Sara Terry, Money Hungry

April 16, 2014 Boise, Dayton 0 9,679 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is Sara Terry , she will con any man if she thinks that they have money, she sleeps with any one and had for abortions in the last three years. Her ex was a drug dealer but as soon as he what went to jail, she opened upshop, and fcked me and five others that i know about, now she is pregnant again by some poor chump ( jeff seacrest) and getting married, but when her one dude, ( Terry Turner) got out of jail, she went and fcked him all weekend while she was three months along, she is worse then any stripper when it comes to self respect , she is truly a nasty bitch..

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Amy loves the Purple Crayon

April 1, 2014 Columbus, Dayton 1 6,585 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: my childrens father who is on your page donnie. he is a racist yet sleeping with this bitch who has one MIXED kid. She is proud to be one of his hoes. shes trying to make a come up off him and shed never be more to him than a n lover! I found the naked flabby ass pic in his phone, and the other on her page.

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Ashley Loves Purple Crayons

March 31, 2014 Cincinnati, Dayton 30 6,324 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashley Pohranchy and shes another white girl who can’t stay off the black dick, tired of it. Plus she’s like 30 and he’s just 19. !!! Bitch leave our men alone and go back to your white boy baby dad. She straight nasty and always easily in love with any man that pays her attention. Take your ass back to Florida cause Dayton Ohio don’t need ya.

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Tire Theif

November 27, 2013 Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton 137 7,273 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jesse Spurlock, a snitch, a car dealership theif, a U-Haul their and hides in port a Johns lol he’s a loser and he will get his ass beat in jail if he ever goes.

Sounds like he shoulda been a race car driver, or at least work at a go-kart track…- nik

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Dayton Beware

March 20, 2013 Columbus, Dayton 19 14,243 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware Dayton, OH this junkie is hot and has a good line of BS. She is married but will tell you she is in the process of a divorce from an abusive drug addict but the truth is she is a pill head stripper that has multiple boyfriends. She manages to talk her husband into taking her back every time he finds out about her other men. Her pills, drinking, and boyfriends are more important to her than her daughter. She is currently in a rehab program and doing community service for stealing from her last job. She is a master of playing the victim and blaming her dad for fcking her up while she fcks 3+ guys at the same time. On top of having a husband and two boyfriends she also had the drd infested owner of the two nastiest strip clubs in Dayton as her sugar daddy (Michael J, owner of sharkys and the living room). don’t get me wrong this chick is silly hot so its easy to fall for her BS but she is such a good liar that she will make you think you’re the only one and make you feel sorry for her. If you hook up with this twat just use it for what it is as an awesome cum dumpster and nothing else,google her name(jennifer schoeb)and see her mug shot and model pics from fast and sexy magazine. Just make sure and wear a rubber.

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Robert “Bob” Marsh

September 14, 2012 Carson City, Dayton, Reno 19 9,457 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy has drd. He plays ignorant, and when a girl gets symptoms he’s all “it’s ok baby, I still love you, a similar thing happened to MY EX. And then when he gets tested and “finds out” he has it, he gives this line about how oops, as a little kid his grandma/aunt/cousin had it, and kissed him on a cut on his cheek, so maybe that’s where it,s from because sometimes his face breaks out… all of this is AFTER having sex and/or being in a relationship. PIECE OF SHIT life-ruiner.

Never trust anyone with an excessive # of pics with their shirt off.- nik

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Nasty Blanchester Sloot

September 5, 2012 Cincinnati, Dayton 21 10,666 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is other diseased half of deadbeat dad from dayton, and hes not from dayton. This is what you do when your baby is three weeks old. Mentally unbalanced. Just like her boobs

Her cleavage looks warped by photoshop, but that’s just what happens when you squeeze flapjacks together.- nik

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Deadbeat Dad From Dayton

August 27, 2012 Cincinnati, Dayton 74 7,670 Views

Deadbeat Dad/Manhoee

Deadbeat Dad/Manhoee

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy a a total piece of sh*t. He rides around in his multi-colored 91 Honda CRX and thinks hes a bad*ss. He will hook up with anyone including meeting up at hotels with people off of craigslist. You will find him at the strip clubs in Dayton throwing down what little money he has (that he should be spending on his newborn son). He works temp jobs because he’s too much of a douchee for anyoneto hire him at a REAL job. Dont let him fool you he’s really good at putting on the good guy act!!

Nice moobs.  You get those from a needle or vitamin pack…- nik

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