Bethany Santos,

July 31, 2014 Dallas, Plano 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bethany Santos is a chronic cheater. When she dates some one she will say shes eating at the family to go fuck someone else. Even the dudes who cheat send photos of her banging it out and naked in their bed to the boyfriend! Then she will tell you shes not with someone and then you find a guy on facebook with them as the profile and in a relationship. But the whole time she is with him she will keep calling you and telling you to get her off and she made a mistake and hes a tool. Sending off pussy pics telling you to get her off when shes with a guy thats ready to propose. So her and this guy Blake Paterson steal the exes Credit card and run up over 5600 in charges in and shes so dumb she sends the good to her parents house. She is now being prosecuted case # *** by murphy texas police department. She is scum and is a chronic liar and cheater. Shes into being a booth girl at bodybuilding events and will go home with anyone. So if you want a good time look up Bethany Santos in plano texas

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The Dirty D

July 30, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 19



THE DIRTY ARMY: David Swaim fcks anything that has money. He lives a double life having multiple girlfriends he has no home and mooches off these girls he claims he is a big time drug dealer but is always broke he’s had has car repoed his house he was evicted from so he finds woman to take care of him he’s 28 and still going to school and doesn’t know what he wants to do with no job he’s scandalous so watch out.

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These women are doing God’s Work

July 30, 2014 Dallas 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t know why I love these chicks, but dammit I do

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Christopher Gambino the CrimeStopper

July 29, 2014 Dallas 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Christopher Gambino of Dallas Tx is a druggy, closet f*g who gets off on snitching to Crime Stoppers and setting people up. He puts his friends info on craigslist ads about drugs and sex parties, he calls cops and cps on anyone that upsets him,his hobby is tormenting innocent people. He is a dangerous gay psychopath and needs to be behind bars. He enjoys fag bashing(even though he is gay himself),robbing people,and identity theft. He is pure evil. Watch out for this guy. He will make your life living hell.

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It Is So Sad What Has Become Of Leper

July 28, 2014 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 198



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like Leper’s been arrested again on July 16th in Lewisville for Possession of Dangerous Drug and Manufacture/Deliver Controlled Substance. She looks so sick in this mugshot. This is getting sad. So hard to believe this is even her, but it is.

She really does look like a Diane now.- nik

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Master Creepy Gypsy

July 25, 2014 Dallas 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this creep finally got thrown out of the Dallas scene! His name is Jon Frazier! Aka Gypsy Masters. He creeps on the male customers. Is known for holding young men against their will. He for some reason does not understand the concept of bathing. He claims to be plur…. He’s two faced towards AfterLife crowd. He lives at home with momma and daddy in Mesquite… He treats his house like Neverland Ranch!

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Brittnay Loves Sexting

July 24, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Brittnay is the dirtest girl ever! She think she is cute!  She literally thinks she is the sh*t… the girl is always horny and always sending out pictures like this… boyfriend or no boyfriend.  Wanted to ask you what you think?

I bet you there isn’t one white guy in her contacts.- nik

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Deadbeat Daddy

July 22, 2014 Dallas 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this deadbeat daddy’s name is Bobby Rex Benner JR, aka Bud Benner. He is a pathetic excuse for a father. He has chose his girlfriend over his kids. He hasn’t had anything to do with one of them since she was a baby and the other two he makes excuses for why he blows them off. He has never been there for his daughters. The Step dads came along and picked up his slack. He has never wanted to pay the child support he owes the mothers. He wants to make excuses as to why he blows off the kids, yet they all know that it is because of his girlfriend. His girlfriend has come along and told him that he cannot contact his girls and that she wants him to have nothing to do with them. She wants him to worry about them only and her kid more than his own. He is choosing to take her side and doesn’t care if that means losing his kids in the process. He will always choose pussy over blood. She doesn’t care about anything, other than start things with all his family. She has caused more problems than she is worth. He’s a no good piece of shit, and she’s a no good crack whore. Maybe they’re perfect for each other?

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