Just Wrong

July 23, 2014 Denver 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: if your looking for a sleazy tramp to get your dick wet hit up monique murray and candy sanchez, these bitches will suck you and fuck you for a 40 oz and a joint of some bunk weed. you can find these cum dumpsters in a neighborhood near you including but not limited to north side, west side, elitches, and any hood rat spot around the d-town! monique may look like a man with a diaper and candy looks like a cracked out pregnant chihuahua with a pointy ass witch nose but don’t let that fool you just put on your rubber and go! but beware don’t raw dog these hoes they will try to get you on child support!

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Rachel Curran

July 22, 2014 Denver 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rachel Curran is a backstabbing. homewrecking WHORE! She flirts with everyone, even if they are in a relationship. She has no respect or morals in that aspect. She tells everyone about her disgusting escapades with married men. As you can see, she is a total troll. She thinks she’s such hot shit, talking shit over the internet, but when you catch up with this bitch, she walks away and says, “oh you’re not worth it!” yeah, because you’re a fcking punk. When she actually does fight, she gets her ass handed to her every time. She’s from Kansas and every one from there that she used to be friends with says she left because she kept getting jumped for sleeping with everyone’s husband or boyfriend. This ugly, burly, transgender looking ass slut needs to be put on blast! Keep your legs and mouth shut you fcking skank and grow in them damn eyebrows.. you may even start to look like a woman for once.

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Brighton Sloot

July 22, 2014 Denver 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Abel Salazar aka Gordo he is a loser who lives with his mother and brings females in and out of the house while his girlfriend/baby’s mother takes care of there 3 children alone. He is a true dog who has been seen around Brighton with numerous tweak whores such as Jessica Gabaldon n Monique Martinez. He is a sad sorry excuse of a man, boyfriend, and dad who can’t help but hit on other women when his girlfriend leaves the room turns around or just can’t see. He is a woman beater and a man whore. He enjoys being a drunk wanna be gangster thug who sits on his mother’s porch trying to be hard. He has 6 children from women around Brighton and half of them don’t even know about eachother. He is a real piece of shit who will never man up. He loves to make his girlfriend look really bad. Wich is why he posted pictures like these on Facebook. The fat slut on her knees is Jessica Gabaldon Ortega she would be a tweak whore straight out of tortillaFlatts. She is a home wrecking whore who will do any sexuall favor for a 20 up her nose. She’s been spotted in many car’s, driveways, bars, parking lots n cracked houses and the ghetto 4th St roach shacks sucking duck n laying on her back for cocain. Wich as you can see hasn’t made her any smaller…lol she also has 2 kids that she never takes care of. But how could she when she’s on her knees with a child sleeping in the background. Sorry if u u don’t recognize her in the pictures most people (men) know her by the top of her head so it would be difficult to recognize her in these photos.

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Whoreable Mother

July 22, 2014 Denver 272

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik let me introduce u to Miss Catherine ‘CAT’ beat up stank Martinez…! As we all know this loud mouth Slut Stripper, Escort whore has passed out her stinky kitty every where in Denver! Has a car her poor babies dad pays for and lets not forget all the child support this dirty hoe gets and yet makes it look like she works soo hard for her $! Lmao ya works her mouth sucking off old men for $. U can find this bug eyed whore at any bars at a table full of old married men trying to make a extra buck.No sweetie ur not cute at all poor daughter probably watches her porns that she makes with her laptops at home! Sad teaching her kid how to throw her CAT everywhere! Sorry hoe but ur time has come. . You can find this bitch on backpage I called looking for a escort and this bitch showed up. She needs to get something for that dead fish smell.Her face is always greasy from her caked up makeup. She needs to trim her bush and her brows. Her daughter is turning out just like her mom a little slut in training gonna learn from the best HER MOM. It looks like she some big tits but really its a hairy pepperoni nipple and when that bra comes off her titts sag to her belly button. She thinks it\’s cute to molest little boys as seen in the picture. She ruins relationships trying to get at a man that just started a family and does she care? Nope. Close ur legs and ur big loud ass mouth bcs we all know the truth that kitty Cat is well over due for a cleaning!

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Greg Miles

July 21, 2014 Denver 133

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this “man” is a woman beater. Every girlfriend he has ever had he has put hands on. He has three different baby mom’s. He doesn\’t care about any of his kids. He has a sugar momma who is 40 years old. He claims to be such a baller but gets all his money from her. He is a steroid junkie. This man probably has an drd being that he has slept with half of Denver. (Both girls and guys.)

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One KueHoe

July 21, 2014 Denver 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear nik, Ariel Kue was good friend of mine til i found out she was sleeping with my boyfriend. should of known she sleeps with everyone around town. She has 3 kids and one one the way, But her first two got tooken away and custody given to the father cause of her ways, the third (may be slow, poor baby) BUT cant she cant stop smoking weed and doing heroin. I pray that the one on the way is ok. I was a good friend so i know a lot. she was cheating on her ex-husband with two brothers and one of them got her pregnant. she with him now but i know for a fact has already cheated on him more then 30 times and has slept with over 100 guys, she is nasty, can’t be trusted, a natural born liar. she should of not back stabbed her friend with all her secrets cause now i’m calling her out for what she is. Ariel Kue is a home wrecking lying S..T sate should go in a take her baby and the one on the way away from her, she a horrible person and don’t deserve those blessing. She Hasn’t seen her two older kids in Three years but steal FB pics of them and trys to act like she mom of the year. Ariel Kue get off the drugs and stop sleeping around cause it’d catch up to you and youll lose all your friends. already lost me. BYE!!!

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Homewrecker Reyna Herrera

July 20, 2014 Denver 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this toothless old hag that loves her wigs will bang for a buck. she loves to fuck guys that are married. just ask her man Sergio jaramio. so sad shes been fcking him over and over again, but yet does she know hes always with me. catch us at the MGMs bitch. everyone knows who you be. slut.

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Malpractice Got Catfished

July 19, 2014 Denver, Malpractice, The Dirty 57


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Malpractice has admitted to getting “Catfished” a year and a half ago. She apparently became best friends with this girl “Kiersten” whose dad was supposedly a sports attorney.  They never face timed, just talked on the phone, texted and used Instagram.  She thought this girl was going to hook her up on NYE with a pitcher from the Yankees. Needless to say, when Malpractice contacted the pitcher online, he didn’t know who this Kiersten chick was.  Who she really is is a 300lb chick..not the hot blonde Malpractice thought she was.  I would like to find this Kiersten chick and shake her hand for a job WELL DONE!  Fake Tits, Fake Hair, Fake Nails, Fake Friends! It doesn’t get much better than this. It is just more proof that she doesn’t have “actual real friends” here in Denver.

I have to know who the Yankee pitcher is. What’s the 411?- nik

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