Serial Rapist

October 28, 2014 Denver 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Andy Miller. ANDY MILLER SUFFERS FROM SCHIZOAFFECTIVE DISORDER! (I saw his prescriptions.) Andy Miller is a perpetual drug abuser, rapist, & stalker! Andy Miller likes to lure young women in by posing as a sugar daddy; however, he’s really just a damaged John looking for cheap thrills. On August 19, 2014, Andy Miller invited me over to his home in Cherry Creek, where I was drugged…and later sexually assaulted in my sleep. When I reported my incident to the police, I was informed that I wasn’t the first woman he’s done this to. Andy Miller has been stalking me since September 6, 2013. Please put this old, disgusting PIG on blast so he doesn’t damage anymore young women! His email addresses are [removed]

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Denvers Dirtiest

October 27, 2014 Denver 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hoe deserves to be on here because she has burned all of her friends. She either slept with their men, owes them money, or stole from them. The worse part about this nasty ass hoe is her pussy stinks so bad. At first I didn’t believe it until alot of my guy friends that fuked her all said it. Also be careful. Don’t use the bathroom after her. The smell is so bad. After she pees. It stinks of the entire bathroom. Do you not smell yourself? I’m not sure if she has an std or yeast infection. But Daisha please do all of Denver a favor and go get checked. Our noses can’t take much more of your smelly fishy p*ssy.

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Stinky Amber

October 27, 2014 Denver 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is amber herrera everybody knows her by stinky cow she thinks she a club promoter in denver whitch i dont know who would want her stinky ass to promote her breath smells like shit and she smells like really bad bo and shes a big girl that needs to drop a couple pounds she thinks her shit dont stink and she likes to start stuff on facebook with everyone instead of talking shit she should lay off the twinkies denver stay clear of this stinky cow.

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Homie hoppin whore

October 23, 2014 Denver 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Amanda lucero Denver’s trailer park hoe who gets it in good with a guy then let’s them use her to fck her nasty ass roast beef pussy, then drives her car, and use her for money. Once they drop her psycho ass she moves to there friends and just fcks them. Bitch is crazy as fuck talk about wanting a DV case gets all coked out or wasted then hits the guys she’s with. Bitch stinks and lives in a trailer but claims to have so much money ha Ya right her and her nasty ass friends do nothing but party and fuck random guys for coke like her friends Danielle Morizzi, and nikki David No wonder they are all friends. Amanda can’t seem to keep any guy around they sleep with her then they ditch her like the trailer park whore she is. Bitches vagina is nasty as fck and she smells like fish left in a car on a summer day. Can we talk about how she looks like a tranny. She sleeps with a guy then claims to be all in love and wants to move in with anyone who will take her nasty ass. Only business u run is mowing people’s lawns bitch. How you going to be almost 30 and work at a bar? Get a real job with your tranny looking ass don’t let your penis show bitch.

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Junked Out

October 22, 2014 Denver 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me tell you about this dirty little slut Tatiana everybody in denver done been raned throu her let her stay at your house and shell let you hit. This hoe is always high on meth jumping house to house shouldn’t her mother have her in a safe home? Nope cause shes right along with her getting her high and screwing random men. Everybody knows her as a whore BUT lets be careful here cause after you fck her and you aint trying to be with her shes gonna turn around and say you raped her. She aint doing anything with her life her family dont care about her her mom is living under the bridge and is a drug addict. Wanna be northsider But didnt get put on Maybe Fcked on. Steals from people she stays with dont have cloths or shoes!! So if you wanna fck or get licked down hit her up or her mom MAKE SURE You have some meth for these hoes. Careful you will catch a drd.

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W. Brett Wilson is a Fraud

October 20, 2014 Denver, Portland 206

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this man is a fraud. The format Dragon W Brett Wilson does not have cancer. He infect has drds. And since he doesn’t want the world to find out what a disgusting pig he is -he uses cancer as an excuse to get away with it and to have people feel sorry for him. His story about cancer is constantly changes as well. I wish his followers would wake up one day and see the truth about him.

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Rhianna Marsh

October 17, 2014 Denver 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik lets warn denver of this girl Rhianna Marshall or Marsh running around spreading her legs to any man. She had sex with her best friends boyfriend right before this skank skipped town. My other guy friend said she gave him something about a month ago. She never asks guys to wrap it up. If she comes your way this girl is clingy, crazy and just gross. Poor girl needs some serious help. Oh and Rhianna Take your weave out and let your scalp breathe!

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Eric Cole

October 16, 2014 Denver, Jacksonville 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man is a lying cheating douche. He will constantly lie, even when he is caught in something. No one deserves the lies and bullshit he will put you though. It is unbelievable. He will do everything for you, seem really sweet, and even please you in bed. But its all a game. He will cheat on you and lie about it. And not even use a condom. beware ladies. He is a marine but he plans to play football in CO for college. He is legit the biggest piece of shit I’ve met. Please stay away. Unless you like constant bullshit. He is from Boulder CO btw.

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