Im in love with Joradan Keali

April 18, 2014 Denver 7 5,663 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m in love with Jordan Keali. I see her all the time downtown at Sports Column and she’s always with her cow friends. Why does such a thick and sexy woman like her hang with dumb ugly cows? I went to try and talk to her and some HUGE FATTY named Kelly got in my way and said her friend would talk to me if I buy her and her friends a round of drinks. I went to the bar and bought 7 top shelf drinks and then SHE WOULD’NT EVEN GIVE ME THE TIME OF DAY. She’s always out with black African dudes so I know I don’t stand a chance. I thought she was an upstanding Christian but in person she’s got a ton of cellulite and a cold sore on her lip. She’s a lot fatter than her IG pics show. She’ll prob have her big black man’s baby soon. She loves photoshop. What a waste.

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Daneda Olmos

April 18, 2014 Denver 6 8,909 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Whut up Nik? Let me introduce this slut Daneda Olmos. She is Denvers biggest hoe. She is well known around Swansea and the softball fields. This hoe pretends to be all goody goody but on the real she buys fools shoes to fuck her. And trust me all these fools have ladies but of course that doesnt matter to her. She is trying to be a hang banger now but its more like she gets gang banged by all the sides in denver. This hoes is engaged now to some nutty but seems to me shes not to happy about it because if she was she would make sure to let everyone know that she is, just like she tells everyone where she works (dish network in Littleton) listen here homie you cant make a hoe into a house wife! Especially an alcoholic Jd’s bar fly!!!! Yes thats her ghetto ass 1980s Eclipse in front of Jds Bar.

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The Denver Chomo

April 18, 2014 Denver 6 9,197 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik This REGISTERED Sex Offender is Named Jesse Abeyta…He Claims to be a Gang Member affiliated with WKS and I guess now he’s a O.g GKI but come on now How can you be a gangster when Ur a Sex offender Chomo ass Nigga. He thinks he can pull all kinds of Girls but there all Young as Hell or have kids that are teenagers ..smfh Dude Now claims that money ain’t shit but that’s only Cause His Punk ass Got fired from the city from bein a Chomo ..and that Benz he Had come on playa All those payments didn’t mean shit when they repoed it haha …Watch Out Denver you can find this creep Lurking on School playgrounds or on your local sex offender list …

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Ana Will Try And Use You

April 17, 2014 Denver, The Dirty 30 97,159 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is addicted to Pepsi… And is a pathological liar and a thief. I met her at Chloe, where she increased the tip I gave her when she waited on my friends and I for bottle service. Come to find out she will do anything she can to get a little extra cash. Keep your eye out for this one. She is gorgeous on the outside but is dead on the inside (on the left). She claims to be getting herself together and getting an education, after getting kicked out of CSU for trying to sleep with her professor… Class act this one.

If I remember correctly, she has no chest.- nik

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Incest With The Bidwells

April 17, 2014 Denver 10 10,188 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Corrine Marie Bidwell/Williams has sex with her brother coulter Bidwell. She locked her brothers girlfriend in the garage to have sex with him. Her no husband found a box of love letters that her and her brother write to each other. She’s a c*ke whore who like her brother and fathers to sexually desire her and gets Jelioys of her dad’s wife and her brothers girlfriends. She married a man that acts just like her brother. She like to talk about her naked boobies to her brother. She called her brother once while having sex with her boyfriend at the time. She uses sex to get her way and cant take care of herself. She sleeps with her husbands friends too. She has a crush on her cousin who looks like her brother.

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Grimy Mario Cruz

April 17, 2014 Denver, Kansas City 13 6,466 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Talk about a low life who thinks he’s a hot ass stud! Hummm is he really? No guess again he’s a broke ass who can’t support his two daughters. He always gets drunk can’t hold a job an rather free load off everyone else. He don’t take care of his kids or pay child support. Let’s see what other chick he plays miss innocent to an let her pay for everything oooh wait maybe he’ll buy dinner sometime from Taco Bell!!!

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Christian Rapper

April 17, 2014 Denver 0 8,039 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Danny Rodriguez, he think he is this awesome Christian rapper, and lives in a godly way! But all he is a wanna be who has his mama raise all 3 of his kids or has his pathetic sister raise them for him! Do us all a favor get a job and stop claiming your the best dad when you can\’t even take care of them!!!

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Ray Morales

April 17, 2014 Denver 27 6,188 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Id like to introduce you to Ray Made Bitch Morales. This drd infested p*ssy is the biggest whore in the US. He cheats on all his girlfriends and passes around clymitia and drd! He play’s father of the year to a home wrecking whore’s daughter but won’t take care or be with his REAL daughter. He says he is a bachelor but lives off of women or his parents. Woman beater yeah he is that. Dead beat dad he is that too. Always fcking his homeboy’s ladies and his so called cousins. Ray you are far from a made man. You are nothing but a bitch! Talking a bunch of shit but aint about shit. Joke is on your Chinese looking fat ass. Yeah bitches will want you til they see your little  infested dick!

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