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Is Boxing Really That Fake

October 27, 2011 Delaware, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Morning in DE, B-Hop was at the Hockessin Athletic Club, in Delaware… Tell me this Why would a guy with a separated shoulder be at the gym a week later? Is Boxing really faker than WWE? Here is his car, and proof he was there! I would get you a pic inside but they kick you out for taking pics of members inside.

He didn’t park the right way.- nik

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Smack Talking Metal Face

October 14, 2011 Delaware 12

Shit talking wanna be

Shit talking wanna be

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tony, but she likes to go by “metalface”. She talks so much sh*t and never backs it up. Everything that comes out of this b*tches mouth is bullsh*t. She thinks she is so sexy, but she looks like a retard got a hold of a nail gun. She likes to girls sl*ts and sh*t like that but she is always wearing belly shirts letting her little rolls hang out, with short skirts or short shorts. B*tch check yoself before you wreck yourself cause your full of yourself. Oh and she wears 15 pounds of eyeliner, as you can, but if you take a look at the last picture, you can see why she does, it’s pretty scary under there.

Why am I seeing chest hair in the bottom picture.- nik

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Local Bar Star/Elementary Teacher

May 25, 2011 Delaware 82

Local Bar Whore aka Elementary Teacher?????

Local Bar Whore aka Elementary Teacher?????

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl’s name is Rebecca McGinnes and she is a single mother of two young boys and an elementary school teacher here in Wilmington, DE. Now here’s the dirt….currently she has no man due the fact that every weekend she gets her father to watch her kids while she is out getting completely sloshed and flashing everyone in the bar with her fake t*ts (which look like sh*t might I add) in hopes that some pathetic dude will give in and actually wanna hit it. But no one ever does except for dustheads and other shady characters. Then the violence begins when she doen’t get her way. She has been banned from 2 locations in less than 11 weeks and was also committed to a mental hospital due to suicidal tendencies and threats. But as soon as she was released she went right back to teaching little children. Unfortunately the school district is unaware of her condition and continues to allow her to instruct and closely interact with the small children in her classroom. As a parent I can definitely say I would not want her teaching my child!

Woman with +2′s should not be allowed to teach.- nik

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Liz Ackles Is Really Ari Brugh

April 4, 2011 ASU, Delaware, New York, The Dirty 64

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this “Elizabeth Ackles” or “Stacey Elizabeth Ackles” or “Liz Ackles” girl was calling and texting my bf for months! She says that she lives in California and goes back to NYC occasionally and that she went to school @ the University of Deleware. She has a NYC phone number and claims that she is single (and looking for a guy). She preys on the NFL and the NHL to the ECHL hockey circuit. She practically dated my boyfriend over the phone. He was stupid enough to send her gifts and money and as she always promised to come see him. Then her car would “break down” her grandparents would “die” etc. all to get out of going to see him. Please understand this was before us. The only reason that I started looking her up is that she messaged him one day after we had been together for a few months and I asked who it was. He said some girl he used to talk to (which was right after he signed his big NFL contract). Well I started doing some research and did a reverse look up on her number because she started to be come a stalker. When he told her to stop calling and texting because he was in a relationship it started getting worse with phone calls and messages and dirty pictures. It was out of control. ANYWAY- After doing the reverse look up on her phone it came up as a person named Renee Ricardo who lives in NYC. Then I Googled her name and her pictures showed up on TheDirty as Ari Brugh. Ari Brugh is actually a real person. I was surprised at how much work “Elizabeth Ackles” or “Renee Ricardo” or even “John Ricardo” has put into this fake profile. It’s absolute ridiculous. It scares me that they might be scammers. I have read all of these comments that “Elizabeth Ackles” is really Ari Brugh. Well it so happens that a friend of mine went to school with her.. didn’t know her very well but is friends with her on FB. He said that she has posted a few times “Elizabeth Ackles you are a creep stop stealing my pictures” “Elizabeth Ackles is not me.. she is fake” etc. My guy friend asked her and her sister and a few of her friends (which by the way this “Elizabeth Ackles” girl has made facebooks for each of her friends. The facebook has been around since 2008 so that’s why it looks so legit. My boyfriend plays in the NFL but he knows some guys in the NHL from the town we live and he plays in. People talk about her from the NFL to the NBA to NHL and even as far asthe AHL and the CHL and even the minor leagues of the ECHL and know that she is fake. It’s kind of like getting “Ackled” they call it. “Ackled” is when she starts to talk to one of the athletes and they think she is real so they start talking on the phone every day… send text messages.. dirty messages… and then it ends in heart break when someone finally tells the athlete that she is fake. Here are some pics to show you what I mean….. Anyone with more information please please come forward! I would like to put this to a stop. These people might be scammers! For Ari’s sake and for all of the simple minded Athletes that keep getting screwed over!

