Brittnay Loves Sexting

July 24, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Brittnay is the dirtest girl ever! She think she is cute!  She literally thinks she is the sh*t… the girl is always horny and always sending out pictures like this… boyfriend or no boyfriend.  Wanted to ask you what you think?

I bet you there isn’t one white guy in her contacts.- nik

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Deadbeat Daddy

July 22, 2014 Dallas 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this deadbeat daddy’s name is Bobby Rex Benner JR, aka Bud Benner. He is a pathetic excuse for a father. He has chose his girlfriend over his kids. He hasn’t had anything to do with one of them since she was a baby and the other two he makes excuses for why he blows them off. He has never been there for his daughters. The Step dads came along and picked up his slack. He has never wanted to pay the child support he owes the mothers. He wants to make excuses as to why he blows off the kids, yet they all know that it is because of his girlfriend. His girlfriend has come along and told him that he cannot contact his girls and that she wants him to have nothing to do with them. She wants him to worry about them only and her kid more than his own. He is choosing to take her side and doesn’t care if that means losing his kids in the process. He will always choose pussy over blood. She doesn’t care about anything, other than start things with all his family. She has caused more problems than she is worth. He’s a no good piece of shit, and she’s a no good crack whore. Maybe they’re perfect for each other?

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Rachel Olsen Needs The Attention

July 22, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sad excuse for a fitness chick is Rachel Olsen. She has been desperately seeking attention on instagram and facebook from the fitness world. She has even gone so far as to sleep with almost every guy in the industry who has ever touched a weight, and she harrasses any fit girl who is slightly successful. Sadly for her, these fellows don’t call her back because a) she’s gross and b) she’s pathetic, and the girls either ignore her or pity her. She recently competed in her first figure show at the Branch Warren Classic (which I’m sure the majority of her fans don’t even know what that is or who that is) and is BRAGGING about placing first in her competition (teen figure). Well, that’s funny… being that there was no other place for her to win. She placed 1st in a competition that she was literally the only contestant in. I understand it may be inspirational to lose as much weight as she has, and it may be seen as brave to have even stepped on stage looking like that, but heck…at least be honest about it all. It’s time for her to stop being so obnoxious and pathetic on social media. Nik, please tell this young lady that the fitness competition world is not the place for her.

I heard the fitness world is going for more of a feminine look now… no more Lesbian steroid use.- nik

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Man Traps

July 21, 2014 Dallas, San Antonio 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Dani Webb or D-Webb as her friends like to call her this slut is just like her friend Adriana S Morales this cumdumpster did what all sluts do when they find a guy that got his stuff together like a good job nice car and his own house she tried to trap him by getting pregnant and making him stay with her but this didn’t work cause my friend saw through her he knew she was a slut and told her that he wasn’t going to be with her that she wasn’t wife material so what did she do she went to Planned Parenthood and had an abortion but apparently not all guys are smart cause adriana’s boy friend fell for this trap so Nik please put these bitch’s on blast

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Katlyn Johns

July 18, 2014 Dallas 55


THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl thinks she’s so hot but isn’t because Buff chicks that look like guys aren’t. She needs to lay off the steroids and workout like a normal chick. Her arms are bigger than mine and her face and back are so broke out it looks bad. She will sleep with any guy with muscles and tattoos and she likes biker guys too. She also loves Labare dancers, my buddy that use to work there told me she’s already slept with half of them already up there. If I remember right tribal tattoos went out in the 90′s so I think she needs to cover that up. She use to work at Bombshell in Dallas but got fired now she works at a white trash bar called Velvet Elvis and another bar off Harry Hines blvd which is a biker bar. What happen to all the normal chicks? What do you think about this girl?

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The DIRTY ARMY Victory Party AT 1-Oak In Las Vegas

July 18, 2014 Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 0


Las Vegas this Saturday, July 19 —, myself and the DIRTY ARMY will be celebrating our First Amendment victory. The United States 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has granted us Immunity. (You can’t sue me bitches). So we are going to party so hard this weekend in Las Vegas. And yes, I will be accepting my award at 1 Oak at the Mirage as the ‘King of the Internet’. Bring your babies, I will kiss them!- nik

**The DIRTY ARMY shall rise this weekend!!! And swim in every fountain they see fit!!!**

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Hands on Everyone’s Husbands

July 17, 2014 Dallas 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut is sucking cock for $20 a pop out of Jaguars in Dallas! She is “dating” a few guys and they all have wives. She is a dirty skank who has to wear shorts on stage to cover her ” allergic reaction to starch” that only appears on her crotch, has bumps on her tongue and around her asshole, and will do just about anything for a dollar. She is spreading drd all over Dallas, and gets pregnant on purpose every time she gets a boyfriend. The worst part is she lives with her grandparents and makes them pay all the bills so she can afford her coke habit. This bitch is NASTY! So bad she has to get her uterus removed, and flat out says she doesn’t mind getting the cl** because it can be cured.

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A Concerned Father

July 16, 2014 Dallas, Fake Equis, Hollywood, The Dirty 374



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so my ten year old son is in love with Dan Bilzerian on Instagram, he idolizes the guy.  All he and his friends talk about is Dan, like he is some type of superhero.  I have no clue how he can relate to someone that much older than him.  He has been getting into so much trouble because he is being mean to all the little girls in our neighborhood.  He treats them really bad and basically expects them to be his slave.  If they don’t do what he says, he basically kicks them out of the neighborhood crew and they are left without any friends.  The phone calls I’m fielding from neighbors are worse than telemarketers.  Now he is sharing cartoons of Dan to every kid on the block.  These cartoons are from another 7 year old boy on Instagram.  I’ve grounded my son from all social media for the summer and now he hates his Dad.  Thanks Dan.

It’s only a matter of time until all 7 to 10 year-old boys are doing blow and banging hookers thanks to Instagram.- nik

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