Cynthia Rivera Has A Ton Of Class

April 14, 2014 Denver, The Dirty 31 99,877 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this retarded girl likes to go around telling people she was adopted, that she raised herself on the streets of Philly, and that she’s just a sweetheart from Canada. The reality is, she goes around playing the violin for any swingin’ Greg that’ll listen, (which is nearly impossible being that she’s the most annoying girl on the planet) to get whatever she can out of them. Which is usually money, and oxy. She’s a notorious liar, homewrecker, borrower of money (which she never pays back of course), and an all around stupid bitch.  And as you can see, she keeps it real classy.

Why the forehead… there are so many other better body parts to use.- nik

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Pillhead Horse, Megan McGrath

April 10, 2014 Denver, Wichita 38 6,271 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Finally decided it was time for people to know about this whore, even though almost everyone already does. But it’s not real unless its on the internet right?? This is Megan McGrath Lujan Kitahara ahahaa. Really its just Megan McGrath, but she likes to act like someone would love her enough to marry her. She is the biggest pill whore in Hollister, but she goes to Los Banos and Dos Palos to whore it up too. Its no secret that shes a gutter slut, so only the nastiest guys get with her. She will sleep with anyone for some oxys. She likes to go for drug dealers, but anyone with pills in their hands will do. She smoked pills her entire pregnancy… poor baby.

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Incurable Jensen

April 8, 2014 Denver 148 9,713 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I am just spreading the word around about a one night stand that was the biggest mistake of my life…Not only was Mr.Jensen HORRIBLE in bed with his pencil dick he failed to wear a condom and gave me H**2. If you don’t know this is an incurable disease that is highly contagious,what’s worse is that this douche bag is spreading it around to other girls.I just want the ladies of denver to be aware and take caution of this horrible excuse of a man.If you have slept with him please get tested,he is a rotten scumbag. He pretends to have money,but the truth is he is buried in debt! He likes to show off stuff he dosn’t have,this is the only way he ca attract women. So pathetic!

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Bad Mom Kailey Casey

April 4, 2014 Denver 64 11,769 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright. This girl is Kailey Casey. I’ve been friends with her on fb for a while now and her.posts just continue to baffle me. She’s a stripper that constantly brags about how much money she makes shakin her tiny ass but then complains that all these creeps from fb go and see her. She post videos and pictures of her at work then right after will post pics of her 4 year old daughter. its weird and distasteful. She takes these random trips to Vegas and will be gone for weeks at a time, saying shit like I’m never going home. Just leaving her kid in Denver. Last year she od’d on Advil and had to get that shit pumped out pf her stomach. Like damn girl. She’s not a whore and dpesnt sleep around, just shows her tits for ones. I just feel bad for her kid. Oh and she has some stupid ass tatts on her face so I guess she can’t really work anywhere else besides these sleezy strip clubs.

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Women Abuser

April 2, 2014 Denver, Salt Lake City 11 10,320 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is my ex husband. I have put a sticker over the baby’s face as he is innocent. My ex husband beat me and cheated in me after I had a miscarriage with my daughter. He was even arrested for Domestic Violence a week before our 1 year wedding anniversary. Unfortunately he is now engaged to another women. I fear for her safety since I know what this man is capable of. Please repost this and hope it makes it to her. I don’t want any other women to go through what I have

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Muslim Mexican Druggie, Ghassan Salhab

April 2, 2014 Denver, Kansas City 20 10,202 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man’s name is Ghassan Salhab. He is a raging drug addict who has stolen thousands of dollars from his parents to fuel his need for pills and m*th. His parents aren’t innocent either! His mother is a self loathing Mexican who spends her days pretending to be an Arab, and her nights sleeping with her husbands brother! Also, his father has known ties to TERRORIST organizations. This family is disgusting, racist against Jews, Americans, and every minority other than themselves. Ghassan has to lie about sleeping with girls, stays up watching child porn all night, and got kicked out of med school for using drugs! Blast this pedophile druggie Nik!

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Old Dirty Dianna

April 1, 2014 Denver 59 7,506 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Plain and simple, Dianna Gonzalez is an old ass bar fly. Now days this ugly bitch is teaching her daughter the ropes on how to be the same as mommy, poor ugly bitch, no man in Denver takes her stank ass serious cause she’s nothing but easyass!!! Every guy in Denver done hit her nasty pussy n left it behind!!! Once you’re daughter is old enough to go bar hopping is time to let the bars behind!!! Old,nasty,hoe…

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Juarez Slore

April 1, 2014 Denver 18 6,350 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Claudia is whore who snuck in to bring her whore skills to the U.S. She’s a psycho ex that like to hit men until they finally hit her back and cries abuse. She’s trying to steal married men in prison. She sends them money and spends hundreds a month for phone time so they can ask for more money. She lives I a one bedroom apt with 5 kids. She has sex with them in the same room. She thinks it’s cute to try to seduce married men. She works at a day care and is always trying to be with the dad’s who come get their kids. Her claim is that she’s successful and blah blah but begs her friends to buy tamales so she could make money. Watch your boyfriends and husbands around this one. There are never smiles in her pics since her teeth look like they could open cans!

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