You are welcome Ari. When are people going to realize that 75% of hot chicks on Facebook are really dudes. Facebook is a web of lies to extort and con people. Even if the person is really… what they spew is lies so they can feel better about themselves. The world is insecure and that is why we have social networks.- nik


Barry Zito’s New Girlfriend From ASU

Gorgeous Blonde From ASU

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Dakota McDonald

March 31, 2011 Delaware 1

Dakota McDonald

Dakota McDonald

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this guy right here has got to be the biggest man whore in coquitlam he has lists of all the girls hes slept with in alphabetical order he sleeps with nasty girls and normal girls hes far from attractive and ronchy he needs to face reality and get off his high horse he thinks he’s the shit when he’s gross and girls that have been with him are embarrassed!

I’m more concerned about the dude with the Ed Farty shirt and the receding hairline.- nik

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Delaware Sloot

December 22, 2010 Delaware, Ohio 28

biggest hoe in delaware ohio

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty little thing (the one with black hair) is cheynea andrews. she is known ALL over ohio for being the biggest skank. she bragged about having sex with 10 guys in a WEEK. this bitch is now pregnant, an claims her current boyfriend is the babys dad, BUT how would she even know when she had over 4 boyfriends this past month.? she even dated an older man, an when i say older, i mean 43 (shes 19) this bitch needs to be put on blast an needs a plug put up her cooter. all i wonder is what do these guys see in her?

A warm hole.- nik

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AC Slater Comes To Delaware

August 6, 2010 Delaware, The Dirty 72

AC Slater comes to Delaware??????

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This Bar in Delaware the Dizzy Bulldogs brings celebrities to there venue like every month Mario Lopez was there this past weekend. Delaware has lame bars and NO clubs def not a place a celebrity wants to come to but he keeps paying and they keep coming. Nik you think the money is that tight for these celebs or the money is to good to turn down? And they got Vinny from the jersey shore coming next. The place is small how they pulling this off?

You know your town has a problem when AC Slater is the only one with a normal shirt on.- nik

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Meathead Madness

March 12, 2010 Delaware 3

Meathead Madness

Meathead Madness

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,. This is Matt. He thinks he’s the sh*t because he’s tan and “built”. What most of his female victims don’t know is that he used to be the fat kid in high school, until he moved out after graduation and lost all his weight – literally, all of it. His extracurricular activities are tanning, going to the gym everyday, having “dates” with his bff (another gym junky), shooting needles full of steriods into his *ss, taking pictures of his lumpy d*ck and sending them to multiple girls, lying his *ss off, shaving his entire body, chasing after girls fresh outta high school (he’s 25!), and studying the movie “How to be a Player”. He is the most pathetic wanna-be Jersey Shore player. Everytime he runs around on a girl, he gets caught. What kind of player is that? He is 100% FAKE. The best part of it all is that he claims interracial relations is “gross”, but he recently started running around with a black girl. Ladies, take the warning . . . He’s NO good!

Tan and in shape…sure you sent in the right pics.  This guy looks like he slices pepperonis for a living.- nik

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