Hit n Run

July 3, 2014 Denver 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please help bring her justice…Frankie perea is the guy

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Denver Head

July 3, 2014 Denver 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty ass bitch is so gross. Spreading her nastiness to anyone that will give her meth. She thinks shes tough when in reality shes always getting her ass beat by everyone. She hood hops like a dumb bitch what ever dude shes fucking that day is what she is. First she was with her first bd who is a crip. Then she was a blood like her second bd. Then she was fucking some little hood fu calling everyone hud. Now shes with an oldie. This bitch is the definition of nasty ass tramp. What could you expect though her mom and sister are the same. Give it up already you dirty bitch. Getting trained at primetimes who even does that. You like to talk shit bout how females be fucking for money NEWSFLASH bitch your fucking for free. She post of fb that she wants to be a porn star bitch no one wants you nasty ass used up pussy. Everyone has had it. Your father must be so proud that why he wants nothing to do with you, kicked you out while you were prego with your son. But what does he expect with a mother like yours. Getting trained by people she don\’t even know. Gave up a good job to become a head. Your friend even know your a nasty selfish bitch who don\’t do fuck for her kids. Stop ruining peoples relationships bitch!

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Aissa Torres

July 2, 2014 Denver 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is aissa torres. This tramp has ran threw half of Denver. Bitch used to claim she was a Crip, then she was a blood, then she was a hood, and now the hoe is an oldie. Lmfao this bitch tried to fight me over her sons dad. like come one bitch he was fcking me the whole time. Form what he told me shes a meth/coke head. she has a daughter out there someone where who is all fcked kuz this bitch. Next time you try to call someone out make sure to answer your phone you sorry ass cnt.

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Sloppy Brianna

July 2, 2014 Denver 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fat bitch is a straight dirty bitch she gets pregnant by niggas on moco space than as abortions she smells like pee her house is full of dirty diapers I don’t think she ever cleans she scarfs down Burger King while she feeds her kids hot cheetohs with her ebt card since she can’t get a real job she works at a fucking gas station she makes her pictures look smaller when she really is a big ol bitch looking like big momma she has pot holes over her legs her pssy is all stretched out she is fucking laZy she don’t even move when I fcked she probably rather be eating she lays there all dead she’s desperate and sick she lives in the west where niggas come an go while her kids are there she don’t give a fck she’s ghetto dirty fat an stinky she stays up on moco day an night looking for a new baby daddy watch this gutter bitch shell get u

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Ashley Wryers

July 1, 2014 Denver 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Now this bitch right here is the nastiest hoe in Denver Ashley wryers she go on Facebook putting her shit on blast crying over every nigga that she meets get jacked by them and still let’s them fck her pssy be cycling the hood all up in mgms n prime times in her getto gen x clothes she wears every weekend my nigga fckd and said her pssy smells funky like soggy Fritos her own mom go on Facebook putting her shit on blast too on how she abusing her kids to make her new man happy shell do anything for some dick someone needs to call Social services on this stinky fat hoe her house is full of roaches got a nasty tattoo on her cottage cheese ass saying doggy style her new man she has now Clowns her and called her a cock a butt her house smells like shit her panties smell like piss heard she had drd so if you see her beware of her that dirty ass stinky hoe

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Wanna Be Famous

July 1, 2014 Denver 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: So my timeline on facebook is blown up with everyone in Denver talking about this shitty local rapper “Don Perion” or fatal or whatever else put this song out dissing J Gutta. He is just jealous rapper hating on J Gutta cause he isnt making moves like him. He posts pictures of him talking with DJ Khaled and Missy Elliott but dont have any songs with them? J Gutta at least actually has a song with Lil Flip. Stop being a hater cause you could never be him.

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War Pig

July 1, 2014 Denver 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: David Gallegos has 5 kids and 3 bm’s he went to Afghanistan in the army and came back with ptsd. He uses his ptsd as a by way and excuse to live the way he does. He abuses women. Physically and mentally. started to tattoo last year and acts like his tattoo work is god. He got kicked out of the shop he was apprenticing at because he kept beating up his girlfriend in front of customers. He dated this one chick while his wife was pregnant leaving his wife alone during her pregnancy just to get some pussy. He’s claims to live a sober life but definitely drinks and does cocaine. He’s a man whore who fcks any things with two legs. He cheats on his wife any chance he gets. Now he plans on opening up a tattoo shop because he’s a self taught kitchen tattoo artist. He has a autistic son and the mother of that child threatens every women that comes around making for unstable parenting. He hits himself in the head and face when his ptsd kicks in always posting on Facebook on how he went to war to fight for our freedom and if it weren’t for him none of us would have the freedom we do. He was arrested last summer for domestic violence wanting his bm and her baby dead. his circle is small. All his friends are ghetto jail birds. He has a lot of people he fcked over which causes him to live a low profile because many people wanna beat his ass and rape his ass. Don’t get tattoos by this guy. In general don’t do any Business with this animal. Fuckin woman beater War Pig.

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Can’t Make A Hoe A Housewife

July 1, 2014 Denver, The Dirty 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so let me just start by saying I had no idea this broad was MARRIED! I won’t name names but I know her husband personally and he is a really cool guy and I actually like him, which is more than I can say for most of the people I deal with in the industry. Although, I definitely lost a lot of respect for him after I found out he actually dated, I mean married this chick. I moved out of Denver a while ago but have to visit quite a bit for business. Not a lot has changed, like how Megan is out on the town, getting drunk and flirting with everything in sight, with you nowhere to be found. Now, not too long ago this heinous gogo dancing slore was basically getting tag teamed by my buddies…. and often. Not like at the ‘same time’ tag teamed but in her prime (before she was your wife but when you were her serious boyfriend) this train wreck had slept with BOTH of them in the SAME night. Now, ironically in a twist of fate that only a small city like Denver could create, your wife is actually bff with my buddy Jeff Gates’ (remember my tag teaming buddies?) new girlfriend Dana, who is also a drunk floozy who’s been around the block with more friends than I can count. Wonder if these dumb sluts realize how much they really have on common? Man, it’s gonna be really, really, really hard to look you in the eyes the next time I come to town for work.

I’m not feeling that skirt or the fake tattoo sleeve.- nik

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