Texas Teachers Love To Have Relationships With Their Students

March 10, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 59 99,417 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, enough is enough. This 39 year old stupid gross skank of a teacher was having a f*ck fest with one of her 17 year old students in a very affluentual area outside Dallas called McKinney. And to top it off, she let him BABYSIT HER KIDS! When are these moms of these boys going to band together and keep these stupid b*tches away from their sons. They need to make some type of Watch Dog Mom Group against female sexual predator teachers that want to screw their sons in their classrooms or at their homes while babysitting or tudoring. I mean COME ON ALREADY, OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!  This has been going on in Texas non stop. How embarrassing and disgraceful.  Nik—-you need to address these issues stat! An article needs to be written regarding this specific problem and you are the one to do it! They are there to TEACH NOT GIVE SEX ED 101.

I say they develop a retreat in Kentucky for all these types of teachers so that they can get sexual therapy. Throwing them in jail or giving them house arrest doesn’t solve their mental issues.- nik

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Michelle Trevino

March 10, 2014 Dallas 11 8,171 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Man this m*th head liar has tooken living a fake life to the core. I mean we where off and on here and there but boom who woulda thought! One night i decide to look on line for a *body rub* u know what i mean… and as im looking at whores i see your truely with written in huge letter BBBJ CIM COF (bare back blow job, cum in mouth, cum on face) i mean goddamn YIKES! she wouldnt even give me head at all and come 2 find out shed been sucking and fucking for years. Shes all over eccie.net as gingerj***8 and p411 as cher***mb21. This chick has 2 kids and no telling how many abortions… her family is probably proud ,,, at least its for cash and not just for fun!!

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Ben Patton is Undercover Gay

March 10, 2014 Dallas 13 7,963 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Word is quickly spreading that Ben Patton is gay. He has money and is a good-looking guy, but he ignores the advances of pretty girls everywhere he goes. He shows up to functions alone. Hes 30 years old, so you would think a man that age would be looking to settle down, but he tells people he doesn’t want a relationship anytime soon. Just look at how he dresses–what straight man wears pink shorts like that?

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Need The 411 On Him

March 8, 2014 Dallas 13 7,701 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Joaquin aka Juako I’m trying to find more info on him is he seeing anyone?married?kids?hook up?anything helps

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Tinder Gone Bad

March 7, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 262 110,388 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this self proclaimed “good guy” is Layton, AKA NPC on facebook and tinder. We started talking on Tinder and texting three days ago. After one day out, I knew I wasn’t going to be interested, so I barely responded back thinking he would get the hint! Was I ever wrong? He tells me he sent spyware to my phone through his pics he sent me!! WHO DOES THAT?!?? Especially to some one you don’t know or haven’t ever met! He became irate, threatening me with thedirty.com, and posting a pic of my daughter! You do not threaten this momma like that! My daughter is not ammo! So why not fight fire with fire?!?! You can tell by how he responds to me he has no respect for any woman and they need to be warned! You can all see for yourself!  Click here to read the text convo!!!

Maybe I’m just old school, but I would never meet up with a person off an iPhone application.- nik

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Chad Stop Banging Your Employees

March 6, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 28 99,715 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dude Chad needs to be out in his place. Does nothing but sexually harass his employees and even banging the trashy tramp that works in the showroom.  She is always dressed down like a $2 hooker, but I’m sure she’s free.  But this guy is married and they still continue and he does this with all the other women too. This daddy’s boy should be worried about running daddy’s plumbing store and not plugging up tramps like that. You have a wife you should be ashamed of yourself! Even holding iPhones over their heads in exchange for sex. Stealing company money much?

I’m not a fan of Kohler products.- nik

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Mike’s Gregs After You

March 5, 2014 Dallas, Texas 15 9,086 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: The looser ask me out Feb, 2014. I was so in lust dropped him apt at 2pm was driving down the road and noticed his Shades in the seat, I was like 20 mins away, so I flipped my car around to take his Shades to him. I parked my car, went to his door, knocked…Mike answered in a towel, like panting. Flirting I walked in, that bastard had a whore in the bed, working a sweat! I was gone he was yelling its just a friend. That evening, my friends and I where at the mall, saw Mike, he was chill, got me away to the side and made me laugh, maybe it was a friend. He apologized, I decided lets go out. Two days later, I picked him up we went out to eat then to dance. Mike drinks allot, big flirt, pissed me off, I started to flirt with guys when Mike went to the restroom. This tight muscles Todd was so into me, wanted me to leave. I told Todd I was with Mike he said, I know he can come!! I yelled at Todd what is wrong with you thinking he was fuckedup, he said he was bi just like Mike, they where Tapping Bros!!! Are you kidding me? When your out on a date and a complete stranger tells you that he’s had your date in bed….RUNNNNN Worse two days later Mike is after my friend. He a slut, puts his equipment everywhere be aware, he sure wasn’t wrapped up at the door!

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Shasta Gooch, still hot at 30

March 5, 2014 Dallas 21 10,149 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: For almost 30 and one kid she is still rocking it at tilted kilt…formerly at twin peaks she is a forever bartender. Blondes do have more fun

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