Drunk and Pregnant

October 2, 2014 Dallas 38


THE DIRTY ARMY: Look Nik, that same trashy skank is back,Kerry Lynn Adams (Clark)! This time with another baby on the way, and a 4th daddy to get child support from! How exciting is that. Not only does she screw around on previous husband’s she also screws around with her children’s lives!! She was caught and pulled over driving while intoxicated, with her 7 year old and 1 year old daughters all the while showing that wonderful baby bump and posting all over facebook about how excited she was and hoping it was going to be a boy and throwing out names Mason Glynn Sweeney, instead of Mason Glynn Grimes. Sad how the biological father’s last name wont be the child’s. She’s only putting the bio dad’s name on the birth certificate to file for yet another child support claim. I’m doubtful she’s ever heard of ONE GUY ONE DAD, since all of her kids have different dad’s and are usually gone when she dries them out of money or in bed with another guy. Even a person who she was supposed to be friends with’s husband. Watch out guy’s she’s about to be ready for baby number 5, and ladies careful with your guy around this one. All they have to do is buy her a Big Mac and she’s ready to hit the sack with ‘em! Don’t venture too Far into Sanger Tx, she will smell the testosterone and come running.

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Do Not Rent Or Buy From Walter Diduck

October 1, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Business 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is REMAX real estate shyster Walter Diduck and his wife Tammy Zimmer this couple pedals over priced rentals and sales shady homes. I would like to advise the entire Edmonton area not to buy/rent with these scammers, they will do anything they can to suck every single penny out of you possible while they screw you over. Walters wife Tammy is a snotty and nasty woman who thinks she is something special because her Keith Urban knock off husband owns a couple of crappy flipped houses. But all of Walter’s homes for sale or rent have obviously taken serious shortcuts, if you think you are getting a deal, think twice, and then check again. All this man knows how to do is polish turds and tell you they are bricks of gold. If you are buying or renting with Walter expect to get f*cked. Not on day 1 because he is a seller, that is what he does, but I promise you will not be happy you chose him in the end. Be careful Edmonton!! Do not do business with this Stewart Little look-a-like or his evil wife!!!

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Attorney Daryl T. Gordon Will Fail You

September 30, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Business, The Dirty 136


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Daryl T. Gordon is an attorney that will rip you off.  He charged me 400 each time we went to court and the judge had the day off and could not see our case.  Total $800 as it happened two times in a row. I paid $800 for nothing! I feel this guy is a total scammer.  People going through a divorce don’t have that kind of money to waste.  I was an abused female and he abused me more by scamming me.  I had left my husband with just a tooth brush in hand.  Daryl should have called the courthouse to confirm the judge was in both days.

That sucks.- nik

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Turn Down For What

September 29, 2014 Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 59

I posted this video on my Facebook last week, but it’s so good I had to share it with the DA. The best Lil Jon music video ever!- nik

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White People Aren’t So Bright Either

September 26, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 160

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, people were saying those black kids couldn’t figure out how long it took to travel 80 miles if they were going 80 miles per hour because of rap and all those stereotypes… well what about this stupid white bitch?  She couldn’t guess it correct either… so who are we blaming for her being stupid?  MTV?  The Kardashians?  I don’t know.  The question is tricky.

Chel must be good at sex.- nik

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Andrea Haas Pearson – Armed And Dangerous Escort

September 26, 2014 Dallas 133


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she was my girl for three years and best escort in town. I helped to start in the business as she needed money for lawyers, school and her mother. I felt pity for her but hey it’s our business to hire finest bitches to keep our wealthy clients happy. She proved me to best escort and later she started stealing from our clients. She also stole from me and I reported her. It was concerning when one of our client reported she showed them a gun to steal their money. She met Ron at Silver City and started working for him. Not sure what sh*t she is throwing around but must be bad. I would not hire this escort.


Andrea Pearson-Haas Must Be Insane

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I Hope Gabby Kerr Gets Her Act Together

September 25, 2014 Dallas 32


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw a post earlier about Gabby Kerr! I have known this girl and her family. She actually comes from a good family whose parents just do not keep up with her. This girl is crazy and needs to be controlled. She is always high on drugs and has no respect for her body or anyone who comes into her life! Hopefully these posts will save her! She is borderline bi polar. Hopefully someone can reach out and get her help!

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Chris Harkins

September 24, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this douche bag raped my current girlfriend when she was a sophomore in high school, he was a senior at the time, he invited her to go hang out at his apartment, her not knowing any better, and wanting to hang out with the cool kids she followed. Point is he got her so drunk she passed out and took advantage of her, when she and some friends confronted him about it he replied and I quote “it seemed like you were enjoying it, so it’s not rape.” Who the fck does he think he is? Honestly if I would’ve know about it when it happened he wouldn’t be breathing right now.

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