Jordan Hanna Believes She Is A Real Model

July 15, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 117

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, who doesn’t know Jordan Hanna in Dallas…wanna be model that f*cks anything in sight. She wasn’t cut out to be a fashion model so now she’s on track to being a fitness model except the fact that she cant make the cut for that either. She uses guys for their money and goes around from guy to guy when she’s tired of them. This is by far the biggest hoe in Dallas!

You can tell those real boobs are super saggy.- nik

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These Two Need To Call A Truce

July 14, 2014 Dallas 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, somebody tell these 2 broads to make a truce. They used to be friends and now bicker ridiculously back and forth on Facebook.  C-ho is the chick on the top row and D-ho is on the bottom. Neither one is fugly, but their Facebook drama is getting that way. Which one of these girls will throw in the towel and wave the white flag first? Place your bets.

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Chive Girl Danielle Lo Reads TheDirty

July 12, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 50

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, as you can see Danielle Lo is a fan of TheDirty… do you know how?  Because she went and did the right thing, nose before +2′s.  Gotta give it up to all the smart girls out there.

She still needs to get that mole removed. That is not a beauty mark, it looks more like a fungus.- nik

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Wants to find Love

July 11, 2014 Dallas 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dallas, this is Brittani Olesky. She can be found on various dating sites like “POF” and “Match”. Interestingly enough finding a “normal relationship” was not enough for this walking drd. Brit wanted to get paid to screw old men, while carrying on a intimate partnership. Do not be fooled by her cute innocent antics and child like demeanor. My friend dated her for a short time, they hit it off great, he fell for her quick only to be shocked when first she told him she had herpes. Well if that was the only downfall of this snake that would be one thing, she can also be found on seeking arrangment. yes, odd enough she lives with her parents so this little slime does $500 outcalls, while also working at boomerjacks in ft. worth. I find it sad these unknowing older men are paying for a life long drd. talk about a dirty hooker… watch out guys, shes on every dating website out there and actively looks for guys to latch onto. Oh and she will insist on having sex without a condom to top it off. SMH women these days!

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Tanya Renee aka Dallas Mail Order GF

July 10, 2014 Dallas 27



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how has Tanya Renee not been made a Dallas dirty celeb? A friend told me that she will help hit up girls for me making offers. The offer comes across as help to take care of girls needs. I am assuming that is favors for cash. Her facebook says self-employed that says it all. How can you travel everywhere like CEO of a multi million dollar firm on promo gigs. She is so high on herself she tries to blast guys that ask her rates. Let’s just put it out there the financial means isn’t coming from her bank account we all know that. It’s time she is put on blast for being undercover for as long as she has. All you need is some dough and her friends and her are all yours.

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Downtown Junkie

July 10, 2014 Dallas 18


THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is outta control on drugs. M*th, zanax, weed and wine. She’s an escort/prostitues whore, who fuks for money but doesn’t have shit to show for it. She spends it all on meth and steals from her roommates. She’s disgusting. Her house looks like a barn, it\’s not even her house it’s a crck house. She’s on so many dugs she looks like a walking corpse. Someone needs to help this girl!

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Arthur Hollingsworth Is A Disgusting Old Pervert

July 10, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Arthur Hollingsworth is a disgusting pervert in his late 50′s, living in Dallas, TX. He has spent the last three decades sleeping with young women, and treating them like his own personal ejaculate depositories. He has multiple DRDs, and is known for sleeping with prostitutes. His current girlfriend is a nasty whore named Brittney Reyes, a former stripper and total gold digger. Arthur Hollingsworth is abusive and void of any emotional capacity. Because Arthur Hollingsworth has screwed so many people in his business life, he is rich, however like most rich people, Arthur Hollingsworth has no morals.  Arthur has a tiny, uncircumcised penis, and he only likes girls that strip or do nasty things for a living. He can be found in tons of nasty pictures.

That is a firm grip in the first image… bruised arm for sure.- nik

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Dirty Business Xsheesha Hookah lounge

July 9, 2014 Dallas 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this place is awful, they are 3 owner that they think they are made it , girl be ware they just give you a free hookah to take you at the end of the night , they don’t even make enough money to pay the rent. they only thing they like to do is get the girls to the places hook them up with some free hookah and take them home after all girls should watch for these guys

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