Deadbeat Mom

April 16, 2014 Denver 165 10,251 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Raelee Casillas. This hoe ass bitch is a piece if sh*t mother she has two very small sons that she has no custody over she only sees em once in a while an claims to be mother if the year. Why this hoe ddon’t have her kids cause she choose to party and skank around over her kids.  She is so thirsty she don’t care who she hurts as long as she has a Man ffIII information her ugly Man looking ass. She thinks she is God’s gift to men she thinks she is so fine she is busted not edited Lmaoooo.

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Dirtiest Girl In Colorado

April 16, 2014 Denver 31 6,310 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Brandi Garcia the dirtiest nastiest two faced backstabbing devious skank ass bitch you will ever run into!!! Not to mention she doesnt even take care of NONE of her 3 beautiful boys she has…..from 3 different guys lol She really is a piece of work I tell ya she runs through guys like clockwork tries to get em all to wife her up but NO MAN in their right mind will ever do that…..Every man I know that has trusted her and gave her a chance she haS done dirty in more ways than one….she cheats steals lies doeswnt take care of her kids does her best of friends dirty even fucks their dudes lol what a crackhead meth head whore!!!!!! Do not trust this bitch if you do its your ass!!!!!

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Beware of Andres

April 16, 2014 Aurora, Denver 1 9,397 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik. Let me tell you about this man whore right here. So I started talking to him and believed every stupid original line he spoke. He claims to be a good man and knows how to treat his girl. Blah blah but after seeing him for about 2 weeks I found out he fucked my friend and quit it. When we were talking!! Then after I found that out his girlfriend or ex girlfriend, who knows called me.. Assuming she got my number from his phone. Its obvious that he sleeps around so if you have slept with him or know anyone in Denver/Aurora who has. Get Checked !!! Dont believe anything that comes out of his mouth because chances are hes only trying to hit it and quit it!!

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Dirty Guy

April 16, 2014 Denver 19 5,853 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is straight nasty: this low life sleeps with any girl he can get his hands on, He has caught so many DRDs I can’t even count them on one hand, he has a son and a baby’s mom he treats like crap not only did he cheat on her during her pregnancy and after the pregnant but he almost killed his son from negligence, he claims he’s a good father but he barley ever even sees his own child, I was with this trash and I swear he was everywhere but with his son, he says it’s his baby mom’s fault but after reading his texts she begs him to see his son and be a father he’s to busy off with whores..

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Low Life Trash

April 16, 2014 Denver 68 9,880 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Denver you have probably already met or heard of raunchy ass Amanda Munoz. This piece of trash is in her 30s lives in the bars every night in desperate search of a man to take care of her and her kids. Thi. Chick lives in section 8 off the government, she could care less if her kids make it to school the next day as long as she makes it to last call at the bars. Notorious for f*cking any random dude who gives her a little attention. She is ghetto and psychotic over ex baby daddies/husbands the time of chick that just wont move on and except that no one want her ass. Her pussy reaks like tuna and she is a maid and cleans houses for a living ,she recently got fired this girl is a JOKE. She cannot hold a job or a boyfriend she is a lonley lost drunk soul. This girl has atleast 50 or more men under her belt and is still out there hunting, she is in the northglenn area but goe downtown alot with her ghetto homegirls who all live off the government a. Well, she tries to pose as a threat to other females and thinks she is some bad ass bitch who can fight in all reality she has got her ass whopped plenty of times. Don’t trust this girl she is a thief as well!


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Ortiz Custom Cycles Is The Biggest Ripoff In Denver

April 16, 2014 Denver 24 6,700 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I got ripped off by Larry Ortiz at ortiz custom cycles I bought a brand new harley Davidson and took it to him and after bringing it home it never ran again have he acts like he’s your friend and after he f*cks up your bike then wants nothing to do with you after I found out the truth about him and his shop thers several people that have sued him and been ripped off by him if you have your bike or car there get it out of ther!! It will save you alot of trouble and money in the long run I wish I would’ve known that he was a steroid junkie coke fiend I would’ve never went don’t duck yourself over.

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Fake Ass Mikey G

April 15, 2014 Denver 29 7,973 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fat ass wanna be gki is Mike. He left his bm and son to be a dead beat dad and live off a fat goofy slob of a bitch so they can sit around all day and come up with new ways to scam the government. They snort perks all day, lie about his job, works under the table so he doesn’t have to pay child support and can get food stamps. He doesn’t take care of his kid and can’t even have anymore cuz every time his bitch gets pregnant she can’t stop doing drugs long enough to not kill the baby. Poor guy took the plunge and is marrying his girlfriend but I doubt he knows how big of a whore she really is, she’s cheated on him more than once n left him for some gki fag they call incredible, she went back after he threatend to **ll himself. Sad thing is he doesn’t take care of his kid cuz she don’t want him around his babys mom. He Used to bang some weak ass tagging crew dubkay but then his girlfriend put him in check and had her Meth head dad put him on gki and now he’s her dad lil bitch. Luckily dude is in prison. When he’s not getting jumped in the bar, he’s trying to fuk his bm and beat on his soon to be wife. This dead beat needs a reality check!

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The Baby Maker

April 15, 2014 Denver 64 8,897 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Alexis Lucero. Four kids, how many different babies dads does she have? More then a couple. Most likely living off the government, even though she swears she’s not. Don’t lie bitch. She can’t keep a guy if her life depended on it. They just use her, impregnate her, then leave her. I guess she’s ok with that. Except for on the weekends when she’s drunk, lonely and horny. Posting stuff on facebook saying she’s ready for a boyfriend. No honey, you’re ready for birth control and your tubes tied. Which guy wants to get her pregnant next? I’m sure she’ll let you, step in line.

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