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November 14, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this thing here is Sarah Fakkeldy. On assistance and believes that being home drilling her kids every day is what she was put on this earth for. Meal ticket 1-3 are her kids. One on the way…. got to keep the money coming every month. Poor things. She gets on the phone the minute she wakes up to get anything… “the system” owes her. Her family dont visit her but are around because they feel bad for the kids. She is a horrible mother. Screams at her lil ones 24/7. She makes fun of them to get emotion out of them. She trashes each kids father to them. Even the youngest one by Marco. Told me personally he was pathetic at supporting her and the kids. Thats a mans job, Hes on some sort of EI / placement program but has not had steady income, Her assistance money is HERS!!!. Oh and him? What a fn joke…please… currently sleeping around with his other kids mothers friend. He tells the kids constantly that they are worth nothing. The other girls fathers need to step in and be fathers, get your kids.They use to live up on Gaston but moved because Marco felt it was time to go… or the fact that his “slore van” was being noticed too much. He has a lot to say but when its a man stepping to him, hes like a cricket. Go take ANOTHER student loan out. Remember as long as Sarah sees you bringing in something, then your worth fn.

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Will Play you like a Violin

November 13, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 77


THE DIRTY ARMY: hi my name is leah bezanson, i just turned 19 in july and im a massive shank ill sleep with anyone, anywhere anytime, i dont care if your seeing someone or not and i certainly dont care if im with someone loyalty means nothing to me if i want it ill get it end of story, was rapped when i was 13 an a few years after that so because that happened to me i slept with a total of 65 guys before i turned 19 was with a few of them while seeing others but that didnt matter to me aha i was pregnant when i was sixteen and lost them due to one of my exs, and i was also ingaged at 17 but backed out on that.  i will use you for what i want and when i get it well your no longer good to me, im sneaky always talking to other guys about anything and everything, im very mulnipulitive and tend to sook when things arent going my way,and will cut you off from sex not that that really matters because i sleep around so much youll barely get it anyway aha.ill say whatever i meed to say to make you believe me though im lying through my teeth, most of my friends dont agree with how i live my life and tell me all the time but i dont care.i dont use condoms because i dont like the feel of course thats just what i tell guys because i have herpes also i get yeast infections like crazy so i usually smell but hats why i have a dove tattooed above my pussy and a tramp stamp on my back along with other slut tattoos because i am one and proud of it, i am looking to get pregnant again. ill lead you along and tell you what you want to hear but the time im running games behind your back ask anyone ive been with they’ll tell you the same.  i dream i have a black shadow following me around all the time but im not crazy i swear, ill go on your phone and say that i dont just cause theres no way your touching mine cant have you seeing the things i talk to other people about, four play forget it i only do three positions if your lucky, i gave this girl everything even put her before my family ans she played me like a fucking tool, bitch never deserved me and never will i truly feel bad for any guy that gets with her, the entire time she was with me she was running games and fcking around even in our bed, we liced together and i dod everything for her including giving her a place to live and buying her anything she wanted.hope you have fun with this whore guys i honestly truly feel bad for anyone who wants to get with her or dose, she was applying for porn jobs while being woth me for seven months,the rest says it all.

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Darkside’s Finest

November 11, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: So where do I begin, here we have Christianna Girard (AKA Christianna Marie Girard on Facebook) this little hot ticket fcked over numerous people I happen to know very well. First she dated my friend and they moved in together with a room mate who she was fcking at the same time as she was him. Long story short while this guy was in jail, she continued to mess around by fcking his bestfriend. Then the cherry on top, she decided it would be a great idea one night while she was drinking with him and my bestfriend’s boyfriend to suck my boyfriend’s d*ck and then proceed to fck him too…WHILE THEY WERE ALL IN THE SAME ROOM! Boys beware this girl is a piece of work you don’t wanna mess with.

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Dartmouth Douche

October 21, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik!! This here slattern is Jennifer Corbett the biggest, dirtiest, looses, bold and impudent sleaze in HRM!! She portrays herself as the perfect girlfriend/mother. That is until you discover her dirty little secrets!! She’s a mother of 3. 3 different fathers. She a weekly bar pig. & drags the dirtiest men back to her cat infested apartment which in deadly intoxicated by the aroma of cat SHIT!! She acts and makes people believe she suffers with manic depression, which is her excuse for the many drugs she uses. Not to mention all the late parties and people she has in her home on a daily bases. She dirty dances in front of her children, and makes out with woman and men in her living room while her children are passing through. I had the unpleasant experience of spending a weekend with her. I ended up with an drd, the stench and filth of her house not to mantion her own personal hygiene, were more than I bargained for. PLease post this we need to alarm HRM. You disgusting slut

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Terri Negus

October 20, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: DARTMOUTH BEWARE of TERRI NEGUS a NASTY HOME WRECKING TROLL! My new boyfriend turned her skanky ass down and she became so enraged that she was practically stalking him! Assoon as she found out that he was talking to someone new, she started harassing him and spreading lies about how his new girlfriend had diseases. The only one diseased and trifling is her!

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Pregnancy is Only a Number

August 27, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 19


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we have Sondra Bernard shes originally from the cape but she moved to Halifax for school. In the past year shes had several pregnancy scares and shes slept with half of the foreign community of Halifax this girl literally will take whatever she can find , she doesnt care if your man or woman she wants you. Shes so desperate she even tried flirting with her best friends boy friend while they were together . Did i mention she has a 3 year old in cape Breton that she keeps with her mom while she goes to school and then goes and drinks and party’s every single day. she spent half her college semester drunk. she eats so fucking much that she ends up vomiting everything she ate by the end of the day and she will vomit anywhere she doesn’t care who watches. She also faked her own death and impersonated a police officer just to make A “joke” but her joke back fired when her called the cops on her . This bitch is so ratchet id stay very clear of this one

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Teen Stalker

August 11, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, this guy is Josh Macdonald, age 29 , should be on here to let people know how wrong he is in stocking teen girls and giving them drugs and getting them drunk and then fucking them. He takes in 14 teen to 16 teen year old girls to live at his house and gets them fucked up and fucks them and then kicks them out. been questioned by the cops but never charged. so pleased put him on here.

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Dartmouth Hood

July 30, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is from Churchill in Dartmouth and many people may already know of him. Tremayne Beals. I cannot believe he is still getting woman pregnant!! He has at least 8-10 kids already and that list is climbing. He cheats on almost everyone he dates and at any given time has multiple girls on the go. He beats woman and doesn\’t pay child support to any of the woman that have his children. He doesn\’t have a job and lives with his mother. His temper is bad. He gets these naïve woman to give him money whenever he wants, and even resorts to stealing from many of them. He has even had 2 women pregnant at the same time. And these foolish woman start fights with each other over this loser when they know he is sleeping with all of them and playing them against each other. Its ridiculous!!!! He needs to be snipped and ALL woman need to know, he will use you and leave you and he never wears a condom. Did I forget to mention he has drd and doesn’t tell anyone? Yeah, disgusting.

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