The Baby Maker

April 15, 2014 Denver 18 8,511 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Alexis Lucero. Four kids, how many different babies dads does she have? More then a couple. Most likely living off the government, even though she swears she’s not. Don’t lie bitch. She can’t keep a guy if her life depended on it. They just use her, impregnate her, then leave her. I guess she’s ok with that. Except for on the weekends when she’s drunk, lonely and horny. Posting stuff on facebook saying she’s ready for a boyfriend. No honey, you’re ready for birth control and your tubes tied. Which guy wants to get her pregnant next? I’m sure she’ll let you, step in line.

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Washed Up DJ

April 15, 2014 Denver 116 10,060 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet dj devonte’s old ass. He’s basically an old whore trying to settle down and stay relevant. Gets wasted while djing, what a fool. Cracks dumb ass jokes on facebook that only people kissing his ass like. Several baby mommas, and he just had another kid with someone else. Poor girl, she just became another one of his baby mommas. How embarrassing for her. Does he even care for his other kids? Probably not. He wishes he could be dj chonz. Keep trying disgusting bastard, you ain’t even respectable.

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The Big Booty Cheeseburger

April 15, 2014 Denver 3 9,674 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to start..? So Janell Duran is a little slore that even after two kids can’t seem to keep her legs closed to the male population, why anyone would want the female monkey eared version of J-Leno is beyond me but I guess when your bored vag is vag haha and then her “sissy” Brianna Anderson…girlfriend is obviously the champ at downing cheeseburgers…I don’t know how she finds time when she’s getting drunk like “good” moms do and being used for her money by a dude that cheated on her left and right but who wouldn’t? Ha she’s a fat backwards prostitute lol These slores try to act like they’re real like many do but all they REALLY are about is opening their mouths and legs. Be on a look out Denver they are walking, unfortunately talking drd’s haha

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Community Slore

April 15, 2014 Denver, Kansas City 7 5,825 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: what a whore ….can’t wait to move up out these apt to get away from this fake ass couple…..once a whore always a whore

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Hottest Man On Earth

April 15, 2014 Denver, The Dirty 216 111,805 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this gorgeous man has just made his way to the mile high city. He is an ex model and is single! All the women out here are drooling over him and he is slaying girls left and right, who ever lands him will be one lucky lady.  Nik, my husband even saw a picture of this guy and told me he wouldn’t even be mad if I had sex with him?  Is that weird?

He looks like a Gay. Look at his delicate hand placement in this picture… come on now.- nik

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POS Women Beater Jeremiah

April 14, 2014 Denver 1 6,496 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is jd or Jeremiah. He talks how big shot he is but fact is, he is not. You can find jd on any local sex sites. He says he is a awesome dad but yet never around. He beats women and his temper is out of control. He has warts on the top of his johnson. He will tell you how much money he doesn’t make or the truck that daddy bought this 29 year old that he keeps wrecking. He sends ton of the same dic pictures to tons of women. Drinks everyday so ladies enjoy & put this ass on blast!

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Contagious Anna Schwake

April 14, 2014 Denver 5 7,258 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Anna Schwake. To put it simple, she is a self centered infected backstabbing attention craving WHORE. She will do anything she can to get and keep poor unsuspecting guys wrapped around her finger regardless of who she hurts in the process. I personally know of four close friends of hers she has tried to steal men from. She will sleep with anything that moves, without warning them she is positive for drd and c*ydia of which I have seen paperwork proof. She blames it on her ex boyfriend, but I have seen his paperwork as well and is clean. She carries no regard for others, refusing to recognize her outrageous being and constantly playing the victim. She comes off as very sweet and caring initially, but this is not who she is! If you know her or come across her, I strongly advise you keep your distance. Ladies, you will lose your men. Men, you will end up with something you can’t get rid of.

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Pepsi Twins of Hiccups Bar Riley and Nicolette

April 14, 2014 Denver 10 8,696 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Both of these girls do so much coke they both singly account for most of the use in northern CO.  I’m surprised both haven’t od’d yet nik. Both these slores hang out at this bar called hiccups and drink there all the time. Best of all Nicolette is underage and won’t be 21 for 2 more years and hiccups staff still serve her and let her in. Bars Nicolette likes to drink at include Hiccups, Los Arcos, Castlemans downtown, and 3 Margaritas around 144th where she lives. Nicolette loves hanging out with this older lady who could be her mom and has a daughter very VERY close to her age. Nicolette and Riley have both wrecked and totaled their cars multiple times and gotten DUI’s. Both their cars have dents all over them from hit and runs when either of them were drunk and driving around town. Nicolette has had three miscarrages from all the coke and booze she drinks with constant visits to the hospital for health problems from it. Riley’s had her kid taken away multiple times and claims she has full custody but nobody ever sees him. Riley will sleep with any man for a line of *oke off their dicks and she never uses condoms when she fcks. Married, in a relationship, 30 years older Riley doesnt care as long as you got the line she’ll give you the time. Her own grandmother as well as her mother hate her guts cause she can’t support her son but can afford to support her habit of a 8 ball a day. These two are a match made in Escobar heaven.

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