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Section 8 Sloot

November 26, 2014 Denver, Dirty Mugshots 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Esperanza Pena aka Es martinez perfect example of a section 8 slut who never take care of their kids you can never catch her with her kids but you can always catch you at a raunchy little bar such as mgmz in fact its been told she uses her whole child support check to buy shots at the bar with the same sloppy bitches how sad a mother two boys don’t even know who one of them dad Is so she keeps dumping him off on the first sons dad the bitch only pays $13 and rent a month and gets like 500 dollars in food stamps but can’t even pay her bills and feed her kids because she sells them to go out to the bar and we ain’t done yet get this she even drove 5 hours out of state just to sell her pussy and got caught! and yet the whore is still behind in rent her kids always have dirty clothes and she can never find them one of them is only 11 and is already on juvenile probation for he was trying to steal him and his brother school supplies they were even caught panhandling out of McDonalds to get money to eat the saddest thing about it is she only has two sons and she’s always try to drop him off on everyone it sounds like we have another deadbeat lost cause for a mother!!!! instead of worry about fcking everyone & thinking she’s cute she should be worried about taking care of her son THATS IF SHE CAN FIND THEM!!! hopefully when she sees a shell realize what a big whore she is to start being a better mother

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Wrinkled Shishi Mcgee

November 26, 2014 Denver 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is sheena “shishi” “kolerz” “wrinkle face” schnell, the face of the dirty! You can hide youre face n change your name bitch but you can’t hide that past of urz. The most annoying thing boutz this hoe is she think she a reformed hoe or something! This broke ass is always complaining about her bills, begging for a 2nd job, complaining about always overdraftimg her account! If your broke ass would get off your back and stay out the bars and stop sniffing coke maybe you could pay your damn bills! Sorry excuse for a mom! Get it together. Put your clothes on, no one wants to see your old ass, filtered as fuck pics. And whats wit her weird Jax obsession?????!!! Fucking weirdo, keep your masterbating material to yourself with that blown out roast beef sandwich wit Xtra cheese!

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A Toys For Tatas Thanksgiving At Bar Standard In Denver

November 25, 2014 Denver, The Dirty 0


Ladies may the odds forever be in your favor. The holidays are here which means Saint Nik is in a giving mood thanks to my friend and +2′s specialist Dr. Martin [click here to see what he looks like]. A special thank you to Bar Standard in Denver, Colorado — they want to give toys to the children and make the world a better looking place all in one night. Ladies of Denver don’t miss out on your chance to win FREE breast implants (life changing)!!!! I will see you November 26th at Bar Standard!!- nik

Here’s how it works: CLICK HERE TO READ ENTRY RULES!!! – Each NEW toy ($10 value or more) that you bring gets you an additional raffle ticket. Bring up to 10 new toys for the charity, and get 10 additional raffle tickets. Also, raffle tickets can be bought onsite for only $10. For those of you who want to take it up a notch, you will receive 10 raffle tickets for each bottle of liquor you buy at your VIP bottle service table! Raffle will be held onsite and will be filmed for validity. All toys collected will be donated to Volunteers of America for distribution to Denver youth.

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Wannabe Bonnie and Clyde

November 25, 2014 Denver 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this wanna be Bonnie and Clyde decided they wanted be the real deal Bonnie and Clyde. Dylan has been running drugs for a friend of his named “D”. Well he can’t make one trip from colorado or humboldt back to Texas with out being drunk. The whole time his so called fiance is stealing money from him. She takes sooo many bars that she ends up stealing from her own girlfriends then blaming it on someone else. The funniest part is that Dylan believes her and even admits to giving her $500 for a blow job LOL! Like seriously his own girl won’t touch his dick with out first getting money to spend. This being his first and only ever girlfriend he is too scared to leave her. Well they decided they had to move to denve colorado with their buddy “d” the brains of the operation. Just beware my friends of denver of you ever see either of these people RUN! She will steal from anyone and everyone and when they finally get caught running all that weed either form Dylan Taylor’s rental car history or from a stupid mistake they end up making you better believe they’re taking down everyone around them with them.

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Chasin Tags

November 24, 2014 Denver 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet one of the trashiest white trash whores in Colorado. She will fck anything that will give her attention, smells like sour milk and is a home hopper / tag chaser ! She was with a guy that was serving his country then runs and screws his friend and you guessed another military guy. She always talks about what a little penis the guy she cheated on her ex has but Kim if you wasn’t such a dirty ass pig maybe your vagina would still have walls lmfao

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Too Soon

November 24, 2014 Denver 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jordan and homie hopping whore Dev. have been together for a whole two months and are already expecting a baby. Jordan has slept with four women in the past few months and just happened to get HER pregnant. He’s unloyal, dirty, and comes from a trash family. Not to mention, Devanney has been with half her baby daddy’s crew. This couple is going to break up before the baby’s due date. Sit back and watch, ladies and gents.

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Straight man, now dating a lesbian

November 24, 2014 Denver 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Straight bald man, always in a hat, taking steroids. Now dating a previous said to be lesbian woman!

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Flake Britney Cheyenne Aragon

November 24, 2014 Denver 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This ugly little troll looking gremlin is Brittany Cheyenne Aragon. she is the little bitch who left her BFF dead in the car. The car lost control by a guy driver crashed into a power pole and Bernadette Trujillo was the victim. Brittany and 2 other pussies ran away from the scene and called NO ! She even lied about being with her so called sister bff Who does that? She didn’t call 911 someone else did and she could have survived If they would have called the cops for help instead of running away like some punks!Her excuse she was scared lol stupid bitch. Now she’s on her Facebook crying that people crop her out of pictures that Bernadette’s friends and family post. That should be a clue you’re not welcome bitch. No one cares that are feeling sorry for yourself saying you could have died. You didn’t die you let your best friend die! Ride or die right? Yup she was the rider and YOU left HER TO DIE! And you have the nerve to disrespect MY COUSIN WHICH IS BERNS MOM! Fuck you no one wanted you at the funeral! NO ONE! You post all these things so we can see them. No one gives a Fuck u miss our Bernadette You shouldn’t have ran hoe! How many people cut you off after this? No one likes you! You thought u were going to replace Bernna. Lol your not even close to replacing her. Your still a ugly cooked bitch they took out of the oven to soon. SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU If any one thinks I’m fcked up for posting it Google the story Bernadette Trujillo Pueblo Co 16 year old dies RIP BERN

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