper was pure genius. I believe she may be some type of Artistic Savant… Before I go and ruin the film for everyone let me end by telling those of you who do take the 9 minutes away from your life to watch this film, know that you will come away with a much greater appreciation for your own life, no matter how poorly it may be at present. Somehow just watching and listening to Leper as she “acts” gives those of us who may think our lives are crap at the moment a new perspective in which to view our situation. I can’t put my finger on how she does it…like I said before; she just may be a Savant.

I think that trophy says 2002. Talk about a strong #TBT.- nik


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Wavy Yall

October 10, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Megan Lewis. She’s dilusional and sloppy, she’s engaged to Richard but still manages to do him dirty. She is obsessed with tech n9ne to a point where you question her sanity. She takes the most unflattering photos of herself  (which by the way 99% of her IG photos are throwbacks when she was younger and actually not overweight and ew), can’t keep a job for longer than a couple months at a time and apparently has no worries about her poor hygiene. She doesn’t take care of herself that’s why she ends up in the hospital for respitory problems and then takes photos of her hospital stay for pity. I worked with her at Olive Garden and I kid you not she has very obvious facial hair. Megan you should start taking care of yourself,  treat your man right and stop fishing for attention. Please and thank you!

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Scum Bag Club Owner Is A Cheater

October 9, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 116

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want to let everyone what a creeper this guy is. He is the owner of LEVU and married with kids, but still parties like a rockstar and cheats on his wife (Veronica Adri). ‘How do I know’ you ask? Well, the last time we were at LEVU (after closing time) he insisted on me to come to the VIP bathroom with him and “do a bump”. I didn’t feel comfortable with that as I don’t get into that style of “partying” but my girlfriend does so she did. I started to get worried after they were in there for over 30mins and started knocking on the door (I was ready to go hm)…the door soon opened and he darted out of there and disappeared. I asked my girlfriend what happened in there and she told me that they were having sex. She did not know that he is married and I let her know. I have other friends that have slept with him and I think that is just horrible. I have met his wife on several occasions and she is an absolute sweetheart and I just feel so bad for her and makes me wonder if she just turns a blind eye. VERONICA, YOUR HUSBAND IS A CHEATING A$$HOLE HONEY! I have seen it first hand!

If you marry a club owner, you marry the lifestyle and the deep v-neck.- nik

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