Kimberly Looks Like a Boy

October 16, 2014 Dallas, Wichita 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Kimberly aka Starr. She is one of the nastiest and most stuck up girls I’ve ever met. She thinks she’s so hot & every guy wants her but maybe that would change if she stopped offering to have sex with guys for $150 like she offered to my boyfriend and one of his other friends. Um i can’t even tell if she’s really a girl. She doesn’t even need a training bra. I thought strippers were supposed to have at least some kind of t*ts? Either I missed the memo or the club she works at is desperate for girls.

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Roshana Nadia

October 15, 2014 Dallas 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you need to spread the word about this heshe Roshana Nadia. She’s literally a walking ebola virus in Dallas. For a middle eastern girl, she’s a low life drug addict with zero hope. Word around town is she sleeps with black guys on occasion to get her fix of cocaine and spreads her legs for someone to even buy her a cocktail these days. This girl should get a real job and rely on her education (if she even had one) instead of what’s between her legs to make money. Come on girl, leave the black men alone already. She’s been a slut since 2004, and this little virus is still going around spreading it. Beware Dallas, she’s contagious.

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Motivation To Get Off Your Ass

October 15, 2014 Dallas 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Let’s start by saying I’m a huge fan of the page, Nik don’t change tell it how it is F the haters. This is not your usual post but I love working out and always look for motivation on IG. I came across this this guy on IG his name is Anthony Burruto and if he isn’t an inspiration to get off your couch and go lose that fat I lost hope for you. Sick an tired of people feeling sorry for themselves and crying when people talk about their weight, we’ll go to a gym or eat better. You don’t need to have a 6pack but you also don’t need bat wings. It’s healthy not to be fat. If this guy is not motivation to you, I’ll never see you in Vegas.

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Stalker Sally Strikes Again

October 15, 2014 Dallas 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Paige Messer formerly “reed” she is a filthy lay on her back and do what it takes to get your man kind of gal but this girl is a special kind of psycho not only does she have no respect for the institution of marriage or morals what so ever she makes a habit out of stalking her current boyfriends exes. She works in Irving but can be seen more around rowlett occasionally dallas, ladies BEWARE she knows no limits of stalking. She has stolen one girls dogs, keyed another’s car, and has even tried breaking into a house. She even goes after girls with children. Someone needs to make the dfw aware of this serious sociopath. Her current boyfriend cheats all over Dallas spreading his drds. And she desperately tries to hold on to her ex stalking any girl who comes near him. Be sure to keep your loved ones away from this special kind of psycho girl. She will also stop at nothing to get her hands on special speed pills to help her keep off that muffin top.

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Tanner Pope Should Be Locked Away

October 15, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 160

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Tanner Pope (at your own risk!) …he’s the modern-day “American Psycho”! For anyone who has NOT had the “pleasure” of meeting this bipolar, red-eyed over-stimulated freak show, consider yourself lucky!! It’s absolutely shocking how this lying, abusive, neurotic, juice-head has been deflecting his own problems for so long that he’s managed to avoid (and life consequences in general) until now! Tanner’s claim to fame is being on a reality television show 7 years ago (hahaha) and sending d*ck pics to every “fan” he meets on facebook. The worst part is, it looks like he’s moved onto something far more serious… date-rape drugs. Here’s one of the pictures he took of some random Connecticut girl when she was passed outttt. Believe it or not, this picture has the least profanity of all. Beyond creepy!! He thinks he is invincible and we need to put a stop to his excessive abusive behavior and Botox addiction before ANOTHER innocent girl gets hurt. Buyer beware!

This dude should be in jail for this picture.- nik

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I Need Advice

October 15, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth, The Dirty 237


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want your input on what work youd recommend for me to get to look more attractive. I know the metal in my face is something you’ll hate, but im asking about my actual physical features. You’ve changed my outlook on certain traits I used to find attractive and Id appreciate your insight. Thanks in advance!

Take all the sh*t out of your face. I cannot help you until you help yourself.- nik

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Dead Beat Daddy

October 15, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 153

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this idiot has been blasted on here before. Now it’s time to blast him again seeing that he has 3 kids and doesn’t take care of them but he can afford to go out and buy a 50K car and not pay ANY child support to any of his kids! Christmas came early for him but I bet not one of his kids gets anything for Christmas from him. Hard work pays off my ass, all he does is DJ a few parties here and there. What kind of father can sleep at night not knowing how his children are doing? Successful business owner, great dad and God fearing Christian this man portrays to be when in reality he’s nothing but a liar and will say and do anything to get out his responsibility as a father.

It looks like he is just taking selfies at a car dealership. I doubt he bought this ride.- nik

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You Are The Company You Keep

October 15, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kaitlyn Mason, has spent the week posting defense to her FB page in regards to the good work the DA is doing here. We just want everyone here in Dallas to be aware. It’s what we do. It is no secret that she has been posted here on the Dirty multiple times over the years. That does not happen by accident. Today, while searching for more truths, look what I stumbled across (see pic above)! That is Shay (whatever her last name is this week) and Kaitlyn (the wh@re formerly known as Skylar Hart). I guess it’s true, like fish, wh@res school together. These tramps really think they are “doin” things here in Dallas, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Shay is known for passing herself around men like a basketball in Harlem, and Kaitlyn has a history of escorting, stripping at multiple clubs, and know serving rich guys drinks in hopes of getting her next trick. She claims to be a model and loves to talk about being a Playboy Cyber Girl. Last time I checked, that didn’t hold much water. These girls need to go away. They are an embarrassment to Dallas, and we don’t want them confusing outsiders on our quality of women here. Nik, please help spread the word about these slooths. Your help could save a mans life!

I want to use that nose as a bottle opener.- nik

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