Samantha Towne

September 10, 2014 Denver 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Samantha ” Candi” Towne. Where do I start. She’s a sloppy slutty alcoholic who will fck literally anyone (her preference white boys) after drinking some whiskey. More specific fireball Lol if you’re looking for a good time all you need is pint of fireball hahahahaha She let the alcohol come in between herself & her family. When she gets drunk she gets beer balls & trys to pick fights with everyone. She kicked her own parents out one night in one of her drinking rages damn well knowing they had nowhere to go. lets not forget to mention she isnt exactly a rocket scientist!! She looks native & be a brunette but she’s the most airheaded female you could ever come across!! She sounds smarter when there’s a dick in her mouth!! She cares mor about getting laid & beer that her credit sucks so bad(jus like her) she has to constantly ask friends & family members to put the electricity, water, cable etc under their name. She’s always asking for help but can never give a helping hand. She sent her daughter off so she can go around and have no responsibilitys & be her drunken whore self!! There’s a reason why her middle name is Candi she likes to give everyone a taste!! Dont know if it taste sweet though I’d say more like sour hahahahaha!!!

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Alejandra aka Tipzie

September 9, 2014 Denver 86

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is alejandra aka tipzie aka hoe lol NOW this whore goes around. She has different baby daddys and the last one is probably not her poor husbands. She beats him cheats on him and still makes him take care of the other one when he has his dad. Shes so dirty she once fcked 2 men at 1 party went out one room and in to the other haha. Thats why shes not my friend who would want to be around that kind of person shes known in aurora and denver. She thinks she gay but is married to a man.a guy has came out and said he might be hwr baby daddy and she is making her husband take care of him too. Central and new america banged her shes a 2 face fucked my mans brother his homie and probably a bunch of other girls mans and brothers. She goes out like she has money but is on foodstamps she flaunts what she cant give her kids.

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Gold Digger Ezperansa

September 9, 2014 Denver 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: MARISSA everyone knows who she is! Her baby daddy went to jail and she finds any guy who can buy her things and or just guve her a ride like US she loves our racing cars we bring her around cuz shes useful it a way. Her mom is a gold digging whore who does cocaine and partys and is married but fucks alot of other guys her name is EZPERANSA she talks like a ratchet. MARISSA IS just like her mother but lets not blame her she learned from her role model this bitch has us pick her up in the gehtto webrun thru her like a train she gets these ugly ass nails her mom does and even gets fake designer signs on them cuz she cant afford the shit. Red bottom nails lol but no red bottom shoes. Check her out on fb her nane is RISSA STEALZ

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Tati Espinoza

September 8, 2014 Denver 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stinkey ass Tatiana Espinoza . Poor Thing Got drd at age 15 and she’s been sharing it with everyone ever scence.! She gave drd to all her friends because they all fuck th same guys. She claims to be a crazy bitch but she only talks loud if she has her maze! Haha she wont help you if your getting jumped eaither but when the fights over shell pretend she was swingin. Everyone in her family knows she beats her son and sreams at him when she cant get high .. but yet when she doesnt like you she calls social servases making up a bunch of bullshit. This girl is dtf with no shame in her game watch out denver dont let her beauty full you .. she is a vindictive she devil

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MoMo Alexander Strikes Again

September 5, 2014 Denver 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Once again MoMo Morgan Revell is all over posting pics of herself! There is not a pic of this girl without her dirty pierced tongue out because she loves things in her mouth!! Tongue rings were cool when I was in High School.getting it pierced without our parents knowing. A decade later and her she is showing it off because she loves stealing boyfriends and sucking them off. She obviously doesn’t care about Her tooth rot from crack and meth. She’s even missing a tooth from another girl knocking her out when she found out she was getting high and fcking her good friemd’s brother. How much dirt, disease and dick do You think has touched this mouth Nik? She looks high as ever because that’s all she does then brags about the drugs she gets from guys and what she did to get them. The last concert she was at she was seen walking out of a portapotty with another guy. So guy # 6 this summer and she’s still married. Tell us what you think of that pretty smile!

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Ronchy Roxanne

September 5, 2014 Denver 205

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lock up your husband, brother, cousin and boyfriend. Roxanne is single and ready to mingle with any nigga she can. This chick should of been on here years ago if Denver had a competition of who is the biggest slut congrats Roxy you get it. She slept with her BABIES DADS sisters boyfriend and and all of babies dads friends. He cant even have any friends because shes sleeps with them all. She acts like she’s an independent chick but yet can’t pay a car payment her car got repo. Plus this bitch steals everything from head go toe, cant even go to certain Victoria Secrets because they ask her to leave. SMH. Then she be acting like shes God’s gift to men when really she looks like shes the next consistent on RuPaul Drag Race Show. This basic hoe is just another girl trying to fit in anywhere and everywhere literally, she’ll fuk a 60 year old so he can buy her a Michael Kors bag but her kid has no diapers. I’ve met a lotta hoes but this bitch has no shame. Shes out every weekend lurking like a creep waiting for her 1out of 1000 one night stands because no be had ever wifed this hoe besides her babies dad and look at him. Yikes! She has mad videos of her getting fcked out there her pussy looks like FLANK STEAK THROWIN AGAINST THE WALL all nasty. She needs to stick with her ugly ass babies dad and be a mom until RONCHY ROXANNE IS ON THE LOOSE… and dont mean her pussy is loose but i wouldnt doubt it.

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Damn Playboy

August 28, 2014 Denver 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Damn this boy one night at the bar was all grinding on some fool looked at him and was like damn keep the sharpies away from the gays… like WTF BRO who you gonna get with the playboys on your chest like for real you aint no playboy….. fool get it together you cant play a pimp with the brows….. people only like you cause you fat and your skinny friends make you look cute….nick help me OUT..

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I’m Concerned About Malpractice

August 25, 2014 Denver, Malpractice, The Dirty 223

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so everyone on TheDirty knows Malpractice aka Tiffany Vine. Sure she has horrible painted on eyebrows, nasty circus looking +2′s , and gross hair extensions, but I’m really concerned for her. You see she use to be really huge (see pictures), but now has lost ALOT ALOT of weight. I think it is great to loose weight and eat healthy because it is not easy. However, I do believe Malpractice has some sort of eating disorder and is mentally messed up. She is constantly posting pictures of all this food on her IG and how she feels guilty. Bulimia perhaps? I think her current weight is a little too skinny, but apparently she is “not skinny” enough. See her goal picture. She claims she has been struggling with her recent weight gain, but it looks to me she hasn’t even gained a pound. She is consistently posting pictures of her nasty +2′s coming out and her stomach sucked in. She is obviously trying to get validation by the comments from random people. It is really sad and this girl needs some serious help.

Don’t joke about bulimia, it’s not funny. Real talk.- nik

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