Chris Lohmuller

September 29, 2014 Denver 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chris Lohmuller of Westminster Colorado is a lying, cheating, stalker. The guy tries to act like he is a good family man, but he continuously stalks other men’s wives. His wife has no idea. He hangs at a bar called Sweetwater Station and will go home with anyone he can. He even brings other women home while his wife, who supports the family, is at work.

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Colorado’s Fakest

September 29, 2014 Denver 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik thes girls are the fakest bitchesx in colorado they will act like Ur friend && after just make fun of you.!! nobody likes them they wanna go around act like nobody is good enough to be there friends. just cuz they know Miley Cyrus && kylie Jenner && the millionaire && demi lavoto witch I dont even think they know them. thes bitchesx act like there shit dont stink treating others like they are dirt picking on the handicap && the mentally retarted. if you Ever these sum bag girls just know they probably will make fun of you. ugly ass personalitys you will see. a better name to call these whores is groupies mysteriously they are always hanging out with male celebritys like G Easy && method man && Pauly D && kid ink && other celebritys because they are groupies && the only reason they always hang out with celebrity’s is because they screw them. they will spend hundreds on Victoria secret but Ive seen them turn down a homeless man that asked for only 1$ what do you think Nik? I want thes girls exposed so people know what kind of thots r running around d-town

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Justin Wentworth

September 26, 2014 Denver 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy claims to be a ladies man when in reality he pays prostitutes by the hour to spend time with him. It’s only fitting he lives on Hooker St! He is such a douche. He has a mediocre job at Dish net and always brags about women who want him. He is what you might call a “john” or “trick”. He enjoys getting online and finding women on various escort sites. He then pays these prostitutes to spend time with him. He is very active in the escort/Client community. He’s such a schmuck he even posts his illegal behavior online on various escort review sites! Just google his handle @ 2ndlife69!

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Skank Brandy LI

September 24, 2014 Aurora, Denver 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Brandy LI aka Sherrill Carrano. Where do you even begin with the hoe. Oh She thinks she is just hot stuff. Mind you while she is Married she is trying to Get with a Married man. Not only Is Robert married but has a child on the way. When confronted she thinks she has done no wrong. Why on Earth would a man even stoop that low to talk to a woman so ugly. She does this to all married men. She is an insecure little whore that will do anything to for attention. She is a lonely drunk that lives off the government and drinks all day. Then tells you she has a job. Collecting welfare is not considered getting paid hoe!!! Careful Ladies She will do ANYTHING I mean ANYTHING to get in your mans pants!

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September 23, 2014 Denver 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty bitch has no respect for herself she goes around fckin who ever and sells her ass on mocospace to take care of her kids . she has 3 people who think her daughter is there kid. she smokes meth in the same room as them and neglects them all day to sell her ass. she tries fucken everyone’s man including her own cuzzins man. she’s down for 3 somes don’t fck anyone who live by her they might have aids she dont give a fck dtf all day nasty bitch

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Sabrina The VSP Home Wrecker

September 19, 2014 Denver 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: You fcking cnt u Made it too the dirty like people say what come around goes around .this bitch I work with has been fcking all the work dudes at night in the bathroom stalls like ur fcking dirty and the Indian guys on top of of it Sabrina why u wasn’t happy with the love at home u had to fck Craig and what’s fcked about u it’s that his girl was picking u up and dropping u off while the poor girl didn’t know a thing . Just u smiling in her face ur such a dirty coke head bitch . U’d fck for a bottle or a spliff and just to get al lift ur shame full u white peice of trash . Well looks good on u . Watch this bitch she’s a home wrecker and loves black dick maybe even ur man so don’t live ur man around that u might catch a case . Fck u butch does anyone know anything else anyone needs to know just post .

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Nasty Pueblo Mia Medina

September 17, 2014 Denver 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty mia let me tell you about this ghetto ass mama she don’t even have custody of her three kids she’s so despite on dick she rather that then her kids.always wanted the dick instead then worried about her kids she’s well know at primes the hoe bag that tries to fit in I mean come on girl stay home with your kids and quit be out there and second I had her ass a roommate and bitch fck the guy I was seeing this bitch needs to be in check cuz out there sharing her pussy to ever guy she can fck!

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Skye is Not the Limit

September 17, 2014 Denver 20


THE DIRTY ARMY: Runs a Rehab does drugs shotgun marriage to failed poker player after abortion

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