Trailer Trash – Tony Provost

April 3, 2014 Dallas 62 9,556 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tony Provost…where should I begin? Let’s start with the drug & alcohol problems…. He can snort adderall, coke, meth, basically ANYTHING he can cut into lines. After that he drinks like a fish and then runs all over uptown dallas bragging about that cheap Corvette like it is Lambo. He cheats on his wife with any nasty skank he can hold down for longer than 3 mins. Rumor Is his wife (can you believe he is married?!) makes all of the money and he spends it on steroids and drugs. His 3 so called “friends” Rex Bush, Lance Crosby, & Patrick T told me all of this bc they can’t stand him either. So Tony before you run your big mouth on Facebook about how much better you think you are, I suggest you google the nearest rehab facility.

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Help Me With My ITG

April 3, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 196 111,720 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m a huge fan and love your site.  My body is almost perfect besides my ITG (and I need +2′s).  I have basically zero fat on my body and am a size zero at 5’7″, but I’m all muscle, so I completely stopped working out besides easy yoga classes and walking.  My ITG has improved, but I also have really narrow hips so its hard to have a good ITG.  Do you have any advice on how can I make my ITG stronger?  I don’t want to look like those gross fitness girls!

Hip-abductor machine and stand in front of the mirror 15 minutes a day with 4 fingers between your legs horizontally. Your posture will adapt to increase room for finger space. Sounds crazy but it works. If you want say my name every 3 minutes for motivation.- nik

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Malpractice Is Begging For A New Post

April 3, 2014 Dallas, Malpractice, The Dirty 58 93,760 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Malpractice is on social media just BEGGING for jobs at this point. She got a job at Jacksons which has literally lost business since she started working there because everyone knows she will be the first person to rip you off. Someone called her out because on Facebook she says work is for losers, apparently because someone stalks her. Every single day she is on Facebook though begging people to come into her work. Whenever she is not at work she is asking people to go play with her. Look at the first picture, I’m not sure what the hell is happening on her nasty +2′s but it’s no wonder nobody wants to book her. She better get her ass married quick because all that makeup just makes her lines more noticeable and soon even less people well be interested in her.

I’ve never seen a face age so rapidly.- nik

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Liar Liar; Colin Turner

April 2, 2014 Dallas 0 7,376 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Colin Turner, stop trolling social networks lying about who you really are and who you really work for. Stop begging for naked photos and acting like your rich. I called Bridgewater & associates and not only do they not have an office in Dallas, they’ve never even heard of you. You are a self confessed crack head who needs mental help and therapy.

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Liz Anderson Is No Model

April 2, 2014 Dallas, Miami, The Dirty 242 97,975 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Liz Anderson thinks she is a “model” but she really is just an escort, she goes back and forth between Miami and Dallas depending on which “sugar daddy” is paying for her to suck his old and sagging Greg. She is all over FB and IG with I am travelling for a great modeling gig, but the “modeling” is just a cover for her partying at clubs and then sleeping with whoever is paying her way. She has friends if the guy wants a threesome, and when she is running low on cash it’s really easy to get her to take her clothes off for a couple hundred bucks. Oh and by the way… she sucks in bed because she gets so wasted she just kind of lays there.

I see a sad face on her back.- nik

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Amanda Groves AKA Vera Rae

March 28, 2014 Dallas 41 6,922 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you please explain to this slutty giraffe that it’s not her heart and personality men like about her, it’s the provocative clit shots men like. This girls name is Amanda Groves. Her “wanna be porn nam” is Vera Rae. Talk about original. Lol Explain to her what this expression means..”You are what you attract.” She thinks she’s above everyone else because the different men that she sleeps with pay her big money to do photoshoots. I also heard from a dependable source that she fucked her best friends boyfriend, the man who does these photo shoots. A couple weeks ago, I found medication stashed in her closet for drd. She hasnt had the decency to even let the men she fcks know. This is how drd has been spreading around Dallas. Check out to see what I’m talking about. This site is a wanna be porn site. Just wait a few more months and sh’ll be in a porn video. She’s trashy as fck!!!

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Groupie Slore

March 27, 2014 Dallas 134 6,605 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is the most hateful bitch anybody has ever met. If she isn’t trashing other people on the internet, she is fcking her bosses for cars, cell phones, etc. She is always talking shit about the way other girls do their make-up, dress, look, etc…when she isn’t even that attractive and uses make-up applications. she fcked every guy in a local band called, “Euphony,” that is no longer together. She has only worked at breastaraunts…with the intent of finding sugar daddies. she cheats on everybody she ever dates. she hates on every other girl due to her own insecurities… the bitch is fugly. she is an all around piece of shit. she sent me these nudes while she was dating a guy named stephen.

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Miss Rachele Richey

March 26, 2014 Dallas 45 10,288 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like to formally congratulate Miss Ashley Wisdom as she transitions into “Miss Rachele Richie.” I personally could not have came up with a better career for you! Unfortunately she couldn’t make it as a c*m dumpster cocktail so she is packing her things, leaving her daughter, and moving to LA to become a c*m dumpster “celebrity.” At least you can finally put those sperm eyebrows to use as target practice. Hope this “makes you famous” and your daughter proud.

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