Amber Is The Ultimate Cleat Chaser

October 7, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Amber Leigh Hartman. She lives in Dallas and prides herself on sleeping with athletes. She is a SUPERFAN. She has been blasted on many sites…Her entire life is dictated around “sports” when really it is just a way of meeting these athletes. She not only sleeps with majority of the team she also goes after guys with wives and girlfriends. She is a nasty sneak girl. She has season passes to the Cowboys every year. The only thing she has going is she has blonde hair, which probably isn’t even natural, What do you think?

I like her strategy — bring the ugly friends to help your personal stock.- nik

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“The Hulk” Is A Liar And Just Want To Have Sex With You

October 7, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 97


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is “The Hulk” (Kevin Washington) sponsored by MHP. Anyone in the fitness industry will know who this guy is. He is nothing but a liar that will tell any and every girl what they want to hear to get them to sleep with him or get naked pics. He has been kicked out of multiple gyms for taking girls to the back to take pics of them. He promises them he will train them and get them seen in the fitness industry. He name drops fitness clebs he knows to make his story believable. Ladies watch out this guy will lie to get what he wants. No girl would ever give you the time of day if they did not know who you are, your a joke. This guy is ridiculous.

I heard fanny packs are making a comeback. Seriously.- nik

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Arian Foster Messed Up Big Time

October 6, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Athletes, Hollywood, Houston, The Dirty 114


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, its crazy how we call some women Dream Killers because they really are.  Here is another prime example.  Arian Foster was the BEST running back in the NFL… until he started messing with this stupid b*tch that he knocked up… last 2 seasons have been beyond disappointing for him and the only thing that changed in his life… was this blonde gold diggin bimbo… so guys, focus on life, bang chicks, just don’t be to serious with them or get them prego.

Wear condoms… there is nothing wrong with having a Golden Ticket (magnum) in your back pocket at all times.- nik

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Andrea Haas Pearson – Social Snake

October 6, 2014 Dallas, Manhattan, New York 163

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was associated with Andrea haas pearson in the past. I have lived the horror. She is crazy and left me for a rich guy finally. I am thankful. I have custody of our daughter. I tried to save our relationship but she always wanted to be rich and famous. I gave up on her many times as i would catch her lying and sleeping with my friends. But I loved her and was very codependent on her. Also being a father, I have to be together due to our son. Andrea has habit to dropping names of politicians and rich people. She would show me pictures of famous people posing with her. I have no idea how she pulled all this the least to guess using sex. Currently, I hear she works for NASA. I keep away from her but want to ensure people knew she is a sweet talker but she is a social snake. She will take pictures with you and then misuse them by positing on social media to become more famous and jack more people. Thank you for listening. Please feel to write to me, if you have questions.

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Nik Richie Is Racist

October 6, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 67


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is 100% racist. Not only did he do black face for Halloween one year, he also did white face. Nik why are you always hating on the brothers?

You are crazy.- nik

**Scooby you look like Jermaine in this picture.**

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Old Hag Lily Mar

October 2, 2014 Dallas 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here goes lily Mar again posting pictures of her new “Bod” huge fake titts and photo shopped waist haha! I think she realized her age is catching up to her so desperately trying to get a man . I wonder what old old man she’s taking advantage of now, rumor has it she’s an escort. And what’s with the duck lips??? Not cute for a almost 40 yr old. And anyone who says she’s not a drunk is lying. How much for a night lily? Nik what do you think, escort or not ?

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Drunk and Pregnant

October 2, 2014 Dallas 42


THE DIRTY ARMY: Look Nik, that same trashy skank is back,Kerry Lynn Adams (Clark)! This time with another baby on the way, and a 4th daddy to get child support from! How exciting is that. Not only does she screw around on previous husband’s she also screws around with her children’s lives!! She was caught and pulled over driving while intoxicated, with her 7 year old and 1 year old daughters all the while showing that wonderful baby bump and posting all over facebook about how excited she was and hoping it was going to be a boy and throwing out names Mason Glynn Sweeney, instead of Mason Glynn Grimes. Sad how the biological father’s last name wont be the child’s. She’s only putting the bio dad’s name on the birth certificate to file for yet another child support claim. I’m doubtful she’s ever heard of ONE GUY ONE DAD, since all of her kids have different dad’s and are usually gone when she dries them out of money or in bed with another guy. Even a person who she was supposed to be friends with’s husband. Watch out guy’s she’s about to be ready for baby number 5, and ladies careful with your guy around this one. All they have to do is buy her a Big Mac and she’s ready to hit the sack with ‘em! Don’t venture too Far into Sanger Tx, she will smell the testosterone and come running.

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Do Not Rent Or Buy From Walter Diduck

October 1, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Business 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is REMAX real estate shyster Walter Diduck and his wife Tammy Zimmer this couple pedals over priced rentals and sales shady homes. I would like to advise the entire Edmonton area not to buy/rent with these scammers, they will do anything they can to suck every single penny out of you possible while they screw you over. Walters wife Tammy is a snotty and nasty woman who thinks she is something special because her Keith Urban knock off husband owns a couple of crappy flipped houses. But all of Walter’s homes for sale or rent have obviously taken serious shortcuts, if you think you are getting a deal, think twice, and then check again. All this man knows how to do is polish turds and tell you they are bricks of gold. If you are buying or renting with Walter expect to get f*cked. Not on day 1 because he is a seller, that is what he does, but I promise you will not be happy you chose him in the end. Be careful Edmonton!! Do not do business with this Stewart Little look-a-like or his evil wife!!!

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