Murderous Snakes

April 4, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 215 13,229 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these fake phoney snake pieces of SHIT murdered their “brother” Mathew Penney, burned his body, and tried to frame their other friend who happened to be Mathew’s gf (and keisha’s best friend), only five days short of their sons first birthday. For a period of three months before they were caught, they were posting pictures and status’ for Mathew, and hugging and holding his gf and their son at Mathew’s GRAVE. When they were finally caught, none of the four ppl arrested (who were ALL close friends of Mathew’s) even pretended to be sorry for what they had done. Keisha vassel slawter even continues to upload pics and status’ for her murderer bf (she’s currently out on bail) who was Mathew’s “brother”, and the one that actually pulled the trigger and burned him, while Keisha and the other girl caitlyn mopped up his blood, took his stuff out of his pockets and disposed of the evidence. Way to rep your man you stupid ugly crispy bitch. Mathew meant more to Tyler than you ever could and look what he did to him .. He wouldn’t think twice about tossing you or ANYONE ELSE in a ditch before lighting them up and whoever thinks differently is straight up stupid and naive, and can burn in hell just like they will. Tell it to how Tyler been cheating on your ass you dummy. and when your children find out that you and Tyler murdered their uncle Mat they’ll hate you for the rest of your pathetic lives and you’ll deserve every agonizing second of it.

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Dawn Isn’t Free

April 1, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 629 10,419 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this slut is dawn Comeau only thing she’s good at is popping out kids to try to keep her men this hoe makes up fake dating profiles while her fiancé is at work then has men come over and pay her for a dead lay and the guy she’s with is so dumb he aint even clue in but I know she’s still doin it cuz I paid her a few weeks ago I even met her fiancé who I didn’t know it was that serious but what a loser if this girl ain’t cheating she’s playing video games and doin pills watch out for this one and all her other personalities and fake accounts I paid her cuz she told me she was in a abusive relationship and wanted money to escape but really she needed money for her pills and games maybe take care of your kids or eat a meal without throwing up dawn or Lisa whatever u wanna go by today you crazy bitch I wish I still had the pix u texted me maybe Ill come across them someday

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Save His Soul

March 27, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 76 9,623 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Someone please help Matt Taylor,he has made a grevious err in judgement. He has started ‘dating’ Shannon Stewart. ANYONE who knows her and her tramptastic reputation needs to talk some sense into this man before he pulls a Montani. Theyve hardly known each other a month or so and shes already ‘overly-attached girlfriend’ on him.It’s fcking creepy. This hard-working dude deserves better before he gets too spun up in her web and becomes another gutless wonder like her last several men. Her sex isnt that good,so either hes being lied to about shit or hes being manipulated….. HELP HIM,DAMMIT

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Dartmouth Sloot

March 16, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 14 8,847 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: yo nik, there is this bitch in halifax her name is christina zolmer and she thinks she is black! do you see her skin she is whiter than white paper! this girl has slept with all north preston and east preston, she slept with all the black boys in dartmouth. her favorite place to “hang out” is in jelly bean square we all know what she is doing!!! fu*king all the black boys. men out there specially them black boys wtch out for her she is some dirty, with all them men she slept with she most likly got some disease some sort. if you want DRD come and get it! she talks like she black, she acts like she black, she even trys to dress like she black…. i dont know about you but if you were smart id stay away… comming from a guy who slept wid that ratchet bitch im warning you to keep away. also on a final note, this bitch hangs out on windmill tryna be a prostitute. thats her only life goal cuz she aint goin no wherez in life. if there be a degree in fuking 10000 men, this bitch wud have it for sure.

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The Dartmouth Dirtbag

March 11, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 29 10,166 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Melissa Orvis, the dartmouth dirtbag, this fast paced coked up feine will do anything or anyone for a line….if you had the unfortunate mishap of being her friend lock up your clothes, money, shoes anything that can be taken out of your home or this bitch will snag it up. This cnt was a fcking hooker, her and her firned Lori use to con guys online and trade sexual favours for money sure she still would for 5 bucks or a line. This dirt bag thief and liar is one of the best con artists ive ever met the girl is downright trash. Bitch couldnt even keep her own kid, this cunt proclaims her undying love for some stumped up guy and hours before shes fcking some other dude. guys wrap your dicks and women stay the fck away from anything this dirty bitch has touched…..beware…..

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Logan A Phillips & Cindy Brine

February 20, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 10 8,258 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Logan A Phillips & Cindy brine ripped off a home for Seniors for $400 paid in advance..anyone know where to find them, your information will be will be appreciated..The photo is of Logan Phllips When they wouldn’t show up for work to do snow removal or the lawn work Cindy would send the same email every time( ate response we found out Monday logans son has lymphoma )

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Fat Gold Digger

February 13, 2014 Calgary, Dartmouth 52 10,513 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik . listen man i just cant stand seeing this low life piece of shit not being on here her name is tanya anderson a.k.a. tanys levy she lives in airdrie calgary now but is from dartmouth nova scotia whereever her lesbian lover goes she goes her lovers name is aimee avery used to be aimee richard a.k.a. stuck up piggy number 2 uses her man scott avery for almost everything but forgets she never had a pot to piss in growing up the 2 of them are the biggest skanks and users out there but take a look at this pic at tanya wow aint that f*cking ugly EWWWWW shaves half her head like a lil boy f*cking big butch she got her lil brother out west with her david levy the biggest low life possible got 2 kids and doesnt even try to see them or send them a christmas gift or birthday card nothing then blames the world for being rap*d by his daddy growing up and his sister both but yet there both stuck up his ass literally LOL i just dont understand how the 2 of them get away with using everyone like they do tanya calls me up every so often bitching about aimee avery how she braggs about everything lil thing she got and this n that and thinks her son is the shit but yet says how she cant stand the lil fu*ker was her own words some friend ehhh?? wow talk about phony ass people

Most people who search for gold never find it, better to give up while your ahead.- nik

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Skanky Kim

February 6, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 174 8,380 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is one of the buggiest sluts in Dartmouth!! She use to be a stripper now she’s to old so she spends her time finding men to” marry” it usually only lasts a month or so intill she’s on to the next. She thinks she’s hot shit but everyone knows she’s just an old over ridden cougar.

Was that her bed?- nik

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