I Hope Gabby Kerr Gets Her Act Together

September 25, 2014 Dallas 31


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw a post earlier about Gabby Kerr! I have known this girl and her family. She actually comes from a good family whose parents just do not keep up with her. This girl is crazy and needs to be controlled. She is always high on drugs and has no respect for her body or anyone who comes into her life! Hopefully these posts will save her! She is borderline bi polar. Hopefully someone can reach out and get her help!

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Chris Harkins

September 24, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this douche bag raped my current girlfriend when she was a sophomore in high school, he was a senior at the time, he invited her to go hang out at his apartment, her not knowing any better, and wanting to hang out with the cool kids she followed. Point is he got her so drunk she passed out and took advantage of her, when she and some friends confronted him about it he replied and I quote “it seemed like you were enjoying it, so it’s not rape.” Who the fck does he think he is? Honestly if I would’ve know about it when it happened he wouldn’t be breathing right now.

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Stay Away From Gabby Kerr

September 23, 2014 Dallas 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Gabby Kerr! Dallas’ biggest b*tch! This girl will screw over ANYONE in her path. She has absolutely no morals and NO friends. She cannot keep a single friend because she is SUCH A CRAZY B*TCH! Lock this girl up. You can add her on any social media site and you are sure to get a nude pic of her. She will put out for ANYONE. Oh wait DID I MENTION SHE WAS 18? This is a prime example of bad parenting! She only makes ONE face because he smile is WHACK! When she is not drugged up you can find her LEARNING to do hair at Tony and Guy! HAHA I would not let this bimbo TOUCH MY HAIR considering the fact that it looks like someone peed on hers. Dallas stay away from this one.

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Jennilyn Jay in Euless

September 22, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met Jennilyn Jay( [email protected] )well over a year ago. I quickly noticed she walked, talked, acted and lived like white trash. It wasn’t long before I  noticed she advertised on craigslist and backpage as a prostitute with one of the lowest half hour rates available. She has a Dallas tattoo right over her chest and has no problems bringing strangers into her home where she has young children. CPS has been investigating her for a while regarding her kids, Fidi and Gabi but to get the agency off her ass, she will send kids to her Moms or sisters( jess jay). To subsidize her hooker income as well as government assistance, she has a criminal history of extorting men, mostly by telling them she is pregnant with their child and threatening to expose them. In fact she has her ex-husband in jail for not paying child support when she and the world has no idea who the real father is. She needs to go back to jail, ending with a very long probation period to protect the public from her long history of cheating and lying. State of Texas should drug test everyone that gets welfare. Get a job!

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Lexie Marlow Is So Hot

September 19, 2014 Dallas, Hollywood, The Dirty 82


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lexie Marlow needs some love. She is not easy to sleep with and doesn’t take gifts for intercourse. Don’t let the chest fool you. She is all class.

Sure she is. Why does she keep forcing her +2′s together… that’s not a good sign.- nik

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She Really Hates Tattoos

September 19, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 98


THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik. So I discovered this facebook page. Called tattoo-free(and happy) not sure where the creator of this page lives. But apparently she or he has hate for anyone with tattoos. And they are making their opinion known. Saying things like everyone with tattoos are criminals and should be locked up. Had a bad upbringing, bad parents, unemployed, the list goes on. I ask. Who does this? This angers me!!!

Facebook is an evil website.- nik

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What do you Make of This

September 18, 2014 Dallas 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy started messaging me on okcupid, mind me I’m 21 and he’s in his mid thirties. I kindly told him I am not interested and he got pretty aggressive to say the least. This guy is in the army with two kids and on his profile it says that he is a “Christian”. I am beyond disgusted and repulsed to say the least. Everyone needs to know about this pig.

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This Is Why Rachel Can’t Get A Good Man

September 16, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. Rachel has been posted on here before for having the worst REFUND gap ever. That still has not changed, but she needs to be posted again for other reasons. She recently had a baby with some sketchy ass dude that she barely even knew. Before that, she used to work at 3rd base (Wild Pitch is its current name) as a bartender. She would always take pictures with half of her forehead cut off and her sh!tty boob job. I don’t know if this is to get her ginormous head out of the picture (get some bangs already!!) or to get her boobs IN the picture. Rachel, we know your tricks, but the creepy guys still like it. Anyways, she just posted a status that I had to screen shot and laugh at. RACHEL. You choose douche bags because look at what you used to do/want to continue doing! When you post pictures like that, you are saying to guys come and get it, basically. The guys that you attract are going to be like that because no decent guy is going to want to go out with some girl that posts the sh!t you do. I love all the comments on the status too that are saying “You are such a great person, idk why you attract those kinds of guys”. Get a grip. And we can see the baby in that cropped picture of you…. why did you have to crop her out? BTW Nik, do you know of any great plastic surgeons in the Dallas area that can fix her now saggy REFUND gap?

I don’t see a REFUND Gap in this image.- nik

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