Lying Lisa

August 25, 2014 Dallas, Manhattan, New York 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Lisa veritascurat is a class act. She lies about everything, ruins guys lives, and pushes away the real people that try to help. Her son’s father is a no show thanks to her. She was a good man and she pushed him aside and cheated on him. So now she looks to find a baby daddy for him. She posts about being depressed and sad but she is just selfish and doesn’t get her way like a princess so she whines. Lets get this sloot a real reason to be sad and get a real life.

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Lying, Cheating, Beater

August 25, 2014 Dallas, Garland 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this liar is a low life cheating asshole who is always sloppy drunk!! He has a long time girlfriend who he has abused in every way so much she cant be without him no matter what he does to her!!! and shes such a sweet girl but he says shes crazy! He is always trying to holler at other girls and doesnt even make sense with his so called sweet talking. Definitely not a player and “THOSE” pics are not flattering!!!!

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What Is Wrong With Society

August 21, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 103


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, honestly do you think a good Christian mother should flaunt her body and over sexualize herself for the sake of Instagram likes?  As a parent I find this kind of behavior revolting.  It is a sin in God’s eyes.

So you are saying, people who take selfies are going to hell?- nik

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Alex Reid aka DJ Zander Is A Creep

August 20, 2014 Dallas 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Alex Reid AKA “DJ Zander.” Let me start with what a stupid DJ name, how creative. He has been throwing events in Dallas for quite sometime now but can also be found running around Austin. Answer me this Nik, umm why is a house DJ who claims to be sober for 2 years now running Taboo afterhours and Tech’d Out Tuesday where everyone does drugs? All he does there is chill with drug addicts while consuming crazy amounts of red bull! and he wears a stupid camping backpack, seriously whats with the backpack? He is always flipping off the camera man in pictures too, wtf is the deal? The most disturbing part about him is that he lures girls into promoting for his dumb events by f*cking around with them then hands them over to his main whore “Princess Maitlynn” his head promoter who isn’t new to the dirty so you know he has to have contracted an DRD by now.

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Sage the DFW Slore

August 20, 2014 Dallas 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sage Bathgate whoa where to start. Well in HS he was the biggest manwhore. Slept with everyone guy and girl. Got girls pregnant, gave them drds, did nothing but drugs and sleep around. Sleep with every girl he meets even if they have someone he forces them. She thinks he’s a vampire pretty crazy and psycho. Probably still does all the acid, tabz and all. A bad alcohol. Other than raping girls he realll does nothing else. Oh he is a hair stylist now … a very bad one. Dates every girl he works with or does their hair and fuckes them. Girls come on let’s not let this disgusting drd slore spread this shit!!!

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Rave Isn’t Dead

August 20, 2014 Dallas 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl Paige George. She is a raver at age 21? Too old? Haha.probably still popping the tabz, doing the coke and who knows what else. She let’s everyone use her, abuse her, and lie to her. She dated guys that had gfs, fiancés, and drds. She’s gross way too fat to be wearing rave outfits made for 15 yr olds. Her family deals drugs and she uses great right?! She steals from everywhere her job, her friends, Walmart, so be careful she belongs in jail.

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DJ Molests 7 year old Girl

August 20, 2014 Dallas 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little creep, Anthony Ruiz, or otherwise known as ‘Dj Akillies’ molested my friend’s daughter. He touched her and made her do things to him and she is only 7 years old! From what I have been able to find on him is that he DJ’s at Taboo Afterhours at Soleil. He bonded out of jail and a trail date has not been set for him. He was dating my friend’s ex girlfriend when molested that child. During that time he didn’t work and made her pay for everything and while she was away at work, supporting him, he took advantage of her child. He even had the nerve to do it at night after she went to sleep. Not only that, when she stormed out of the house after hearing the news to stay at her friend’s house, he stole $3000 cash she had from her income tax and some of her stuff. If any of you know him or even if you don’t, Spread the word! Get him banned from DJing in Dallas! He deserves to ROT in jail for what he did for the rest of his life! My friend’s daughter now has to live with it for the rest of her life. I hope she has a full mental recovery from this CREEP!

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Shay Is A Good Mom

August 14, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 85


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I don’t know why everyone is tripping out? Just because you party is doesn’t mean you are a bad mother. Get a life people. I love you Shay Bay.

I didn’t think tattoo sleeves on women would actually hit the Dallas market. Oil money and Christians hate tattoos.- nik

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