Pregnant Nancy

April 22, 2014 Denver 8 9,545 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well diiz Nancy Rojas. (REDZ) and she iiz consiidered one of the sluttiiest giirls at ddiiz bar called Stone the club in the ciity of Denver and she goes to other clubs near by or her favoriite club CHURCH thiis biitch is 6months pregnant and iis whoriing around wiit all these men at the bars and clubs and has already told 3 diiferent guys dat shes pregnant from all 3. She needs a DNA TEST and HIV TEST thiis liitle skank gave drd to her ex Juan so watch out bcuz u miight be next. She’s always after new diick at the clubs or bars even at her own workplace and liikes suckiing C*** so be careful wiit diiz skanky cunt be on the lookout for her. She also has drd other than she’s pre go she liikes going around all bars and smelling and lookiing for new D*** all day everyday. Pregnant Whore.

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Owner of Platinum84

April 22, 2014 Denver 19 5,678 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this piece of shit is Scott Raja Richter. Biggest douchebag ever…if you don’t want to fuk be prepared to be blown up on every social media site…he acts like a 5 year old when you don’t give him what he wants. Disgusting pathetic old man. He clearly proves money cant buy happiness… This guy is miserable and alone. Do I need to say more?

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Amber Roybal

April 21, 2014 Denver 4 8,802 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik-this is Amber Roybal, Denver’s trashiest hooker to date. She really likes bragging about how she dated Birdman (during his pedophile days) and trolls forums and sites like this pretending to be someone else to talk herself up. Reality is, that she’s an ex Diamond stripper, who’s given at least half of Denver drd. She likes to find guys with money, tells them she’s on birth control, thus getting knocked up. She does all of this so she can weasel child support out of them because she has no job (unless you count hooking). When she’s not busy being a craig’s list escort, she’s neglecting her 2 kids in favor of coke, pills, special K, and anything else she can fit up her nose. If any of you are unfortunate enough to sleep with her, then be prepared to be stalked incessantly, have your phone and FB blown up, and be visiting the nearest drd clinic. She’ll also look up any ex GFs that she can find, and tell them compulsive lie after lie until her psycho quota is met. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Seriously..

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A Shim/Herm

April 21, 2014 Denver 31 8,455 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I will make this short nd simple for u! Need this posted to WARN OTHERS OF COLORADO THIS IS A TRANSGENDER MALE!BORN ROY CASILLAS GOES BY RAELEE CASILLAS NOW! .. plz let it be knwn!

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Tay Tay The Gay Gay

April 21, 2014 Denver 0 9,804 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Tay Tay, I had the unfortunate experience of dating this loser. He not only dresses more girly than I do, but he even told me “I love when other people think i’m gay”. Not only is he too broke to even buy a 40, he also lives on a couch. He fcks every orange hoe in the city. And he has a lazy eye because his ex punched him in the face. I think he just needs to come out of the closet already, what do you think nik?

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Arvada Snitch

April 21, 2014 Denver 4 9,019 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: F**Got ass fu sayz hez a GanGster but hez an imformant fro the fedz sayz hez a WestSide blood he aint shit Hiz brotherz say there GKI’z but theyr black & therez no black GKI’z, WTF ????? That song “Lookin Ass Niggaz” was written about him lmao #SQUADUP #BANGBANG #OBLOCK#OBLOCK#LMFAO

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Mexican Barstar

April 21, 2014 Denver 9 9,017 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch right here is Christina santillan (tina) she’s Denver’s biggest Mexican bar slut she goes to any Mexican bars that Will let her in n she loves the married men so plz watch out for this s.t.d spreading s***** w**** who open her legs for any married man! n if you fucked with her get checked cuz this bitch has all of wallmart and ross with chlamydia

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Im in love with Joradan Keali

April 18, 2014 Denver 20 5,832 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m in love with Jordan Keali. I see her all the time downtown at Sports Column and she’s always with her cow friends. Why does such a thick and sexy woman like her hang with dumb ugly cows? I went to try and talk to her and some HUGE FATTY named Kelly got in my way and said her friend would talk to me if I buy her and her friends a round of drinks. I went to the bar and bought 7 top shelf drinks and then SHE WOULD’NT EVEN GIVE ME THE TIME OF DAY. She’s always out with black African dudes so I know I don’t stand a chance. I thought she was an upstanding Christian but in person she’s got a ton of cellulite and a cold sore on her lip. She’s a lot fatter than her IG pics show. She’ll prob have her big black man’s baby soon. She loves photoshop. What a waste.

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