Denver | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Not Jesus

December 3, 2014 Denver 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty smelly couchsurfing loser is Travis Usher, or also known as The Purple Jesus. This guy thinks he’s super special around all his burner friends but really, all he does is use you and mooch off you until you have nothing left to offer. If you dont want to help him in any way either he’ll turn into a pushy jerk to get what he wants. He never showers, maybe once a year at least, who smells like trash and whiskey. Oh and if he doesn’t agree with you he’ll plug his ears then look for the next victim to use. I tried telling him I wasn’t the one who broke into his friends apartment but he just wouldn’t listen. Always gave me such a hard time because of it. He gave up on me because my car broke down and I couldn’t be his taxi service.

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Fake N Sloppy

December 2, 2014 Denver 98

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here it is! I know some females are going to be happy this dirty MF finally made it to the Dirty! Introducing Mr. Joshua Garcia Mr. Hardest North Sider Mr. I’m Engaged to be married Mr. having kids every where! Joshua clams to be the hardest and all in all he is nothing but a dead beat fake! He goes around finding any bitch that will fall for his lies. One minute he is getting married the next he is in love with his baby mom but NO ONE knew about his baby, wtf really? Yes he played me and I was cool at first I took his dis as a lesson learned, but then! I found out he was suppose to be getting married then I find out from a friend he got one of his flings knocked up and was dissing her out too! He is a loser! He WILL SAY JUST ABOUT ANYTHING to make you believe he is always fighting, always in trouble, but he really isn’t about shit! Oh and if you slept with Mr. Garcia go get checked! I hope my boys catch him! For every female he put through hell and for dissing me as hard as he did! FUCK YOU JOSHUA AND YOU WILL GET YOURS!! YOUR POOR BABY MOM(S) AND FIANCE FELL FOPR A SORRY ASS!!!!

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Kimberly Fake ass Hannon

December 2, 2014 Denver, Houston 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, This bitch name is Kimberly Hannon.. She is a back stabbing slut!! She likes to Fck around with other notches dudes and other dudes Chicks!! She has no boundaries. She even sleeps around with married men.. uhm GROSS!!!She is always talking Bad about others (even her “Friends”). She has a huge ass forehead and she has bad teeth. I guess drugs would do that haha. Also, She is always posting pictures of her with her tits hanging out so she can try to get attention.. (attention whore).. Anyways.. Kim, lose weight, fix your teeth, stay out of peoples lives AND give the aliens their forehead back!!! Lmao

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Nicki Gee

December 1, 2014 Denver 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, let me introduce you to shanique Montoya aka Nickii G. Recently single, AGAIN and looking to party and get fcked and turn up lol if you got a bottle a blunt and a place to get turnt, this hoodrat will be you biggest fan. Look for her this weekend, she’ll be the sloppy drunk giving blowjobs to “the homies” at house parties lol Most of you know this cock mouth bitch for her gross saggy titties she’s so proud of. She is the biggest skank I’ve ever met and has no class whatsoever! I’ll admit her titties are big but sweetie I’ve seen picture of them and if I were her I’d be embarrassed to show them off the way she does lmao! They sag in her bra and we all know when it comes off those bitches hit her belly button. I know because She sent pics to an ex of mine. This dumb hoe used to talk to my ex when we were together. She would send gross pics and videos of her nasty ass vag and saggy tits when they would sext lol eww it was not sexy either lol The sad part is, I seen the exact same disgusting saggy pics of her in most of his homies phones too. One Of her “homies” said she let him fck her raw and she smelled the whole area up like tuna salad. Gag! This Nasty ass bitch is supposedly a lesbian now, (I’m guessing because no guys want her anymore or would wife a whore who’s been ran through by the whole crew so she had to settle for the v) but she’s a hoe and the gremlin looking bitch can’t stay off the D if her life depended on it. That’s probably why her “wifey” Vic left her smelly ass. Every time they break up she’s no longer lesbian and turns strait and fucks guys. Hardcore thug lol hardcore lesbian haha please! the only thing this fat troll goes hard on is dick! She has a kid she can’t afford. She has no job, no house, and no money but the hoodrat can afford that tacky black and silver eyeshadow she wears EVERYDAY lol learn how to blend and shampoo hunny, Her hair is always greasy! Nicki ain’t about shit but being a whore and will fck anything. Literally. Guys. Girls. Your dog too if it could Stand the smell of her vd infested twat. This bitchs breath permanently smells like balls. She has no shame! So be careful Brighton and Denver, this lesbian WILL fck your man if he flirts with her. Sound it out Nikki, yoooouuuuu Cclllaaaaaaasssssslessss slllluuuuuuutttttt hhhhhaaaahhhhaaaa. (She’ll understand that)

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Denver Bronco Quanterus Smith Is A Cheap Ass

December 1, 2014 Denver, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 436


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Denver Bronco Quanterus Smith came into our establishment and we gave him impeccable service. This cheap ass decided to tip Molly nothing. He needs to be exposed.

I like how he crossed out the zeros to make sure you knew he ain’t payin sh*t.- nik

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Ella La Bella Needs To Stop

December 1, 2014 Denver 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, dear Marcin gnida, please tell your manatee of a gf I will no longer meet her up by her school to bone her. I have no need for her flat ass pictures so tell her to quit sending them. Plus it’s a big turn off when she makes the kiddy face to the mirror while I screw her. Thanks

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Section 8 Sloot

November 26, 2014 Denver, Dirty Mugshots 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Esperanza Pena aka Es martinez perfect example of a section 8 slut who never take care of their kids you can never catch her with her kids but you can always catch you at a raunchy little bar such as mgmz in fact its been told she uses her whole child support check to buy shots at the bar with the same sloppy bitches how sad a mother two boys don’t even know who one of them dad Is so she keeps dumping him off on the first sons dad the bitch only pays $13 and rent a month and gets like 500 dollars in food stamps but can’t even pay her bills and feed her kids because she sells them to go out to the bar and we ain’t done yet get this she even drove 5 hours out of state just to sell her pussy and got caught! and yet the whore is still behind in rent her kids always have dirty clothes and she can never find them one of them is only 11 and is already on juvenile probation for he was trying to steal him and his brother school supplies they were even caught panhandling out of McDonalds to get money to eat the saddest thing about it is she only has two sons and she’s always try to drop him off on everyone it sounds like we have another deadbeat lost cause for a mother!!!! instead of worry about fcking everyone & thinking she’s cute she should be worried about taking care of her son THATS IF SHE CAN FIND THEM!!! hopefully when she sees a shell realize what a big whore she is to start being a better mother

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Wrinkled Shishi Mcgee

November 26, 2014 Denver 119

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is sheena “shishi” “kolerz” “wrinkle face” schnell, the face of the dirty! You can hide youre face n change your name bitch but you can’t hide that past of urz. The most annoying thing boutz this hoe is she think she a reformed hoe or something! This broke ass is always complaining about her bills, begging for a 2nd job, complaining about always overdraftimg her account! If your broke ass would get off your back and stay out the bars and stop sniffing coke maybe you could pay your damn bills! Sorry excuse for a mom! Get it together. Put your clothes on, no one wants to see your old ass, filtered as fuck pics. And whats wit her weird Jax obsession?????!!! Fucking weirdo, keep your masterbating material to yourself with that blown out roast beef sandwich wit Xtra cheese!

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