Denver | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Taryn Dragon Nation

November 10, 2014 Denver 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Taryn Nation needs to get a life! She’s is a weird girl who wears wigs, tapes he boobs in to appear flat, and has a big butt! She is way too tall! Like 6 foot tall. She is the biggest tease and I don’t care how tight her p*ssy is she is obsessed with dragons, cosplay, and other lame things that won’t make her rich! She is going to be the crazy cat lady because she never wants to leave her cats and blows everyone off all the time. Never ask her for a favor unless it has to do with a stupid cat! She is f*cking lame! WHO CARES IF SHE LOOKS LIKE A MODEL F*CKS LIKE A PORN STAR HAS A PINK PUSSY AND LOVES HER CATS………….SHE IS F*CKING STRANGE!!!!

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Lisa Alarid

November 10, 2014 Denver 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch thinks her shit don’t stink and thinks she’s Mom of the Year her baby daddy don’t want her nasty ass either I mean look at her he was drunk the entire relationship or she probably ate him sits there and calls him every time her and her current man break up and cries about it pretty pathetic u can’t even keep a man longer then a week and when you guys to fight and you can’t find your man he’s out fcking one of your friends right I’m ashamed to be a part of this family it’s not long before he fcks your friends that works at pts either and have you told him yet that when you guys were broken up you fcked Jeremy Jr did u forget to tell him that well it’s not long before you’re back on Facebook crying about your man left you and stuffing your fat ass brush those yellow as teeth and run around the block you lazy bitch lay off the pho and fastfood and take your ass to the gym

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Sandy Ben

November 7, 2014 Denver 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat hoe is name sandy, shes a pathtic fat hoe that cant even take care of her own kids, she moves to texas with her ex an he leaves her for his wife an she comes back to denver an leaves her kids in texas, she has plenty drds an she dates one guy after another an ends a relationship with a guy that barley turned 21 talk about rockin the cradle an a week later shes engaged haha this hoe is a waste of space on this earth shes a sloppy ass drunk an if your not doin for her then you suck… this bitch looks for guys just to pay her bills with her 5 kids that she cant take care of.. BEWARE!!!!!

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Ratchet Route

November 7, 2014 Denver 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here you go Denver, he needs to be exposed! Randy Rodriguez AKA Route Foreal is one of the dirtiest scum bags from Denver to Ft. Collins! This conniving, walking drd, coked up woman-beater is always claiming to be something he is not. He is far from the Christian guy, who claims to go to church every Sunday. He drinks and does drugs every chance he gets. Let’s not mention all his other bad habits. This BIG time rapper/producer has NO job or money what so ever. He makes a living off of all the desperate bitches he meets on facebook! ALWAYS asking and borrowing money from his groupies! He loves being with prostitutes, call girls and washed up meth whores. He will have sex with anything that has a whole. BEWARE women, he may act charming but he can play the role very well. He can make himself cry on a drop of a dime and he’ll tell any female he loves her just to get what he needs. He acts like he is all that OK BABY D!

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Rotten Hole

November 6, 2014 Denver 116

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jasmine Polaski Davis Denver’s dirtiest, most ghetto, all talk hood rat. She is with one of Denver’s wanna be 30 year old rappers. Before him it was his homeboy they keep her in the crew. She brags about how good her head game is how she can deep throat anything. She caught a case for stealing someones iphone, on camera lol. Broke hoodrat couldn’t afford her own apparently. But then again she is on Section 8 but brags about how much money she makes. She got in trouble for lying to food stamps she was desperate to feed those poor kids of hers. She always has her kids looking like they came straight from Goodwill. Goes out and gets fucked by anything possible while her man is at home with the kids and brags about it. She thinks shes a big bad West Sider teaching her daughters to throw up gang signs, mother of the year for sure! Her house is disgusting always dirty smelling like a porter potty, just like her panties probably why she never wears any cant afford those either. She brags about how her mom and sisters make bank by sucking dick for dollars. If anything we should feel bad for this ghetto scum lets all donate a dollar to the Jasmine Polaski hoesyndrome fund for the sake of her kids!

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Bar Star Mom

November 5, 2014 Denver 282

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Adrianna she has 6 kids and is signing over her rights to the 3 with fern. Apparently only a mother while in a relationship! She’s been dropping the kids off with people and does not come back for them for days at a time! She has been cheating on Fern and sleeping with other dudes for like 3 years now and blamed him when she gave him an drd LOL! she has literally NOTHING for herself! Fern bought her car their house she’s never even had a job and now that she is single all she is doing is being a DRUNK SLOPPY BAR HOE with her hoe friend JOY lol. Adrianna stop blaming everyone else for your chlamydia and take care of your damn kids you hoe ass drunky tramp! No one is going to want to wife you with 6 kids and no career no education NOTHING! get it together and stay out of the bars you nasty hoe! Take care of those kids and not some random dudes dick! This hoe don’t even have friends anymore she just sleeps with all their dudes and their bd’s lol focus on your bd HOE!

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Maxine Little HoeBag

November 5, 2014 Denver 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: She acts like she’s happy but she still can’t get over her ex. . This bitch still be texting her ex for his b day their old anniversary ! She Even so nasty to send a picture of her with her shirt off while she was at a man’s sons football game The word on the street is she has herpes! she walks around acting like she’s better than everybody and that her life is so perfect but she cant stop taking pills

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Coulter and Corrine Bidwell

November 5, 2014 Denver 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: coulter bidwell and corrine bidwell/williams are a full blooded incest brother and sister that grew up together in denver. corrine works at the bar the #lionslair LIONS LAIR. find them on Facebook #coulterbidwell YESEINA CORIA FLORES #yeseinacoria-flores and T.s.Growltiger. also the rapist brother fucks his guy friends #brysondarnel BRYSON DARNEL and #zachtillotson ZACH TILLOTSON. and the little incest dirty sister corrine can be found in a youtube video in the band called #campkilroy campkillroy. Keep an eye out for their secrets meetings at hotels. Corrine Husband had found a box of sexual love letters that corrine and colt bidwell had been writing to each other for a while now. Gave still married corrine after finding the box of love letters but he showed them to his best friend who could not keep his mouth shut about it because he hate’s corrine bidwell. when his sister and mom went to visit him, Coulter locked his ex girlfriend taryn nation out of the house in the garage by sneaking down and looking the garage door while she was smoking and then went back upstairs and raped/fucked his little full blooded sister corrine bidwell while their mom was up stairs sleeping. It was just like how they did it when they were kids living at home. He knocked up corrine his little sister once and made her get an abortion. He’s a rapist. And corrine is fucked up and completely in love with her brother and anyone who reminds her of him, that is why she married gabe.

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